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LG showcases G Flex’s prowess

LG G Flex is currently one of the pioneers in curved smartphones. So, what makes it standout from the competition or specifically the Samsung Galaxy Round? LG showcased them just in time before the launch.

G Flex’s 6″ 720p P-OLED display is curved on the y-axis oppose to Samsung Galaxy Round. That makes the device more usable in both landscape and portrait orientation. Thus, it mimics a giant silver screen like IMAX. From what it seems, it offers a better viewing experience. There’s a unique dynamic wallpaper too that takes advantage when it portrait.


From the screen to body. LG G Flex offers a cool (somewhat skeptical) self-healing back-cover that “heals” scratches off. It might be too good to be true but basing from the video by LG, it actually works! Not like Wolverine though, but a 3-minute healing time is better than seeing those nasty scratches forever.



LG also announced some accessories to go with their new flexing phone. The familiar Quick Window flip cover that is virtually the same as G2’s except for the curve, a “vest” for protecting the flex of the phone and a rather handy 16GB OTG USB that has a full size and a micro port for easy transfer. No news on availability and pricing for the accessories yet.

LG will be releasing the G Flex tomorrow, November 12 exclusively in South Korea. International release might soon be on the way. Perhaps they are just waiting for the world to be ready for it.

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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57 Responses

  1. CopyCatDroid says:

    Self healing is nice. I think they should invent self-charging too !

  2. A curved phone is cool and all that, but does it make it any better, or is it “better” just because it’s curved? I mean, does it solve any real problem? And is the self-healing dependent on the curve? I think not, so what for?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the LG phones, and still use my P500. When I next upgrade that, LG will be on my shortlist. But what’s the rationale for a curved phone, other than the cool factor?

    • TacticalNinja says:

      Personally I think the curved design makes it “easier” to reach the top and bottom of the screen. I’m not sure what made you think that the “self-healing” feature is dependent on the curved design. It is probably a rubber-like material.

    • wew says:

      @Daniel Escasa yes it’s better because it’s curve… well in some aspects only. try to read the article again, it says that it gives you better viewing experience. but if you will ask if there’s a significant increase in convenience when you use that phone, not that much that’s why you say people will not have better experience when they use this phone.

    • Daniel Morial says:

      Like in a cinema, some screens are concave to embrace the audience visually. It also makes your viewing experience more comfortable and allows the light to be equally distributed (not in the case of an LCD panel). As for the self-healing feature, I think the curve screen has nothing to with it. It could be some sort of coating on top of the chassis.

    • Jell says:

      I understand your perception about this curved smartphone, but I believe that this “curve” can really do a lot of things that other smartphones could not do. One can really determine the ease of usage in this curved smartphone.

    • fanatic says:

      well i think its because our body structure is somewhat curvy..

    • FanBoy says:

      A curved phone is cool and all that, but does it make it any better, or is it “better” just because it’s curved? – In some aspects, yes, it makes a phone better. Read on.

      I mean, does it solve any real problem? – Yes, in a way. The curve design on the LG follows the contour of the human face – specifically the side. When you’re talking (not using a headset), there are times when you need to place the phone’s mic directly in front of your mouth and in some cases, the loud speakers are turned on (thus, conversation privacy is lost). With the LG’s curved design, this (LG hoping) can be eliminated.

      But what’s the rationale for a curved phone, other than the cool factor? – One is viewing angles, to limit that is. Screens’ of today’s smart phones are so clear that you can clearly read text from about any angle. The curved design, again LG’s curved design, will allow privacy of some sort. When you’re in a train or public transportation, the person sitting beside you will have some sort of difficulty reading what you’re reading – because of the curved design.

    • @Fanboy, thanks for the explanation. That’s certainly more specific that “a better viewing experience”. Maybe you should write copy for LG :)

      @TacticalNinja, what made you think I connected self-healing with the curve?

      And is the self-healing dependent on the curve? I think not, so what for?

      (emphasis added)

  3. Ang lupit meron self healing ahaha,

  4. timtam says:

    Wow! ” self healing” is nice..hope to see this in market soon. :)

  5. fanatic says:

    wow! awesome! vids!

  6. elaHcM says:

    galing tlga gmwa ng LG, meron pa silang G2!

  7. jacinto says:

    ang galinggggg! naman futuristic!

  8. veronica says:

    will be buying this for Christmas!

  9. arlene says:

    very amazing the G Flex

  10. jobert says:

    awesome you know, because of LG G2 have a self healing..

  11. aiza says:

    i hope some you well made self charging smartphone goodluck and nice one LG

  12. whatda says:

    LG is so awesome keep it up

  13. Guinto says:

    wow great article! awesome! gflex its really flexible.

  14. mobiletech says:

    i cant believe this its so futuristic! hope LG keeps it up!

  15. jessica says:

    G Flex is really amazing. No. 1 LG

  16. emar says:

    great article for LG i cant believe this..

  17. michel says:

    LG G Pro light plus 2 jelly cases P15,990 for christmas promo nice LG..

  18. sharon says:

    LG G2 with 1powerbank & 1windowcase php 29,990 for christmas season nice LG the Best!!

  19. pinky says:

    nice video! its really show the edge of G-flex from round!

  20. trisha says:

    LG is so awesome keep it up

  21. kathy says:

    Self healing is nice. I think they should invent self-charging too !

  22. alfred says:

    awesome G flex and self healing..

  23. april says:

    very unique G Flex i am a LG product over..

  24. kate says:

    LG G2 is very interesting most of all self-healing

  25. carl says:

    The rear key feature is one of the competitive advantages of LG over the other smartphones. Amazing!

  26. bradley says:

    awesome LG G flex prowess!

  27. paquiao says:

    galing talaga ng LG! lalu na ung G2 nila kakaiba tlga itu. you know!

  28. amaze says:

    this is new! self-healing phone ASTIG!

  29. Tedd says:

    At first, I really had my doubts about it but based from the video that self healing really is impressive!

  30. Ray says:

    I hope it gets to be available here soon. The phone looks really nice and the features as well!

  31. loren says:

    astig….. gusto q nito…… how much ulit??

  32. G.fanatic says:

    at first i didnt want to believe that it has a self healing feature but when i saw the video damn thats cool

  33. whatdaF says:

    please release this soon!! want to have this hope i can afford it!

  34. photoprints says:

    i hope this will be released soon on christmas

    • Lev says:

      I’m excited for this as well but I think they’re making way for the Nexus 5 this december so probably next year.

  35. chichay says:

    its so amazing seeing a phone that have a self-healing power :) love it!

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