Philippines at 8.24Mbps on LTE for Q3 2017

After its June report, OpenSignal releases a new report on the The State of LTE for the month of November. From 8.59Mbps, the Philippines is now down to 8.24Mbps.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The Philippines steps down to 74th place, which used to be in the 71st place in the ranking of 77 countries in this report. Four months ago, we beat India (5.14Mbps),  Costa Rica (5.14Mbps), and Saudi Arabia (7.84Mbps). This quarter, we continued to beat India (6.13Mbps), Costa Rica (6.98Mbps), and Saudi Arabia (7.33Mbps). However, Indonesia topped us with a 4G speed of 9.02Mbps which used to be  7.71Mbps on the previous report.

Singapore (46.64Mbps) and South Korea (45.85Mbps) are still the crown-holders in this report.

4G availability-wise, the Philippines ranked 69th (out of 77 countries) with 58.83% LTE accessibility. We used to be on the 72nd rank, so this is a pretty good progress. Just like the previous report,  South Korea (96.69%) and Japan (94.11%) still remain on top.

For this particular report, 50,119,524,309 datapoints were collected from 3,816,934 users during the period: Jul 1st – Oct 1st 2017.


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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for K L K L says:

    abysmally slow adoption and speed improvement nag slowdown pa haha pak u PLDT ntt docomo Japan and Globe Singtel ng Singapore number 1 and 2 kau tapos kulelat Philippines. ung pera natin ginagamit sa bansa para maimprove dun hindi dito.

  2. Avatar for Jude Jude says:

    What else is new? We have lousy internet services. Next article please.

  3. Avatar for trapik trapik says:

    What is more disturbing?

    Our local telcos even flaunt their services.

    Tayo pa ang may utang na loob. miosus!

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