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SSS ID: How to Apply and Get an SSS ID?

Applying for and getting an SSS ID ( Social Security System ID Card) can be easy and at the same time very tiring and frustrating. Some people get lucky why applying for an SSS ID while others are not.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to apply for and get an SSS ID:

1. Download the E-6 form from the SSS website. Click on Forms at the left navigation pane. Then select E-6 from the list. Or click here for the direct link: E6 Form. Print then fill up the information needed.

2. Click on Employment History at the left panel. You will be shown a list of all your employers, past and present. Copy the employer number of your company into the form.


3. Click SSS ID Clearance at the left panel. If the note says “Member Qualified for an SSS ID Card”, then you are cleared and eligible to apply for the ID. Print this page. Just click the File menu of the browser, then Print.

4. Go to the SSS Office. Tell the guard you already have an SSS number, the E-6 form and the ID Clearance and that you are applying for the ID. He should give you a priority for your picture to be taken.

5. Get in line at the SSS ID section and get your picture taken. Present two IDs from the list stated at the 2nd page of the E-6 form. If you have your company ID and an ATM card with your complete name, then you should be fine.

6. You’re done. Just wait for the SSS ID to be mailed at your home or office address. Or you can get the SSS ID at the SSS Main Office.

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73 Responses

  1. Christian Guieb Agsalud says:

    pls sent me sss contribution

  2. I HAVE APPLIED FOR AN ID Oct 18,2006.Until now my id in antipolo branch reflects “processing ” in the computer. I have inquired thru email and ms eugenia dela cruz of members relation department replied,aug 08,2008 that my inquiry has been forwarded to antipolo branch june 10,2008, and that i should be data-capture again. I was there yesterday,they havent received any notice.
    Please tell me what to do,again.
    thank you and hoping to heAR FROM YOU VERY VERY SOON.

  3. hi, i just changed my profile to SSS. i am now paying my contribution as self employed since am now staying abroad.

    I just want to ask if am eligible to apply loan?

    please advise.

    thanks and more power

  4. me iknow the sss employment history.
    feb.2 1974.
    i wait ur respond…

  5. need to know if my sss contribution pls. help me my sss no.03-5781383-0. Pls. help me find if still active or not for now i am paying my sss as self employed for almost 1 year thank you and more power

  6. I want to know my sss contribution pls. help me know what is the status of my sss no weather it is active or not.i am sss member since 1987 my sss no. 03-5781383-0 as of now im paying my sss contribution as self employed for more than one year. thanks and more power.



  8. noriel boongaling says:

    pass my contribution

  9. the online given instruction to get an sss id is absolutely useless over here in batangas city sss office. i managed to follow the procedure completely but it was totally annoying as soon as i get to the sss office and approached the guard in duty. he didn’t even know about the online sss membership registration, more over the id clearance. i spoke to the personel in the information desk after but he did not entertain the print out copy of the id clearance that i managed to acquire via online registration. all she gave me was just a piece of paper labeled with 242, meaning that i need to fall in line and wait for that number to called. so it only showed that the id clearance that we can get from the internet is not valid. it was justified when this personel instructed me to fall in line with the numerous people over me waiting as well. the personel told that it was to validate the application in order to get to the next step(picture capturing) wherein i need to fall in line again.it was time consuming really while you’re standing there waiting.at last the generalist shouted ‘242’. it was my turn. the generalist just grabbed my E6 form and he asked for 2 valid identification documents. while he was processing my application i started to have a short chat with him and asked about the sss online registration. this time i thought he knew what i’m inquiring about. he stated that the id clearance that i got through online was not valid. from there all proved that it was not fine. i thought that i don’t need to wait for that very long with the crowd only to process my sss id application. believe it or not, i took 6 hours to complete the process. i don’t know whose mistake was that. i don’t know really. is it the given instruction in this website that is not applicable to all sss offices or is it the sss office in batangas city that was not implementing the correct alternative procedure upon applying for sss id. thank you.

  10. Aryan says:

    hi there, I have an SSS number.. I want to apply as a member but i am here in UAE. I just want to know how to apply online?

  11. Rene JOy Rodriguez Burgos says:

    i want to know the procedures in applying sss Id.tanx

  12. JUSTICE says:


  13. Marc Anthony Caoile says:

    pano po ba malaman kung ilan o magkano ng lahat ang laman ng sss.ano po bang site yan?saan yan makikita?

  14. DANIEL CARULLA says:


  15. nelson says:

    i want 2 know the correct sss number of my husband y s 8 that the number that he used to regesterd is wrong? this is the number 08-1676954-4 nelso m. amongan.

  16. juancho says:

    OMG! people here are sharing SSS #? Its much better if you will visit SSS website and create an account because if you want to apply an SSS id you need to make sure that ur # is not temporary. You can also go to the main office at quezon to apply for an id and have it updated. Be careful when providing SSS # online. hayyyzzzzzz

  17. Restituto A. Alcober Jr. says:

    pwede po bang pki answer lang po ung verification ng id at sickness reimbursement ni Restituto A. Alcober. yun lang po thank u..

  18. Miss Anael Gilonga says:

    I just want to know how to apply for membership on SSS online. Where can I apply? I don’t have any sss number because this is my first time. I’ll wait for your response. Thanks a lot…

  19. veigner v. cabugayan says:

    pls. forward update on my contribution.thanks

  20. lloyd says:

    pwede po bang kumuha ng sss ang 17 year old lng..?


    gusto ko pong kumuha ng sss id


    tanong ko lang po kung ilang buwan inuulugan ang sss ko ito po ang ss number ko 3415169627 at ang compony ng angency ko ay blue collar manpower services ta stock po ako d2 at inasign po ako sa sm sucat

  23. louie says:

    Hi. Anu-anong branches ang may ID-Capturing System? Yung sa Diliman lng ba? Wala ba sa makati?

  24. irah m. faral says:

    inquire po about sa sss number nakuha ko last year nag eexist pdin to?kasi po wala po ako work kaya hindi ko sya mahulugan..but im planning to contribute as a self employed para may benifits din ako someay?how can i contribute and paanu po ang procedure?at makanu po kaya?tnxs po

  25. Jovilyn Lizaso says:

    Hi ask ko lang, pd b mag apply ng salary loan khit ang sss ID ko e yung maiden name ko pa. Nagpachange na kasi ako ng surname coz I got married, but I haven’t applied for a new SSS ID yet. Thanks

  26. lemuel says:


    2. Click on Employment History at the left panel. << DOESN'T EXIST or needs login. To login, you have to register. To register, you need an employer ID. PARADOX?!

    The government is such a headache sometimes. heheh

  27. ROY G. ROBLE says:

    ano po ba ang requirmens pag nawala yung SSS ID

  28. joseph alegado says:

    pls…i send me my history of employment asap pls…ang hirap hanapin…

  29. chris says:

    PEOPLE, PLEASE. If you think posting your SSS numbers here would get the SSS employees and/or the Government to speed up processing of your IDs, niloloko nyo lang ang sarili nyo.

    Contact the SSS branch/office directly. You are opening yourselves up to identity theft.

  30. juliet maluyo says:

    Good day,

    I just want to know how to get a sss id ? because i need it Urgent.

  31. ailene says:

    My SSS ID was lost. I need to re apply for new one. What are the requirements? Kailangan pa rin po ba ang two Valid ID. I don’t have work only postal ID I have. Valid rin po ba ang passport? How many months po ba maibibigay ang SSS ID from the day we applied?

  32. queen says:

    people. this is a blog offering helpful tips. this is not SSS itself. stop sharing your SSS numbers here.

    if you have questions, go to the SSS website: http://www.sss.gov.ph/

    register and login to see your contribution history. or call/go to the nearest SSS office to inquire.

  33. may i follow up my sss id.. i was aplly it by march 22,2010 but till now my id is not coming to me..

    plz reply to me if ever what is the problem to my sss id…. this my address 172 bagbaguin, sta. maria bulacan .. and my cell# 09166724145


  34. alfred tigao says:

    tnong kolang po kung makuha kna po ang sss card ko
    2008 pa akong ng apply

  35. manolo says:

    wla naba yong sss id ko, tagal na akong nag apply.

  36. lurker says:

    Hello guys,

    First of all, I can’t still register myself to the SSS website. (SERYOSO BA YANG SSS WEBSITE?)
    Second of all, How can i get that f*cking ID clearance if at first I cannot register to that “very useful” SSS website.

    Help me!


  37. orix says:

    damn that SSS website… so, USELESS!

  38. orix says:

    what happened with SMS inquiry before about SSS thru SMART? is someone out there knows how? please help… thanks

  39. verif_ako says:

    tanung lang po kung magpapapicture lang po para sa ID pwede po ba dumerecho sa main branch ng SSS dala dala ang E6 form?


  40. Epepania Anisco says:

    Hi im just asking for my husband sss ID taking last year dec in POEA branch ,but until now im waiting. they not sending the SSS ID yet what happen to the sss ID ?.One more question i want to get an SSS ID to, what will i do?

  41. Cheerful Xmas. Let all of your wishes may well come real for yourself as well as your friends and family and let us expect your next year or so end up being prosperous for all all of us. Merry Christmas

  42. richmanll says:

    ako, last sept, 2009… naka ilang follow up ako kaso ala pa rin daw, next batch pa daw.. huhuhu

  43. Tapos n po akong mag apply ng sss id nung jan 3,2009 hindi ko p po sya narereceive hangang ngayn pano ko po sya makukuha

  44. jennie p. mallari says:

    previous salary loan, itatanong ko kung magkano pa ang utang ko

  45. rj rapsing says:

    kindly sent me my sss contribitions.i have to check if my previous company had depositing my contribution.

  46. hya says:

    where is the nearest location po along makati? para mapapicture ng sss id ?


  48. Alberto Garcia Reyes says:

    i was so disappointed in seeing all the comments and queries regarding all the application in getting an SSS ID card bcause somebody applied 2 years ago and up to now there is no result about his ID, because I applied only early last year. I don’t know why this is all happening in your good office. i don’t like to post my sss number either due to some fraudulent reason that you should understand, will just go there

  49. Ron Arjay says:

    ahm.. ask ko lng po, pnu po mag register online sa sss? may # n nmn po me.plz help me. tnx and regrds

  50. marie says:

    hay naku.., kaya tayo di umuunlad, kase lahat ng process mabagal,kulang sa energy,,ano ba yan..mabanggit ko lang, ibang -iba talaga ang bansa natin kulelat.. nasan ba ang mga opisyales nayan? nasa atin ang pag unlad,kaso tamad lang..meron kasing happy go lucky sa work, un bang saka na,mamaya na may time pa naman,or bukas na..kung ano ung dapat gawin ngayon is simulan na.. hindi pinapapabukas pa. kaya di nakakain si juan ng grasya kase sa katamaran,ayaw kumilos..gising-gising, mga pare..

  51. cristina says:

    hello im cristina from cavite,bakit until now wla pdin yung sss id ko last sep.2010 pa po ako ng pacaptured but until now wala padin pong dumadating skin…pls pafolloe up nman po..thanks

  52. raquel p. gucor says:

    Hi I have already sss # and had already sss id but it was stolen i want to apply another sss id and to activate my sss so that i can start again to contribute every month.How? Thanks

  53. Gusto kosanang ituloy hulog ko SSS kaya lang mahigit 20 years nang hindi ko nahuhulugan simula umalis ako pinas…pwede po bang tulungan akong makuha ko uli sss number ko.. salamat po

  54. ARGIE D.LASCANO says:


  55. ARGIE D.LASCANO says:


  56. roby ann vanzuela says:

    i want to know the status of my sss id application which i applied last May 29,2010.. i’ve been waiting for almost a year now..is there any way our gov’t.agencies provide us with better and more efficient services?

  57. roby ann vanzuela says:

    i would like to update my sss contribution..i started on January 2007..my contact number is
    09053607473 or e-mail me at [email protected]..

    thank u.

  58. lala says:

    wow. bakit nagpopost ng SSS numbers ang mga tao dito? hala

  59. concern says:


    ok lang kayo?
    personal info ninyo yan, pinopost nio.
    eh kung may gumamit niang info para makuha contribution nio, haaaayy!

    Visit SSS branch, ask there.
    Sila talaga may alam sa tanong nio.

  60. jujuferfer says:

    nakakahiya naman talaga…
    bakit nyo pinapacheck ang contributions nyo and status ng id nyo dito?
    pinost lang naman dito kung pano mag apply for an SSS ID…
    kung makautos kayo agad na icheck status ng ID nyo, icheck ang contributions…as if naman na sa SSS kayo nag tatanong!
    or mga tamad mag basa at umintindi ng nakapost?
    kaya wala unlad bansa natin eh…
    tatamad nyo…
    iaasa sa iba gusto malaman…

  61. glaiza says:

    gusto q po sna mgapply ng sss id..mron po aq E1

  62. glaiza says:

    gusto q po sna mgapply ng sss id mron po aq E1

  63. kevin quimpo says:

    kaylan ko po ba makukuha ung sss id ko,july 19 2011 pa ako nag pa id,ilang months ba or year,.

  64. Rob says:

    If you guys want to see your contributions online, register to sss.gov.ph and log in.

  65. irene says:

    I applied for sss id on JANUARY 14, 2010,wHile my husband applied on APRIL 9, 2010 until now (as of writing this comment DECEMBER 8, 2011) we haven’t receive the said id.. how sad… how our government take too much time to release that card!? Pano na yung mga mag aapply ng January 2012? Baka sa 2014 na nila mareceive yun.. GRABE KAYO!

  66. maricar says:

    nag apply po ako ng sss id nun 2008 pa..sabi idedeliver sa bahay an id… dec 2011 n wala pa din ngdedeliver…ano ngyari sa sss id ko?..may sss id pba kong hinihintay?.lousy tlaga…tsk tsk tsk

  67. vanflip says:

    yep.same here. applied last sept 2010 at east ave sss main office.was told it will be mailed after two months or so.and yes isang taon n, wala p rin SSS id ko.tsk. ibang klase tlg sistema ng SSS.naturingan pang system, eh bulok nman. very unsystematic.tsk

  68. vanflip says:

    went my way to sss pasay taft office,just few minutes ago, hoping and praying I can aquire my SSS ID for the longest time swept. but to my surprise,the ones currently being processed are those applications for year 2009. and mine will roughly be mailed feb/march next year (applied sept 2009).another flaw of SSS needing utmost attention. peace out!

  69. vanflip says:

    sorry for the typo, I applied sept 2010. :)

  70. san po aq pwde mkakuha ng sss id dto sa laguna?

  71. rodulfo i. de mayo says:

    may 3 month’s contribution ako sa sss pwede ko bang ituloy as self employed at mag-apply na rin ng sss id? thank you

  72. AIMAN BANTUAS says:


  73. Rishelle says:

    Paano po kumuha nang ID sa SSS? May number na po kc ako Sa SSS

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