Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 630 images leak

Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 630 images leak

Successors to Nokia’s Lumia phones last year are coming soon as notorious leaker @evleaks has just posted images of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 630.

Nokia Lumia 930 1

Starting with the Lumia 930, you can see that they rounded it off and incorporated a much more recent design language. To note, nowhere to be seen is a yellow color variant which they used excessively on last year’s model. What we have here are four colors, a dual-LED flash, a chassis that looks aluminum + polycarbonate and a 1080p display, judging from the amount of content displayed on the screen.

Nokia Lumia 630


For the Lumia 630, we can expectedly see that the design looks simpler than the high-end Lumias. No LED flash is to be found on the back, and we’re not sure if those buttons up front are capacitive or on-screen (the bezels look really thick for it to be capacitive buttons).

We still have no accurate details on the specs and the releases of the certain phones above, so you have to stay tuned for more updates.

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Updated: It’s now official! See our story here for the Lumia 630/635 and the Lumia 930.

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