An early look into the Samsung Galaxy S5

An early look into the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung‘s next flagship phone is launching early this year (most likely March or April), and what we have are only bits and pieces of rumors, speculations, leaks & patents. This allowed us to take all the preliminary information that we have on the Galaxy S5 and combine it to produce an early visualization of the next big thing.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Above is a render of what we were able to create using Samsung’s recent design patents & the leaked screenshots of the new TouchWiz UI. We also already reported that the said phone will be available in March or in April, packing an all new design & a possible inclusion of iris scanning technology. Looking at the Galaxy J & the current Galaxy S4’s features, these could not be too far-fetched. The metallic casing that everyone was hoping for may just be around the corner.


Also included in the reports is that the Galaxy S5’s design will highlight the display. Seeing that the Galaxy S series increases in display size & decreases bezel thickness each iteration & knowing that Samsung has their flexible display technology under their sleeves, we can say that there is a possibility of an edge-to-edge display. The 16:9 aspect ratio didn’t fit on Samsung’s design patent without having little bezel so we thought it could look like the one above. That means that physical buttons will be abandoned though – something Samsung loves to have on their Galaxies.

As for the specs, we’re thinking about it having 2K resolution (something Oppo has already announced for their flagship, the Find 7). 64-bit Exynos is probably on the way as well with a Snapdragon 805 variant in tow for 4G LTE. 4GB RAM is also expected & Samsung’s new ISOCELL imaging technology could debut itself in the SGS5. The rest could be just incremental updates.

Having seen the Galaxy S4, if Samsung really does shed the plastic & the bloat off their next phone, we could have a killer flagship phone for this year. Guess we’ll all just have to wait & see. Besides, companies like HTC are also preparing their next flagship phones & Apple is also just around the corner with their non-incremental iPhone 6.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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48 Responses

  1. wew says:

    looks like s4 active from the back

  2. sharingan_yeah says:

    Trash. Unclassy hoe

  3. G says:

    Misleading title.

  4. Chrisp says:

    Overkill na yung 2k resolution.

  5. Miongb says:

    I agree. The title is misleading. The pic shows a render, yet the author puts a title as if its the final design.

  6. abuzalzal says:

    Please remove this article.
    Not one bit is “legit”

    And @Freking, pls refrain from posting topics like this in the future. It destroys the site’s credibility!

  7. nuber says:

    For those complaining about this article, please take note that this is posted on the “Mobile” and “Rumors” section of this site.

    Darn atheists who can’t read.

    • nuber says:

      Here it is motherf***ers:

    • nuber says:

      Haha, poor idiots who’ve fallen for a “bait-and-switch” article who can’t just stop from complaining.

      It’s all your own fault, idiots.

    • BOBo says:

      pikon c Freaking oh! lol

    • nuber says:

      May patunay ka bang ako si Freking? Syempre, wala. Asshole ka kasi lol.

      Buti na lang hindi ako nagaya sa inyong madaling maloko at mauto…makita lang na interesado ang article title, click agad.

      Mga tao talaga ngayon hindi gumagamit ng utak at kung meron mang utak, singliit naman ng utak ng lamok.

      @Bob Freking
      I advise you that better create an article title that does not exhibit the “bait-and-switch” attitude, okay?!

    • nuber says:

      Still can’t believe that the once credible site like YugaTech has turned into trash-worthy pile of crap like 4chan because of the newly-recruited authors and stone age-minded readers.

      Good grief.

  8. fanatic says:

    i think its not the final product, but its ugly as hell

  9. veronica says:

    well its categorized as rumors, and he just showed to us the ugliness of S5, so i aint even mad

  10. Digest says:

    Alam mo Bob. Tanga ka parin. Gets?

  11. Smokescreen says:

    While the S series is a good line, always wait for the latest Note model. It will trash the S one every time. So better wait for the Note 4 sometime in Sept/Oct.

    • wew says:

      d lahat ng tao gusto ng malaking phone.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Wew – Who say anything about the size only? Besides by choosing the S5, it is already obvious that you like a big phone. And the Note 4 as history shows, is not that noticably bigger than the S5…less than an inch difference.

      You think yun mga kumuha ng S4, maliit na phone ang gusto?

    • ba dumb tss says:

      As if an inch of difference on phones are small

    • Smokescreen says:

      ba dumb tss – That’s why it’s less of an inch.

    • wew says:

      my mistake mejo misleading ung comment ko icaclarify ko n lang: big phone means a phone that can’t be operated by one hand only and small phone means a phone that can be operated by one hand. kaya ung size n nakaimply sa statement ko e hindi screen size kundi ung laki nungvmismong phone may mga less than 5″ screen n phone pero dahil sa laki ng bezel e d naman kayang ioperate single-handedly.

    • Smokescreen says:

      wew – The S4 is already a big phone. So obviously yun mga bumili ng S4, hindi naghahanap ng small phone. Yun point ko is yun mga nagbabalak bumili ng S5 are obviously not looking into buying a small phone. And so if bibili ka ng S5…wait for the Note 4 na lang.

    • wew says:

      @Smokescreen kuha ko punto mo…ang problema di mo makuha punto ko. basahin mo ung followup comment ko(ibang icon iba nagamit kong email e) para maukha mo ung sinasabi ko

  12. Benchmark says:

    Probably they will be using a curved design with message scrolling in the curved side like what posted last year in fb and youtube.

    Im sure there is mini me of this design. :-)

  13. kami says:

    ewan ko lang ha, pero nung bina-browse ko yung mga articles, i understood na leaks lang yung mababasa ko sa article na “An early look into the samsung galaxy s5” dahil under xa sa Mobiles, Rumors

    i agree na overkill nga ang 2K reso. yung sa note 3 and S4 nga ‘outstanding’ na, no need to increase na, dpat sa power consumption na sila nagfo-focus.

    mas excited ako sa Note 4. :D

  14. Blue says:

    It’s pretty!

  15. Genocide says:

    Iris scanner? Natatawa na nga ako kung anung itsura ng taong mag unlock ng phone gamit ang mata.

    Peace! :D

  16. Anobato says:

    Wala pang tumama sa lahat ng render ni frek. Tigil na kakadrugs bob!

    • wew says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA tanga mu tignan mo ung render ni Bob ng nexus 5 kung hindi kamukha, tska anu naman kung may render siya na di naman ganun talaga ang final design?binabase lng niya sa mga leaks at iba pang news ang design nya, mabuti kung may lumabas na info na eksaktong dinedescribe ung phone edi sana talagang tama na un! uso po gumamit ng utak at paganahin ang kahihiyan

  17. wew says:

    Dami pala talagang di natanggap sa yugatech dahil ang kinuha nila e c bob.HAHAHAHA

    • kami says:

      tama! minsan, naaawa ako dun sa bata, para walang karapatang magkamali at madevelop yung skills.

      amfutek, daming magaling!

  18. Slick says:

    Kahit anong reklamo nyo Frek is here to stay. See andami agad comment sa article nya. Basura man or hindi ung article nya, it does get attention. Bad publicty is still publicity ika nga. Let’s just say he is the mascot of this site so hindi sya pwedeng alisin since he is effective. j2c.

  19. abuzalzal says:

    Reading @Wew’s comments., so much depth and substance ! Lmao

  20. jujujuju says:

    Ganito nalang mga pards, bakit hndi tayo magcomment dto, dto mismo, ng sa tingin natin na magiging itsura ng “S5” specs at design para naman masaya ang palitan ng idea kesa naman pag initan yung author,abu, fan moko lalu na nung tinumba mo si yuga sa maalamat na mga komento mo sa lenovo fone, pwede mo bang ibahagi ang opinyon mo sa paparating na S5? Malay natin mas maganda ang interpretasyon mo ng S5, db? Chill chill lang mga pards.

    • abuzalzal says:


      no idea dude, one thing’s certain tho, it ”should” sport a pointless ultra high resolution screen. Besides, the galaxy ”S” line doesn’t excite me, I’m more of a Note guy, because they (samsung) always save the best for last.

      I just wish that ALL ultra hi def phones /tablets in the future will come with a pre-loaded mandatory ”decrease resolution” option to de-stress the gpu and the battery.

      And an Option to calibrate color temps as well (not those lousy presets!)

      Right Now there is an app that does it (decrease res.) , but only for rooted devices

  21. LLOYD says:

    daming tao dito feel nila alam nila lahat, kht ang panget naman tlga ng design nila

  22. karen says:

    mejo nd ko gusto yung design wala lng ang panget lng para xkin

  23. rob says:

    mejo nd maganda ung style na npaka simple lng….

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