Globe on Tattoo, WiMax and GPON 100Mps

Globe on Tattoo, WiMax and GPON 100Mps

Yesterday, Globe presented a round-up of their internet services for residential customers. One particular service I only learned of that day was GPON or the Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network, a fiber-to-the-home technology.

In preparation for the advent of HDTV and the IPTV in the Philippines, Globe is offering their Hyper-Speed Plans ranging from download of up to 10Mbps and 100Mbps.

The monthly service fee for the 10Mbps is Php3,995 while the 100Mbps is Php14,995. Serviceable areas are very limited as of the moment — Forbes Park and Serendra this June and Bel-Air Village and Urdaneta Village in July.

For those currently unreachable by traditional wired lines, Globe WiMax offers 3 different plans:

WiMax Plan 795
up to 512Kbps Fixed Wireless Internet
Php795 MSF

WiMax Plan 995
up to 512Kbps Fixed Wireless Internet
Landline Phone
Php995 MSF

WiMax Plan 1,295
up to 1Mbps Fixed Wireless Internet
Php1,295 MSF


Globe is offering a 1-month money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied, just return the devices and get back all the money that you’ve paid. Globe claims majority of the over 4,000 new subscribers are switchers from other fixed wireless broadband services.

Lastly, the mobile 3G Globe Tattoo on prepaid and postpaid plans:

Globe Tattoo Prepaid: Php1,895 (with free Php100 load)

Globe Broadband Tattoo Plan 799
60 hours on 3G, 2 hours on WiZ
Php799 MSF

Globe Broadband Tattoo Plan 999
75 hours on 3G, 3 hours on WiZ
Php999 MSF

Globe Broadband Tattoo Plan 1499
120 hours on 3G, unlimited hours on WiZ
Php1,499 MSF

My eyes are set on that 10Mbps and 100Mbps Hyper-Speed Plans (GPON). I asked Globe executives if they will allow these connections to be used for internet cafes and they said yes.

On the other hand, Globe did not give a comment on the latest release of the Apple iPhone 3G S.

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90 Responses

  1. koolitz says:

    time to move to Forbes park! LOL

  2. JDSalinger says:

    I’m not satisfied with this if it’s not unlimited use ^^

  3. whaâ„¢ says:

    whoa….. i bet when will this available in our province. the only ISP here Imy place is PLDT in line with SMART BRO, and DIGITEL with SUNCELLULAR. GLOBE naman sna para ma subukan. :)

  4. Angelo says:

    just called Globe Business Hotline to inquire about WiMax service.

    The CSR told me that the WiMax service has been launch for quite sometime now and they are not offering it anymore. “Stop-Selling” na daw ehtong service.

  5. Why are they stopping WiMax? I was actually contemplating one after the horrendous service I got with Smart Bro after 1 month usage.

    Just look at it this way: for a month I had only used my net properly for around 6 days. The other days were with non stop intermittent drops in connection or the antenna not functioning well!

  6. cutejigs says:

    @yuga: does the wimax plans included in the 30-day money back guarantee?

    just a thought: i notice that the competition between internet service providers focuses on the bandwidth. isnt it time that they focus on the service that they promise to provide no matter where your location is? (e.g. the plan says 512Kbps but the actual bandwidth never came close to 256Kbps). i tried to raise this to customer service but i got the same answer for both Globe and PLDT: it depends on your area sir… :D

  7. GPON looks SO sweet. Finally fiber technology to the home in the Philippines.

  8. balikpinoy says:

    Kasama kaya Rockwell area sa coverage ng GPON?

  9. GPON looks SO sweet. Finally fiber technology to the home in the Philippines. Gotta love 100Mbps. But I hear laying of fiber infrastructure and the fiber lines itself disrupt regular copper phone lines (DSL). Hope not.

  10. loadex says:

    WiMax is already available in our province.. isang cellsite palang meron sabi ng Globe rep dito.

    SouthLuzon ang na-prioritze lagyan ng mga site.. for unknown reason.

  11. Miguel says:

    All I need is 100 pesos unlimited WIZ for Globe phone plans… like the current 100 pesos unlimited Airborne Access for SMART plans.

  12. No wayy….. I’m upgrading to 10Mbps once it reaches our area!

  13. whoa, that’s very fast! I hope that service will cover our town, too! :D

  14. Lezuric says:

    I wonder when will GPON plans reach Southern Quezon. Digitel sux!

  15. Gerune says:

    10Mbps for Php3,995 month? ohh.. that’s cool…

  16. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    is the globe lack of service and outages included with their packages?

  17. Jerome says:

    Nice! I stumbled upon this article about FTTH. It’s a good read. You may want to read all about it at:

  18. tyro says:

    This is Huawei equipment they are using.

  19. tyro says:

    For GPON and WiMax …

  20. Rome says:

    Wait! WiMax Plan 795 for 512Kbps?!? Mas mura pa sa dati nilang Plan (na meron ako) na Globe Wireless Broadband Plan 995 for 512Kbps? Ang daya naman nun! Pde kaya akong mag-switch doon or hihintayin ko pa matapos yung “lock-in” period? At isa pang question, mas reliable ba ang WiMax compared sa Globe Wireless Broadband?

  21. cheftonio says:

    I am now subscribed to the Globe Broadband 3mbps plan for 2,000 pesos. It’s as slow as hell. I bet the 10mbps would just be as fast as 1mbps because my 3mbps is as fast as a 256 to 512 connection.

    Also, my Globe Visibility unlimited plan which previously reaches 900kbps surfing speed has been downgraded to 256mbps.

    Is this to give way to the newer services? I hope they still maintain and take care of loyal subscribers rather than aim to get new ones where at the end, those new ones would just be part of the one’s that are already suffering from their sucky service.

  22. madzman23 says:

    Wow, this is great. I will be more sure about the WiMax than the Tattoo.

    But does the issue on YM and SFTP fixed on Globe? I really need those services.

  23. netsektor says:

    better not expect too much from those 10Mbps or higher bandwidth internet access. with those 3,995 pesos a month value, it would have to be “shared” for them to make some income out of it. with international ip transit cost ranging from $70-$120 a meg, giving a user full 10Mbps or even 1Mbps consistently would mean they’ll be operating at a loss. this is why a 2Mbps internet service leased line would cost around $800/month. Just a thought.

    IPVT or triple play would be a great service for these GPON offerings due to the huge bandwidth and local content availability from video super headends. Well PLDT and Globe is doing a good start.

    @Carlo Dimaandal – no, fiber uses light, copper uses electricity, fiber optics doesn’t have any emitted frequencies that could affect or disrupt any electrical signals on copper dsl/phone lines.

  24. saM says:

    better than expected, i got my Tattoo last tuesday, as i talked to sales rep. they informed me the disavantage of thier tattoo, but i still bought one with out hesitaion, but wow! i never thought in remote place where i live i still got the good connection, it amazing, not the 2MB full speed but still fast than i thought. that will happen if you are globe loyal user.

  25. John Alvero says:

    If it’s from Globe, don’t expect something nice will come out. Customer support and service sucks. I’ll rate it 3 out of 10 (10 being the highest). Provincial services such as leased line, DSL, etc, expect 80% availability for theres always a fiber-cut somewhere. (Although not their fault for they usually outsource fiber connectivity, but who else are we going to blame?)

    If PLDT is available go with PLDT, they are not perfect but is usually better but in delivering their service and customer support. There’s a reason why they are among the top earners for 2008.

    I called Globe customer support to ask about Wimax service but as expected they had little clue about the service, as if they didnt know they had it. Although the CSR was able to answer my questions, she kept on putting me on hold probably to ask fellow CSR about my inquiries. This is exactly that i expected from Globe, im not surprised at all.

  26. Mon says:

    i’ve been using Globe Tatoo and its as fast as dial up. This is in Rockwell area. tsk tsk tsk

  27. Omar Royce says:

    Same here, I called globe and the CSR dont even have a clue about WiMAX … tsk tsk tsk

  28. Wishing that GPON ay aabot dito sa Sta. Cruz, Manila area… :(

  29. Mark Jason says:

    OMG THEY’VE STARTED GPON DRY RUNS HERE IN OUR LOCATION. I wish bukas eh i-consult nila ang house namin for a test! I want my PLDT MyDSL terminated!!!

  30. Michael says:

    what do you guys suggest for an internet cafe connection? globe CSR isn’t helping much and PLDT isn’t even available here..xD we are currently using smart bro as a residential connection and im planning on going into the cafe business but im not sure with smart coz im not satisfied of their services in terms of speed and customer support.

  31. mark delos reyes says:

    kuya micheal bakit naman di ka satisfied sa smart bro?

  32. lilempoy says:

    dati naka tatu ako pero nagpalit ako ng smart bro mas mabilis kasi siya eh.

  33. tinnie says:

    sure kaba empoy na mabilis ang smart?kasi ang bagal ng internet provider namin ngayon dati ko pa gusto magpalit.

  34. anonymous says:

    Broadband Tattoo service is horrible! you get to do the connection several times to get even just a decent internet connection. P5 per 15 minute charging is grossly disadvantageous to users. they take out 5 pesos from your load in EVERY TIME you connect to broadband REGARDLESS if you are able to surf the internet or not. This is yet again another bull crap in ripping off Globe users’ money.

  35. did anyone mention if it the speeds would be symmetrical?

    like 100/100mbps and 10/10mbps?

    Some ISPs from other countries offer 100/50mbps

    so I am curious…

  36. tinnie says:

    ei empoy thnx sa info ah..napanood ko ung video mukha nga mabilis naman ung smart bro..tae lang talga ung dati namin internet provider.XD

  37. lilempoy says:

    your welcome.tanung ka lang sakin kung may mga tanung kapa?

  38. MJ says:

    ei guys did you see the commercial of smartbro?

  39. JR says:

    napanood ko siya MJ.ASTIG no.

  40. MJ says:

    yup sabi mo pa ang lupit.ang ganda nung commercial galing pala mag dribble ni cuan.

  41. Carlo says:

    @netsektor i hope not. Verizon is experienced problems in the US when they launched their FTTP.

  42. khryz says:

    nakowwww……….wag na kayo mag wimax walang kwenta……..gamit ko un,nagamit ko ng 6 days up to now wala ko connection,nakailang report na ko iisa sinasabi ng csr.kabisado ko na nga ung dialog nila hehe.nasa nag smart bro n lng ako

  43. I.T says:

    tsk,tsk,tsk so many idiots here you should always ask your provider if the internet speed in ur area is fast,,for example when u inquire for globe tattoo u should ask globe if the connection is fast in ur area,,coz it depends in ur location,,if there is a globe 3g ur area then.,the connection is good,,I’m from san marcelino,,and ive been using it 4 8months,,i hav some problems somtimes but its really good,,.

  44. art says:

    i got the wimax 795 plan and it was great for the first month but lately its been showing its crapy side…i cant even get a decent streaming anymore or surfing the net without having the line stop for a minute or two… i’ve been weighing if smart 999 is better than the wimax i have right now…can somebody help me? are you also experiencing the same problems?

  45. Warren says:

    globe Waaaah!Max! Im here in angono. I have a globe wimax. at first 3 days ok… kahit laggers.. di pwede sa gamings or lagi ako dc sa dekaron waahh. gamit ko na lng sana secondary sa internet browser… after 3 days… no signal at all waahh! ulit. di ko na nagamit. after 1 month dumating billing ko.. 1800+? anu yun 600 per day? waaah! ang plan kinuha ko eh 1295/mo? bakit ganun? waaaaah!max na ito! try nyo para magsisisi din kayo gaya ko!

  46. melvin says:

    kumag talga ang globe bro.ang bagal bagal ng connection tae.parang sayang ung binabayad ko.

  47. art says:

    lol! i’ve read the blog you posted melvin and it really cracks me up…anyway reklamo lang pala ang kulang sa globe eh…when i started to experience connection problems for a span of almost two weeks, i called up my sister (who is by the way, a mouth compared to a machine gun when angry) and told her about our problem with the connection. I gladly gave her the hotline number of globe and viola! problem solved! our connection is back up and running although minsan humihina pero di tulad ng dati…

  48. bill says:

    Before you subscribe to an internet plan, make sure that you had your survey about the covered areas and connection speed that your provider can give. I subscribed to Internet only – Globe WiMAX 1Mbps plan P995 and it’s working fine here in Real, Calamba Laguna. Of course you will not always get the maximum 1Mbps speed all the time. It goes from .20 to 1Mbps depending on the signal stregth that your area is picking up. I’m happy when it’s getting the maximum speed so I get what I’m paying for. But sometime it goes a little bit slower, but it’s tolerable.

    So just study first before subscribing, ask the provider if they work fine in your area, otherwise don’t subscribe. If Smart works better for you then go ahead and have it as your provider. In my case, it’s globe WiMAX that gives fine connection. So it’s really up to you.

  49. melvin says:

    oh.good for you.i already call globe aun umayos ang connection but after 1 week history repeat itself.bumalik nanaman siya sa dati.TAE

  50. poy says:

    why dont you try smart.kahit plug it ok.

  51. melvin says:

    sure ba un?

  52. Warren says:

    you are right about check the location.. but the thing is dont believe the provider or yung nagmamarket.. they are a bunch of liar.. trust the blog site… coz its the truth and based on experience… kaya nga pinost ko dito eh.. sa angono wag na kayo subscribed at sa mga location na sinabi ko.
    i think it will be much better gawa tayo blog for those where globe work and where is not.. right?

  53. bill says:


    That is right. Sometimes the providers market their plans even in those areas without coverage, it depends on the kind of people you get to talk. Pero babalik din sa kanila yung sisi ng subscriber afterwards. Here in Laguna to where I subscribed, you will be given a briefing on the requirements of your subscription. They will not encourage you if your location is out of their coverage so the decision is yours before you step out of the wireless center.

  54. mark says:

    tama ka warren.lupit nila magsinungaling eh.

  55. carla says:

    guys did you see the new commercial of smart?

  56. carla says:

    sa tigin mo paul no kaya ung isang plug it na nilaban sa smart

  57. jawo says:

    i think GLOBE ung isang plug it sa commercial carla kasi unang una globe naman ang mortal na kalaban ng smart and alam natin lahat na silang dalawa lang ung naglalaban pagdating sa ganyan usapan.wala lang epal lang.

  58. carla says:

    i agree with you jawo kahit na epal ka.joke. di i think globe rin ung nilaban sa smart dun sa commercial eh.

  59. jawo says:

    sorry po.kala ko di po kayo aagree eh.

  60. paul says:

    parehas tayong tatlo.i think globe din ung isang plug it

  61. carla says:

    pero do you think may joke time dun sa commercial?

  62. paul says:

    i dont know pero lam ko meron talagang site para malaman kung gaano kabilis ang connection ng internet connection eh.di ko lang alam kung ano.

  63. carla says:

    oh.meron po.ano kayang site un?

  64. paul says:

    di ko alam eh.pero nagoogle ko minsan un eh

  65. bill says:

    It’s . Check your speed to know if you are getting what you are paying for.

  66. yuan jia says:

    meron na ba nkapgtry ng globe hyperspeed? ung 10mbps?
    share naman kau,,

    • al.virtue says:

      we tried the 10mbps, also 50mbps and 100mbps. The one we installed to Ms. Tessa Prieto valdez – North Forbes Makati is 100Mbps and its a decent-real 100mbps

  67. jeff says:

    Thats going to be another crap service by Globe. 1mbps WIMAX nga di nila maayos connection ko, Im using the tattoo right now instead of my data plan na WIMAX kasi hindi maka open ng websites. it says connected but its not opening websites. Crap

  68. sonny says:

    The good deal is move up to Wi-tribe. galing ng service and ang bandwidth talagang 1mbps minimum, same monoth compared to smart, plug and play pa. had this ISP for two months and happy ako sa service meron pang 6gb allocation to per month.

    Try 4g technology wimax.

    note: m not an employee nor a sales rep of wi-tribe but 4g is the technology now dami pang dapat i configure ang globe and smart to offer wimax (4g). etong wi-tribe, full time wimax ISP to.

  69. Alvin says:

    Eto naman naging experience ko. Nagpakabit ako ng Broadband+Landline. Diba dapat 512kbps un pero pag nag speed check ako sa globequest 50 to 200 kbps lang. Pag nag yahoo messenger ako, hindi puede mag webcam or magbukas ng ibang site. Tapos para pa kaming mga robot at minsan nag ddrop ung call. Maraming beses ako tumawag sa Globe. 2 beses sila nangako na pupunta sila sa bahay pero di sila pumunta. Tinawagan ako ng naginstall sa bahay at sabi ipa migrate/upgrade ko na lang sa wimax wala daw babayaran. pero ng pumunta ako sa Globe ang sabi may fee na 500. Pumayag naman ako para lang maayos na. Tapos nun after 2 days pinalitan ng wimax. sa una 500+kbps tuwang tuwa na ako nun kahit hindi na 1 mbps. mamayamaya lang naging 31 to 200+ kbps na lang. Naisip ko mas maganda pa ung bulok nilang 3G broadband kaysa mas bulok na wimax. ngayon balak ko nag bumalik sa smartbro kasi pag tumawag ka sa smartbro pupunta kaagad sila. nagttroubleshooting pa sila sa phone. Bahala na sila kung sisingilin pa nila ako. Hindi ako satisfied sa produkto nila. Mas maganda pa rin ang Smartbro. Ang canopy ng Smartbro ay Motorola sa Globe diko maintindihan mukang cheap pa.

  70. adam says:

    I have my own experience with Globe kindly check it out. For me it’s not value for money.
    My experience with Globe broadband DSL

  71. Sandy says:

    Wi-tribe “4G” is actually not the real 4G as they have in other countries because only first-world countries have the real thing. Heard that it’s a merely sneaky brilliant marketing ploy.

    Sa totoo lang, the wimax offered by Globe and Smart is also 4G if that’s the way Wi-tribe defines 4G. They just didn’t communicate it that way since it would be misleading people. Confirmed this with a friend who handled the case.

    So if Wi-tribe keeps on fooling people it’s 4G (and that its the only one), expect Globe and Smart to soon market themselves as 4G as well.

    But honestly, i have no trust in a company that misled me in the first place. Also, Liberty has lost so much money as in hundreds and hundreds of millions that i see it’ll crash and burn, give it a year. I wont waste my money on a company abt to go bankrupt…no wonder dami dami nilang little tents… tpos wala naman pumapansin haha

  72. I have translated a number of of the articles on your internet site now additionally to Globe on Tattoo, WiMax and GPON 100Mps , and I truly like your manner of publishing. Keep the articles being published. As the terminator said I will be back.

  73. rondeive says:

    boss san po ba pwedeng place yung globe dsl

  74. mysan says:

    sa bolinao, pangasinan kami. we got globe wireless 512 kbps at P795/month. ang maximum download speed namin ay 50kbps sa madaling araw at during the whole day nasa 20-40 kbps. sa ngayon, ang download speed ko ay nasa less than 10 kbps at dumadalas 800 bits/sec! parang totoo ang sabi na sa umpisa lang maganda, after 2 or so months pangit na servise ng globe. huawie ang canopy namin, pangit daw ito. gusto ko magpalit to wimax (globe or smart) pero nakaka discourage din ang mga nababasa ko. tapos na rin ako sa smart bro usb at tattoo usb. wala na yata akong matinong choice.

  75. saudi boy says:

    tama nga hinala ko, yun wimax 2mbps nga dito sa riyadh saudi, maganda lang sa umpisa, kapag malayo ka sa tower, lalong humina yun signal, kasumpa sumpa talaga yan. kaya nagpakabit na lang me ng linya with 20mbps speed, wala pang bulilyaso sa speed kahit bumagyo pa…

  76. Whoa! Minsan tlga mbgal ang connection ng globe..kya gabi n ako gumagamit…

  77. al.virtue says:

    We Install GPON in Forbes/Urdaneta and Bel-air area as well as Serendra Towers

  78. farneville says:

    I think we have different experiences I wrote an article about choosing GLOBE then PLDT

  79. ronelm2000 says:

    People will always have different experiences with Globe. On my case (Malibay, Pasay City), I get up to 300 KB / s in a 1 mbps connection + landline (w/c is supposedly 128 kb/s only). There were some times when internet was down, but it doesn’t last more than 3 days (usually I report it on the 2nd day though)

    That’s more than what I bargained for. =D

  80. NGSAISHU says:

    Was the sorrow of theFilipino. As Filipino PLDTDSL is the control and operation of the trash person, they will onlygreed and fleecing the more outrageous behavior, no, not to mention the integrity of the word, the Philippines so far can be said that Asia’s highest pricethe slowest, creatingtoday the Filipino people’s poverty and ignorance, there is no way in contact with the outside world, your most difficult to cope with the network price.

  81. NGSAISHU says:

    Always be Filipino PLDTMYDSL ATMs and several unscrupulous telecommunications operators?Monthly fee asking price is 20,000 PHP (Contract for HK $ 3500.00) 100-Mbps fiber-optic broadband, eat or drink in the month of the Philippines, a senior staff salary can only spend a broadband, the fact that only in the Philippines, officials and businessmen colluded to entrapthe country can tolerate people occurred in the high-paying high-cost business environment in Hong Kong 100 Mbps fiber-optic broadband just is not enough to be HK $ 78.00 (contract for the Philippine peso, 440.00), compare the price of the Philippines, Hong Kong prices of nearly 8times are Filipino income than people in Hong Kong high eight times? This is why the Philippines will not wake up? Always when these unscrupulous consortium ATMs? I hate these telecom operators in the Philippines do not have a good faith.

  82. NGSAISHU says:

    Always be Filipino PLDTMYDSL ATMs and several unscrupulous telecommunications operators?Monthly fee asking price is 20,000 PHP (Contract for HK $ 3500.00) 100-Mbps fiber-optic broadband, eat or drink in the month of the Philippines, a senior staff salary can only spend a broadband, the fact that only in the Philippines, officials and businessmen colluded to entrapthe country can tolerate people occurred in the high-paying high-cost business environment in Hong Kong 100 Mbps fiber-optic broadband just is not enough to be HK $ 78.00 (contract for the Philippine peso, 440.00), compare the price of the Philippines, Hong Kong prices of nearly 8times are Filipino income than people in Hong Kong high eight times? This is why the Philippines will not wake up? Always when these unscrupulous consortium ATMs? I hate these telecom operators in the Philippines do not have a good faith.

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