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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge burns while being used in PH

It seems that the problem isn’t only on the Note 7: A viral post is now circulating in Facebook spaces that a local variant of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also got burned during use.


According to the Facebook post of user Weng Briones, the device was being used by her child when a thick smoke suddenly popped out of nowhere and internal flames consumed much of the phone’s display and back panel. Briones has then asked for help from Samsung’s concept store at SM Taytay where she was given a full refund as an immediate action.

This isn’t the first of Samsung devices having burning issues, as there were also a few cases around the world that had the same problem. The Korean tech juggernaut’s Note flagship this year, too, had the same problems that resulted in a global massive recall and an OTA update that kept its battery charge to a bare minimum to prevent untoward incidents.

We’re awaiting comments from Samsung PH regarding this issue.


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11 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    They are so focused with note7. Other samsung models with defective battery?

  2. carlo says:

    How about the issue on the note 5 heating up? my note 5 keeps heating up more than the usual whenever i try to use my data after i updated to marshmallow. for almost 3 months now i’ve never been able to use my data on my note 5 just to keep it cool.

  3. el gato says:

    my hand-me-down samsung galaxy note 2 (with broken screen) also heats up when being charged. can samsung fix the screen for free? ;)

    @carlo, have you tried backing up your data to the cloud and/or external sd card, wiping your phone’s data and cache partition, and then restoring your data back to your refreshed phone?
    as an alternative, have you downgraded to previous OS? idk if samsung knox is tripped when going back to previous OS but troubleshooting normally requires (1) previous OS, (2) update from OTA, (3) update from full marshmallow OS, (4) wiping data, wiping partition cache, etc to refresh OS…

  4. Jade says:

    I have private messaged the author with regards to other cases and undocumented reports of exploding S7 Edge/S7 units here in PH. I hope Samsung will have an investigation regarding this.

  5. Anna says:

    Given the choice between waiting for a Note 7 replacement or getting the S7 Edge, which would you choose? Would appreciate all your opinions

  6. carlo says:

    @ El Gato

    i have already tried wiping the cache procedure etc. which fixed the abnormal heating even without using the data or just when it is idle as mentioned in other forums. only thing i havent tried out is what you mentioned tinkering with the os since i am not able to stay long at home in my pc due to my work sked. anyway, thanks for the info and will try to do so when i have time.

  7. Bennet says:

    A friend of mine had her month old s7edge checked at samsung service center because while charging it the body deformed(umangat). Now the service center wants her to pay for anew battery citing the reason of overcharging which is not covered by warranty. How can they prove it was overcharging, also its a new phone tendency is to take good care of it, when it feels hot you let it rest. I’m thinking the center if they can avoid warranty claims will do anything

    • anjdroid says:

      pineperahan pa kyo ang kakapal ng muka haha … try mo i report sa samsungg ph mismo di lang sa service center and post it in fb . kalokohan 1 month palang and their phone should have an anti overcharging support na s7 na yan di yan old phones

  8. LordStark says:

    Mine is just four days old… im going out of the country soon… if my s7 edge breaks pano ko mapapaayos to.. hindi covered ng warranty nila pag ma overcharge at puputok ang battery… nakaka praning! I should have bought an xperia..

  9. Kent says:

    My problem with my s7 edge is the dark translucent lines, issue with the integrated graphic chip. It’s been a month, ang bagal ng service ng samsung ????????

  10. Dro says:

    This is the power of social media. Dati pa naman yang mga ganyang issue panahon pa ng nokia. Ngayon kahit isang incident lang pwede palakihin at malaman ng buong mundo and becomes a global issue. Pauhan na kc ngayon ang mga bloggers na makapagreport ng ganito to gain popularity which is also not bad for the consumers kase bantay-sarado na ang mga brands. Any unit/brand naman pwede mangyari yan which is called factory defect/manufacturing defect. Kaya nga may tinatawag na “Warranty”. Iisa lang naman ang dapat matutunan dito, “Wag bumili sa grey market or from anywhere without the official warranty”.

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