New LG teaser: 4.7", LTE, Quad-Core Krait, 2GB RAM

New LG teaser: 4.7″, LTE, Quad-Core Krait, 2GB RAM

A teaser video was just released by LG Mobile in Korea outlining some kick-ass features of an upcoming LG Android smartphone. Not much was revealed except for the chip that it will be running on.

A sketch of the design of the smartphone was shown on the video but no actual footage were shown of the final unit.

The details include:


● 4.7-inch IPD LCD display at 720p resolution
● Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core
● Adreno 320 graphics
● LTE connectivity

Here’s a copy of the YouTube clip (it’s in Korean though):

It’s possible we won’t be seeing this handset until next year, at the GSM World in Barcelona.

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12 Responses

  1. John says:

    Ugh. Orgasm !! Too bad it’s an LG. They suck too bad at updates.

  2. pao says:

    I`m thinking if I`ll get theis or wait for the other brands to make same spec or higher :))LG is really bad at making updates which takes them a year or sooo :(

  3. pakito says:

    better remove the “grid with rounded-edges” that apple is bitching about

  4. Ed says:

    grid with rounded-edges is copied from LG Prada so LG is not worried.

  5. Ghoul says:

    Wow. Please samsung… Exynos 5250 in note II


  6. ESL Teacher says:

    It’s time I ask my korean ESL students to translate this…

  7. dino says:

    This is the best ever smartphone of the year 2012
    Its OPTIMUS “G”
    IPHONE-5 is a waste of money conpared to this BEAT!
    Great job LG!

    • David says:

      Happy for LG too! But they have bad firmware update reputation. But keeping up now, they’re updating the Optimus 2x and Black and others to ICS. I like how HTC is doing with their updates, the best. If software update is a must, then get a nexus unit. They get the first updates. hehe

    • mx says:

      @ David, ok ba ang update nang nexus devices sa pilipinas?i mean OTA ba sila? and if so san nang gagaling yung OTA? smart? globe? sun?

  8. mico says:

    i’m starting to loving this new lg smartphone.

    kung ang pag uusapan ang design at specification this is no doubt better than sgs3.

    nice job lg!

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