Globe clarifies details on new broadband plans

Globe clarifies details on new broadband plans

In an press release sent to us by Globe Telecom, the company has clarified that existing subscribers will not be affected by the changes introduced in their broadband plans. This is in response to our report yesterday about the new data scheme.

Globe clarified that the new Tattoo Home broadband plans are consumable data plans designed for new customers who prefer exclusive content such as HOOQ, NBA and Spotify along with their plans.

Since the consumable plans have corresponding monthly data allowance, they are not subjected to any capping. Customers will only pay for what they use, and may also opt to add a volume boost should they need extra data for as low as P50. Customers are also eligible to avail of an additional 50GB on top of their base plan data allowance to allow them to right-size their data plan according to their actual consumption as part of a 3-month test program.

Only new broadband subscribers will automatically be subscribed to the data caps. Consequently, old or existing subscribers who will upgrade/downgrade their plans will also be migrated to the new data limits.

Only new broadband subscribers will automatically be subscribed to the data caps. Consequently, old or existing subscribers who will upgrade/downgrade their plans will also be migrated to the new data limits.


Here’s the complete press release we received via email:

Updated: We received an updated version of the new broadband plans which include the old Plan 899, 999 and 1099 with Unlimited bandwidth allocation.

“Old and new broadband subscribers have the option to upgrade (or downgrade) to the new plans. Basic Internet and Internet Bundle Plans (1Mbps and 2Mbps) are also still available.”

It was explained to us that the 3 old plans were never removed and will still be offered to new or future plan subscribers.

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183 Responses

  1. WarrenC. says:

    They can justify their new plans all they want, but it still sucks, and it’s still them forcing content on their subscribers. Not everyone wants Spotify and an NBA League Pass. Consumers should be allowed to choose what content they want on their own, and not forced on them just because it’s their perception of what their subscribers want.

  2. Rabbitkun says:

    It doesn’t change the fact that it still sucks, this will surely scare away new subscribers. Just imagine the old 5mbps has 10gb per day x 30 days = 300gb per month vs 20gb now of the same plan :/

    • Dhan says:

      yep, I doubt globe will have any new subscriber anytime soon with this kind of monthly-crap.

      p.s: I’m also using 5mbps 10gb/dailycap, capping sucks regardless of allowance.

    • Reader says:

      Oh, they’ll have new subs all right…the ones na mauuto ng mga sales reps nila at yung mga walang alam sa bagong data capping policy ng Globe.

    • VinoD. says:

      Data cap data cap kayo diyan eh parang gosurfs nila to. consumable plans.

  3. Ryan M. says:

    Ahm.. They didn’t say anything about renewals about having no changes to their plan. They only said ‘existing customers will continue to enjoy their current subscriptions with no changes.’

    They did not indicate what would happen after ‘current subscription’ expires. None at all.

    How did you come to this conclusion then:
    “In the press release, Globe stressed that existing subscribers will not be affected in any way as long as they stick to their subscription plans (even after their 2-year lock-in period expires).”

    • Chari S. says:

      I went to the Globe store yesterday and they still offer unlimited internet plans. This is clearly a new product from Globe which is optional.

    • phillip says:

      You don’t actually have to renew your contract after the 2-year lock-in period. It is only meant to keep you subscribed at a minimum of 2 years. You can still continue your subscription after the lock-in expires, the only difference is that you won’t have to pay a fine for unsubscribing from their service.

      Of course renewing would mean that you’d get the new service with data caps.

      This happened before, back when there’s no daily data caps. We weren’t forced into the new higher speed, daily data capped subscriptions. We kept using our unlimited connection even after the lock-in period.

  4. Dhan says:

    well that’s a relief (atleast for us existing/old subscriber).

    • dothackjhe says:

      It’s a good thing that we, old subscribers, are not affected with this recent policy changes regarding the bandwidth consumption in their service. I just cannot imagine myself limiting my bandwidth usage to a few Gigabytes in a month while still paying the same amount I used to if ever we get affected by the changes.

      There goes a sigh of relief for me.

    • tonio says:

      buti na lang at nakapag upgrade ako from their old 2 Mbps for Php1299 to 5 Mbps for Php 1599 right before they changed their plans/policies. whew! :D

    • 'em says:

      It’s not actually a total relief for us existing subscribers. If we are subscribed to a higher plan and we just suddenly don’t need it and a lower plan would be much suitable for us, or we don’t have enough money to pay for it or we are subscribed to a lower plan and we want a higher one because we think our need has increased, and make any change to our current plan (upgrade/downgrade) will automatically migrate us to the new ones.

  5. booker says:

    Oh my, I had thought that the lowered data limits were for non-Spotify and non-Hooq traffic so it wouldn’t be all that bad for new subscribers. But according to this new press release from Globe these “unlimited” streaming services will consume your meager data allowance.

    It’s almost like they are intentionally trying to scare away new business. Do Globe exec’s go through random drug tests every month? If not perhaps it should be implemented. lol.

  6. paul says:

    if you do the math mas mahal sila kesa sa PLDT because of the bandwidth cap.

  7. 'em says:

    At sinabi nila sa official statement nila na…

    We believe the data allocation of the Tattoo home broadband plans accurately reflects the typical usage profile of our customers.

    Hindi ba sila nalipasan ng gutom sa sinasabi nila? Yung naka plan 5Mbps, nakaka 20GB lang per month ang current users nila??? Hahahahaha mag youtube ka lang ng tuloy-tuloy sa isang device (which is super common nowadays), kulang na kulang yang 20GB mo eh! Eh sa isang bahay, bihira naman yung may isang smartphone!

    Globe, kailan ba matatapos ang lame excuses ninyo! Magising ka naman sa katotohanan na ang dahilan ay HINDI ninyo kayang sabayan ang data needs ng consumers ninyo kasi you don’t have that enough capacity and infrastructure.

    And yet, gusto ninyo mag-increase ng customer base!

    Ay ewan!

  8. qazw says:

    No matter what excuses they make, this new plans of Globe is still full of unrealistic capping crap. I’m very ashamed to be a former employee of this crappy money grabbing company.

  9. adfadf says:

    still bullshit! malugi sana sila dahil jan.. pag ako naapektohan nyan lilipat na talaga ako sa ibang ISP..
    3mbps and 15gb per month is bullshit.. even 7gb per day is not enough for me. and that speed after the cap 64kbs? are they fuckin kidding?

  10. NotaSheep says:

    This is really bad, if Globe does this, PLDT will follow! fuck now will never get any increase in bandwidth! will be stuck in the same rate and performance with no improvement at all! will be locked down and can’t do anything about it because they are still a private business sector!

  11. Whatnow says:

    eh anong silbi ng NTC?! Pinabayaan lang? Lang kwentang NTC namn!

  12. LP_Is_Angry says:

    Oh well this only signifies one thing, they just want to increase profit. Oh let’s just hope other ISP won’t follow this trend even though I had a feeling NTC is behind this implementation for double edge advocacy – piracy and money.

    Sure they will publish another official statement stating their reasons but would that revert things? The answer is clearly no. But little that they know that the more they control, the more problems arise.

    Oh. Let’s not forget people why SOPA/PIPA wasn’t push through globally. It wasn’t because of the people demand to shut it down for this was the proposal exchange – clean and precise.

  13. tam says:

    Lahat ba kayo mga bum at palaging nasa bahay para maaffect masyado ng ganyan? Don’t you have jobs so the only time you use your net at home is when you get home from work and on the weekends, and on the weekends, don’t you have a social life?

    • gaston says:

      Haha on point! These people has a lot to say. Ano nga ba ginagawa niyo sa internet? Kinakain? Download ng kung ano ano?

    • anon says:

      Downloading steam/playstation network games/watching hd movies pag may free time?

      Nice sweeping generalizations, smartazz.

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      A lot of people do work from home nowadays in case you don’t know kasi siguro isa ka siguro sa gumigisng ng 4am at nakikipagsiksikan sa MRT sa umaga at sa gabi para hindi makaltasan ng sahod.

      Tapos, kung isa lang ang smartphone o tablet sa bahay ninyo, BAKA pwedeng overkill ang reklamo. Pero kung 5 kayo na may tig-iisang smartphone at may tablet pa at my PC/laptop pa, hindi na siguro natin kailangan magcompute ng demand.

      At kung mag-isa ka sa lang gumagamit ng internet sa bahay ninyo, malamang mag-isa ka lang sa buhay at malungkot.

  14. abuzalzal says:

    Ahh, kaya naman pala…pag nag exceed na

    Php50 / 1 Gb

    Php200 / 5 Gb

    Php300 / 10 Gb


    Bigyan ng award ang sinumang nakaisip nito!

  15. Nett says:

    This wretched service really sucks! Presently I’m subscribed to their unlimited 3MB plan but limited to 7GB per day. Believe me, it’s not only that, due to their limited IP address pool, Globe implemented carrier grade NAT thus restricting connectivity of online games and remote connection like IP camera, VoIP, VPN, etc. They’re really suck! For more than 10 years subscribed, starting 2014 their connectivity is getting worse. Even advertised the rate you could only achieve 60% of it and they’re calling it tolerable. Sorry for these strong words but really what Globe needs is to re-think their strategy or else, change their motto, DICONNECTING PEOPLE!!!

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      And that’s precisely the reason why they are implementing all these ABSURD caps.They DON’T have the capacity, DON’T WANT to invest more yet WANT to earn more profit.

      Complete formula for greediness. I don’t wonder why Globe will always be number 2 to PLDT/SMART.

  16. Jeric says:

    san ba to nila kinuha yung data? imagine paying the same amount pero lugi ka naman kasi capped ka…

    take this for example.

    1. yung mga subs before before 2011 = 1299 @ 2mbps – unlimited data, no daily or monthly cap.

    2. yung 2011 to 2014 = 1299 @ 3mbps – 7gb daily cap. – nandito ako ngayon, so safe pa.

    3. 2015-beyond = 1299 @ 3mbps – 15gb monthly with hooq,spotify ek ek!

    you are paying the same amount pero talo kalang kasi bagong subs ka.. yung mga subscribers before 2011 na hindi nag pa upgrade/downgrade ng plans naka unlimited pa nga hanggang ngayon.

    So saan yung fair dyan aber? Ikaw pa yung bago, ikaw pa yung dehado.. this is BS!

    ano kaya yung susunod? Baka 10mbps pero piso per minute or 100mb for 100pesos na yung singilan.

  17. chickboy says:

    #iboycott globe

  18. Jiezel says:

    Yung mobile data naiintindihan ko pa kung bakit kailangang i-cap kasi nga it is mobile and it is intended for personal use.

    Pero yung DSL may cap na din?! Seriously Globe, yang DSL kinakabit yan sa bahay kasi nga gagamitin ng buong pamilya. Anong gusto niyo, awayin ni kuya si bunso kasi Youtube ng youtube baka maubos niya ang data allocation?! So you are basically promoting chaos within the Filipino household? This is such an irresponsible initiative Globe. Ok na sana yung daily capping pattern prior to this kaso di pa kayo nakuntento? Isipin nyo naman, mobile data may cap. DSL may cap na rin. So ano na lang choice namin from your products?

    At dinagdagan nyo pa ng Hooq at Spotify na alam naman nating malakas kumain ng data tapos kakarampot lang ang data allocation na binibigay nyo?

    Gumaya lang si Smart sa initiative nyo na mag-cap sa mobile data, lumaki na kaagad ulo nyo at naisipan nyong mag-cap na rin sa DSL at magbasakali na gumaya na rin ang PLDT.

    Hay naku ewan sa inyo.

    • Davi Lantin says:

      Does Smart have data capping? I find it bothering actually that telcos keep it on their fine prints. Ikaw naman pirma lang ng pirma for subscription. At least now this tells us straight to our faces that internet should be consumed wisely.

  19. BOBERT says:


  20. Domeng says:

    Sulitin niyo nalang! Sa Hooq nalang ako babawi sa bagong DSL plan na yan. May TV plus na kami para di na ako bibili ng cable. Istream ko nalang ang mga movies ko.

  21. elgy says:

    Sorry but this is again BS if I relate this issue to my experiences with our TATTOO POCKET WIFI subscription. Old subscribers won’t be affected?

    Then why did my Plan 999 UNLISURF stick got affected by these changes? “Fair Use Policy?”

    Started with my POCKET WIFI subscription 4 years ago with NO CAPPING. Then early last year(2014), they implemented a 1GB Daily Data Cap to my UNLISURF PLAN. Then by the end of last year, they implement a 3GB Monthly Data Cap to my UNLISURF PLAN (Take note my data cap is even lower than the current Go Surf 999 Plan which is 5GB). Now, how can this be still the same UNLISURF PLAN I subscribed to 4 years ago? Nobody browses on 2G speeds anymore.

    These changes are UNFAIR to us old and loyal subscribers.

  22. JohnLloy says:

    uhmmm kailan po effectivity nito? at ano yung date ng “NEW SUBSCRIBER”? salamat po.

  23. kidlatzz says:


  24. minqks says:

    yey wala ng ads ang spotify hehehe

  25. kirby899 says:

    Nuod forever ng NBA! Sulitin na natin tong DSL mga pre

  26. mowneth says:

    yung spotify na yan gusto ko yan

  27. jinkee says:

    basta makapag tweeter pa ako oks na ako <3

    • Imbiyerna says:

      It’s spelled “Twitter,” you obvious slacker na hindi man lang marunong mag-spelling.

  28. jinkee says:

    oks sa akin basta makakapagfacebook pa ako

  29. jinkee says:

    kasi yan lang naman ginagawa ko so oks lang ako sa bagong dsl bahala na ang mga anak ko kung gagamit sila sa spotify at hooq na yan

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      I doubt kung makakagamit ang “MGA” anak mo diyan sa baba ng data allowance. Baka kahit sa ISA mong anak, kulang pa eh. Hahahahahaha

  30. eric says:

    bukas nalang

  31. still here says:

    I will not survive today. ???????? goodnight.

  32. BDomillo says:

    Spotify helps me relax after work nakakainis kaya yung mga ads. Subscribe nga ako sa new tattoo plan para tuloy tuloy na yung playlist ko hahaha

  33. MAY INTERNET says:


  34. kuya lim says:

    wAG ng magreklamo may nba league pass naman

  35. kiko says:

    tuloy tuloy na yung playlist ko sa spotify :D goodbye ads!!

  36. zEKE says:

    Spotify forever <3

  37. black_howling says:


  38. cherry gil says:

    Sana may got to believe na sa Hooq :3

  39. cherry gil says:

    sana may got to believe sa hooq :3

  40. kelsey says:

    Solb sulit may naka-bundle na NBA league pass

  41. pompim says:

    oks na oks na oks ka talaga sobrang oks na oks ka talaga mam oks na oks na oks. sobra oks.

  42. mightymax says:

    Eh meron na naman palang unli pa eh. Bagong offer lang to mga pre. meh unli pa

  43. candy says:

    I don’t know about you, but me thinks madaming movie buffs ang matutuwa sa Hooq – like me!

  44. Raya Luz says:

    The stuff that each tier comes with are okay ah. I know lots of friends na matutuwa na may kasama nang HOOQ :)

  45. Samefag says:

    Isang tao lang nagcocomment na puro positive. Haha. Pathetic.

  46. gray says:

    Wow ang daming binayaran ng globe dito. Sunod sunod tapos mga new commenters pa.

    • candy says:

      What’s wrong with trying to look at this new dsl plan in a positive perspective? Everyone just keeps complaining and getting mad, I’m already paying for it so why not just enjoy what’s being offered to me.


      I don’t need to be paid by any network to show how much I like a new product

    • Reader says:

      Daming pakawala ni Globe dito sa comments section ah! The only people who’d view this sh**ty scheme by Globe are those who are too dumb to realize they’re being scammed or those na binayaran para mag-flood ng positive comments dito along with the disclaimer na hindi raw sila binayaran to make them appear credible. Haha!

  47. pogi says:

    kalokohan ng Globe! no choice! PLDT na lang T_T

  48. Daianmendoza says:

    New offer lang naman. Globe still has unli internet until 2mbps ????

  49. Ambrot Nalang says:

    daming taga globe nagko-comment dito ah… halatang halata hehe..

  50. mac says:

    Ok yan.. astig!! kasi wala pa namang cable sa bahay. Internet lang meron… tapos pwede nako manood ng movies sa HOOQ nila :)

  51. wee says:

    dapat maglabas din sila ng Plan na walang kasamang Entertainment Pack with more Bandwidth Allowance, useless din naman yung Entertainment Pack kung limited ang Data

    • Petey says:

      Good suggestion, bro! Sana they’ll consider it, but I doubt it because mukhang corporate deal sila with HOOQ, Spotify and NBA.

  52. charaught says:

    Naloka ako sa mga comments halatang sinusweldohan ng globe Haha..

    • Mas nakakatawa ka po says:

      Mas naloka ako sayo. Halatang sineswelduhan ng Smart. HAHAHA Wag kami. Halatang halata ka.

    • charaught says:

      Kaloka ka Lenette, tamaan sapul. Hahaha Huli ka!!!

    • charaught says:

      at paki ko ba jan sa globe-smart competition na yan eh pareho lang namang bulok. amoy na amoy ka LenetteOfGlobe. Hahaha. Wag masyadong pahalata.

  53. charaught says:

    Sinama na rin sana ng Globe ang Pornhub sa package, pampalubag-loob. At kung may magku-comment ng “wow okay lang may pornhub, sulit na sulit”, kapani-paniwala pa Haha

    • Lenette says:

      Labo naman nitong si Yugatech eh nakasulat naman pala sa letter na consumable data plan ito hindi fup!

  54. Pheng says:

    Well, di kayo pinipilit ng Globe so dapat di kayo nagrereklamo. Kung puro paninira lang yung iba sa inyo pano uunlad? Napakaraming utak talangka talaga.

  55. MJ says:

    Mukha namang okay tong bagong offe ng Globe Broadband.. parang Go Surf lang nila to. Yung bibili ng data na gusto mo

  56. nice says:

    pag positive ang comment binabayaran na agad ng Globe? hindi ba pwede na naniniwala lang na ok talaga ang bagong offer ng Globe broadband?

  57. ana says:

    nakakaloka yung mga nagsasbai ng di maganda na comment, obvious na isang tao lang. oh well.. Basta ako naniniwala ako na ok yang bago sa Broadband. astig kaya ng spotify at HOOQ!

  58. Capman says:

    Actually gipit mga existing subscribers. Pano mag uupgrade or downgrade ng walang monthly cap?

  59. Paul De Vera says:

    Anong pinagsasabi nyonf fair use fair use dyan? E hindi ba to yung parang go surfs nila?

  60. Paul De Vera says:

    Reklamo kayo ng reklamo di naman kayo pinipilit ng globe!

  61. Capman says:

    May point naman yung nagrereklamo eh.

  62. Go surf din naman pala ang labas nun e..

  63. Nililito nyo lng yung yugatech e hahahaah

  64. Dapat bago kayo ng rereklamo ng tatanong muna kayo.. Para d po nagkakamali..

  65. Wala namang pilita e kung ayaw nyo sa service ng globe e d wag No iavail …

  66. I think kailangan lng unawain ng husto yung blog or yung bagong service ng globe para malinawan kayo..

  67. charaught says:

    di nyo ba alam, obvious na obvious kayo? hahahaha.

  68. junjun says:

    hindi naman kaunaunawa itong ginawa na to ng globe eh. kasi pareho ang ng binabayad nung mga naunang nagsubs pero hindi pareho ang nakukuha serbisyo. dapat man lang meron silang binigay na option. katulad ko, diko naman kailangan ng pesteng NBA, HOOQ, or spotify na yan. free nga, diko din naman kelangan gamitin. eh kung 10gb per day nalang sa plan 1599 edi mas masaya pa. sobrang pananakal na yan globe. hindi lahat ng tao browse lang ng browse, me nag youyoutube and nagddownload din katulad ko, ngaun kami ang kawawang mga downloader, sobrang apektado nyan.

  69. Bea Cruz says:

    Hindi clear yugatech! nakasulat naman pala na consumable data plan ito hindi Fup

  70. Bea Cruz says:

    Those people who keeps complaining and complaining feeling they are a customer of globe unfortunately not. Wag epal please, wala namang katuturan yang mga pinagsasabe nyo. Pfft -.-

  71. disposable says:

    This is just baaad writing. Confusing at best, misleading at worst.

    You wrote that sinnce they have a monthly data allowance, consumable plans are not subject to capping. However, the monthly allowance is in itself a cap.

    Next you go on and say that customers only pay for what they use. Literally or figuratively, this means that a person on the same plan who uses less would pay less. A person who uses more would pay more. Is this really the case? Or is it just bad writing again when you should have qualified your statement and followed it up with “the pay for use statement is only accurate when you reach the monthly cap. Did i say cap? I meant allowance pala, sorry.”

  72. may tamaray says:

    Reklamo kayo ng reklamo. Di naman kayo pinipilit ng globe.Tss! Simpleng bagay pinapalaki!!

  73. someone says:

    the defenders are out in force today.
    unless subscribers can still choose to register to the daily-capped plans then the new plans are trash.
    as someone noted before for sample plan, 10gb vs 90gb, you must be delusional if you are willing to accept the 10gb as good …

  74. sean lee says:

    Nililito nyo lang yung yugatech eh. Dami nyo kasing sinasabi!

  75. Park Gandara says:

    di naman kayo pinipilit ng globe e! Reklamo kayo ng reklamo! Sa barangay kayo magpaliwanag

  76. girlie wilson says:

    Di naman kayo pinipilit eh. Kung ayaw nyo sa service ng globe. Di wag!

  77. Girlie wilson says:

    ginugulo nyo yung yugatech e! Hahahahaa

  78. Gandara Park says:

    Go surf din pala labas nun eh. Hahaha

  79. Capman says:

    Customer po ako ng globe. Nakakainis lang wala na ako upgrade path. Lipat na lang sa PLDT yung only option.

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      Natumbok mo pre! Wala na tayong UPGRADE and DOWNGRADE path because of these new garbage plans!

  80. wala naman pinipilit kung anong gusto ng tao! Hindi yung ang dmai nyo pang sasabihin!!

  81. Walang naman pinipilit na tao! Just try it guys!

  82. Yung willing lang naman gumamit! Ay jusko. Reklamo ng reklamo. Try it nlng.

    • Problema po ito, kasi maraming kinontra ang Globe na mga buildings, na Globe DSL lang ang puwedeng gamitin sa loob.

      Bad trip, po. For example, sa condo namin, di puwede ang PLDT DSL, Globe DSL lang.

      #Unfair #Monopoly #PangitPaNgOfferings #PLDTGustoKo

  83. Ano po ba gagawin sa malaking GB ?? Movie ba ang idododownload??

    • SpiderWak says:

      video/music streaming at file download.. aanhin mo naman ang 5Mbps mo kung browsing lang ang pagagamitan mo?

    • SpiderWak says:

      VOIP na rin para sa mga nag freelance/homebased

    • 'em says:

      When someone works from home, ito pwede nilang gamitin na mga apps… Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Lync for video/audio conference tapos mga company-related apps na pwedeng i-access online.

    • Krypton says:

      Anong gagawin kamo sa malaking GB? Ipupukpuk ko sa ulo mo!!!

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      Oo ipupukpok sayo para magisip ka ng malalim. Baka malaya pa Hehe

  84. Kyle says:

    Hahayst nag salita ang mga bobo. Isa na nga tayo sa country na may pinaka SLOWEST internet speed LALAGYAN PA NANG CONSUMPTION? Tsaka alam nyo ba na isa din tayo sa may PINAKA MAHAL na internet connection by mbps? #Oligiarchy #TelCosAreFuckedUp #EatShit #PhilippinesCountryOfPuppets

  85. Capman says:

    Steam games po malakas sa data allowance. Around 40gb na yung current gen releases.

  86. chamong says:

    maganda nga yan eh Go surf lng din ung mga naninira hindi globe users yan kaya hindi nila alam yan haha nakooo naman!!

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      Parang ikaw? hindi naman subscriber? Magtrabaho ka na lang sa Globe na minimum wage ang pasweldo haha

  87. yinzhen says:

    ok ung offer ng globe ah mas ok kasi same lng nung ginagamit ko parang go surf lng din so im ok with that

    • Jiezel says:

      GoSurf is the product of Globe pertaining to MOBILE data and the subject of the article posted by Yugatech is clearly HOME Broadband (or HOME DSL).

      Yang GoSurf na yan, di yan dapat kinu-compare sa DSL. KASI MOBILE DATA IS FOR PERSONAL USE WHEREAS DSL IS FOR FAMILY USE. Tapos sasabihin mong parang sa GoSurf lang din yan?

      Di pwede yan kasi magkaiba yan ng usage scenario/target users.

  88. eko says:

    Ang gugulo ! Dami pang kuda .. Kung Ayaw edi wag! Wala naman pumipilit .. Ung may gusto try edi i try .. Yung iba pati paglipat binobroadcast edi wow.

    • bobo says:

      bobo comment. Malamang isa ka sa mga inutil na globe consumer na walang ginagawa kundi ubusin oras sa pagFafacebook. bagay nga sayo tong plan na to.

      Andaming pede gawin s internet, pede ka magtrabaho at maglaro.

      wag po tayo mangmang, npaghahaltaan tuloy tayo walang alam

  89. kung user ka ng globe alam mo yan parang go surf lng din eh ayos yan

  90. read the details beofore you react the offer is good because its consumable not FUP !!so shut the fuck up haters!!!!

  91. ung iba globe users “DAW” eh parang go surf lng yan eh bakit di kayo mag agree ? pangap lng kayo eh para manira at magpapansin

    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      Parang ikaw, iniiba-iba lang ang pangalan pero puro “go surf” ang binabanggit! Hahaha OK yan, sa akinse ssweldo ka na sa Globe ng minimum wage! Hahaha

  92. Krypton says:

    Ang tatanga nung mga binayaran ng Globe mag comment. Obvious na obvious. Hahaha!

    • anonymous says:

      Damage control sila. Kung makapanlait ng mga nagcocomplain, kala mo mga software pirates/bums/basement dwellers yung kausap. Hays.

  93. anonymous says:

    Binasa ko ulit comment section. Pare-pareho yung script ng mga CSR ng globe. Hahahah.

  94. Hi friends,

    Tara na magpakatanga tayong lahat at makibandwagon sa mga pakawala ng Globe na nagcomment dito.

    Please copy paste: “Yun naman pala parang unli surf lang. Reklamo pa kayo di niyo naman pala alam.”

  95. earl benitez says:

    Here’s the thing, just this morning we received a call from globe asking us to upgrade our broadband plan. If the case is that if a customer upgrades his account then he will be migrated to the new system. that is a foul marketing move globe, niloloko nyo young customers if that is the case.

    • Globe Sub says:

      I also got a call from Globe marketing na nag-offer ng discounted (for the first 6 months) upgrade to a higher plan, with free (daw) Hooq etc. pa. Buti na lang nabasa ko na beforehand itong mga pinaggagagawang panloloko ng Globe sa mga subscriber nila!

  96. Peter Isaac says:

    Ang ganda lang ng naisip ng Globe. Pinag isipan ng mabuti.

  97. Kevin says:

    Take note that the “freebies” are just 30 day free trial period. Seriously? You are expected to give up unlimited bandwith for a free 30 day trial? Stop trying to hide under the fine print the real value you’re actually offering your customers.

  98. JAMES says:

    May kakilala kaya akong tagapagtanggol ng globe dito? Lols… Lahat ng tao may kanya kanyang masasabi… Eh dito, di ka lang may “say”.. MapapaMURA ka pa. Tae.. Whatever it is.. Consumable or monthly allowance, the thing is.. It’s fixed broadband/wimax/dsl… It’s very inconvenient to think that you’ll subscribe to something like as if you are “going anywhere” plan while you are just at home.. And would opt to choose mobile subscription against those plans offered by other ISPs without limits and fixed at a certain location. Hai.. Ewan.. Antok lang cguro to. K. Bye.

  99. Ibalik ang #GlobeSabaw!

    Syempre andaming online specialists/employees ng Globe from their social media accounts to their lithium boards forum. At yung mga “black ops”.
    Kaya yung nagtatanggol sa Globe dito halos isa lang sinasabi. Hahaha.

    Capping on wired broadband is so anti-progressive.

  100. NEW PLAN SUCKS says:

    Ano ba yan, putang ina naman, dapat mas angat ang globe wired kaysa sa bwisit na wireless pero ano na to? Kalokohan naman pinaggagawa. Ok na yung daily cap at magrereset pero kung ganito, mapipilitan ako lumipat sa PLDT dahil sa kababuyan ng GLOBE sa new customer

  101. kenneth says:

    globe user hir, i will be ending my subs in April kaya super esep esep ako. pede kaya papirmahin si globe na stay ako sa daily cap? hehe..

    sa globe posters po dyan, halata po talaga kayo.. pramiz.. try nyo ibang lines, medyo parepareho kasi.. hehe..

  102. Capman says:

    Dami ngang binayaran ng globe dito. Halatang halata.

  103. abuzalzal says:

    Hoy mga Damage control brigade, konting creativity naman diyan hahaha, kahit Grade 2 pupil maaamoy nila kayo eh… Iisa ang dialogue ahahahaha

  104. Gj says:

    yuga, pakicheck nga ip nung mga obvious ang script sa globe. Hindi ganyan ang normal na magtatanggol sa globe. “Try it na lang” bullshit.

  105. john says:

    hoi mga tang inang bayaran ng globe kakapal ng mga mukha niyong ipagtanggol ang kompanyang Globe na yan. Kung di nagrereklamo ang mga tao sa new fvckng plans niyo di kayo aaksyon. May pa clarifications clarifications pa kayo eh yun naman talaga plano niyo, ang gagawing tanga lahat ng mga pilipino. buti nalang at binawi ng globe at iko continue parin yung old dsl plans. buti nalang talagat nabasa ng Globe ang lahat ng reklamo. Im a globe user and a big fan, tas nung nabasa ko ang news about sa new plan ng globe uminit talaga ulo ko. butit naayos na.

    To all damage controls: napakabobo ng comments niyo. panira kayo sa globe. icocompare niyo pa gosurf sa dsl plans. magkaiba yun mga tanga. iba iba ang pakanibang nila.

    • Ignorance says:

      Saan binawi? from the beginning all existing unli subs will not be forced to migrate to the new plans. wala naman nanloloko.

    • john says:

      hoi bobo. tinanggal ng globe yung old plans sa website nila.
      according to this site, “Globe clarified that the new Tattoo Home broadband plans are consumable data plans designed for new customers who prefer exclusive content such as HOOQ, NBA and Spotify along with their plans.

      .The old Basic Internet and Internet Bundle Plans (1Mbps and 2Mbps) are also still available.”

      It was explained to us that the 3 old plans were never removed and will still be offered to new or future plan subscribers. ”

      So plano talaga ng globe na ifoforce itong monthly cap for new customers. Pero dahil sa daming reklamo, binawi nila tas sinabi nilang iooffer parin nila yong old plans without that shitty Spotify and HOOQ freebies, and ofcourse with the daily cap(which i really prefer and even suggested and recommended to my friends), pero until now wala parin sa website nila. FYI and STFU!!! kayong taga globe na damage controls ang tatanga niyo. !!!

  106. anon says:

    ang daming paid SHILLS! hahaha

  107. jaybee says:

    Globe dsl kami dito sa bahay. . Madalas sobrang bagal ng internet na gusto mo na itapon modem mo. . Pati ping ng league of legends tumaas narin from 31 naging 43ms na which is di na maganda.

    Ung feiend ko na pldt paputolputol ang net tapos tagal ayusin kaya lumipat na sya sa globe. Maganda connection nya unlike samin.

    Ung isa pang friend ko na pldt ok nmn ang speed,sobrang baba ang ping ng league of legends na 15ms lng. Wala problem.

    Di ko alam kng lilipat kmi or hindi. . Tempting ang offer ng pldt at mababa ang ping.

    Naiintindindihan ko ang mga isp kung bakit mahal at limited ang data nila. . Unlike sa ibang country na nasa loob ng bansa ang mga servers ng mga websites kaya mura lng ang investment. Di tulad ng pilipinas na naka base sa capacity ng submarine cables na naka connect sa ibang bansa. Pag nag o open kasi tau ng websites ina access pa natin ang mga web servers na nasa singapore, hongkong or usa bago lumabas sa ating internet browsers. . At isa pa mahirap ang setup ng pinas kasi madaming islands na lagyan ng submarine cable unlike sa ibang bansa

  108. fred says:

    tactics ng tatlo yan para maflatten na ang cap bandwidth, sacrifice bait nila si globe, ang syste mag iimpose ang globe ng ganitong plan na ikabwibwisit ng tao kaya ang subscriber lilipat either sa pldt or other isp syempre pag lumipat na kunwari sa pldt, ang pldt ganito rin gagawin, syempre pag ganito ginawa, lilipat na naman mga subscriber sa smart, gagawin din ng smart, eh lipat na naman sa bayantel, same din ang gagawin ng bayantel, lilipat na naman ang subscribers sa wi tribe hanggang wala ng option ang subscriber makapili ng matinong ISP. eh di success ang plano ng BIG THREE!

  109. Emil says:

    Sa ibang bansa ganyan din, may cap. Parang GoSurf yan, may cap din kaya pare pareho lang. Try it nalang!

  110. Kuratcha says:

    Oist kayong mga bayaran ng Globe magsitigil kayo. Ako engineer ako sa globe at naiimbiyerna ako sa ginagawa ng kumpanyang to. OO sila nagpapakain ng pamilya ko pero potangina ang katarantaduhan. Kaya wag kayo masyado comment dito kasi pwede ko lahat kayo itrack. BS tong subscription plan ng globe na to. Kayang kaya ng capacity ng globe mag bigay ng unlimited internet. kaya nga diba 700Million ang ininvest. Alam niyo bang naglalatag ang Globe ng international Cable papunta guam for additional bandwidth? Kaya yung mga taga Globe dito na sinabihan lang ng amo niyong tanga na mag post dito SHUT THE F*&*& UP!!!

    • grey says:

      If I am from globe, ikakahiya kita as a co-employee, if I am part of the management of globe, tanggal ka na sa work… So I doubt if u are an actual employee. Napaka unethical.

      BTW, I’m a struggling globe user for how many years. And I’m still enjoying the daily cap. I’m a former smart bro user too. My point is, stop bitching. If it doesn’t work for u, go to the next. Telcos look like they have the upper hand, but it is really on us if we will be enslaved with the bandwidth limitations. Magprepaid. If u can’t afford prepaid, magtyaga sa postpaid. Then once ur contract expires, lumipat. We have the option.

    • @grey: “I’m still enjoying the daily cap.” <– Tangaaaa disadvantage nga yan eh, bakit mo ine-enjoy?


    • AreYouKiddingMe says:

      Ano ka ba sa globe? Yung reasoning mo pang dialup age eh! Siguro gamit mo lang sa DSL mo ay Facebook at Twitter? Pathetic!

  111. thenonhacker says:

    WHAZOOO, mga GLOBE COMMENT BRIGADE, nice try, “Try nyo na lang”

  112. David Deluria says:

    I understand why wireless internet has to be limited but you just can’t use the same argument with wired internet. Copper infrastructure is decades old and is predictable when oversaturated. This is plain greed IMHO

  113. johnny says:

    Nag sign na ko sa petition sa, dahil kahit old subscriber ako, alam kong greedy masyado ung bago nilang plans, kahit alam kong unaffected ako ng change(kasi old subscriber) pero itong hapon na to, tinawagan ako ng globe. isa isa na daw nilang pino.force migrate and mga lumang subscribers para makasabay sa upgraded “towers” nila. pwede namang mag decline, pag nag decline ka estimate one month time mawawala net, kasi I phe.phase out na nila mga old “lines” nila and kailangan mong mag upgrade ng line from a globe center(free upgrade pag nag yes ka sa call nila, may bayad na upgrade mo pag sa globe service center). After nito kinausap ko isang globe service center the same lang sinabi nila. so bottomline globe or not globe. :(

  114. Oscar says:

    A PS4 game is usually 30-50gb.

    It doesn’t take a math expert to figure out how long globe’s volume allocations would last for gamers like me.

  115. Cris2fear says:

    Nalilito nako, nakalagay sa website nila, na-phase out na raw yung old plans, ano yung sinasabi nila na available pa din?

  116. Anon says:

    This is the one implementation that draws the line for me, I’m moving to another country because I personally don’t like the internet here in the Philippines.

    If you’re not a globe employee and you’re still reading this, do NOT subscribe to Globe. They’re gonna cap your internet monthly, which you’ll consume in only a few days, and you know what happens once you consume the capping? They’ll provide you with 64KILOBITS a second, that’s roughly 0.512 KILOBYTES. Imagine watching a 1 minute 144p video and wait for half an hour for it to load.

    Fuck Globe, either choose PLDT or Bayantel, they don’t cap your internet. You also have the option to move away far from the Philippines, which is nice.

    Boycott Globe, every positive review here is directly from Globe managers and employees, don’t believe the bullshit they spew here, the only real truth is that Globe has become worse to worst.

  117. FIFI says:

    I dunno why Globe resorted to these plans to “ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS AND FURTHER GROW CUSTOMER BASE”. Sabi nila mas maganda pa rin daw offer nila compared sa ibang ISPs. Mas maganda nga dati nilang plans, angat sila dahil mura unlimited nila, pero bakit nila sinusunod ngayon ang style ng ibang ISPs? Pati Platinum may cap na…May Stephen Elop ba sa globe ngayon?

  118. zealous143 says:

    I just want to share my experience. I made a subscription with globe hoping that it was really beneficial for my online job. But it’s not end of the month yet and all of my data allowance was used up. Oh my! Globe didn’t explain this data allowance beforehand. I should find something better if I know this policy ahead of time. And I cannot end the subscription because there’s a payment for breach of contract in their policy of locked in period of 2 years. Crap :( #globecraps

  119. dodong says:

    Pumunta lang bigla yung globe tech dito para palitan mandatorily yung modem namin(from wimax to LTE). dahil di na raw supported yung wimax dito sa area namin. kaya naman ngayon may data capping na yung connection namin. tapos up to 3mbps lang yung allowable plan subscription dito sa area namin. plano sana namin mag 5mbps para naman medyo okay yung capped speed, pero palya, di pwede sa area namin.

  120. gs says:

    recently ko lang napag alam itong cap na tio. nag uu[pgrade mga pc ko to windows 10 biglang gumapang yung internet. 2.66 gigs lang inabot ng 18hrs! tumawag ako sa hotline ng globe sinabi na reach ko daw yung cap ko. di ako makapaniwala na may cap na pala?? nag a-ala at&t ang globe? bad news ito, tinignan ko “fair use policy” nila sa site, grabe sobrang liit ng allocation di makatarungan. maling mali itong ginawa ng globe.

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