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Asus Zenfone 2 phones benchmarked on AnTuTu; on par with flagships

How did the Asus Zenfone 2 go against other smartphones? AnTuTu benchmark scores for the Taiwanese electronic giant’s new smartphones are now floating up in the world wide web. Check them out after the break.


It has been revealed that the new Asus Zenfone smartphones are at par with the current flagships of well-known Android smartphone device makers in the market such as Samsung, HTC, and Sony with AnTuTu 5.5 benchmarks. Check out the chart below.


The 4GB variant of the newest Asus smartphone boasting a 2.3GHz Intel Atom processor scored 43,809 on the benchmark test, enough to rank over Samsung’s Galaxy S5 running on SnapDragon 801 by around 600 points. The lesser 2GB version on the other hand fared 40,926, which is enough to topple the Sony Xperia Z3 off its place by around a mere 500 points. Despite the huge internal differences, the two smartphone variants only had a difference of around 2000 points, which is interesting. (READ MORE: Asus ZenFone 2 ZE550ML vs. ZE551ML)

Asus Zenfone 2 will be available first in select countries by March this year for $199 and a guesstimate of $299 to $349 for the 2GB and 4GB Models, respectively.

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17 Responses

  1. abutsaktsak says:

    wag lang tagain sa price alam mo nman pinoy pag sikat at pwd pagkaperahan sinasamantala.kaya ASUS PHILS.makinig kau wag overpriced kau din bka langawin zenfone 2 nyo benta na naging bato pa.

    • archie says:

      Di naman siguro. Nagawa naman nilang gawing mababa ang presyo ng mga naunang Zenfones. Wala din silang paid advertisements, puro announcement at blogs lang naman ang marketing strategy kaya mabibigay nila ng mababa di tulad sa Xiaomi na puro flush sales, ginagawang flush country ng mga latak na gadgets ang Pinas.

    • Aybe says:

      eh ung zenfone 5 pa nga lang ang taas mag presyo eh, nag start ng 6,500 nung nag december naging 8k??

  2. Easy E says:

    xiaomi will announce the note 2 on jan15. Mura din yun pero asa pa tayo na marelease sa pinas kaagad. Ineexpect ko na isa ang pinas sa unang makakaranas ng Zenfone 2 na 16gb.

  3. Daves says:

    I want this phone now! Now as in now! LOL

    My only misgivings are the microsim slots and the non-removable battery, though I suppose they’re the so-called trend now among smartphones. Seriously, though, this phone’s arguably bad @ss.

    Good thing I waited when I felt like buying the Zenfone 5 or 6 last year, hehe.

  4. archie says:

    Ewan ko lang at baka malakas pa rin.yan sa battery lalo na at quad. Di me satisfy sa zenfone 6 3000mah battery ko(dualcore). Ang lifespan ng battery ay kung ilang beses mo siya chinarge at nadischarge. Kahit nakacharge or powerbank di kaya sa lakas mag drain

    • atom says:

      Smaller process ang ginamit para sa Atoms sa loob ng Zenfone 2 compared sa Zenfone 4/5/6. Drastic actually ang shift, kasi 32nm to 22nm. Smaller process typically means more efficient layout, lower power consumption, better performance per thread.

    • smash says:

      atom says it all

  5. ace says:

    i have a zenfone 6 and performance wise, its pretty good. The battery however is horrible especially when gaming (heavy usage it can reach up 4 hours) standby time is OK, can reach 1.5 days if you are not a power user. I actually bear with that, understanding that most smartphones’ battery life sucks. What’s pissing me off is the CHARGING TIME, it takes 4 hours to completely charge the phone (from 5%). I used a higher mAh adaptor but same results. Sigh..

    • jays says:

      upon checking the specs and features of this particular handset it is equipped with a fast charging technology.. charges 60% in 39min.I really think battery life and charging time is going to be an issue to this phone..

  6. jayson says:

    upon checking the specs and features of this particular handset it is equipped with a fast charging technology.. charges 60% in 39min.I really think battery life and charging time is going to be an issue to this phone.. w

  7. richard says:

    Carl are you the only writer Yugatech has? I haven’t seen anyone else writing anything for them lol

  8. denmark says:

    kaya nakaZenfone ako eh, hehe nice mas gusto ko na bumili ng zenfone 2

  9. tony says:

    mas mabilis pa rin pala snapdragon 800 kesa sa intel atom na 2.3 GHz quadcore. 44k kase benchmark ng xiaomi mi 3 ko

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