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HTC Touch HD launched and priced

This evening, HTC launched 3 new phones — the HTC Viva, HTC Touch 3G and highly anticipated HTC Touch HD.

Of the 3 phones, the HTC Touch HD took center stage with probably the largest display we’ve seen on a touch screen phone so far.

htc touch hd

HTC Touch HD
3.8″ display screen (480×800 pixels)
5MP autofocus camera with secondary front-facing VGA camera
3G/HSDPA 7.2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
Windows Mobile Professional 6.1
Built-in GPS
FM radio tuner
8GB microSD card

The HTC Touch HD gets a real wide screen real estate which is generally good for multimedia tasks like video playback and web surfing. The device is also thin at only 12mm. The TouchFLO 3D interface has been improved to be more responsive.

The built-in battery is a little weak though, at only 1350mAh (the E71 has 1500mAh). Suggested retail price is pegged at Php55,900.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    I so wish I was in the Philippines right now. You guys are very lucky coz you get to have all the cool and latest phones.

    I blogged about the HTC Touch HD a couple months back. At first, it was rumored to be coming to the US and would be under AT&T, but a month later HTC said it won’t be releasing it in the US. I hope they change their minds.

  2. drinfinity8 says:

    expensively unimpressive.

  3. taksan says:

    ouch! i could get a phone + netbook.

  4. Snow says:

    nice look, i wish i could have it for christmas. ;)

  5. dj_demonyito says:

    really ouch!
    i rather have e71 + MSI Wind + PSP! ;-)

  6. albert says:

    hello yuga,

    i saw you on TV Patrol, that is way cool

    vancouver, british columbia

  7. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    HTC has always done a good job in phones, I guess they dont really care about lowering the price and more about offering to the high end customers.

  8. where can i buy htc phones?
    is the htc touch hd available in the philippines?

  9. Dong says:

    The highest price of HD here in Dubai is 3599 Dirhams as I got it Dec2008. I believe 1USD = 3.66AED (Dirhams). Really love the device. I hope developers soon come up with apps & games totally compatible with WVGA & Accelerometer (very few at the moment and most of the apps are designed only for Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

  10. TugsT says:

    Just got one last month and for me HTC Touch HD is a very cool phone..

  11. Young says:

    How much is the Touch HD now? Im planning to buy this on May.

  12. Johnny Le From MN baby says:

    HAH! im getting this baby for only $150 bucks!

  13. aieja says:

    hi..just wondering if someone might be interested in buying this kind of phone htc but im not sure if it is the diamanod or touch hd edition..luckily i got it as a gift from a relative in europe..thinking wise im not that techky person..anyone whose intrested can send me email @ [email protected]..thanks…

  14. river_win says:

    I’ve bought my new HTC Touch HD. I already enjoying its features. From entertainment, to working environment.

    Applications are very convenient to search online.

    And Also, I am located in Saudi and I never got lost coz of GPS locator.

    For me, it’s worth it!

  15. Young says:

    @Johnny Le
    I envy you!!! I want to buy this phone.. Hope the price goes down to 50k come May. Please!

  16. jolaoso oladipo says:

    i stumbled on it while lazying around on the net.each time i see it makes me wanna drool….

  17. phillip says:

    how much is Touch HD now in Manila??

  18. klaydze says:


    I saw this in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and i cost about 50K.

    To bad for me wala pa budget. hehehe.

    But i see something, the HTC Dream. I think this is much cheaper that HTC Touch HD.

  19. jakeonline says:

    saw it yesterday at SM North Edsa Cyberzone priced at 45000PHP. say $1 = 47.5PHP, it’s around $947+

    for me, the only missing in it is the flash!!! :(

    i think omnia hd would fare better then..

  20. Ko Ko says:

    I m going to buy neet week at Macau.Its my dream.

  21. Angeli says:

    LOL! you don’t need to be in the philippines to have this kind of phone,just buy it through Asian market in you area. that’s how I got mine,and its still pretty and neat.

    And if you don’t have a carrier yet you can choose T-mobile or AT&T..or whatever you have. Its global anyway. I got mine less than the price after I open a new line in T-mobile

    And If you Have HTC Touch HD, to protect the screen, its better to use PALM TREO or whatever palm SCREEN PROTECTOR you have for your HTC Touch HD.Trust me its a lot better, its easy to find in the store and u don’t need to buy it online,besides it works better than the screen protector made for HTC Touch HD,its thicker and it sticks well and it last longer.

    about the accessories, I suggest go online,Specially if you live in the US because its hard to find in the store or lets say u might not find it at all.because its not a US phone.

    I still have questions about the memory card since some of my files has been removed when I hard Reset the Phone,and i could not recover it after. for some reason.

    Make sure that your Screen Alignments are perfectly done.Or if not then, when u use your nails or stylus specially when you are typing in the screen and playing Games like Bubble Breaker which is my favorite game,it will point into certain direction and you may get pissed off because a lot of mistake keeps on happening.

  22. blackberrylover says:

    For 50k u can keep that shit….I’ll stick to my blackberry which has those features and functions very well!!!:-p

  23. blackberrylover says:

    Hell, if it’s that exspensive u can keep that shit….I’ll stick to my blackberry which has those features and functions very well!!!:-p

  24. blackberrylover says:

    Hell, if it’s that expensive u can keep that shit….I’ll stick to my blackberry which has those features and functions very well!!!:-p

  25. joean says:

    I got this gadget and it’s very cool. Features are really good. Wi-fi Connection is very fast.. Hope guys you will get your’s also…


  27. creek23 says:

    Does this come with Android?

  28. rey macuja says:

    hello guys! anyone interested to buy my HTC touch HD i used it for almost 7 months only, slightly used i sell it half the price with free bluetooth headset. Please contact me through my email- [email protected] and leave your contact number!

  29. Kathy says:

    Do they have this phone for the phone company verizon?

    And how muchh does it cost? Causee if its above $180 bucks, then i cant get it. :P

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