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Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 first impression

Cherry Mobile has finally sent us all 4 of their latest Cosmos series offerings, one of which is the 4.8-inch handset called the Cosmos X2. And while we’re still prepping for our final review, we thought of sharing some of our early insights about the new and exciting mid-range smartphone under the Cosmos lineup.

We’ll kick things off with the X2’s design, which to me is one of the stronger traits of this handset. Although I’m really not a fan of its glossy, all-plastic body, I have to admit that the X2 doesn’t come off as another cheapo, rebranded Android handset.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2

At a distance (and when viewed head on), the X2 looks deceivingly like the Nexus 4 with its rounded edges and all black front panel. However, this vague sense of similarity quickly dissipates once you flip the phone on its back, revealing its glossy, non-glassed posterior which offers little to no resistance to fingerprints and smudges.

Although the front panel is mainly occupied by the X2’s 4.8-inch S-AMOLED display, the maker was still able to make room for an earpiece and a 5MP front-facing camera at the top, as well as a pair of capacitive buttons (Menu and Back) and physical Home button at the bottom.

CM Cosmos X2

There’s a faintly protruding, pseudo-metallic rim on the sides which creates a slight separation between the front panel and back side. Along this section, you’ll come across a pair of ports for the audio jack (top) and Micro-USB (bottom).

The Cosmos X2’s priced component, its slightly bulging 18MP main camera, is placed at the top-center portion of its posterior with a couple of LED flashes just below it. Also found on this side of the fence, are a pair of tiny holes (near the camera and near the bottom) which I assume is for the microphones, as well as a fairly sizeable hole for the loudspeaker.


Cosmos X2

But the thing I liked the most about the X2’s design is the ergonomic placement of the buttons, particularly the power button and the volume rocker. These buttons are placed on each side of the phone and are comfortably within reach of my thumb (Power) and middle/index fingers (Volume) without having to shift the way I hold the X2.

Rounding up the list of some of Cosmos X2’s notable components are the Micro-SD card slots and two SIM card slots which are found underneath the plastic back cover. Albeit these slots aren’t tucked beneath the 2,200mAh power source, one still has to remove the battery pack in order to access it.

Cosmos X2 specs

From the design standpoint, we have to say that the Cosmos X2 is one of the more decent looking handsets we’ve seen in recent times. We wouldn’t go as far as putting it among the leagues of the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z1, but it’s definitely not something that you would be ashamed to take out of your pocket.

So the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 has the looks. The question now is does it have the fire power to go along with its pretty face? Stay tuned for our full review in a week or so to find that out.

Note: The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 is now available in the country and retails for Php11,699.

Editor’s Note: You can also read our Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z review here.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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43 Responses

  1. Taga_Basa says:

    Uy! Ka abang abang ang mga comments dito!

  2. anonymous says:

    I was wondering if you could do a drop test? I’m afraid that that plastic casing might chip off easily. I am using CM Flare right now and its been almost a year and i’m still happy with my phone, the only problem is i dropped it a few times already and noticed that the plastic edges chip off easily even at chair height which is about 2 feet.

    I’m not complaining or anything but people do drop their phones sometimes and i just wanna see how the X2 handles drops :))

    • bobo replyer says:

      you drop your own phone. you bumbling idiot.

    • ?Chard says:

      drop test talaga? e di ingatan ang fon kung ayaw magasgasan! lahat naman ng electronics masisira pag nahulog e.

    • wutdafuq says:

      What? You want the reviewer to do a drop test on this review unit that Cherry Mobile lent them. Are you insane that you want to perform a drop test on a review unit? Damn people these days.

      Kung gusto mong gumawa yung YugaTech ng drop test for this device, bigyan mo sila ng unit gamit yang pera mo.

    • wew says:

      @anonymous payo ko sau lagyan mo na lng ng case, wala naman kasing pakialam ang mga tao kung walang drop test ang cherry mobile units kasi mura lang naman,madali palitan tska alam ng lahat na sirain un…ingat na ingat nga nasisira eh panu pa kaya pag nabagsak.

  3. Ang Kuko says:

    I cant help but get distracted sa nails mo author. haha.

  4. brutalhead26 says:

    16gb ram? lol. Note3 got only 3gbram. 16gb int. mem. maybe.

  5. -Joe says:

    Given na maganda yong unit nato at barato na pero dun naman sila lugi sa customer service.. ang laki ng ginastos ni CM sa advertising kahit pumunta kayo ng SM Cinema nandyan si cute Sarra “click na click tayo sa cherry mobile” pero yong cellphone ni Sara hindi naman CM. Naka Iphone pa yan…

    Yong bumibili dito parang suicide yong pera nyo kapag bumigay ang unit pipila lang kayo dun sa mahabang linya ni CM na walang solution..

    kaya think twice before kayo bumili ng CM…

    • lory de la cruz says:

      Tama po kayo. Few months ago pumunta po ako sa DTI legal sa Makati kc nagcomplaint po ako ng defective unit ng isang branded gadget. Isa sa naikuwento sa akin ni Joel ng dti legal sa dami ng complaint sa Cherry Mobile. Sirain nga daw. Eh bakit pa ina allow ng government iyan doin bznz kung dadami lang ang consumer victims.

    • Jimmy Nap says:

      Agreed. New promising units like this will simply be put off by the bad customer service they’re known for sayang naman.

    • ferdie nicio says:

      tama, yung pinagawa ko flare mag 3 months na wala pa din balita, ni hindi ka man lang i inform kung anu lagay ng unit mo, grabe, worst customer service, puro benta lang, sa mga bibili ng CM, think before you buy, kung konti lang naman diff sa branded, dont sacrifice it. Oo swertihan talaga sa unit, pero the percentage of you getting the defective unit with CM is almost 80%or 90% pa siguro…

  6. august says:

    wow below 12k tapos amoled pa ang display? amazing!

    • Milhouse says:

      Amoled nga, may dead pixels naman. Amazing din ang bilis na pagkasira ng mga mumurahing gadgets na ‘yan. Tapos kapag nasira, pahirapan pa customer service niyan!

  7. Aj says:

    CHerry mobile is a waste of money!

  8. argon says:

    Nasubukan ko na bumili ng “smartphone” na cherry mobile.. nako, hindi totoo yang mga specs na yan na inaadvertise nila! akalain mo yung burst daw dual core na 1ghz.. lahat ng apps force closed lagi.. sobrang bagal ultimo message at phonebook di maoperate ng mabuti.. Mas ok pa ang myphone kesa jan, mas mahal nga pero ndi “loading” ang smartphone…

  9. silent b0bjay says:

    … puff puff and pass …

  10. apollo says:

    Try nyo yung Gionee E3. Bagong player ngayon. What i like the most sa phone na to ay super gaan ska nipis pa.

  11. Insecurities101 says:

    Mas maganda yung MyPhone Vortex mas mahal lang ng 700-800 pesos pero Gorilla Glass 2.

  12. akosiretsel says:

    tsk tsk tsk

  13. wew says:

    i wonder kung hanggang kailan tatagal ang screen nito hahaha,well kahit sabihin natin na matagal ang life ng screen di pa rin un mamamaximize given the fact na sirain ang cherry mobile.

  14. wew says:

    nagun ko lang napansin pero mejo hawig nya ang sgs3 sa unang tingin

  15. wazaaa says:

    Sir paki review nyu po ang quality ng sound with earphone and with out sa final review nyu sir. thanks

  16. aaaaaaaaa says:

    sa mga may x2, maganda po ba ung quality sa photos? 18mp po kc. pacompaire nman po ung x2 sa samsung.

  17. lollipop says:

    totoo po ba ung 18mp cam and 5mp front cam na yun ??

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