Samsung announces cause of Galaxy Note7 incidents

Samsung announces cause of Galaxy Note7 incidents

Samsung Electronics, along with independent industry expert organizations, has announced during a press conference the reasons why the Galaxy Note7 smartphone catches fire.

According to Samsung, they have utilized over 700 engineers, 200K devices, and 30K batteries, as well as performed repeated device charge and discharge test to replicate the Galaxy Note7 incidents experienced by its customers.

The investigation involves the two batteries manufactured by two different companies: Battery A and Battery B. According to the findings by Samsung Electronics and independent industry groups UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, defects were found in the manufacturing of the two batteries.


For Battery A, an internal cell faulting and thermal failure occurred due to the tight cell pouch design that didn’t have enough room for the electrodes. This caused the electrodes to bend at the upper corners, compromising its integrity, which led to an internal short circuit.

For Battery B, it used a different cell pouch design with enough room for the electrodes. However, a new manufacturing flaw occurred (probably in its haste to replace Company A battery), this time in the electrode tab welding. Investigators found that the welding spots were sharp and relatively tall enough to bridge the distance between the positive and negative electrodes. In addition, they also found missing insulation tapes in one of the electrode tabs which increases the chances of an internal short circuit.

Based on what Samsung has learned from the investigation, the company has “implemented a broad range of internal quality and safety processes to further enhance product safety including additional protocols such as the multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check. Samsung also formed a Battery Advisory Group of external advisers, academic and research experts to ensure it maintains a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation.”

DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, has also expressed his sincere apology and gratitude to Galaxy Note7 customers, mobile operators, retail and distribution partners and business partners for their patience and continued support.

“Today, more than ever, we are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in safety, and as a gateway to unlimited possibilities and incredible new experiences,” Koh said.

source: Samsung

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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6 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    Kung battery, ang diperensiya, dapat battery din ang kapalit.
    Ibalik na, removable battery for some phone models!

    • nyl says:

      may purpose kung bakit non removable ang battery. ive read na one of its reason is its quick charging purposes and safety. endurance and design ng phone. lahat ng bagay may purpose

  2. el gato says:

    at may rason din kung bakit sinabi ko: for some phone models… :)

    obviously, built-in battery for water/dust resistance, thin/lightweight devices, high-end (na hindi ko kayang bilhin).

    sa mga low to mid-range phones (na kaya kung bilhin dahil el cheapo ako), mas maganda para sa akin ang removable battery. easy to replace if battery = dead after two years…
    (power banks are glorified ‘external batteries’ )

  3. Axc says:

    El Gato its not that easy they have their reasons why they opted for non removable.

    • matty says:

      what do you mean not easy? every phone back then had a removable battery, it was actually harder to design phones with non-removable batteries as they need to contend with leakage and expansion (ung nangyari ngayon sa note 7).

      ung ginagawa nila ngayon na non-removable, gusto lang nila kumita nga service center nila, else forces you to buy a new model (kasi wala na daw stock ng battery for the old)
      phones with removable batteries never had that problem (may lumia 830 ako from 2014 pa, guess what may battery available dun sa local battery outlet namin)

  4. Jay says:

    Nah the main reason why they opted for non-removable batteries because they want to follow Apple’s Planned obsolescence model.

    Kung ikaw ay isang kompanya na nagbebenta ng bagong model ng phone kada taon, bakit ka gagawa ng product na tumatagal?

    In the end it’s all about money

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