Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus vs. Huawei Honor

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus vs. Huawei Honor

We’ve recently attended the official announcement of the Huawei U8860 (Honor) and been dazzled by its features and most importantly its price. So we had an idea to compare Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus which is in the same price range as the Honor to give you guys an insight on which phone will give you more bang for your buck.

Our basis for this comparison is the suggested retail price: the Huawei Honor retails for Php13,999 while the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus retails for Php13,990.

Specs-wise, the Huawei Honor clearly has an advantage over Galaxy Ace Plus. The only good thing going for the latter is its Bluetooth 3.0 support that is not much of an advantage either.


Software-wise, the Ace Plus offers the usual TouchWiz UI while Honor offers a pre-installed cloud storage app that give users up to 160GB of free additional memory.

As mentioned on our Huawei Honor preview, the team is committed to bring ICS to their handset within the second quarter of the year. Not the same can be said for the Ace Plus. Regardless of the authenticity, I think that both of these handsets can run on ICS with a little bit tweaking and some painstaking effort from developers/hackers.


Basing from the specs alone, this is a lop-sided match for the Huawei Honor. But one thing that I think the Galaxy Ace Plus have edge over the Honor is the brand. Huawei, being a fairly new company in the smart phone world, will have a bit of a struggle breaking in to the Philippine market unlike Samsung. We’d like to know your thoughts about this.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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56 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Samsung is in waaay over their heads this time. The Galaxy Ace Plus is the same old Ace with a slightly larger screen with a higher clocked ARM11 processor, which is terribly slow compared to the Cortex A8 on the Honor. This comparison is quite idiotic in the sense that they’re not even in the same performance class. A more appropriate matchup would be between the Honor, Galaxy W and Xperia Neo V. To put even more insult to injury on Samsung’s part, the Xperia Mini that is 20% cheaper than the Ace Plus and is MUCH faster thanks to a Cortex A8 QSD8255 SOC. The Ace Plus is overpriced turd.

  2. unggoy says:

    english english ka pa ang hina naman ng pang-intindi mo.


    utak pre.

  3. durugista says:

    +1 pre. Di ata marunong magbasa. :)

  4. @Kyle

    Nakadrugs ka ba? thats too simple pinahaba mo pa sablay naman! wahahhha, read+think!

  5. ian says:

    Sir Ronnie is right. Specs and price-wise, I’d definitely go for Huawei. But like many others, I’m not really familiar with the quality of Huawei smartphones as compared to that of Samsung.
    Right now, I’m looking at smartphones in the market which cost less than P20,000, and I’m leaning toward Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. But Huawei Honor is really tempting. Had Huawei been long established in the country, I may just buy it. I’m just really concerned about its performance, quality and after-sales support.

  6. JmBalicano says:

    Samsung usually churns out phones with a lot of bang for buck. Not so with the Ace Plus. Way too expensive. It’s nice to see Huawei making a name for themselves by offering powerful and well-built phones at more affordable prices.

  7. mel says:

    pabor sa huawei nga talaga, wala lang din ako kilala nanakagamit na ng huawei na smartphone pero good na good yung specs nila at yung upcoming ics na update. malaking bonus din ang battery which is unusual para sa range ng handset na to, +1 sa akin ang huawei honor!

  8. Eric says:

    It would also be interesting if the Alcatel Sapphire HD be thrown in to make it a triple-threat match (based on price). The Alcatel has a 4.3″ screen which is impressive at a SRP of Php13,999.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah same here. I was actually googling a comparison of the Alcatel OT 995 and the Huawei Honor. From what i’ve researched, the Honor seems better. The Alcatel one seems to have some issues. It doesn’t seem as speedy. I think its 3D UI is just gimmicky and slowing down the phone. I do like though its bigger screen but if the Honor’s battery is really what it says it is, then Honor hands-down.

  9. pinoy persuasion says:

    Way to go, Huawei!

  10. Nik says:

    “Huawei, being a fairly new company in the smart phone world”

    They’ve been churning out plenty mobiles that are usually re-branded by big networks so they’re not exactly noobs.

    I’m more worried about their Chinese military ties.

  11. Kyle says:

    Ano gusto mo? Taglish? Not good for technical jargon.

    The point is this: they’re NOT in the same performance zone. Eh alam na pala sa spec sheet palang na basura specs ng Galaxy Ace, bat mo pa i-kukumpara? Halata ang pagkakaiba, bat pa papatulan? A proper comparison would be phones in the same price zone with similar innards. i.e. Galaxy W, LG Optimus Black, Xperia Neo V. What do these phones have in common? A Cortex A8-based SOC, a WVGA screen, a relatively large 3.7″ screen, and they’re occupying the Huawei Honor’s price territory.

    Kukumpara mo ba Inline-4 2.4L Honda Accord sa V6 3.8L Hyundai Genesis Coupe na nasa same price range? Utak pre.

  12. Kyle says:

    Pinahaba? The author didn’t even expound on what makes the Huawei Honor so much better than the Ace Plus.

    “Specs-wise, the Huawei Honor clearly has an advantage over Galaxy Ace Plus. The only good thing going for the latter is its Bluetooth 3.0 support that is not much of an advantage either.”

    He never mentioned the ancient ARM11-based processor the Ace Plus is using that no other phone in the 13K Php and up price range is using. In short, wala sa spec sheet na nilista niya and that’s a big thing. They all use either Cortex A8s or Cortex A9s.

    P.S. Read+Think ka rin. I’m OBVIOUSLY siding with the article with my first post, but this comparison is pointless because the Ace Plus never stood a chance in the first place.

  13. JmBalicano says:

    @Kyle: I think the thing they are taking issue with is the idiotic remark. Don’t worry, I read the second half of that sentence and know what you mean by idiotic. Still, it’s important that this comparison be made since not everyone likes to keep updated with phone specs.

    The original Galaxy Ace was one of the more popular entry/mid level phones during the first few months after it came out. New (uninformed) buyers might automatically go for the Ace Plus just because of the positive feedback associated with the name.

    This comparison isn’t what you would call pointless seeing as there are still quite a few people who are inquiring about the Ace Plus when they can get a phone like the Xperia Ray that has a better screen, better styling, and guaranteed ICS in the future for 2-3k less than what you can get the Ace Plus for.

  14. Rahrahoohlala says:

    the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus vs Huawei Honor comparison may somehow be mis-matched, but not everyone would always be in favor for a phone that’s worth every penny. I’d still go with the well established Samsung over Huawei.

  15. audiatoms says:

    We’re all trying to weigh things out here. All your inputs should be considered correct, but subjective nor constructive criticisms shouldn’t be the focus here.

    Yung dalawang device po ang compared dito, hindi yung commenters. Huawei is the king here, obviously.

    Just saying.

  16. Roegan Taron says:

    What’s the ppi for each phone? Yuga do you know?

  17. JmBalicano says:

    @Roegan Taron

    Ace Plus: 158ppi
    Honor: 245ppi

  18. Niel says:

    oo nga naman I agree with audiatoms.

  19. biztech says:

    Si Samsung di rin sya popular before. Looks like nagpapakilala na si Huawei. Dati nirerebrand ng mga network yung mobile broadband nila. Ngayon sila na nagmomodernize ng mga network. Sana mas marami pang smartphones ang lumabas like Ascend Quadcore!!!!!!!!

  20. Smoking_Kapre says:

    A key factor is Durability. You bring your phone everywhere you go inevitably exposing your phone to constant stress and strain. No matter how good the specs is, if the phone is not durable its gonna breakdown.

    But there are people who can handle their phones pretty well. If you are one of them then the Huawei is the obvious choice.

  21. Guest says:

    Xperia U na lang! 13990 pesos SRP mid May nga lang ang release. Dual core plus ARM Mali GPU, 280 PPI etc. Problema lang walang micro sd. Around ~6GB lang storage. Mag rerely ka sa cloud storage na 50GB free online storage.

  22. biztech says:

    bottomline panalo Honor sa 3 days of battery life. pwedeng di na magdala charger for a weekend escapade.

  23. Noir says:


    Are certain of the Xperia U pricing?

  24. matt says:

    Honor seem so tempting, though am not sure about its quality and after sales support.

  25. matt says:

    Huawei Honor is tempting, though am not sure with quality and after sales support.

  26. Guest says:

    Yes. Sure na 13990 xperia u. Check mo sa facebook page ng sony mobile ph, announced na pricing nung tatlong xperia.

  27. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    was quite satisfied with the quality of IDEOS and really eyeing either Honor or Sony’s Xperia Play as an upgrade. Not really impressed with the Ace’s specs and TouchWiz is useless for me

  28. Noir says:

    @Guest saw it :D

    Yup nice price but still having diubts on battery life. Dual Core with 1300mah. I like long battery life. Honor is still quite a deal

  29. thejorlanb says:

    If you are not familiar with Huawei, they are just the companies behind the mobile broadband, broadband sticks, wifi sticks…blah blah by Globe or smart (not sure)…

  30. Roegan Taron says:

    @JmBalicano Thanks man! Clearly, Huawei’s the better one. And as for the ones worried about its quality, I think it’s acceptable. Haven’t heard of any bad reviews for any of Huawei’s phones lately.

  31. J2DV says:

    Sir/Ma’am ask ko lang saang store here in metro manila nakakabili ng Huawei Honor at those specified price? tnx a lot yuga. ;]

  32. lawrence says:

    I had my first Huawei Smartphone in the form of Globe’s Cloudfone Temptation aka Huawei Boulder. It’s an entry-level smartphone but I’m quite satisfied with it’s build quality and durability is not an issue. Battery life is ok compared with my previous smartphones. I had several Samsung smartphones and I’d say, I prefer the build quality of Huawei with it’s price point. Ask me if I’d still buy another Huawei device, and I’d say “definitely!” :)

  33. lawrence says:

    For those curious, I’ve been using Smartphones since 2001. I had 9 HTC’s, 3 Samsungs and 1 Asus. my latest is from Huawei and I’m happy with it. :)

  34. Amanda says:

    For those who don’t know Huawei they are the Samsung of China. They make all the broadband and mifi devices we are using. They do lack in markeitng obviously but they are just as big as Samsung so having said that…I would go for the better specs and choose Honor.

  35. RJ De Leon says:

    Sana maiwasan ‘yung mga commenters na masyado kung mag-magaling dito, wala naman sa lugar. Kung makaasta akala mo binayaran niya ‘yung writer para dun sa review/article. Tawagin ba namang “idiotic” & “pointless” ‘yung comparison, when it had already been emphatically stated that the comparison was anchored on price as common denominator. Why not just write your thoughts in your own blog then, rather than attack the writer in his own ‘house’ with your offensive choice of words just to make yourself look good?

    As far as people who had an eye on either handset or are in the market for a new phone in that price range, the comparison was helpful and served its purpose. The “idiotic” & “pointless” comment, on the other hand, was nothing more than an ironic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  36. matt says:

    Do they (Huawei) have service center in the Philippines?

  37. showbiz says:

    (Out of the topic) Do they (Huawei) have service center in the Philippines?

  38. hunter_vince says:

    di nga kilala ang huawei peo kung ang pagbabasehan nio ung mga broadband stick n ginagamit ng smart, globe at smart even ung mifi nila… huawei product un.. so it means… u can trust huawei.. sa india sikat ang huawei…

  39. Huawowowei says:

    san store po ito mabibibili sir abe..or any one na may alam i nid 1 please. thnks

  40. ian says:

    They’re selling it for 15K (card) over at MX Store in SM North Edsa Annex 5th floor.

  41. Hello everyone. Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it :-) The new Huawei Honor is now available at ePhone, Globotel, Mega Exchange, and MX MemoXpress :-) 1) ePhone Shop: SM North EDSA Annex A (738-2310), SM Sta. Mesa (714-0812), SM Mandaluyong (621-5356), SM Manila (567-0422), and SM Paranaque (820-7632); 2) Globotel: Greenbelt 1 Mall Makati (888-0105); 3) Mega Exchange: SM Megamall (637-3163), SM Mall of Asia (556-0542); 4) MX MemoXpress: Festival Supermall Alabang (659-3590: / 850-3724), SM North EDSA Annex 1 (332-1915/332-2382), SM Valenzuela (292-7466), Trinoma Mall Quezon City (916-7653), Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall (681-7487/681-5458), SM Marikina (477-1892 to 93), SM Cubao (709-2724), SM Megamall (635-5304/637-7781), Robinsons Place Pioneer Forum (687-1325), SM San Lazaro (786-2641), Robinsons Place The Huawei Honor will be available at ePhone Shop: SM North EDSA Annex A (738-2310), SM Sta. Mesa (714-0812), SM Mandaluyong (621-5356), SM Manila (567-0422), and SM Bicutan (820-7632); Globotel: Greenbelt 1 Mall Makati (888-0105); Mega Exchange: SM Megamall (637-3163), SM Mall of Asia (556-0542); MX MemoXpress: Festival Supermall Alabang (659-3590 / 850-3724), SM North EDSA Annex 1 (332-1915/332-2382), SM Valenzuela(292-7466), Trinoma Mall Quezon City (916-7653), Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall (681-7487/681-5458), SM Marikina (477-1892 to 93), SM Cubao (709-2724), SM Megamall (635-5304/637-7781), Robinsons Place Pioneer Forum (687-1325), SM San Lazaro (786-2641), Robinsons Place Manila Midtown (567-1965), SM Mall of Asia (556-0540), and Cash & Carry Mall (836-9475). Midtown (567-1965), SM Mall of Asia (556-0540), and Cash & Carry Mall (836-9475).

  42. Omalli says:

    I am considering the Huawei Honor.
    Why not? Nobody cared about Samsung phones before when they were known for TVs and microwave ovens. But look at them now. Huawei is not known by regular people but they are the biggest network technology supplier in the world. I am not surprised they are making good phones. I am excited to see this phone and try it out.

  43. milanaorly says:

    Huawei Honor for the win :D

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  45. catalina says:

    My husband is using huawei ideos, free kasi sa smart postpaid line nya. Ok ang performance, mabilis mag connect, clear ang pictures, malambot pindotin, ok ang battery performance. Sana available na rin on postpaid itong huawei honor coz malapit na akong mag renew para may libre akong unit hehe.

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  47. mary rose amaneo says:

    mas ok ba yung huawei kesa sa sony ericsson experia arc s? yun kase yung pinag iisipan ko bilhin

    • JmBalicano says:

      mas angat po ang Arc S in quality and performance. It’s one of the better cameraphones and it has mobile Bravia technology so that images and movies appear better. Maganda nga po ang specs ng Huawei Honor, pero colors on the screen look a bit washed out. With the Arc S, you get a bigger and better screen along with one of the best cameras you can get on a phone. It’s also one of the best single core phones out there.

  48. bob says:

    galaxy ace plus is a piece of crappy plastic for a mid range, not worth my 13 grand on that…

  49. Atom says:

    At first, I doubted. I read the reviews and went to SM MOA Memoexpress. Best buy! I am enjoying my Honor. Really Honorable. I like the Cloud feature also. Highly recommended!

  50. Bera says:

    no ICS or JELLYBEAN upgrade?

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