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Globe DSL switches from daily to monthly data caps

New subscribers of Globe Tattoo DSL will have a new subscription offering which puts the daily data cap to a monthly cap. Old subscribers will continue to follow the old plans while renewals or new subs will be offered monthly caps ranging from 10GB to 500GB per month.

The entry level subs (Plan 999, Plan 1099) will be given a monthly data allocation of 10GB while higher plans (Plan 9999) will be given 500GB of data allocation per month with a top speed of 150Mbps.

The old daily caps are allocated as such:

DSL 1Mbps: 3GB per day
DSL 2Mbps: 5GB per day
DSL 3Mbps: 7GB per day
DSL 5Mbps: 10GB per day
DSL 7Mbps: 10GB per day

Once the caps are reached, the line is then throttled to 64Kbps.

Note that Plan 999 and Plan 1099 are available in LTE only. Additional data volumes can be purchased at Php50 for 1GB, Php200 for 5GB and Php300 for 10GB.

Globe sends official response here.


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127 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jake Jake says:

    The service of Globe is really substandard. Recently we had a problem with our internet connection; we are in plan 2399 (not so sure) 10 MBP. Supposedly we should receive 10 mbps, but we are just receiving 0.4 mbps; My God mabilis pa ang mobile data ko. Then we called for a technician to check it out; the costumer service representative had issued a job order for the next day; di naman nagpunta… I have waited for the technician to come, because I had promised my costumers to come back after lunch, upon the technician had fixed the error. Wala, walang dumating kahit anino, kundi pa tatawagan ulit, tapos sasabihin nyo kung pwede bukas. Bakit sa inyo ba pwedeng tumawad ng pwedeng bukas na magbayad kasi wala kaming kita pa ! week kayang walang connection Com Shop namin. What kind of service that, paki explain lab u.

  2. Avatar for donna donna says:

    I’m on plan1599 5mpbs (10gb / day bandwidth), pag natapos ba yung 24months contract and i want to continue/renew subscription, magiging monthly data cap na 10gb na ba ako at hindi na ung 10gb/day? badtrip yata pag ganun.

  3. Avatar for Pablo Pablo says:

    babalik paba sa dting 256kbps speed ng net ko after midnight? naconsume ko agad ung data cap ko ee.
    plan 1299 3mbps ung akin.

  4. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    Globe ripoff daily cap 3GB!!!!!

  5. Avatar for manz manz says:

    globe subscriber ako for 6 years walang2x akong problema sa internet except sa landline, no slow downn, desconnection of interent, play online games, download hd movies except ma reach mo na daily data cap….. pero itong bagong internet bundle plan nila iwan kulang sobrang kapal ng mukha ng globe grabe… mga mukhang pera..

  6. Avatar for razbernardino razbernardino says:

    This post should be updated. 50GB ang maximum transfer for DSL at Plan 1299. Wala na yung lower prices. P1099 nalang for LTE. http://spideylab.com/reviews/globe-lte-home-broadband-plan

  7. Avatar for Vincent Duke Vincent Duke says:

    I’ll put my addition to this rant. As a Software Engineer who works from home, We were waiting on PLDT to give us a line. Well, 2-3 weeks later still no line. So my wife went ahead and signed us up with Globe 5mbps. As typical here in a provincial area the reps who came over to sell/setup the plan didn’t speak very good english so I let my wife handle the setup. Everyone was telling her it is unlimited internet (which is true it is unlimited), but they failed to mention it is not unlimited 5mbps. Which I did not find out until one day after doing a huge download of some tools I need to do my work I discover my connection was now at a slow crawl that I couldn’t even use my connection while I was downloading my tools.

    So I called globe to complain about my slow internet and then I find out there is a 10gb/day cap. Coming from the US I have never heard of a cap much less a cap at 10gb. I asked if they have any plans that don’t have a cap, then she started talking about these monthly caps.

    The daily caps are for sure much better than the monthly! 10GB/day, at full speed means I get 300+GB/month of full speed net. Now I see some of the monthly caps at what? 10GB – 70GB (unless you go plat) With a max of 500GB for their best plan! They are capping their best plan?

    If this was mobile, fine I get it. But to lock down a wired connection like this is a pure rip off. I mean, I cannot work on this kind of line. I have to do video conferencing daily, I am constantly pushing and pulling code and website assets, watching research videos etc..

    This does not work for me, and the fact that they have no solution even if the customer has the money to pay for it is out right stupid. I mean come on, if you are going to put us in bondage at least let us pay to get out of it. I don’t care if it’s an extra 1-3k/month I just need to be able to work.

    Get your act together globe, and stop ripping people off. PLDT may be slow to respond, or have worse customer support per say. But I am not paying to talk to someone on the phone, I am paying for internet service. Period.

    My Verdict: I should have waited for PLDT =/

  8. Avatar for Merben Merben says:

    I’m currently enrolled sa unli Internet plan 999 as of 2013 and I can say, 100% sure, na yung mga lumang subscribers eh na change na yung internet plan niyo. Just reached my 10gb data limit for the month and it’s just 3/4 of the month of March! WTF Globe! Bastusan! Pwede bang di na bayaran ito

  9. Avatar for johnny johnny says:

    Nag sign na ko sa petition sa change.org, dahil kahit old subscriber ako, alam kong greedy masyado ung bago nilang plans, kahit alam kong unaffected ako ng change(kasi old subscriber) pero itong hapon na to, tinawagan ako ng globe. isa isa na daw nilang pino.force migrate and mga lumang subscribers para makasabay sa upgraded “towers” nila. pwede namang mag decline, pag nag decline ka estimate one month time mawawala net, kasi I phe.phase out na nila mga old “lines” nila and kailangan mong mag upgrade ng line from a globe center(free upgrade pag nag yes ka sa call nila, may bayad na upgrade mo pag sa globe service center). After nito kinausap ko isang globe service center the same lang sinabi nila. so bottomline globe or not globe. :(

  10. Avatar for eric eric says:

    O di naman pala maaapekto ang mga old users eh! Grabe mag-react ang ibang tao hahaha


  11. Avatar for lee lee says:

    I am using pldt home dsl. No capping and connection is consistent at 2mbps, anytime of the day. Di tulad ng globe at smartbro na may oras na mabilis at mas marami oras na mabagal.

  12. Avatar for gelo gelo says:

    What makes PLDT so great? Wala ba silang data cap?

    • Avatar for Reader Reader says:

      PLDT Bro and Ultera have data caps too. Not sure about Fibr. Your best bet would be PLDT Home DSL. If you’re planning to switch to PLDT, do it now, habang wala pang data cap. lol

  13. Avatar for ace ace says:


    I’m calling on their rep most about billing and calling plans only

  14. Avatar for carol carol says:

    is smart’s dsl plan is any better? baka their data cap is worse than globe’s? cans omeone let me know salamat!!

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