LG to supply L-shaped batteries for iPhone 8 and 9

LG Chemical has secretly reached an agreement that it will supply L-shaped batteries to Apple for its upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 9, on an exclusive basis.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

This is a departure from Apple’s usual strategy of sourcing parts from different vendors to lower the total cost. The South Korean company has reportedly invested hundreds of billions of won, and will start producing the batteries early next year. This battery design is designed to last longer than the standard lithium-ion batteries Apple has been using in their iPhones, and LG Chemical is the only supplier capable of producing it.

Source: Korea Economic Daily

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  1. Avatar for trapik trapik says:

    another reason to think if its gonna be iP8 or 9 from my 6.
    haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiisssssttttttsssss they are playing with my emotions

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