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Download Temple Run for Android

The popular game Temple Run which used to be only for the iPhone and iPad is now available for Android devices as well (smartphones and tablets alike). We’ve downloaded it on a number of devices and played with it.

Temple Run for Android was made available in the Google Play Store on March 27 and has been rated by over 11,000 users in the first 24 hours of availability. There’s still no data on how many people have downloaded the game so far but we are looking at hundreds of thousands in the next 24 to 48 hours.


The game requires Android 2.1 and might not be compatible with some of the newer Android smartphones. So far, we’ve identified a few ones that are not compatible including the Smart Netphone 701 and Alcatel OT 990.

It’s a little hard to find Temple Run via the Play Store even if you search for it but you can grab the download here too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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90 Responses

  1. Noir says:

    I would have stopped at over 9000 for more comedic effect

  2. Hideki says:

    Yeah! There are phones that doesn’t support it, even if they already got 2.2 but using ARMv6 ported version of the game fixes it. For lagging in such phones like SGY, using Chainfire3D does the magic. :D

  3. Randz says:

    Doesn’t work on my Galaxy Y. Huhuhu.

  4. mrbug says:

    Worked perfectly with my HTC sensation nice.

  5. jdGONEMAD says:

    looks weird on my galaxy note.

  6. Kei says:

    Its also not compatible with samsung galaxy ace :'(

  7. jamby says:

    waited for a long time only to find out its not compatible with my fuc$%^# Cosmo!!!

    Dapat lagay na din nila yung CPU reqt’s, di yung ilalagay lang 2.1 and Up…..

  8. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    not compatible for Huawei IDEOS U8150 T_T

    can someone extract the APK and upload it?

  9. HK-47 says:

    Sort of works on my Nexus S (ICS), but crashes a lot.

  10. Leave a Reply says:

    to download right away in Google Play just search:



  11. Jolina Magdangal says:

    The upgrades are not responsive. Looks blurry on my phone. Still, I enjoyed it. :D

  12. JC dela Cruz says:

    For those who are using Galaxy Y which is ArmV6. Enjoy Temple Run! Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ekpgd4fdbau7aba

    NO ROOT required.


  13. loadex says:

    It hangs on my SG 5.0 Wifi. It happens only every time I fell or crash on the trees.

    Upon tapping Next Run, there it goes.. hangs on me.

    The unit reverts to idle and I have to tap the Temple Run icon. Though I can play continously huwag lang mamatay si pogi!

  14. Bon says:

    Works great on Galaxy Tab 8.9. :)

  15. jc says:

    :( not compatible with my optimus one..

  16. elmer says:

    runs smooth on my sensation xe

  17. terrell says:

    Not compatible with lg optimus v can yall hurry and fix this or supply a fix!!! like dmn man we all waited to long WAY TO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. roiji says:

    works well with my Sony Ericsson xperia mini pro SK17i no crashes so far.
    also works with LG Optimus 2X.
    looking to see if it works with Motorola Milestone and Samsung Galaxy Spica (good luck with the latter :D)

  19. showbiz says:

    Seems there’s a lot of complain with temple run running on android. Hopefully, Imangi will launch an update to fix these problems.

  20. pinoy persuasion says:

    Hooked on it on my Asus Transformer 101. LOVE IT!

  21. jamaica says:

    The title should have read “Download Temple Run for those who can’t afford an iPhone”.

    • ZAYNE says:

      That being a Real Bitch and And Selfish i have an iPhone but who in their right mind would say that iPhone is just for the rich. Yes Some people cant afford it thats why they went for android but dont you think some users just want a Different Operating system other than iOS and you just Implementing that all iPhone Users are all just rich people and Stupid people that doesnt know how to use other technological advances in the world… Tsk tsk tsk @Jamaica a Typical Airhead :(

  22. Noynoying says:

    @Jamaica, you’re really the classic representation of an iPhone owner airhead. Masaya ba kayo na ganyan image nyong mga iPhone owners? Steve Jobs is now depicted in his biography as a cold psycho, that figures.

  23. Pinoy says:

    Cool! Works in my moto Xoom! Thanks for the link!

  24. Galo says:

    This release has been a disaster so far. Mid to low end devices can’t run this thing even though the iPhone 3G (412 MHz) and the 3GS (600 Mhz) runs the game practically perfect. That’s what happens when the OS is a laggy unoptimized mess on even dual core devices.

  25. fantard says:

    oh sya jamaica ikaw na ang nka iPhone, nka iPhone ka nga 3gs nman? jailbroken pa LOLSS…
    the game works well on my Xperia Arc :))
    if u cant find the game, just type Imangi…

  26. jumanji says:

    Lagi na lang huli ang Android. Instagram nga wala pa dun haha. Mahina kasi kita ng developers sa Android kasi karamihan ng nabebenta mga budget phones gaya ng Samsung Galaxy Y.

    • ZAYNE says:

      Because Google OS hasnt been Polishing their APK’s (Its a Software development kit for android) Ang google needs to improve how they can contribute more to their developers and not just their consumers

  27. macky says:

    works well on my A500 :)

  28. vince says:

    Working on my HTC Desire pero hindi kasing smooth ng sa iPhone. kailangan talaga ng update. I think nirelease nila para malaman nila yung bugs bago sila gumawa ng update. dami kasing version ng Android kaya sa iba ok at sa iba hindi.

  29. iphone4S says:

    kung walang pambili ng iphone… mag ipod na lang… kesa nagtatyaga sa android…

  30. android_suc says:

    Tama ka dyan. Android = can’t afford ng iphone.

  31. aira says:

    porket naka android na cant afford agad ng iphone di ba pwede choice muna ang android kay sa iphone..

    anyway i have apple products:
    iphone 4 and 4s
    ipad 2 and new ipad
    macbook pro
    P.s Galaxy note pala android ko!

  32. joey_7777 says:

    ok lng naka android kesa naka iphone nga puro free apps naman o kaya jailbroken para makagamit ng paid apps…:(

  33. iphone4S says:

    @joey_7777 – as if naman bumibili ka ng paid apps sa android!!! common’ lets face it… why would you spend your cash for a nonsense app when you could test it with free app first!!!

  34. Hohum says:

    Ok lang naka Android kesa naman naka iPhone ka basura naman ang ugali, just like yung mga nagcomment na naka iPhone daw sila, where are your manners?

  35. iCrap says:

    baka naman ung iPhone ni jamaica yung 1st gen pa? ewwwww

  36. iphone4S says:

    Pag naka android bait-baitan!?! At pag naka iphone “where are your manners?” na agad!?! Funny!!! I just dont get the idea why there are people na pag hindi na madefend and sarili feeling aping api na!!! Did any iphone user here degrade any personality of anyone here especially those of android users!?! Everyone has a choice, each one can choose to buy iphone or an android, but that doesn’t automatically reflect one’s attitude or the personality as a whole itself!!! The point here is stick with the topic… And not stooping down to the level of personality bashing!!! Logic please!!!

  37. JC dela Cruz says:

    Iphone or Android… Whatever.. They are smoked by Windows Phone :)

  38. cnet says:

    here is your logic iphone4shit
    bulok na yung apple ngayon kasi wala na si steve jobs kaya lang naman nagmamalaki mga iphone owners ay dahil kay steve kasi matalino sya mag imbento ng gadgets pero dahil si cook na ang ceo ngayon pumanget ang mga nilalabas na gadgets ng apple like yung ipad 3. wtf mas mabigat at mas mataba kaysa sa ipad 2. in-upgrade nga nila yung camera at display pero yung quality bumaba, mas ok pa yung ipad 2.
    ayaw mo api-apihan? edi kami aggressor

  39. gomorra says:

    Insecure talaga mga androidiots. Kapag nilalabas ko iPhone 4S ko manghang mangha and inggit na mga naka Android haha.

  40. Marcelino says:

    WAAAAIT! The topic is about Temple Run’s availability in Android. NOT about Android users’ incapacity to buy an iPhone. LOL

    Anyway, I do own an iPhone 4S. It may be ONE OF THE BEST smartphones out there.
    But, it is NOT the best. Naliliitan ako sa screen! Hahaha

    Madadaig din ang iPhone ng mga upcoming phones. Unless they release the next-gen iPhone that can withstand the tough competition today.

    PS. Excited na ko for Samsung Galaxy S3! :P

  41. Anonymous says:

    A little lesson in history, boys and girls.


    “Visionary, Innovator, Steve Jobs RIP, you will be missed.”

    Who stole ideas, screwed friends, and used and exploited others.

  42. Anonymous says:

    A little lesson in history, boys and girls.

    h t t p : / / y o u t u . b e / TWyLOKjlAKA?t=1h1m54s

    “Visionary, Innovator, Steve Jobs RIP, you will be missed.”

    Who stole ideas, screwed friends, and used and exploited others.

  43. NullVoid says:

    A little lesson in history, boys and girls.

    Do a search in Youtube TWyLOKjlAKA?t=1h1m54s

    “Visionary, Innovator, Steve Jobs RIP, you will be missed.”

    Who stole ideas, screwed friends, and used and exploited others.

  44. Windows says:

    To all apple fanboys/fangirls here who underestimate android users and those who can’t afford such iCrap:

    “B**ch Please!”

    -Your iPhone is smoked by my windows phone! Go and stick your iCrap to your ass because thats what it’s made for

    -Your iPad is just a bread slicer, or better yet a chopping board. Social climbers- chossing iPad over android tablet, thinking they are rich.

    So you got an expensive iPad? Sorry but my Samsung Series 7 Slate is more expensive than yours! and it’s twice the price Hahahaha! And it’s more powerful than your iCrap

    • ZAYNE says:

      Can You count how many Apps are their and Developers In windows Phone and Compare it to Apple Apps and Android Apps. Windows is Great dont get me wrong but they have a limited amount of developers in their market

  45. cnet says:

    @GOMORON este @gomorra
    androidiots? doesnt make sense, it doesnt even sound correct. at hindi insecure ang mga android users kasi hindi naman talaga expensive ang igadgets, yung ipad 18k nalang. iphone ay 30k. ipod 2k+. eew wtf. so yeah itry mong ilabas ang iphone 4s mo, go moron! ilalabas ko galaxy tab ko, tablet na pwede pang phone at higit sa lahat 30k lang din SUPER AMOLED na at 7 inch ang screen! kung ako papipiliin sa ipad or android tablet maghahanap nalang ako ng android tablet maganda na mahal pa! ano? sagot! go, moron! BOOM

    • ZAYNE says:

      OK Then You have a galaxy tab and it can be used as a Phone So USE IT AS A [email protected] Phone I would like to see how stupid you look using it no one in their right minds would use a 7 Inch tablet and Stick it in their ears. An Yea Some android Tablets are good But have you compared the response of the iPad, iPhone and Your Tab (I have a tab so even i compared it) tell me that the tab is more responsive then the iPhone “I DONT THINK SO!!!” and you have no right to compare a Phone and a Table they are different things its just sad because you are not comparing an iPad vs Tab. and Besides taking the Name of a Large Tech News Company just says your imagination and ability of Plagiarism

  46. gomorra says:

    ^Yan ang typical androidiot sa taas. Asal squatter lol.

  47. cnet says:

    Ok. iphone owner or kunwaring may iphone pero wala naman talaga? Magtago ka nalang sa kwarto mo este sa kwarto na pinaghahatian nyo ng pulubi ninyong pamilya para hindi ka napapahiya kasi ikaw ang kawawa kapag ako nag comment. Oo nga pala mga viewers tawa tayo dun sa lol nya para hindi siya malugi, kawawa kasi.
    Btw gamit ko nga pala galaxy ko sa pagcomment dito. :)

    Enjoy your poor life!

  48. cnet says:

    Ano? Reply pa para masaya.
    Trying hard to be so cool kasi pero ending up looking like a fool instead.
    Fool and a moron, that is.

  49. hp23 says:

    ^gomorra ikaw ang typical matapobre/nagmamayaman/nagmamayabang/wala namang alam..

  50. gomorra says:

    No sense lang mag reply sa mga tao na limited ang brain cells and vocabulary and kailangan mag resort sa name calling, Mostly ito yung mga internet tough guys na wala naman sinabi sa totoong buhay.

  51. Noynoying says:

    @gomorra, look who started the name-calling? Di ba sinabihan ang mga Android users as “those who can’t buy an iPhone?”

    Wag mo baligtarin, it is the “so-called iSheep” who started the name-calling. the Android users are just defending themselves.

    Not all Android users can’t afford iPhones or iPads. Some people just prefer a different platform and most of them hindi after sa hangaan sila ng mga tao kasi me iPhone sila.

    I for one, I use Android because of it’s openness. Can you copy the HD DVDs and watch them on your iPad without converting them? So please, iPad and iPhone owners, don’t expect all people as closed-minded as you.

    Respect each other’s choices. Lalo nyo lang nirereenforce ang image nyong mga iPhone/iPad owners as mayayabang.

  52. Guys kung gusto nyo po ng working na apk ng Temple Run.
    just visit my site.

    pakilike na din po sa FB. for android help and suppor http://www.facebook.com/pinoyandroids

    for sure makakatulong kami.

    Thanks yugatech.

  53. xzibit says:

    Vote for gomorra a.k.a ” Go Moron” for pambansang tanga ng Pilipinas!

  54. cnet says:

    ^ I just loved that! :)
    go moron, no comment nalang para di lugi, right?

  55. cnet says:

    i read your comment gomorra, bakit puro ka may “and” hindi ka ba marunong ng proper sentence making? and “and” nilalagay lang sa pinakahulihan ng sentence kung may gusto kang idagdag na idea. you are proving to us that you really are, a moron.

  56. go moron says:

    Go Moron! Go Moron! Go Moron! Go Moron!

  57. Mica says:

    OMG! Yey! Thank you! :)

  58. pcso result says:

    working on my lg optimus black, but sometimes it crashes

  59. JC dela Cruz says:

    For all your Androids, IPhones and IPad needs, please visit here http://approb.com/

    Games and apps are always updated!

  60. daniel says:

    kaka-adiik! working great using my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. kaso ung Miser run na objective hindi na-a-accomplish kahit nagawa mo na at minsan tumitigil. pero contented…. free naman. sana may update to fix issues.

  61. MarieK says:

    Sobrang defensive talaga itong mga naka Android. Insecure lang?

  62. S2 says:



    di ako pumapatol sa mga phones na microscopic ang screen size.

  63. batugan says:

    yung mga bumibili ng iphone at ipad, yun ang mga walang alam sa gadgets. masabi lang na sosyal sila bibili ng underpowered and overrated na phone

    • ZAYNE says:

      Dont even think just because iPad and Iphones are underpowered doesnt mean that they cant do Amazing things AND just because we have iPhones does not mean we are trying to be more “SOSYAL” than others Androids have weaknesses too…. they are also Underpowered (Morelike underclocked) and so is the iPhone they are all underpowered for their battery….I THINK YOU SHOULD DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU COMMENT and PS* I KNow my Gadgets what you are saying is just an STereotype apple fan is Well guess what I Know what im saying ive Researched my THings In Technology Ive experienced APPLE (iOS), GOOGLE (Android), and Windows (windows Mobile) so dont tell me “WALA AKONG ALAM” because it just says na ikaw ang walang alam

  64. S2 says:



    hindi ako magtitiyaga sa isang mobile phone na microscopic ang screen!

    at sa inyong mga nagyayabang ng iphone, sana habang hinahalikan niyo ang cellphone niyo eh inaalala niyo rin yung mga inaabusong employado ng apple sa mga sweatshops nila sa mga third world na bansa!

    • ZAYNE says:

      its not just apple who is working with Foxxconn but android Companies such as HTC, SAMSUNG, HP and Alot more its just that Apple has a lot more media hype due to the fact they are one of the most Impressive Companies In the World

  65. keemo says:

    isang simpleng game app nauwi sa payabangan at awayan tsk tsk. anyway, works great on my phone after updating.

  66. agimat says:

    Underpowered compared sa high end Android na kahit dual core na may lag pa rin not to mention cheap plastic ang build?

  67. SmartphoneUser says:

    Logging in and commenting on an ANDROID article? Now look who’s talking about being INSECURE?

    iSheep will be iSheep, blindly following and believing the Reality Distortion Field.

    You iSuck, iFools, iDiots.

  68. Albert says:

    Guys, you may also check out Xperia S, U and P comparison and prices http://techbullets.blogspot.com/2012/03/sony-xperia-nxt-series-philippines.html

  69. Del Kia says:

    Proof na insecure and walang pinag-aralan mga Android users.

  70. rocky says:

    Kailangan kasi mag overcompensate ang Android and Androidtards. Sa Android, kailangan dual core or quad core kasi mabagal ang OS. Sa Androidtards na puro yabang, gusto nila malaking screen kasi maliit mga dicks nila.

  71. Marcelino says:

    Bahala kayo mag-away dyan.

    Basta ako, I’m very happy with my iPhone 4S with Temple Run that runs BUTTERY SMOOTH!

    Peace out!

  72. cnet says:

    i dont really care on what you’re saying but uhh androidtards? seriously? wala ka na bang maisip na pang-inis sa mga android users at yun nalang ang na-comment mo dito? That figures, you ARE an iDiot. BTW, may alam ka ba sa mga pinagsasabi mo doon sa comment mo? Ano ang connection ng core sa OS speed? Kahit 13 yrs old lang ako at hindi expert sa mga bagay na yan, alam ko kung bakit ko pagtatawanan ang comment mo sa taas ^. That figures, you ARE an iDiot. PS: Boy – Pickup ka ba? Kasi walang connection ang screen size sa dick size. It has no sense. That figures, you ARE an iDiot.

  73. haoki says:

    ^Typical prepubescent keyboard warrior.

    Ito picture ni cnet in real life:

  74. cnet says:

    I will take that as a compliment and I dont care if it really wasn’t. Btw active na po ako sa “Instagram for Android” thread. So sa mga mayayabang na ios users, WELCOME! :) and Goodbye.

  75. geron says:

    Ui, yung mga feeling iPhone ang gamit dyan! If I know karamihan sa inyo Ipod Touch lang ang gamit! hahaha:)) Yung mga nagyayabang ng Iphone mga social Climber! hahaha. hindi naman kailangan ipagkalandakan na Iphone gamit nyo! Ewww!

  76. Techie101 says:

    Meron na people instagram for android! :D Download nyo na!

  77. ZAYNE says:

    TO THOSE that think of iPhone users as Mayabang and Just think of them selves and doesnt think of that third world country….I’d reaserch your comments before posting it yes i am an iPhone and iPad user but i’m Also am an Android User it seems that the comments here are Not directed to the Post of “Yuga” but directed torwards Apple Vs Androids….WELL let me tell you this its not about the size….its not about the Hardware inside….. BUT!!! The Interaction of The Customer/ Consumer/Buyer and The ADevice or the iDevice or heck the WDevice and the Developer of that Operating System.

  78. Nadia says:

    Alam nyo guys, wag tayong gagaya sa mga foreigners.

    Pabayaan na lang natin sila ang mag fliptop debate regarding idevices & android.

    Tayong mga Pilipino, kilala sa pagiging magalang at hospitable. It is a matter of choice kung anong phone ang gusto mong bilhin, igalang na lang natin ang isa’t-isa.

    • ZAYNE says:

      I agree pero foreigners rin naman tayo sa ibang bansa. This fight MIGHT never end remember this are two big shot 500fortune companies and they will not stop at being the best in order to have peace we must stop so others will :)

  79. iososo says:

    naka iphone 4s nga max out naman credit card.. lol!

  80. sana magkaroon ang cp ko na samsung ng temple run

  81. darryldose says:

    meron po bang temple run sa pc? kung meron po reply niyo na lang sa akin ang link. salamat. :)

  82. elizabeth says:

    pwede ba mg download ng trun s ainol tablet

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