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Acer Liquid E Ferrari Andoid launched

Acer Philippines finally launched its Android smartphone series last Friday with the Acer Liquid E as its flagship unit and a special edition Acer Liquid E Ferrari.

This will be the first time Acer will be carrying mobile handsets in the Philippines with 3 Android models.

We’ve already seen the Acer Liquid E back in June in Singapore. However, that time it was running Android 1.6 then. See our initial impressions here.

The Ferrari Special Edition is just a special model Acer has with the luxury automotive brand. Did have the same one with their Ferrari notebook before.

Acer Liquid E
3.5″ capacitive touchscreen @ 480×800 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 768MHz
256MB RAM / 512MB ROM
up to 32GB on microSD (2GB included)
HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
5MP AF camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
Bluetooth 2.0 w/ A2DP
Lithium Polymer battery 1350mAh
Android OS v2.1 with Acer UI 3.0

Acer has not indicated a specific retail price but it was said to be around Php30k for the Liquid E. Will update once they’ve sent official word.

Update: Just confirmed the retail price is Php29,990.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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47 Responses

  1. Might have forgot the “k” in that price. Only says its PHP 30.

  2. mike says:

    that’s ridiculous for 30k pesos! is that a joke? A small phone like that should be priced at less than 12k pesos

  3. Eason says:

    30k? That price must be a joke with that mid performance so called fast FERRARI android phone.

    I rather buy a Samsung Wave than that.

  4. Fleeb says:

    With the specs, it won’t cost less than 12k.

  5. Drey says:

    I love the video.. 2007-2008 f1 season.. the red and white striped says the year LD.. KIMI RAIKKONEN’s time when he was with Ferrari :D

  6. sitcoms says:

    looks good but 30k? ouch

  7. xtian1986 says:

    android 1.6?

    Acer, meet Sony Ericsson.

  8. Jon says:

    Yikes. Too expensive, Acer. Sucky specs too. Right. This should sell for under 15k only. Jeez, you could get faster and better Android phones for less. What the hell were they thinking, loading it with 1.6?? Good luck in selling this phone.

  9. Drey says:

    It’s actually running on Android 2.1 Eclair :)

    And Yuga said: “back in June in Singapore. However, that time it was running Android 1.6 then”

    IT WAS running… :)

  10. Teknisyan says:

    Andoid.. hehe… natawa ako dun… but yeah.. your not buying the phone here but the Ferrari name!

  11. yuga says:

    @jon – it’s now Android 2.1. Sorry for the typo.

  12. Guy says:

    Pretty expensive for a smartphone. Take out the Ferrari label, it will surely be fetched around P15K.

  13. Jon says:

    @yuga I figured that sir Abe. I took a closer look at the image. The lock screen is 2.1 Eclair. Lol. Still too expensive though. The hell I care if its a “Ferrari” or whatnot.

  14. melinda says:

    on the video it says:
    the world’s most exclusive smartphone

    or maybe it is:
    the world’s most excluded smartphone


  15. Arnie says:

    Anakputa, ang mahal naman niyan. Eh parang LG lang ang ACER e, pangit quality!

  16. elektronikz says:

    ano 30K ang price? video output nya still 640X480 lang..hindi HD kahit 480p man lang… wlang gago na bibili nito kundi taga acer lang din me discount cla…at saka underclock ang processor nya 768Mhz lang yong ibang bago na ang price ay 30K+ ay 1Ghz na…naulol na yata ang tga Acer.

  17. lolipown says:

    It’s expensive just like the ferrari netbook

  18. Jhay says:

    What about the price of the regular Liquid E? The 30k price tag is for the Ferrari-branded version right?

  19. EzQX says:

    haha.what a big joke,only idiot will buy this shit

  20. mr.bogus says:

    you buy the word FERARRI… parang apple lang din yan… ui lang maganda…

  21. chickie says:

    Whoa… 30k… Small display.low specs…???? I think cherry mobile nova is better…

  22. chickie says:

    Too expensive for such specs. CM nova is better…

  23. chickie says:

    Way expensive… Go for CM Nova instead.

  24. la lang! says:

    ferrari logo ang nagpamahal eh!!!

  25. Winziph says:

    brand name lang nagpamahal hehe, para ang astig ng dating, dating lang hehe plus the brand ferrari.

  26. John DC says:

    why did they even bother releasing such an outdated phone?

    they should have just released the liquid metal here instead of this, makes more sense

  27. john says:

    Cherry Mobile Magnum HD with Qualcomm 1GHZ Scorpion processor is priced 18,990 and better specs and better buy. Also Sony X8 and CM Nova is just at 11,600 and 11,490 less a bit processor speed 600mhz vs. 768mhz big price gap. I think is only for Ferrari fanatics.

  28. john says:

    Almost forgot if you have the 30k then go for Galaxy S or HTC Desire which has way better specs than Acer

  29. mag iphone 4 ka na lang..dagdag ka nang 5k..tsk

  30. Karl Mac says:

    X10 mini pro is better.

  31. John says:

    What I don’t like about it is that its back looks like a mere China phone. Besides, I wouldn’t trade any android whatnot for my iPhone.

  32. mahal says:

    mahal! panget naman quality ng acer products!
    tama lang na around 15k ito.. wala akong pake kung ferrari pa yan, kht sarao pa yan dpt mas mura sya!

  33. Malcoxx says:

    Shesshhh this is way too expensive. Buy a Samsung Spica for 11k then spend 2-3k for a customize paint/decals job, grand total 14k max.

  34. Crazybone says:

    I rather buy an HTC phones….

  35. Ferrari se7en says:

    Dami nyo satsat eh di wag kaung bumili . . . :P

    What do you expect ? Gusto nyo ipantay yung price sa mga ordinary phones na kagaya nya ng specs ? Ferrari nga eh . . .

    It not just an ordinary phone ! Its a Ferrari !

    Got it ?!?

  36. Jeff says:

    Hi! Smart is giving me an Acer Ferrari or HTC Wildfire or SE X10 Mini Pro as part of my retention plan. Was just wondering if it were you which of the three you’d get for yourself. I really love Acer Ferrari but having second thoughts because I’ve been a Nokia user right from the start. Also wonderign whether you’d know whether there’s an Acer phone service center here in the Philippines…Well, just in case….Thanks a lot!

  37. Joe says:

    Ferrari se7en hey ferrari is a model of a car not a phone get lost. Try to see the specs and compare it with other phones and see the difference. Kahit sino naman mamamahalan sa ganyang presyo ill rather buy FORD hahaha

  38. Eljay says:

    Mga Bro. Ganito lang yan.Isipin nyo lang na nag dedecide kayo kung saan kumain. Sa “carenderia” o sa “five star restaurant”. Parehas lang yan puro pagkain lang pero kung sa saan ka pumasok e mag bibigay ng malaking deperensya.


  39. those are pretty cool phones, I really like them

  40. Eric montemayor says:

    got this phone on 2nd hand. but not Ferrari edition, the 1st one, Acer Liquid E. and its pretty imnpressive. i upgrade its Android version to 2.2, Available in Acer official website. You can used the phone with smartbro simcard, and with lots of new features.

  41. mutya says:

    my hubby got this acer ferrari liquid e. mganda sha.. but my problem is, nang nabagsak sha ngkaroon ng black un screen nya.. so, i thought it was its lcd had a problem.. mas malala pla ang problema q kasi d q alam kung san sha papagawa.. la b service center ang acer pr s phone na ito? please help.. thanks!!

  42. light says:

    Seeing this Ferrari Acer makes me sad again. My nephew just lost his Ferrari Acer Liquid E phone tonight. Wala na talagang safe transpo ngayon. Guys be careful always. Just glad that they didn’t hurt him.

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