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LG G Flex with curved screen officially announced

LG has finally unveiled their first smartphone to feature a 6-inch curved display and powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU – the LG G Flex.

Like its Korean rival, the Samsung Galaxy Round, the G Flex also sports a curved OLED screen that is 6-inches across. However, it only has 720p resolution or 244ppi and is curved at the Y-axis. Although the Flex’s pixels aren’t as dense as the Round’s, the way LG curved the display makes it great for watching movies in landscape.

LG G Flex_1

The G Flex also features the rear volume controls and power/lock button of the G2, a Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.26GHz, 2GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera, and a 3,500mAh battery. All of that are housed in a body that is 177g in weight and is 8.7mm at its thickest.


LG G Flex_2

Now for the most exciting part, LG mentioned that they added a “self-healing” technology on the G Flex which is a special protective film placed on the back of the device. The company claims that it can heal minor scratches on the phone within minutes.

No information yet on pricing and international availability but it will be available first in South Korea starting next month.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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44 Responses

  1. wew says:

    may mas papalpak pa pla kay galaxy round hahahaha smartphones are made to be used in portrait mode kaya d to praktikal….kung ginawa nila to sa tablet mas ok pa mas pipiliin ko na lng ung round atleast kayang gamitin ng isang kamay.

    • Marc Daniel says:

      I must say, this is an innovation made by LG to cater our needs in a more convenient way. :)

    • Yong says:

      I think you’re generalizing too much. Different people = different needs.

      The self-healing technology itself is pretty extraordinary for a smartphone. That combined with the curved screen and the rear key makes quite a beast.

    • Luwki says:

      The vertical bend seems useful when you’re talking on the phone. In addition, it improves the whole viewing experience!

    • wew says:

      sorry mejo misleading ung comment ko im referring to the main characteristic of lg g flex which is the curved screen,im sure ung selfhealing technology makikita rin yan sa ibang models especially future LG phones =)

  2. galaxynexus says:

    galaxy nexus by samsung already had this kind of curved screen :)

    • setsuna says:

      Not quite…in the galaxy nexus, it is only the glass that is curved, the display panel however is still flat.

    • galaxynexus says:

      oh is that so, thanks for the info @setsuna :D

    • Marc Daniel says:

      LG is far different amidst other brands, they are providing the technology that is fitted perfectly for consumers.

    • Jell says:

      LG G Flex is totally the norm today. More flexible, more convenient, more fun!

    • silver says:

      the G-flex is curved because of its self-repair function.. check out other blogs for more info!

    • Todd says:

      Samsung bends horizontally while LG bends vertically.

      The vertical blends allows easier use of the mobile for phone calls. It also has, as what others say the “self-repair back coating. In addition, this one has implemented the rear key button from the G2 phone.

    • techstyle020 says:

      really? how bout the specs? i think LG is much better.. :)

  3. ebak says:

    galing talaga ng pinoy sa epal: epal tech engineer haha :)

  4. silver says:

    Basta ako i love LG products! the g flex is still not out in the philippines but it has the LG G2’s specs! most importantly the rear key :))

    • Jell Garcia says:

      You should take a look into LG G2’s features and specifications. Perfectly for humans with its rear key and knockon feature.

  5. chloe says:

    I love the new G-flex and LG G2! both have the rear key for the volume and power.. :)

    • Coby says:

      The G2 was amazing with its rear key and other distinct features.

      This G-Flex seems to have a lot of potential.
      THe curved screen together with the rear key and it’s top notch specs!

    • Vernon says:

      Both G2 and G-Flex have powerful battery capacity!

      Plus the rear key is just amazing!

  6. Vernon says:

    It looks like this LG G Flex has a lot of potential: Rear key, curve display and the self healing technology.

    • delia says:

      Agree! lg innovations now a days are amazing!

    • Vernon says:

      True. LG in general(not just on their smartphones) are doing good in their innovations. I’ve been seeing a lot of positive feedback and awards they’ve been receiving.

  7. Jutch says:

    I hope it becomes available in our country in the future. The self-healing technology really looks interesting!

  8. yabie says:

    ilove G2 i can captured even moving thing and 13MP..

  9. jhang says:

    i love G2 i can captured the image even they moving

  10. fantasy says:

    alam ko wala pa to sa pinas, pero meron LG G2 mas maganda features kesa dito at hnd curve na kinaainisan ng mga tao hahaha

  11. ej says:

    awesome another unique product for LG….

  12. cho says:

    hope to have that here in the Philippines! i want to try this Self-healing phone :)

  13. mark says:

    this is an innovation made by LG to cater our needs in a more convenient way. :)

  14. chix says:

    this is going to be a hit for lg :)

  15. ejhie says:

    i just watch its video! so amazing self-healing! :)

  16. cherry says:

    thumbs up for being a self-healing phone ^^

    • wew says:

      mas bibiliba ko sa feature na yan kung itetest nila yan sa realword situations,paglagay sa mesa ng paislide,parang ganun b.

  17. choy says:

    Cool specs and features! thumbs up! for being a self-healing phone :)

  18. anderson says:

    Cool this curved phone is a self-healing phone and it also has a rear key ^^

  19. sarah says:

    i want this phone! this is really cool!

    • Coby says:

      I want this phone as well!

      Hope it gets to be available here soon! I heard it was released this november at korea and it’s going to be released next year at US.

  20. anjie says:

    this is new! curved phone… nice it has 13 mp camera and a rear key and also this phone has a self-healing back ^^

  21. ronald says:

    I bought one 2 days ago from a sulit seller for P28,000. Hong Kong sourced.

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