LG KM900 Arena unboxed!

LG KM900 Arena unboxed!

Announced last February during the World Mobile Congress 2009, the LG KM900 Arena will finally be available locally this month. Just got a unit and been testing it out for a review. For the meantime, here are some unboxing photos.

If you liked the LG Cookie, the LG Arena is something to consider with all the connectivity and multimedia features tucked in it.

lg km900

LG KM900 Arena specs:


3-inch (480×800 pixel) display screen
8GB internal memory + 32GB via microSD (40GB max)
3G/HSDPA, up to 7.2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11b/g
5 MP (2592Ñ…1944 pixels) camera
Schneider-Kreuznach optics, autofocus and LED flash
Video capture at 720×480 @30fps, QVGA time-lapse and slow-motion recording
Front-facing camera for 3G videocalls
Built-in GPS with A-GPS support
FM Radio and FM Transmitter
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
S-Class Touch UI with Multi-Touch
Accelerometer Sensor
Proximity Sensor
3.5mm audio jack

lg arena lg arena lg arena

lg arena lg km900 lg arena

lg arena lg arena lg arena

The LG Arena should be out within the month and will have a suggested retail price of Php24,990. Watch out for the full review next week.

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38 Responses

  1. techme says:

    Oh my ! the interface looks like the Iphone interface! i’m very disappointed with LG ….

    is Lg ripping off IP’s in order for them to stay competitive?

  2. Jam. says:

    What is the os of lg arena?.

  3. this is a very nice touchscreen phone and it has a very nice price also…lol

  4. parang iPhone din he he. 11,900 ba ang local price niya?

  5. MP says:

    Will wait for your full preview…

  6. whaâ„¢ says:

    ahaha…. iphone nga interface pero di naman iphone ang price.. olrite..

  7. ginagaya tlga ng LG ang iPhone, pero hanggang ngaun wala pa din nakakapagpatumba sa iPhone,
    may bago na naman,iPhone 3Gs… waaa

  8. aderf says:

    wow, parang iPhone 3G’S.. it is dual sim?

  9. Jam. says:

    Sabi nga ng iba even palm pre can’t beat the iPhone.

  10. LG KM900 beats Apple iPhone 3GS with regards to price. most of the consumers considers the price (practicality) and functionality instead of buying an expensive phone having the same features with their competitor.

    Great job LG :) keep it up! :D

  11. cris says:

    looks promising

  12. Pipo says:

    This or Samsung Omnia? What do you think guys?

  13. lucky says:

    Great phon, is better than iPhone, i like very much LG

  14. lucky says:

    Arena is better than Samsung Omnia

  15. mike says:

    I’ll be looking forward to your review yuga, hope you emphasize on the OS, The hardware specs and price are really tempting. I hope the OS doesn’t disappoint.

  16. This looks like an iPhone :)

  17. beng says:

    Nakaturn off yung interface niya. Never was a fan of that fruitfone, ugh!

  18. PInk says:

    iPhone clone. I hate its name.

  19. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Kung may makakatalo sa iPhone yun eh wala ng iba kundi ang Samsung i8910 Omnia HD. Take note for the HD which means HIGH DEFINITION, try to compare, olats Iphone. Wala din yang iPhone 3G Slow ay Speed pala,

  20. domob17 says:

    Apple’s the one that ripped-off LG, remember Prada, the first touchscreen phone ever, at least known by me. Well, marketing, innovation (multitouch gesture) and the centralized eco system (iPhone app store syncing to iTunes) which Apple made did it well for iPhone. But now, it seems Apple’s been stuck with its design and innovation.
    Sorry fanbois. I bet my 10 stones for palm pre.

  21. mike says:

    well the iPhone will certainly appeal to the fanboy, but to the regular buyer I think price/feature ratio will take precedence over brand name.

    My top 3 would be Samsung i8910, LG Arena, and the Palm Pre… which have better features and competitive pricing.

  22. jamu says:

    when it comes to practicality i will buy this phone, it has the same features like the expensive brands.

  23. Niel says:

    I bought this phone yesterday in park square makati. It has all the features you could ask. However, i discovered a lot bugs ( freezing to the highest level, music player dont play) just this morning after 14 hrs of charging. I returned it immediately and ask for replacement. Hope non defective unit will be given to me

  24. johnson says:

    a phone is only as good as its user. you can get the most expensive phone out there but if you can’t afford to pay for the extra services like using 3G or GPRs/HSDPA then what is the point.

    These high-tech phones are for mobility and having an office on the road, email on demand where ever you are. so if you can’t afford the services and are just going to but it just to show -off then what is the point, you can get the cheapest phone if you just want to text on a prepaid plan.

    the reviews here are for us readers to be informed what is out there before we buy it. so forget about iPhone killers or Iphone is the best. The only thing that will kill the iPhone is economics.

    just my thoughts.

  25. vince says:

    u should check it out.. feels and look better in person.. metal is everywhere and the features are topnotch.. medyo mabagal and glitchy nga lang ang software but a firmware should fix it.. the os has lots of eye candy at hindi kau magsasawa sa pag navigate around the menus.. the very first lg phone na nagustuhan ko.. consider this one over samsung’s offering.. panget ng touchwiz, s-class rules..

  26. Adi says:

    I got my LG Prada KF900 a month back, and i am telling u, although LG is new in the mobile phone industry but they soar high rapidly on the market. Iphone is just like ur buying the Brand. Other brands can have same specs or better than Iphone on a lesser price. Smart buyer i would say… why waste ur money on Iphone if u could have a better phone, just because it’s made by Apple? come on! Brain please…. maybe people is thinking that if ur have an Iphone ur rich or “sosyal” those people are brainless…. By the way my Prada is more expensive than Iphone 3G haha!

  27. Josh says:

    Omnia or Arena? :)Which is better?

  28. Afonso Goncalves says:

    The are missing Windwos

  29. allan says:

    well it does look like an iphone bcoz of its familiar icon,but its interface is way much better than an iphone. just check it out it got a 3d cube on it and u can move the icon on different direction you should check it out on youtube before given any bunch of comment dude…
    we must be know more bout phone then u
    can say more bout it right?

  30. Meline says:

    Hi! Can you suggest mobile phone shops which sells the newest and flagship models of different brands? Thanks.

  31. sam says:

    how much is the selling price of arena in park square?

  32. KAUINGIT says:

    Lahat kau nagcocoment sa LG Arena…d nyo alam kung gano kganda ang lg phones….sa totoo lang mas maganda pa ito sa pinagmamalaki nyo Iphone…
    masyado ng common ang i-Phone nakakasawa at bukod dun sa sobrang mahal nya..di naman angkop ang price nito sa specs ng phone..alam nyo ba na ang mga parts ng iphone ay gawang china??pareparehas lang kau nagpapaloko sa iPhone…ang LG made in Korea talaga at far better than i phone…ang specs din ng arena ay mas user friendly kesa iphone

    • WOLF says:

      ask ko lang totoo ba lahat ng coments sa GSM ARENA ay totoo ba or naninira lang sila dahil nasasapawan ng KM900 nag IPHONE

  33. Jonathan says:

    Hello, wag kayong masyadong tumalon sa tuwa para sa LG KM900. Maganda ang advertisement nya sa media pero try it personally. I bet you, walang taga LG na gustong mag magdemo ng KM 900 kase mahirap syang i navigate.

    OK ang mga features nya na multi-touch, yung video camera is superb, yung audio system is ok.

    But hey, this is a phone… you know what I mean.

    A phone is a communication device and therefore, must have a strong features on the basic communication requirements such as texting, voice call, email, video call, internet, voip, skype, instant messaging, etc.

    Well, sad to say that it doesn’t have support from Skype like iPhone have and Nokia E71 via Nimbuzz, gmail IMAP configuration is a pain compared to Nokia E71 in which you can use it to sync your gmail right out of the box, video call support for nokia – motorola – LG.

    Ok sana na mapagtyagaan kase mahilig naman akong maghalungkat sa mga forum at mga tech support site. Pero nakalimutan yata ng LG na dapat mauna ang tech site especially kapag hindi kasama sa device ang mga basic software. Well, ang isang nakakalungkot, walang office productivity software like yung spreadsheet at document creator na available sa E71, at mahirap talagang maghanap ng software para magamit mo ang mahal na LG para sa productivity.

    In the end, ayun iniwan ko lang na parang walkman sa mga anak ko. As in bumili ako ng isang mahal na laruan.

    Any LG guys who can help me in my KM900 so I can use it sa work ko?

  34. reiko says:

    around how much would the arena be by december?
    kahit rough estimate lang, thanks!

  35. Il est enfin temps que Skype iclue la 3G pour l iPhone.

  36. rose says:

    good day!! i just want some help from you or any advice. im a college student and i wanna change my phone (n73) but i dont know what to choose. my choices are E71, E72(but i guess this is too much for a student,btw i really dont know), LG arena,samsung jet ( i hate its design, it looks like a plastic toy phone ) can you help me?? or suggest any?? thank you!! waiting!

  37. WOLF says:

    totoo ba ang lahat ng bad coments sa GSM ARENA about sa KM900 ay maykatotohanan or naninira lang sila dahil masnasasapawan ng LG ang IPHONE

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