Philippines at 8.59Mbps on LTE this 2017 - OpenSignal

Philippines at 8.59Mbps on LTE this 2017 – OpenSignal

It’s been 6 months since OpenSignal released a State of LTE Report with the Philippines getting an average of 8.59Mbps. This is up from 7.27Mbps we reported back in November 2016.

This puts the Philippines in the 71st place (or 4th from the last) in the ranking of 75 countries for this report. Six months ago, we beat India (6.39Mbps), Saudi Arabia (5.97Mbps) and Costa Rica (5.82Mbps). This quarter, we continued to beat India (5.14Mbps), Saudi Arabia (7.84Mbps) and Costa Rica (5.14Mbps). We also surpassed Indonesia (7.71Mbps) which used to be ahead of us the last time.

The highest in the list is Singapore with 45.62Mbps and South Korea with 43.46Mbps.


In terms of 4G availability, the Philippines ranked 72nd (out of 75) with 52.77% LTE coverage ( the percentage of the time that users can connect to a 4G network). This is a little better than the 44.8% LTE availability that the Philippines got back in November 2016.

South Korea leads the pack with 96.38% LTE availability and Japan at 93.48%.

OpenSignal did not provide statistical data specific to Globe and Smart this time, unlike the one they gave back in March 2017.

For this particular report, 19,556,514,365 datapoints were collected from 558,260 users during the period: Jan 1st – Mar 31st 2017.

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6 Responses

  1. Trapik says:


    Hindi pa kaya tinamaan ng hiya yung mga ano……..

    #clueless pa din sila?

  2. Maiba Lang says:

    hindi kaya galing lang itong report mula sa loob ng mga exclusive villages?

  3. Sainz Vermon says:

    CONSISTENT, RECORD BREAKING, UNBEATABLE! Nothing is changed, nothing is new. Philippines is still on the top 5 of the slowest internet connection. Is that something to be proud of, I’d say it is something to be ashamed of.

  4. wilde says:

    Wow! I feel small sa BAYANTEL ko nasa 2MBPS pa rin.

    Wala kasing PLDT or COVERVERGE sa area namin, pwede naman akong mag-shift sa GLOBE kaso may DATACAP naman (torrent user kasi).

    Ang hirap.

    • Lol says:

      Umm mobile internet po ang tinutukoy ng report na ito. Hindi po fixed line internet

  5. whining says:

    sa totoo lang kayang abotin ang speed nato sa 3G lang eh.kakahiya lang.

    Globe/Smart “we still earn billions from you, why we should fix it”

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