Samsung Galaxy S4 to be officially announced March 14

Samsung Galaxy S4 to be officially announced March 14

We didn’t quite believe it when it was making rounds on the internet, but now Samsung’s JK Shin confirms it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be announced on March 14.

Samsung will be announcing their flagship earlier than we expected. According to the report, they will do it in Samsung’s Unpacked even in New York, to gain the support of US carriers and to battle Apple on their own ground.



Last January, we wrote about Why the Samsung Galaxy S IV won’t be unveiled till May. Tackled in that article was also Samsung Lebanon’s statement that the next flagship won’t be released until May. There could be wordplay here. Announcing something and releasing something are two different things. Samsung might unveil the Galaxy S4 this March 14, but it won’t be available till May.

Just lately, it was reported that the phone will not feature Exynos and AMOLED anymore. As the announcement draws closer, the lines continue to blur. Samsung could be struggling to compete with the likes of the HTC One.


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18 Responses

  1. tarush says:

    Android fans should lower their expectations then…

    • lolwut says:

      And why would they lower their expectations? Just because you assume that other mobile OS/Products are more superior? Oh please, get your head out of your ass and live in the real world. Samsung and other Android manufacturers has had the biggest improvements in the past years and it’s clearly reflected in the market shares. It’s clearly the iSheeps that needs to lower their expectations.

  2. johnonline says:

    ano kaya ang bala ng Samsung? Sony and HTC seems to have the lead now…well, LG is on the running too. hmmm..

  3. iRonzkie23 says:

    I hope this time look Premium Design like glass or aluminum then monster hardware. dahil mas pipiliin ko ito kysa sa Xperia Z. Hirap kasi kpag built plastic ang baba ng presyo kpag benta mo for 2nd hand like my S3.. anyway my own opinion lng to ha,, hehehe!

  4. yert says:

    haha…my kaunting problem daw ang super amoled ng samy s full hd kaya ang ginamit lcd(SoLux). at ung octa core hind pala quadcore n Exynos5 nag ooverheat kaya ang ginamit ay ang s600. kailangan n kc nilang maglaunch ng flagship kc ung htc1,blacbery,sony,lg nag launch n walang matitira s kanilang market at qng susundin nila ang dating timeline s june ang kalaban ip5s. salamat s4 kc magmumura ang smartphone. walang bago s s4 kundi ang marketing naunahan n cla mag launch.

    • jm says:

      ahaha.. natataranta na ang samsung, epic fail ung design nila, nglalabasan na ang mga bago nahuhuli na sila.. whahha.. iyak cguro ang nasa design team at production engineer, tpoz iiyak ang QA/QC engineer kc minamdali ang production pra mameet ung sinasabi nilang 100MILLION units whahhaa

    • kc says:

      those non-amoled rumors are fake..
      ung boot screen na naleak mali ung text logo nya,, edited lang..

    • Oni says:

      ano wlang amoled ayawan na!

    • @Oni
      actually Super Amoled produces FAKE COLORS!

      unlike TRUE HD IPS+ produces 100% accurate TRUE TO LIFE COLOR.

  5. carlo says:

    ang tagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. gusto na kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. jorpetz says:

    Langya, ung iba kakabili lang ng 37k+ na Android phones, maya-maya may news nanaman na may bagong ilalabas after 5 months. Kasuya! Buti sana kung halagan 5k lang binibili mo. Kaya ngayon naiintindihan ko na kung baket mas pinipili ng iba mag-iPhone nlang kahit npaka-ganda ng specs ng mga Droid. :) peace!

  7. Hard to accept the FACT currently LG did the best Phone to date.

    G RPO Killed every other phones on the market.

    supports microSD Card to 64gb

    1080 Fully HD Display
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 600

    13mp IMPROVED Camera.
    Dual HD Video recorder
    360degree VR Panorama

    QUICK Memo
    QUICK Translator
    QUICK Slide
    many more…..

    • johnonline says:

      Hmmm, LG troll.anyway, sana na market ng lg ang phone nila ng maayos.wala kasing nakakaalam ng bago about lg.with my circle of friends, walang naka-LG.And most of my teammates are using Note 2..7.7 tab nmn ang gamit ko..

  8. aimee says:

    interested price for LG Optimus G. is there a postpaid promo with globe?

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