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Facebook Messenger 4 unveiled

Facebook has unveiled a new version of its popular Messenger app, touting new features in tow.

The new Messenger, or Messenger 4 as Facebook calls it, takes on a more simplified approach to its current messaging app. There’s now a dark mode for those who hate the white interface, and more colors and gradients to personalize your chats.


The new Messenger also takes away the distractions by organizing the app into three tabs for easier navigation — Chats for your conversations, People to check on who’s active now and to look at your friend’s Messenger stories, and Discover to check businesses and other places around you.

Facebook says that the new messenger app is bound to roll out globally in the coming weeks.

Source: Facebook

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  1. Ronald says:

    Sana naman wag na magpadagdag sa lag ng low end celphones

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