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Cherry Mobile W900 launched; 4-inch, 1.2GHz for Php10k

Just hours before the SGSIII was announced last Friday, Cherry Mobile finally launched the Dragon Phone (we previously covered it here). Cherry Mobile Product Manager, Lonson Alejandrino explained the key features of the newly launched smartphone and answered questions fielded by the media.

While he was discussing the features of the handset, a model unit was passed around for everyone to have a closer look at the device. My first impression with the W900 is that it closely resembles the design of BlackBerry Storm as the top and bottom part of the phone is tapered with a flat back portion.

It comes in two colors, black with gold accent and white. The glossy all plastic design of the W900 is a fingerprint magnet, especially at the back. The Dragon phone runs on Android Gingerbread but looks totally different from the Gingerbread on the Magnum 2X that I had with me at the time of the event. On the right side of the phone, there’s a switch for what is called Eco-Mode that is basically a power-saving feature of the W900. We’ll discuss the other feature of the phone on our full review.


Also present at the launch was Qualcomm’s Regional Head Mr. Mantosh Malhotra to discuss some of the things that we can look forward from the processor manufacturer and answer some questions regarding their products.

He mentioned that the Snapdragon is not just a processor but is a System-On-Board dubbed the Qualcomm Single Chip solution (QSC). This means that Qualcomm has integrated numerous capabilities in one highly capable chip. According to him this is the reason why OEMs like Cherry Mobile was able to manufacture low budget smartphones with decent specs. Mr. Malhotra said that, Qualcomm takes the load off from manufacturers like Cherry Mobile by making sure that all the functionality they need to make a smartphone is on one chip instead of multiple chips from different chip manufacturer and putting it altogether. He also mentioned that Qualcomm plans to make 1GHz as a standard for all the chips in the future and would continue working with Cherry Mobile to come up with exciting new phones that fits the Filipino budget.

When asked about what sets the W900 apart from other Android handset in the market, Mr. Alejandrino said that there’s really nothing out of the ordinary about the specs of the Dragon Phone. As with our other products it really all boils down to competitive product pricing. For a 4 inch phone with decent specs, 10 thousand peso price tag is really a great deal for our budget-conscious market. But will the Php9,999 price tag of the Dragon Phone enough to reel in potential buyers?

We’ll soon find out if the phone is worth your hard-earned cash on our full review of the Cherry Mobile W900.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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24 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    and my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo has only….

  2. Angelo Wagan says:

    Wow! Kala ko dati pang “CHINA OS” lang ang cherry mobile. Pero gumaganda na ang products nila.

  3. Wendell says:

    How long is this phone expected to last?…

  4. hcetaguy says:

    Atleast it looks better than SGS3.

  5. dokbads says:

    I just hope there will be parts available including the batteries once it is already in the market. Also, I wish the android manager can be downloaded in the cherry mobile official website. I regret buying myself the cherry mobile stellar because the hardwares inside don’t function well. So think 100 times be getting into headches

  6. mrt says:

    Add 2k na lang you have Xperia Ray or Neo V or Active … hmmm isip isip … ang balak bumili …

  7. paolo says:

    The phone has some promise.

    But SRSLY. Bakit wala nanaman tong Flash sa camera? Inekisan ko na ito sa potential smartphones ko dahil dun. :(

  8. Benchmark says:

    Hmmm I really don’t see as 10k as a reasonable and cheap price…

    You have LG, Motorola and Samsung to compete with, well good luck Cherry Mobile.

    I just hope they will lower the price of that phone to compete with the big ones!

  9. Benchmark says:

    can send in a comment :(

  10. Benchmark says:

    anyway, my comment was automatically rejected, but anyway just a couple of thoughts…

    IMO, CM will have a hard time selling their gadget at this price range. Well probably they should lower their prices. Probably do what Apple do, if they have a new high end or newer gadget, lower the other outdated ones. Like what they did in Ipad 2 and the New Ipad. :)

  11. showbiz says:

    I think if cherry mobile wants this product to sell easily it should not go head on in terms of price to other smartphones like that of xperia neo, ray and others.

  12. Irv says:

    at that price, i don’t think we’ll see any software updates at all…

    not saying it’s bad. if you can live with that, then go ahead and buy it.

  13. aze says:

    for 10k bili ka na lang 2nd hand iphone 3gs. baka wala ka pang pagsisihan.

  14. cherry user says:

    specs.. ok na. but… when it comes to battery life.. aanhin mo pa ang smartphone na yan. kung mabilis malowbat.yan ang isa, sa problma ng cherry.

  15. pink says:

    the W reminds of willie revillame

  16. lee menz says:

    bsta d best ang w2 ilove cherry mobile!

  17. no kwents says:

    lang kwenta…parang will phone!!!!!

  18. bennix says:

    How’s the software updates for this unit?In fairness medyo innovative na tlaga ang Cherry ngayon…

  19. Jhan Lorenz Salvidar says:

    Mura nga..madali naman masira…mag-ooptimus2x nalang ako..magdadagdag akong 4k o kaya Huwei Honor o alcatel Sapphire

  20. louie says:

    10,500 lang ang Xperia Ray and Xperia Pro…dapat mga 6-7k lang to…para may bumili…

  21. Axol says:


    Today, xperia neo v is just 10k and xperia ray is P9 700 so i prefer buying xperia ray because of its 8.1 mp camera (well i don’t know if cherry will be more assuming than this) but I’m impressed by its high quality performance.
    Pero hindi dapat ganyan kamahal no…

  22. Treng says:

    i think Samsung’s Galaxy S duos is better than this and is much cheaper. Galaxy S duos has Android 4.1 (JB) plus the premium feel, plus Samsung is a top brand in the smartphone market. 8k-9k lang ata un :)))

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