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LG fires shots at S6 Edge’s bend test

You recently saw our article that showed the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge being subjected to a bend test (and actually bending and breaking) just like the iPhone 6 Plus, and LG didn’t let this opportunity pass to frontline one of their devices.

edge bend

LG Jordan tweets the following photo with the caption, “Some curves just make sense. #bendgate” with a photo of their G Flex 2 that also sports a curved screen. Plus, the photo itself has a text with an emphasis on the word edge.

As we’ve mentioned before we don’t think that it will prove to be a problem to users since the bend test was done purposefully, unlike the iPhone 6 Plus that bent while kept in the back pocket. Still, LG saw an opening to inject a promotion for their device and went with it.

It’s always fun to see competing companies taking light swings at each other.


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Avatar for Kevin Bruce Francisco

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

7 Responses

  1. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    Ahahaha mga phone companies kanya kanyang magbebend ng phones. Go lang ng go!

  2. Avatar for Nonoy Nonoy says:

    Why the hell you want to do this bending test? It’s like having a brand new car pulled by two trucks in both ends.

    It’s just all about marketing. Like me commenting on this post. haha!

  3. Avatar for wired_boy wired_boy says:

    hi Kevin! ;-)

  4. Avatar for james james says:

    I bet if one purposely bends a smartphone, it can be done easily. But why would you bend one on purpose?

    Be worried if it bends in the pocket due to pressure.

    This is getting tired real quick..

    • Avatar for Kurimaw Kurimaw says:

      You can bend iPhone 6+ easily with you bare hands, the smaller iPhone 6 not so much, S6 and S6 Edge so far are even harder to bend with just your hands

      ALL phones have the potential to bend and/or break when placed at the back pocket

      the notable thing about the bendgate last year was that the larger iPhone 6+ can bend in your frontpockets with the right amount pressure from tight fitting pants. this is due to the uneven strength of the design of the metal frame resulting to one weak spot near the volume rocker

    • Avatar for Sarcastic Sarcastic says:

      Ang galing ni KURIMAW! Walang pang Samsung S6 and Edge pero natry na niyang ibend ito. Ang yaman din. Nabend niya yung iphone6 and 6+.

      #KnowItAll #Nagmamarunong #Poser #Fake #AndroidFanboy #SamsungBends

    • Avatar for DTech DTech says:

      Ahahah! Sarcastic for the win!

      With numbers na nga ayaw pang maniwala nitong Kurimaw na to! Get’s mo same pressure yung applied like sa iP6+?

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