HTC profits drop 30% as phone sales crawl

HTC profits drop 30% as phone sales crawl

So this could be the reason why there was a huge HTC Trade-In Promo last quarter (Feb. 15 – March 31, 2009) — HTC was aggressively catching up on the sales quota.

According to a report from WSJ, HTC was already expecting it to happen for the first quarter of the year.

I thought that trade-in promo (posted shown below) would have helped meet their quotas but some retailer shops weren’t as cooperative as expected.


There were shops we asked around that would not accept trade-in if the units were not PDAs. I argued that the promo details didn’t mention about any PDA, just any cellphone but they were still insistent. My cousin and I walked away without a new HTC phone in tow.

I can only imagine how many other people wanted to grab the discounted price only to be turned away.

Anybody out there got a new HTC handset because of the promo?

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13 Responses

  1. missyosigirl says:

    my sister was able to avail of the promo (she got the htc touch hd) at memo express in sm san lazaro. kahit daw di na working, okay lang. she traded-in an old nokia 3310.

  2. Gadgeteer Go says:

    I hate inconsistencies! How could one store’s procedure differs from others when that is not even their promo?! it’s HTC’s for crying out loud!

    Someone was able to trade in an old nokia 3310?! wow! nobody would even get one for a thousand pesos this days. Lucky huh?

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  3. Adrian says:

    how much po ba yung price ng HTC?

  4. Reggie says:

    Abe, what stores did you visit that did not accept any trade-ins?

  5. loadex says:

    AFAIK the HTC promo is initiated by the local distributor so as to unload stocks.. as a new and another distributor will be appointed… as claimed by the new distributor personnel.

  6. pabsj says:

    HTC phones are overpriced, I’d rather get a new nokia unit which is always dependable..

  7. blued888 says:


    How much was the trade-in value of the 3310?

  8. yuga says:

    @reggie, for got but it’s one of the big name PC retailers with a branch in VirraMall.

    @loadex, strange since it was only recently (less than a year) when HTC assigned a Philippine distributor.

  9. tuberong_tagalog says:

    nobody dared avail of the promo since htc units are too expensive… i could buy two mid-range cellphones compared to an htc unit.

  10. missyosigirl says:

    blued888, since she got the htc touch hd, she got it for 10k less for the old 3310. from 56k, 46k na lang :P

    i told her it was too expensive (magandang laptop na yung katapat ng cellphone niya eh!), but then, when i got to see her phone, puede na rin :)

  11. john says:

    46k? last time na nag check ako, mga May ata, 45k nalng ang HTC HD without any promo.

  12. Marco says:

    i got a HTC HD mini from Hongkong and it has a international warranty. i saw HD2 there in hk is different here in ph. HTC sell their phone over price but in other country are not. You gonna believe me that HTC HD mini has beat Apple 3g

  13. mini dv is a good way to store video information but flash cards are getting bigger in capacity too .

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