If we didn't have the iPhone and Android...

If we didn’t have the iPhone and Android…

Had this interesting discussion the other day about the mobile landscape — had Apple not invented the iPhone and Google didn’t get into the mobile OS market and developed the Android platform.


Of course we will still have Symbian OS, Windows Mobile 6.5, BlackBerry OS, Samsung Bada and a host of other mobile OSes.

So discounting the iPhone OS (iOS) and the Android OS and while all the other handsets remained the same as they are today, which one would you have preferred using?

My guess is that the top contenders would be any one of the ff. handsets — Nokia N900, BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC HD2, Samsung Wave, among others.

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49 Responses

  1. myke says:

    I’ve always been a win mobile and symbian user

  2. manong says:

    a yahoo phone could have appeared in an alternate world… built in yahoo mail, search, messenger and video chat

    otherwise, symbian still rules until today which iphone & android still can’t overtake

  3. Oni says:

    been using samsung wave for a week now and i must say the price was worth it if compared to Iphone 4 not a lot of apps but the specs are comparable to the iphone the super amoled screen is awesome

  4. Fleeb says:


  5. andrew says:

    Hd2 no doubt

  6. PaoloMaligaya says:

    @abeolandres Still BlackBerry

  7. frogprince28 says:

    @abeolandres Naturally, NOKIA!! Hehe. Nokia 5230. I think I was destined for this phone.

  8. montanwangco says:

    @abeolandres a Nokia Sir Abe para long lasting! Especially for the brownout season =)

  9. Roca says:

    HTC HD2 or the BB Storm 2.

  10. jerome says:

    Symbian, of course. :) Napaka user friendly. =)

  11. geekpinoy says:

    @abeolandres symbian s60 by nokia would top my list… It would probably be the smartest phone around if that happened…

  12. cheftonio says:

    Nokia E72 + Blackberry Bold 9800

  13. Daryl says:

    If we did not have the iPhone, maybe the touchscreen form factor would remain a niche design.

  14. jacksy says:

    sana meron din ubuntu mobile version para iwas virus.

  15. ton says:

    Symbian. Hard habit to break.

  16. chintoguy says:

    SYMBIAN. It is still the best mobile phone OS for me. I’m excited for the arrival of Symbian^3.

  17. deuts says:

    @abeolandres most probably the same windows mobile smartphone I have right now. But then, I wouldn’t have gotten it for the same price.

  18. Wakocoke says:

    symbian s60! buti nga lumabas ang android at iphone OS para maging competitive naman ang symbian

  19. mr. bogus says:

    symbian!!!! kailan kaya magbabago ang ui ng symbian!!?? yan ang reklamo ng tao.. panget daw ui ng symbian kaya yung iba pumupunta sa android o iphone os…

  20. rye says:

    i would go for n900… nothing else.

  21. Techfreak says:

    Samsung Wave.

    I’m sure even in an alternate world, Symbian would still be slow and lags as hell.

  22. rand0m_insanity says:

    @abeolandres I bet I would still be stuck with windows mobile. And i bet we would still be stuck in the smartphone stoneage.

  23. lawrence says:

    I guess the price of slowness and lags is a geniune multi-tasking ability. smartphone essence nga.. I still go for symbian, pero sna i revamp nila ang UI, specially the icons. yah themes can work it out, kaso mas maganda fresh out of the box!

    I really believe symbian can still stand against the test of time ^^

  24. cjportana says:

    Blackberry Curve 8520. Even though plasticky, I prefer the keypad than the Bold 9700.

  25. Jon says:

    I’d be using WinMo for sure. I have tried Symbian but I found it to e too laggy in most cases. If there was no iPhone or Android, a lot of people would still he thinking that smartphones are for geeks and professionals only.Â

    Not long ago, a “cool” phone was one that had a good camera, a mem card slot for extra storage, and has music functions such as a FM radio and / or an MP3 player. Now, its definition depends on either the manufacturer of the phone, the OS it runs on, or its special features like a touch screen and wifi or 3G connectivity. Â

  26. kiko says:

    Samsung Wave running on BADA OS

  27. neon says:

    3210. simple lang.

  28. hip2b2 says:

    @abeolandres haha. It would still be a BlackBerry.

  29. rondizon says:

    @abeolandres Nokia N900

  30. android_fanboi says:


  31. Ligrev says:

    1. a BlackBerry
    2. a Nokia
    3. a Sony Ericsson

    either of the three by priority, with unli-data dapat. hehe.

  32. Boffill says:

    Symbian is still the number one in the market. People are still inclined to Symbian OS phones even if there’s a lot of new OSs popping out of the market.

  33. Leo says:

    kung hindi dahil sa iphone OS, mlamang mabagal lahat ang mga smartphone ngaun, mlamang wla din android at bada, pero kung ngaun mwawala ang iphone at android, s bada ako, yun dn kc ang cp ko, samsung wave. hehehe

  34. Arvee says:

    If we didn’t have the iPhone and Android? I won’t buy a new phone and stick with my old Symbian phone.

    I agree with Leo, pero Google already have their plans for Android within the year 2006 (they bought it in 2005). The same year iPhone was being set-up by Apple.

    Nakakalungkot lang, kahit ilang bagong OS na ang dumating, Symbian is still sluggish and won’t stay away from its not-so-appealing look.

  35. Jerome G. says:

    The N900 running Maemo and perhaps even Meego would trump them all hands down if iOS or Android didn’t exist.

  36. Hater says:

    I’d say Sony Ericsson’s OS, but since I got a BlackBerry, I’m just loving it.. so +1 to BlackBerry OS!

  37. manibela says:

    Parang di ko nakita ang (ancient) Palm OS. Hehehe buhay pa ang treo 650 ko (though I’m not using it). I’m not a fan of transitions or any similar eye candy (I’ll turn them off if possible anyway) so the old Palm OS did it for me back then, snappy and simple (if it had a refresh or just got around the limitations, and the bulk of the devices, I might even consider it now).

    Right now I’m using a Symbian phone. I’ve had three of these in different versions and it’s pretty much the same experience, slow and sort of steady. But I’m not always in a hurry I guess hehe.

  38. wages says:

    yes i really didn’t have a iphone. Thanks for the suggestion.

  39. kiddo says:

    i would go for bb and htc…

  40. parenghilton says:

    hmmm kung walang iPhone at Android.. hmmm hirap naman yun.. naka Symbian siguro me.. pero iba talaga ang iPhone at Android eh.. daming apps…

  41. Ken says:

    I’d prefer BB9700.

  42. BlackBerry 9700 no doubt (or any BB for that matter)

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