What is USB Type-C and why it matters?

What is USB Type-C and why it matters?

USB Type-C was on the spotlight for more than 15 minutes last week as Apple introduced the new Macbook with only a single port. The port is dubbed as the one port to rule them all — power charging, data transfer, video transfer and more.

We’re already used to USB Type-A. Those are the ones in flash/HDD drives, USB dongles, and practically almost everything. USB Type-B are the square ones you’d normally find at the back of a USB printer or external HDD drives. USB Type-C is becoming the new standard — a multi-faceted, double-sided port.

Type-C (port type) was included in the new USB 3.1 standard but they are not exactly exclusive to each other. That means Type-C can be used with older USB standards.

But why does Google and Apple’s implementation of USB Type-C matters? Well, there are a number of things it will take good credit for:


* Type-C (USB 3.1) is compatible with data bandwidths up to 10Gbps data transfer rates. That’s twice the theoretical speed of USB 3.0 which is about 1,250MB/s or one full movie per second.

* USB Type-C (USB 3.1) supports ouput up to 5amps (5000mA) and up to 100W of power. That power output can readily charge a laptop.

* The multi-connection support means a device can charge power, transfer data or stream video thru a single port. It’s also possible a single port can both transfer data, charge and stream video all at the same time.

* Type-C connections in could mean a single port for power and data for other 3rd-party devices connected to the PC — like a laser printer that plugs into a PC for both power and data or an external monitor that transmits video as well as power the display using as single connection. That’s less cables needed.

* One charger to fit them all — an Apple Macbook charger can also theoretically be used with the Google Chromebook Pixel, and vice versa, since the Type-C ports are just the same.

At the moment, the new 2015 Macbook and the new Chromebook Pixel but we’re expecting more manufacturers will adopt the new technology.

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17 Responses

  1. BLABLA says:

    Yes it’s more advanced than USB A and B.

    But being the new standard? That’s too early to tell. It’s inconclusive and premature to say that it’s going to be the new standard.

    Here’s why it doesn’t matter:
    1. Cost. This is going to cost more money. That could be one of the reasons why USB Type-A is the standard because it’s the cheapest and easily accessible.

    2.Port to rule them all? How about no? Imagine if you’re using a USB mouse then suddenly you need something from your removable drive. Or this could be a better question, imagine charging your laptop using Type C then you need to access your files from external HDD all at the same time. What do you do? Of course, buy a dongle. LOL?

    There’s no hate here. I just don’t like the fact that people are mind-boggled every time apple releases a new product.

    • Carl says:

      It’s already a standard, just not widely adopted yet. It’s not an Apple-only thing.
      Your 2nd point only applies to Macbook since it only has a single port, other manufacturers can easily include multiple USB Type C ports.

    • archie says:

      Upcoming android phones and laptops will have type C kaya magiging standard din ito worldwide. Practical din ito dahil compatible with USB 2 and 3.0. Designers are thinking ahead dahil malaki din ang transfer speed bandwidth nito considering that in a near future, lalaki ang files dahil sa 4k videos at high res pictures ng mga tao. Matagal na ang USB 3.0 kaya tama lang na may improvement sa connection department.

  2. dothackjhe says:

    Looking forward to a good implementation of this technology in our future computer devices.

  3. Miss Call says:

    “But why does Apple’s implementation of USB Type-C matters?”

    So Google Pixel and Nokia N1’s implementations of USB Type-C do not have the same benefits?

    • Mon says:

      Annoying as it may seem, people tend to look at apple for tech trends, doesn’t matter if they weren’t the first or isn’t the best, they’re the most popular…

    • nokinoks says:

      I actually still don’t understand why Apple’s implementation made it matter? O.O Something like this will find its way to the market anyway, so there is something mildly infuriating about this article because the title sorta doesn’t make sense. I feel cheated T.T

    • abe says:

      What’s the use of a standard if it’s implemented differently?

      Guess it only matters when it’s from Apple.

  4. gogi says:

    Nokia N1 tablet was first to use usb type c. It was launched this January.

    • anonymous says:

      Shhhhhhhhhhh. Apple is the end all and be all of things.

      Sakyan na lang natin trip ng mga izombies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the reason why apple seemed to be the first adoptor/innovator of new technologies are also because of the writers who just can’t share/include some facts to their every articles. Of course nokia is still a valuable brand that is still has a lot of fans and still being recognize by ”credible” writers/bloggers, so what could be a problem if you just state the real first adoptor or at least write something like, early this year nokia n1 introduced blah blah blah or the first handset that uses the type-c connector is nokia n1 or anything like that. I know that this article doesn’t claim that the mac book is the first but there is also no problem if you could have just included it, other sites or blogs wouldn’t mind doing that because they share facts and knowledge and i also know that this is a different blog from the others and have different writers but this just seemed not right and yeah i admit i’m a nokia fan but i just wanna share my opinion about this so yeah thats all.

  6. jam says:

    It’s funny that people will be brainwash na apple and the pixel yung na una sa USB type c na to na wherein yung nokia n1 talaga yung na una pero no single article mentioned it…

  7. Kurimaw says:

    The content of this article about how Apple’s implementation of the USB Type-C in their Macbook matters is quite misleading and downright naive.

    It doesn’t really matter what Apple does because other companies have already long-planned for this Type-C implementation in the roadmap of their future products. We are already heading that way and Apple is not leading the way which seems to be what the author is trying to imply.

  8. alaga says:

    Pag napatid ka sa kable nyan, may chance na naman na mahulog laptop mo. Ayan yung dahilan kung bakit sila nag magsafe chargers

    • C says:

      FYI, the new macbook doesn’t have magsafe, only usb type c

    • trolllll says:

      kung yan lang problema mo
      aanga anga ka kung napapatid ka pa
      kaya nagawa ang magsafe kasi aanga anga ang mga apple users lol

  9. GrGirls says:

    ut why does Google and Apple’s implementation of USB Type-C matter?

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