Samsung intros Galaxy Folder Android flip phone

Samsung has announced a new flip phone in South Korea called the Galaxy Folder which packs an 3.8-inch display, 8 megapixel camera, and Android Lollipop.

The Galaxy Folder was introduced just after LG unveiled its LG Gentle flip phone.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Samsung Galaxy Folder key specs:
3.8-inch touchscreen display
8GB internal storage
up to 128GB via microSD
4G LTE, 3G
8MP rear camera
2MP front camera
1,800mAh battery
Android Lollipop
White, Dark Blue

The Galaxy Folder will be available in August in South Korea for 297,000 Won (~Php11,600).

source: Samsung

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar for hudaman hudaman says:

    With T9 phones, you can text under the table during a meeting. My main phone for calling and texting is a Nokia which comes in handy inside your pocket. But for other tasks like playing, surfing, and reading emails, I turn to my 5.5″ smartphone which I always keep inside my bag.

  2. Avatar for lsp lsp says:

    I like flip phones. had 4 different types in the past. Glad LG and Samsung are coming up with Android versions.

    IMO Samsung Folder has better specs than the LG Gentle, with similar dimensions.

    I just wish there’s a secondary screen outside so you can see the caller ID, notifications and the time without having to open the phone. Just like the good old days of the flip phones a decade ago.

    Would I buy one if this come ashore? Definitely. :-)

  3. Avatar for jokjok jokjok says:

    Srsly? Who would want a non-QWERTY phone rn?

  4. Avatar for Wako Wako says:

    flip fone + touchscreen = superb!! hehe
    papabili ako nito kaysa dun sa LG. :)

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