Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Optimus G Pro vs Xperia Z

Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Optimus G Pro vs Xperia Z

Samsung has recently announced its latest Android beast in the form of the Galaxy S4. Now lets take the rest of the Android elites from the likes of LG, HTC, and Sony and pit them against each other for a quick comparison in specs.


For this comparison, we have the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus G Pro, HTC One, and the Sony Xperia Z.

Specs Comparison


The LG Optimus G Pro leads the pack for having the largest display at 5.5-inches. But due to its large screen it has the lowest pixel density at 401ppi. The S4 and the Z ties at the 5-inch space with 441ppi while the One takes the lead for having the smallest but densest display at 4.7-inches with 469ppi. Meanwhile, all four phones utilizes different glass technologies with the S4 sporting Corning’s latest, the Gorilla Glass 3.


As for processing hardware, the S4 utilizes its own Exynos Octa processor while the rest are equipped with quad-core Qualcomm engines. There’s a Snapdragon 600 variant of the S4 as well but we’re more likely to receive the Exynos model here.

Internal storage


Among the four, the Galaxy S4 offers more options when it comes to internal storage. It comes in three storage variants with microSD support of up to 64GB. The HTC One comes second by offering two models, a 32GB and a 64GB. Unfortunately, HTC opted out microSD support on the One.


The S4, G Pro, and the Z all sport 13 megapixel AF cameras, each with their own unique software features and enhancements. However, the HTC One pulls out from the megapixel race with their 4MP “Ultrapixel” camera that claims better image quality due to its larger pixel size. As for the front-facing camera, all four phones have at least 2MP sensors with the Xperia Z having the largest at 2.2MP.


The Optimus G Pro leads once more with a massive 3,140mAh removable battery. The S4 takes second place with a 2,600mAh removable battery. The Xperia Z and the HTC One take the back seat with their 2,330mAh and 2,300mAh non-removable batteries, respectively.

Dimensions and Weight

Now for those who dig thin smartphones, the S4 and Z are the thinnest of the pack at 7.9mm. The HTC One takes third place at 9.3mm, leaving the G Pro at the chunkiest with its 9.4mm body. As for weight, the S4 is the lightest at 130g, followed by the 143g One, the 146g Z, and lastly, the hefty 172g G Pro.

As you can see, all four smartphones have their own strengths and advantages. In all honesty, it’s difficult to conclude for now which one is the best as they all have their own hardware tricks. Take the Xperia Z for example. In a sink or swim situation, the Z can literally take on water while others sink to their deaths. Kudos to HTC as well for breaking away from the boring megapixel race and introduced Ultrapixels. Let’s hope it can live up to its name and not just a marketing BS.

Like I said earlier, it’s difficult for us to conclude which one is the best. So I’ll leave it up to you guys. Which smartphone do you think will reign supreme? Share your thoughts below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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60 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    Like the size of the G Pro but LG sucks when it comes to updates.

    • Optimus G2 says:

      waiting for rumour LG Optimus G2

      Rumour has it that Optimus G2 will be running on an octa-core 1,9ghz odin processor 3Gig RAM!!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. SGS4 FTW! simply because of Gorilla Glass 3, Android 4.2.2 & Exynos Octa

  3. anOnymous says:

    Sony should step up

  4. Sanj says:

    I’d prefer the HTC One due to its high screen density and quality (s-lcd3) but it falls short in terms of features as it doesn’t support expandable memory and a removable battery, and reviews have stated that the 4mp Ultra-pixel camera isn’t much.

    The S4 and G pro are the most versatile because they can support sd cards and removable batteries, though I’m not too fond of Samsung’s flimsy plastic builds, but when it comes to performance and display quality it wins over the G pro.

    The Xperia Z seems like the most practical choice though, high pixel density, high-quality display, premium build, IP57 certified, sd card support etc. But, most reviews state that it has low battery life, that will definitely lead to problems seeing as how it doesn’t sport a removable battery.

    Hirap naman nito, mas practical ang Xperia Z pero I feel na the S4 deserves the win since it has all the features the other phones have, a faster processor and a removable battery. Pero, problema lng is Samsung’s build quality, their phones deteriorate too fast and based on my experience pangit camera quality nila…

    Problema lng talaga ng Xperia Z is the battery

    This is just my opinion :)

    • agentorenz says:

      Removable yata ang battery ng xperia ZL. You might want to check it out as well. Pinagkaibs lang nila yung ip57 certification. Mas mura pa ang ZL.

    • agentorenz says:

      Ay!!! Non removable din pala ang battery ng ZL. Sorry tinamad akong isearch bago magpost.

      ayoko din nonremovable battery.

    • Sanj says:

      Xperia Zl rin ang first choice ko kase based on prices abroad much cheaper talaga compared to the HTC One and S4 and even compared to the IP57 certified na Z, pero, nagkaka problema lng talaga ako sa battery life :c Sana 24K > price ng ZL, then its worth sacrificing the battery life, relatively slower processor and IP57 cert. Pero if pareho lng price sa Z (29k) then mas feasible ang S4.

    • Eddie says:

      Actually hindi lang battery ang problema sa Z. Yung display quality, sub par contrast and below par viewing angle. Try mo search sa google at madami ang complaint about screen.

    • ryan says:

      Sanj t should be “Greater than”

    • S4 says:

      Samsung used plastic dahil sa expandable storage and removable battery. Kung gagamitan ng aluminum cover ang disadvantage nito pag natiklop hindi mo na maiibalik sa dati. Pag glass naman definitely non removable battery saka prone to breakage additional weight pa. Hindi tulad ng plastic flexible, durable. Pede ka pa bumili ng new battery kahit weak na existing battery mo.

  5. Loki says:

    Durability and water resist is a steal for me so I go for the xperia Z. Dragontail glass is also good.

  6. isuck says:

    Panget ang Display ng Xperia Z out of those four smartphones. TFT! Outdated! Poor viewing angle. And for sure, HTC and Sony are suuuper duper delay when it comes to OS Updates.

    • Kebbot says:

      E bakit panu kaba humawak nang phone? Basta sakin mas visible ung screen nang z compared to amoled pag nasa labas. Mas ok ung z pagmay araw…..

  7. isuck says:

    typo.LG and Sony not HTC. (OS Update)

  8. botsoy says:

    ok na ako sa nokia x100 ko. sa lahat ng samsung na product nabili ko ang dvd player lang nag tagal. mp3 player, cellphone andaling masira ng internal components. ang sony ang hirap i order ng pyesa. pero kung madami kayu pera bilhin ninyo yung apat para wala nang reklamo.water resistant lang ang sony.dapit malinis palagi mga seal ng mga butas o papasukin din ng tubig.

  9. jeff says:

    Hindi naman lahat ng Xperia Z panget ang display. Malas lang ng taga Germany kasi JDC panel yung napunta sa kanila yung nirelease maliban dun ay Sharp panel kaya maganda. Just see the screen comaparison from a chinese site S3-s4 and Xperia Z mas maganda sa kanilang lahat yung display ng Z. Xperia Z is just a transition model from Sony. This 2h of 2013 Sony will release Xperia One.

  10. carlosprophet says:

    People should know its not only about who’s thin, fastest or has more features. Look at the overall quality of a phone. How one manufacturer was able to marry both hardware and software into one beautiful and crafted smartphone. People often don’t see that. They get blinded by these hardware specs and cool features. Question, are those really necessary features that you use on a regular day? For me, I go with HTC One.

    • zaffron says:

      Yuck ang S4! Mukang china phone. Im sure mabilis dng lalabas ang mga immitations nian just like all the previous S series including S3. Buti pa ang HTC and Sony puro authentic. Samsung nagkalat pati sa bangketa. Puro plastic kc. Di ba bawal na ang plastic sa metro manila? Lol. Sorry sa mga fan ng samsung. Pero totoo yon. Fan ako ng samsung hanggang the omnia model. Pero nung mag android na nagmuka ng cheap ang handsets nila. But to be fair with them, ok sila sa phone system. But poor in aesthetics. Unattractive. Nagkalat pa mga peke. HTC One the Number One! Pang matagalan n phone. Build wise pa lng. What would u do with samsung’s octa core? That’s pure marketing. Ung mga uto2 nmn marinig lng yon impressed n agad di nmn nila alam kung ano tlg yon. Hahaha. Nagkataon lng malaki budget ni sammy for marketing. Sa dami b nmn ng products nila other than phones. At least HTC exclusive mobile technology astig pa ang designs and hardware. Peace!

    • anonymous says:

      @zaffron: Yung HTC One na yan? After lang naman ng ilang months eh laos na yan eh. Eh Galaxy S4 ba naman ang labanan niyan. Kahit anong gawing patama ng HTC sa Samsung kahit sabihan pa nila ng The Next Big Flop ang S4. Hinding hindi nila kayang talunin sa sales yan. Remember sa One X?? Anyaree?? Laos na. Ganun din kalalabasan ng One na yan.. Saka apaka bitter naman ng HTC papospost pa ng pinakamagandang phone sa mundo ang HTC One?? Pwe!!! Bilis malaos ng mga phones niyo. Kahit na plastic at mukang cheap ang S4. Bibilhin parin ng mga tao yan. Hindi naman ako fan ng Samsung, actualy maka-LG ako. Pero sa pagkakatang ito. Samsung ako. Iba ang hatak sa masa ng Samsung binibigay nila yung gusto ng tao. Unlike HTC puro pagpapaganda, puro pagyayabang, puro parinig sa ibang manufacturer. Ayun Bagsak parin ang sales.. That’s all. :))

  11. Yogi says:

    HTC One pa rin talaga.

  12. marvin says:

    GS4 ang pipiliin ko, second choice is the Optimus G pro, 3rd is HTC One.

    Magaling kasi mag optimize ng phone ang Samsung. Saka sila rin ang pina trusted sa software updates compared sa apat na yan. Bonus na rin na running android 4.2.2 ang S4 at launch.

    Sa Samsung rin kasi madali rin humanap ng accesories na compatible sa kanya.

    When it comes to hacking and installing custom roms, Samsung pa rin ang the best.

    Added mo pa yung removable battery saka sd card support na wala ang HTC One.

    Maganda ang HTC One ngayun pero after 6 months sa tingin mo ba pinag uusapan pa rin yan? Malamang hindi na unlike Samsung buong taon sikat ang mga flagships nila.

    • Yowh says:


    • johnster says:

      +1 nalng ako sa last part na sinabi mo w/c is “Maganda ang HTC One ngayun pero after 6 months sa tingin mo ba pinag uusapan pa rin yan? Malamang hindi na unlike Samsung buong taon sikat ang mga flagships nila” ngayon ko lang napansin yan.

    • Ice says:

      Tama. IMHO, hindi investment and mobile phones. So hindi ako particular sa style or whatever materials pa ginamit dyan. Ilang months lang yan may kapalit na. Kahit pa premium materials ang ginagamit ng iba OEM, hindi mo naman sya itatago or gagamitin siguro ng pangmatagalan. For me, I still prefer Samsung because of wide community and developer support (except AOSP). As to which phone will reign supreme? Well, hintayin na lang natin feedback sa sales ng mga top android phones

    • vino says:

      correct to the hight level :)

  13. RJ says:

    Samsung’s build does always look cheap. I’d go for LG or Sony’s phones.

  14. deathtly says:

    S4 pa din yan.. kahit anong ganda ng HTC kung tamad naman mag release ng update at ang service center dito sa pinas eh bulok din.. and sa xperia z naman kung problema nyu eh view angle edi wag mo tignan sa gilid.. for me its a plus lalo na sa mga katabing chismosang nakikibasa ng text. Im not against htc one. Dati akong one x user.

  15. deathtly says:

    Sa daming features ng s4 tingin ko d nmn magagamit lahat un pero S4 pa din yan.. kahit anong ganda ng HTC kung tamad naman mag release ng update at ang service center dito sa pinas eh bulok din.. and sa xperia z naman kung problema nyu eh view angle edi wag mo tignan sa gilid.. for me its a plus lalo na sa mga katabing chismosang nakikibasa ng text. Im not against htc one. Dati akong one x user.

  16. Ace says:

    Great review!

  17. Carlos says:

    I am still going to pick S4 even with their plastic build. Who cares about aesthetics, you will still buy a plastic case for your aluminum or glass build phones.

  18. choosy says:

    LG Optimus G PRO
    di naman papatalo sa Performance
    mas okay ang look DESIGN & HARDWARE compare to S4.

    okay lang sa akin kahit di kasing bilis ng samsung sa software updates basta ang importante sa akin SATISFIED na ako sa kung anong meron na sa present SPECIFICATIONS at PERFORMANCE.

    BIG DISPLAY 5.5″ FULL 1080P HD
    ( sarap watch HD movies at net surfing at Play Games)

    BIG BATTERY 3,140mAh
    (21 Hours of 3G Talk time/ 7 Hours Of browsing/ 9Hours of Video Play Back is ENOUGH)by GsmArena

    13.1mp Camera is pretty good IMPROVED!
    MOSTLY sa mga reviews agreed na maganda ang Camera ng LG Pro.

    fully HD Video recording is Impressive

    like ko sa LG



  19. G Pro says:

    G PrO

    very impressive
    so far good reviews everywhere.
    Removable BIG battery 3140mAh
    Support microSD
    BIG HD Display

    in my ranking

  20. Optimus G2 says:

    waiting for rumour LG Optimus G2

    Rumour has it that Optimus G2 will be running on an octa-core 1,9ghz odin processor 3Gig RAM!!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. BoyAssuming says:

    Ito galing sa kaibigan ko ha. Repost ko lng..

    >>Ito ang tanong sa mga taong mahilig bumili ng Smartphone or gusto maging IN sa mga bago kahit walang pambili lalo n ung comment ng comment..!
    1. May High-end Smartphone ka nga gurl pero ang tanong kanino galing yan?
    A. Sa Sariling Bulsa mo
    B. Sa Magulang mo
    C. Sa Jowa mong Bading “Ga bili mo naman ako ng SGS4”
    D. sa Jowa mong DOM (Dirty Old Man) “Dadehh Bili mohh akohh ng iPhone5?!!”

    Saan kayo dyan?hahahaha!Pili na!

  22. elmer says:

    For now, I am planning to buy LG G pro and my next option is xperia Z but still have to wait for Motorola X on May,2013.

  23. Satan says:

    ill go for LG, because of battery size,
    no worry about updates, if there are developers around,

    Galaxy Nexus
    paranoid android 3.10 (4.2.2)
    franco kernel #289

    • Ice says:

      Developers still rely on the official or leaked firmware for them to release ROMS. Either you wait for those or settle with AOSP/AOKP.

  24. daniel says:

    Xperia Z should be the smartphone for the smart Filipino… waterproof… no ondoy, no sendong, shockproof… no 8 magnitude earthquake haha

    • yen says:

      tapos low bat wala din… kung gusto mo ng phone na pang bagyo at pang kalamidad bumili ka na lang ng phone ng de-flash light

  25. galaxy note user says:

    no to Samsung! I have been using my galaxy note for more than a year now and I will never buy a phone made by samsung again! the silver sides of my gnote looks awful. 50% of the silver coating is falling off , the jelly bean update is very late and my phone’s battery life sucks bigtime.. if only I wasn’t stuck with the two year data plan contract from smart (very slow mobile internet) I would have used nokia 3310 instead of this awful samsung phone.. all those specs are useless when you have a phone that won’t even last 4 hours with constant internet/gaming use.. I just hope HTC one is nothing like these battery-sucker samsung phones.

    • Doom says:

      im a gnote user too, my battery last for about 9hrs (walang bitawan), gaming at internet,
      maybe youre just stupid, hahahaha
      do some research before you buy and complain,

    • lolz says:

      you can buy new one if the battery is your problem that is why removable lols. silver coating? im not yet encounter but i dont let that happen coz im caring my phone. My gnote it last whole day before drain.(wag complain ng complain)

    • anonymous says:

      Sows. . . Puro reklamo. . . Pano hindi matatanggal ung silver coating?? Eh pano barubal kung gumamit ng phone. . . Tapos mag tataka ka kung bakit mabilis malobat?? Try mong i-assess yung sarili mo kung bakit mabilis malobat. . . Esep Esep din kung bakit. Wag basta basta magreklamo. . . Non-sense yung reklamo mo. . . Kasing non-sense mo. . .

    • galaxy note user says:

      “im a gnote user too, my battery last for about 9hrs (walang bitawan), gaming at internet,”

      @doom WOw! 9 hours of battery life na walang bitawan? anong games yan? baka 4 PICS 1 WORD or CRAYON PHYSICS .. wahaha.. try mo nga maglaro ng WILD BLOOD or Final Fantasy. then we’ll see if aabot ka ng 4 hours.. obviously you guys don’t use your gnote to it’s full capability.. ginagamit nyo lang yata yung gnote nyo para Pang PORMA. no wonder aabot talaga yan ng 9 hours mga Bobo

    • doom says:

      Chaos Rings nilalaro ko bobo, yung final fantasy 3 tsaka dimensions tinapos ko na, haha tanga ka lang talaga hahaha

    • yen says:

      tama ka tanga lang tlga ang gumagamit…

      astig ka gamer ka pala? baka hindi smartphone ang para sayo baka PS VITA

    • vhino says:

      wag puro ngakngak ha hehehe, magbasa ng matuto :), astig ang batt ng gnote u mention you are using it more than a year na baka naman degrade na batt ng note mo better replace it 1k lang naman dude :), just a word for you dude smartphones are for smart users hahahaha peace

  26. chris says:

    For me I’d still go for S4. I’m still currently using my S2 which I had for almost 2 yrs now na napakadaming problema. battery last for 4hrs or less of heavy gaming. heats up alot, shuts down alot and i hated it but no matter how much i hate it kahit nadala ko na sa service center e I’d still go for S4.
    I’ve checked gsmarena about their reviews with HTC one ultrapixel and was disappointed its not really good compare to the 13mp cameras. Panget un kinalabasan ng pics sa site nila, ok nga sa low light pero anlabo kasi 4mp lng. Design i really like HTC one X and xperia Z kaso design e d mo nman gagamitin so I go for features and updates and sadly Samsung paren ang matino sa updates at walang kasawaang half bake features.
    tas san ko nman daldalhin un HTC one pag nasira e samsung sa kun san san SM kci merun. kaya I’d still give S4 a try kci un una din un S3 panget na panget ako sa design pero pag tumagal ok nman pla at ok na saken plastic coz its really light. yaw ko ng d bareta sa bigat. Sayang sony xperia Z sana ako kci panalo sa design at water resistant pa kaso non removable battery tas konte features boring tas pinaka sa lahat 441ppi nga kaso bat ganon panget nun screen niooo T.T kun maging amoled lang sana din ang sony kahit non removable battery I’ll but youuu kea xperia Z tablet nalng din bibilhin ko dahil ubud ng nipis at S4.

  27. My next upgrade will be either the Nexus 4 (I want pure Android Vanilla) or the HTC One.

  28. elie says:

    hindi ba mas mataas ang Li-Ion sa Li-Poli? by 1.4? correct me if I’m wrong

  29. Ako ill go for HTC one because of the design and camera. I’m
    Using htc one x gs2 ko ung innovation ng phone not like s3 lng s3 user ka bkit ka upgrade lng same lng ung design,tops same of the software gimmick lng,like s pen,s health,at lng ano ano pa..Chaka ok lng ako sa built in battery kc may way nmn na maextend ung battery…ung ngaasabi na mganda ung removable battery ok din nmn un,ksa 2lad sa s3 na pg tinangal mo ung cover filling mo msisira ung phone cover..service nmn Hindi m kc sirain ung HTC Hindi 2lng ng Samsung daming service dami din problems.

  30. roooom says:

    eye sensor ang nauna lg pro, softtough sony, ano ang bago s sg4 batery 2600mA droid nsa 3xxx, octa core hind pala quadcore lang, marketing gemmick lang ang sg4. amoled madaya masyado hind natural ang picture pero adviseable qng manonood k ng cartoon/anime. compare ninyo ang outcome kapag naiprent ang picture natural ang xZ at htc1. removeable batery bhkit kailangan? ano ang gagawin kapagtinangal mo lol. ang kailangan mo nga batery booster kahit 2-3days hind k magcharge lyk my ip4s

  31. aze says:

    base sa mga nakita ko mas maganda naman ang kuha nung 4mp ng htc sa 13mp ng sony. pag di ka marunong tumingin ng tamang timpla ng kulay aakalain mo na mas maganda yung sa sony pero ang totoo mali ang kulay an an pproduce nya.

  32. MItsubishi Trium says:

    @galaxy note user
    try to underclock your phone, yung tama lang naman para di mag-lag pag naglalaro ka,
    Im getting the almost the same playing time as the one who posted above

  33. vhino says:

    I’ll go for samsung, astig ang samsung smartphones. Software, OS updates and hardware wise plus the samsung customized apps panalo, i dont care if my phone is made of plastic naka aluminum casing ka nga pang FB at pang post sa intagram lang :)

  34. salman says:

    hey z is best of all and 1.5 quad is enough samsung is such type of phone which rock for only 1 mounth then it make us disapoint

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