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OpenSignal Q3 2016 Report puts LTE in the Philippines at 7.27Mbps

The latest State of LTE Report (November) by OpenSignal puts the average LTE speed of the Philippines at 7.27Mbps. This leaves the Philippines at 4th from last (Rank #75), beating only India (6.39Mbps), Saudi Arabia (5.97Mbps) and Costa Rica (5.82).

As usual, Singapore (45.86Mbps) and South Korea (45.77Mbps) topped the list of fastest LTE networks.

The 7.27Mbps average speed of the Philippines is still a slight upgrade from the 6Mbps average it got back in February 2016 (see report here) though that is still below the 8Mbps average from Q3 of 2015 (here).


In terms of 4G availability, the Philippines also ranked 5th from last (or 74th place) with 44.8% 4G availability. OpenSignal also did a report back in August and puts the 3G and higher availability of the Philippines at 68.63% of the time (see: Philippines at the bottom in Speed & Availability of 3G, 4G — OpenSignal).

Back in May, PLDT and Globe bought out the telco assets of SMC including the coveted 700MHz band. Both PLDT Chairman MVP and Globe CEO Ernest Cu promised better mobile internet within 4 to 6 months. It looks like that did not happen.

This survey was conducted from July 1 to September 30, 2016 with a user sample size of 500,687 and a total data size of 17,065,628,107.

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  1. February 21, 2017

    […] Since these measurements are both from 3G and 4G networks, the average is lower compared to the average LTE-only speed of 7.27Mbps as reported back in November 2016 (see report here). […]

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