Should you update your GPP unlocked iPhone?

Should you update your GPP unlocked iPhone?

GPP is a SIM spoofing tool that is inserted into a carrier locked phone along with your local SIM in order to bypass the carrier restrictions and can be used on local networks. However, this SIM tool usually has limitations such as no LTE support and firmware compatibility, meaning if iOS updates to the latest version, the tool might not work. GPP unlocked iPhones are way cheaper than factory unlocked iPhones as a majority of these are region or carrier locked or even refurbished, possibly stolen surplus iPhones coming from China, Korea, and Japan.

Apple routinely releases a new version of its operating system, better known as iOS, whenever it introduces new phones. iOS 11, which is the most recent major update, was released on Sept. 19, followed by minor updates on Sept. 26 (11.0.1), Oct. 3 (11.0.2), Oct. 11 (11.0.3) and Oct. 31 (11.1). As of this writing, 11.2.5 is in beta testing and should be released in the near future as the common complaint of reduced battery performance seems to have cropped up, as it has with many past versions. So, should you update your GPP unlocked iPhone? The answer is a mixed bag. Yes, you could, but there are obvious caveats.


Updating your GPP unlocked iPhone into its latest version comes with a wide variety of new features and also, problems. It is a hit or miss whether the GPP chip you’re using will still work as the update may contain a fix that will prevent you to continue using your local SIM card. Apple is also updating and restricting ICCID which is a unique number assigned to a SIM card on your iPhone, prompting your device to be activated again. Good thing is, that the latest GPP chip available on the market nowadays offers a feature where you can manually edit the ICCID so that it will still work on future iOS updates. Some users are also confirming that you will only encounter some problems if you remove or re-insert a SIM card and resetting your device to its factory setting after the latest update. My brother is using a GPP unlocked iPhone, updated to iOS 11.2.5 Developer Beta 2, with the latest LTE GPP chip installed. He has yet to encounter any major problems during his first two months, as his iPhone 8 Plus’ hardware still works well with the latest updates.

That said, you should also consider what device you’re using. iOS 11 takes up more space and takes more computing power than its predecessor meaning it could slow down older devices. Obviously, your mileage will vary depending on lots of other factors; however, if you’re still using a much older device, it may be best to hold off on updating to the latest iOS version until you get some new hardware.

Before you install any iOS update, you can always click on the link in the description to see what new features are being added and what bugs or security issues are being addressed. If the new features aren’t that compelling like new emojis or you’re not experiencing any issues listed, holding off on the update makes sense. Unless, of course, Apple expressly denotes that it’s a serious security patch and you have the extra money to buy the latest GPP chip available on the market or seek for a service that will unlock your iPhone permanently.

This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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119 Responses

  1. Riba says:

    OT, since when a smart locked iphone 6s+ can use a sun sim? im using a sun lte sim and its working, my old sun sim cannot. im on a 10.3.3 ios version. i dont want to update yet to 11.

    • Mel says:

      Sun’s new LTE SIM cards now use Smart’s own GSM network code (515-03) basically making it a Smart SIM card with Sun branding (same with Talk ‘n Text SIM cards) making it work with Smart-locked handsets.

      Older non-LTE SIM cards of Sun use the old (pre-Smart merger) 515-05 GSM network code and won’t work on Smart-locked handsets.

  2. Jude says:

    In some countries, locking phones to a network is prohibited. Kelan kaya mangyayari yan sa ating bansa?

  3. Kamen Rider Build says:

    Wait till the contract period expires then ask your network carrier to unlock it for you :) That’s the easiest way :)

  4. noel says:

    sir if hard reset gpp iphone ..the gpp will work again??

  5. Jazzy says:

    Can any one upgraded there iphones into 11.2.5 w/o breaking the gpp? bc the gpp is down and we can upgrade th ios and I’m using a GPP iPhone 6 11.2.2

    • arjay says:

      recently tried this, broke my iphone gpp.. now i’m loooking for factor unlock service.. seems like it is still not working

  6. Jazzyyy says:

    is one here upgrade there iPhone to 11.2.5 but theres a news that the GPP is SHUTDOWN so gpp users cant upgrade ios, change sim and Reset their IPHONES

  7. LLoyd says:

    I can’t update iphone 5 gpp 4g lte now pls help…

  8. Sandy says:

    Anyone here from Cebu? Where can I buy a GPP LTE in Cebu that will work on IOS 11.0.3?

  9. Joseph says:

    Gpp user ako .6 splus gamit ko nakapag updated ako ng 11.2.2 at working naman wala naman problema at smooth naman smart broadband sim ang gamit ko LTE walang namang issue

  10. Mine still working. I upgraded my iphone 6s recently to ios 11.2.5 using my old gpp chip and smart.

  11. nawaf says:

    sa february pa daw gagawin ung bagong gpp lte para sa gpp

  12. Eduard says:

    need pa ba mag antay ng update kay GPP kahit bagong BILi ung GPP chips or Hindi na/
    Plug and Play nalng? salamat sa sagagot

    • Joseph says:

      Indi na kailangan kasi naka activate na yata yung sayo b4 ma down ang gpp kasi ang update naman sa iphone sa unit e ang gpp ay para lang mapagana ang LTE dito sa pinas kasi sa ibang bansa walang LTE naka 3g lang sila

  13. Shana Cruzate says:

    okay lang po kaya na iupgrade yung GPP chip na 3g to ios 11 sa iphone 5s? salamat sa sasagot..di rin ako makatext directly dun sa number starting ng +639 kelangan sa 09 yung umpisa..kakapapalit ko lang ng GPP medyo pricey din..

    • Otep says:

      Wag nlang i update ang 5s sa ios 11 kasi down ang website ng gpp ngayon stay nlang kung ano ka meron ngayon

  14. Richie says:

    Mero ng 11.2.6 Gusto Sana upgrade this in iPhone SE gagana paba ang GPP LTE ? Kapag na install na iOS 11.2.6?

  15. ace says:

    ano gagawin ko dito sa iphone 5c ko GPP dn kasi dn down pa GPP? pano to mapapagana

  16. Hayfa says:

    My sister in law gave me a used iphone6+ with gpp, her last sim card was TM, ok naman. She “restore” it para matanggal ang mga files nya. ngayon, pag nilalagay ko ang new Globe SIM ko, mgkakasignal sya for about a minute and then suddenly it will go “No Service” what seem to be the problem? I also tried SMART SIM, the problem is the same… help naman po… thank you.

    • anonymous says:

      go to phone stores and buy new gpp chip its around 100-150 pesos and stick it to your new sim card

  17. mhack says:

    Hi good day! Ask ko lang sana.. I am using Iphone 6 gpp IOS 11.1.1 gusto ko sanang iupdate sa new IOS version 11.2.6 pwd po kaya? Mgagamit ko pa b ung gpp chip ko? Salamat sa sasagot.. Thanks

  18. Yareh says:

    Wala pa akung gpp, balak ko sana pero di ko alam kung paano kasi new iphone user lang ako. Then yong IOS ko is 11.2.6 na po siya. Ano po ba ang gagawin ko kung sakaling nakabili na ako nag gpp? Salamat po sa mag comment

  19. Lloyd Kenn says:

    Iphone 6s ang phone ko, pero GPP unlock. Ang problema, nakalimutan ko at di ako na aware agad na nag shutdown pala ang GPP chips. So, nung tinanggal ko para mag change sana ako ng sim, di ako makapalit. So I decided na ibalik nalang ang old sim, pero pagbalik ko di na pwede at need activation na. ?Kaya, Sabi nang nabilhan ko ng phone, hintay lang dw ako sa bagong ICCID. Ang tanong ko lang, hanggang kelan kaya ako maghihintay sa ICCID ?? mag wa-one na kasi mula nung tinanggal ko ang sim.

  20. Renz says:

    i have iphone 6+ GPP LTE in iOS 11. Meron na kasing 11.3 beta 4 ready for install. Go go ko na ba?

  21. Rjay says:

    Help po… I am using iphone 6s+ from states with GPP na black. naka 10.3 padin ako up to now. Gagana padin po ba yung gpp ko sa phone kung magaupdate ako?

  22. tata says:

    Same problem my iphone di na maactivate using GPP. 11.2 na version ng IOS. bibili ba ng bagong GPP na bago o Factory unlock nalang ang phone? ano maganda?

  23. Jhon Michael says:

    Hello po. Same po ung problema ko sa iba, bali di na po ako maka activate kase block na nman si GPP. 8.2 version po ung iphone5 ko.ngayun ko lang tinanggal ung sim ko. May nakakaalam deto na kailan matatapos ung update ng GPP. Please leave a message o.

  24. carlos garcia says:

    sir hellow,tanong ko lang po kung pwede bang mag create ng apple id sa apple store kahit gamit mo gpp unlock iphone.hindi ba ito mag shutdown.

  25. carlos garcia says:

    sir hellow,tanong ko lang po kung pwede bang mag create ng apple id sa apple store kahit gamit mo gpp unlock iphone.hindi ba ito mag shutdown.

  26. carlos garcia says:

    sir hellow,tanong ko lang po kung pwede bang mag create ng apple id dahil kaylangan ito ng app store kahit gamit mo gpp unlock iphone.hindi ba ito mag shutdown.

  27. carlos garcia says:

    sir hellow,tanong ko lang po kung pwede bang mag create ng apple id dahil kaylangan ito ng app store .okay lang ba kahit gamit mo gpp unlock iphone.hindi ba ito mag shutdown.gusto ko talagang mag download pero kinakabahan ako na baka bawal gumawa ng apple id sa apple store.

  28. Sebastian says:

    Pwede ba mag upgrade to GPP LTE ngayon saka mag update ng ios? May nagsasabe kase na pag pinalitan ko yung chip ko di ko na magagamit phone ko

  29. Ronnie says:

    ano po ung most possible worst case scenario na mangyari if nagupdate? iphone 6 gpp po gamit ko and ios 11.1.2 siya .. I want to update it to ios 11.3 .. If nagfail ba, kailangan lang iReActivate ung gpp or what?

  30. Rhodney says:

    Isang gpplte sim can use in any numbers?

  31. Rhodney says:

    Isang gpplte sim can use in different numbers?nagsisim invalid skn

  32. Sara says:

    Pag hindi mo ba na update ang iPhone mo Anong nangyari.??

  33. Cram says:

    Bakit po lagi no service? Sa gpp po ba ito?? Thank you. Globe lte po sim ko.

  34. jo says:

    i updated my iphone 5s to 11.3.1
    and it doesn’t work after all. the device advice is to factory reset the iphone. and so i did. now it can’t open. is there any chance to reuse my phone?

    • jo says:

      how i wsih i can reuse it. please tell me what to do.

    • Vince says:

      Hello mam/sir, can you please elaborate the “now it can’t open” issue on your phone? was it stuck on apple logo? your icloud was invalid? or other?

    • Joe says:


  35. Ysabelle says:

    Ask ko lang po… yung kapatid ko po kasi naka GPP iphone 6, naupdate niya po yung ios from ios 11.0.3 to ios 11.1.3… tapos nawala signal ng phone niya. Naging “searching” lang po. Ano po kailangan niya gawin?

    • Joe says:

      your issue is quite simple, kasi kapag nawala ang signal pagkatapos mag update. parang bibili kana lang ulit ng bagong GPP LTE chip para magkasignal. yung sakin malabo na magawa ulit. kasi connect to itunes lage ang nakalagay

  36. Lisvi says:

    Iphone 5s gpp gamit ko.,palaging “no service”.,kung nasa labas ako mawala yung “no service ” ano po bang problema?salamat

  37. Yoj says:

    nag.update po kasi ako nga iOS to 11.2.1.. ngayon nakasim lock na ang fon ko. Tanong ko lang po kung gagana pa din ung gpp sim ko if ever itry kong gamitin ung hindi lte sim..

    • Joe says:

      yung 5s ko na mang ma update ko, pwede parin palitan ng sim, pero kailangan may wifi kasi hihingi uli ng apple ID

  38. eim says:

    nag update po ako from ios 9 to ios 11 sa iphone 6 japan gpp lte ko pre nung iniinstall ko na sobrang tagal po bakit kaya?

  39. confused says:

    what will happened if tinanggal ko yung Gpp chip and sim card ko tas bigla ko in-update yung ios??

  40. Resty says:

    Meron ako nabili na 2nd hand iphone6 gpp unlocked na daw. kaso meron na sila bagong sim nilagay pero once gusto ko lagyan ng new sim di gumagana. ang tanong ko ay pano kaya malagyan ng bagong sim yun?

    • Joe says:

      yung sa akin gpp.. pwede syang palitan ng sim kapag may wifi.. kasi kung palitan mo ng sim na walang wifi hindi sya magagamit..

      replace sim with wifi ok sa unit ko na 5s gpp lte.
      kasi yung sa akin kapag pinalitan ng sim required unlit yung apple ID

  41. Tiffany says:

    Hello po , paano ko po mapalitan ung iCloud ID nang iPhone ko na nabili ko Lang sa friend ko ,kaso hndi ko magamit sa ngaun kasi hndi ko na mahagilap ung may ari NG phone na nabili ko sa knya..pag e open ko Kasi ung phone ko nakalagay is need to log in the iCloud hndi ko Alam ano iCloud ID nang kaibigan ko ..ano PO pwde gawin sa phone na to ? May paraan paba para mapalitan ko Ito NG iCloud ID ? Kasi dinala ko na sa pagawaan NG phone Sabi d ko nadaw magagamit un ..pls guys Kung Sino may Alam about this kind of prblema sa phone can u pls message me here or sa messenger ko nalang..thank u so much !!

    • e??l??o??i??s??a?? j??a??ne says:

      Pwede mo pa mapagawa yung phone at matanggal yung apple id, kaya lang hindi na pwede malagyan ng sim card. Pang wifi na lang sya.

  42. Ely Ramos says:

    Hello. Maari ko po ba update sa IOS 11.4 ang aking iphone x using gpp lte?

  43. Joe says:

    yung iphone 5s ko po gpplte na update ko po sa 11.4 and still working naman.

    yung sa pinsan ko lang po na 5s na update ko sa 11.3.1 nasira hindi na maopen. pero yung sakin na 11.3.0 to 11.4 wala issue.. sa napansin ko kapag ang update nang ios tulad ng “WARNING for non-genuine replacement of hardware” wag mo na ituloy e update. pero kapag yung update nila is walang warning, para sa obsevartion ko safe yun. kas sakin ilang beses ko na update. from 10.3.0 now 11.4 na

    • Hazel says:

      Hi po, ask ko lang pano po ginawa nyo pag nag uupdate kayo? Tinatanggal nyo po ba ung gpp chip at sim before kau mag update? I’m using my sister’s old iphone6plus from US. Gusto ko po sana mag update kung sakaling may bagong iOS update na irerelease ang apple. Currnt version po ng phone ay 11.4.1.

  44. Jomer says:

    Hi ask ko lang nag tanggal ako ng sim ko tinry ko ibang simcard pero yung binal8k ko yung dating sim di na siya gumagana? di pa ako nag uupdate. ano po ba ang dapat gawin?

    • Joe says:

      e try mo ibalik yung sim pero yung may wifi connection. kasi yung sakin na di pa ako nag update ngapalit din ako ng sim, pero hindi ko magamit kaya binalik ko yung dating sim, wala namang issue dun, nagamit naman. pero nagpalit ako ulit ng sim from tm to smart naging maayos naman, pero nagpalit ako ng sim may wifi connection kasi kailangan e log in ulit yung apple ID para gumana.

  45. CHE says:

    saan po nakakabili ng gpp lte sim? iphone 6s po

  46. Daren says:

    Balak ko bumili ng GPP Unlocked phone pero di ko maintindihan kung ano ba talaga ang GPP, sadyang slow lang ba ako or mahirap talaga sya intindihin. Techy ako pero di ko talaga maintindihan. Hahaha.

  47. Darennnnnn says:

    Balak ko bumili ng GPP Unlocked phone pero di ko maintindihan kung ano ba talaga ang GPP, sadyang slow lang ba ako or mahirap talaga sya intindihin. Techy ako pero di ko talaga maintindihan. Hahaha.

  48. Rafa says:

    I’m trying to use it on an iPhone from straight talk anyone please help me how do I get this to work, the instructions I got are not clear and I have never done this any advise is highly appreciated

  49. jane belle says:

    hi.. may kilala ako nag bebenta ng iphone gpp phone. mejo mura so nakak temp bumili. pero masakit na ulo ko mag google pede ba may mag explaine sakin ano ba yan gpp na yan, ano magyayari di ba ko makaka update or ano etc, paki explaine skn maskt na ulo ko

    • Joe says:

      hahaha.. may nabili ako na Gpp iphone 5s, last june 2017, nong binili ko ito ios is 10.3 somthing,.. na update ko na po ng ilang beses… yung curent verion na po ng IOS ko is 11.4 na sya ngayon,… na update ko po ang ios ko ng walang issue.

      ang iniiwasan ko lang po ay huwag e update kapag ang bagong update ng IOS isa may warning like non-genuine replacement of parts. kapag may ganyan na warning di ko ina-update. dun na ako nag a-update sa next update nila kapag wala po warning

  50. erwin says:

    naka iphone X ako at naka globe pero gusto kong smart ano yung tagal na kailngan kong hintayin para mawala yung carrier restrictions para makaupdate ako

  51. J.r. says:

    Hi guys. Can i switch sim when im on gpp lte chip..will it work or not?? Im ising globe lte, i want to try my sun sim if itll work w gpp iphone. Thank you!

  52. Joe says:

    hello guys, It’s it okay to your 5s battery to 2600 MAH?

    i want to change my battery. my phone got easily drained, the battery is not good anymore.

    I have read in some online shop regarding with the battery mah is higher than the regular battery of 5s which is 1560 mah. Any advice those who have upgraded their battery? 1560 to 2600mah is safe for iphone 5s? I have doubt though i want to. but I am worried if it may explode my device. So I want to have some opinion from those who did updrade their 5s battery.

    • PeterthePanda says:

      Fake battery yun. Walang totoong battery for iPhone 5s na 2600 mAh. Yung naka-gold na battery na sinasabi na 2600mAh eh fake. Re-packaged na iPhone 5s battery lang yun na 1570mAh, malamang pa nga lumang battery na yun na mabilis ma-drain.

  53. Jay-ar says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po gpp user ako pagtapos nag update ko using itunes hindi ko na ma gamit yung sim nagkakasignal sya tapos nag no service tapos bumabalik sa “Your iphone successfully updated” need ng few more step tapos yun pag nanconnect sa wifi bumalik na nman sa menu tapos mayat maya bumabalik na nman “iphone successfully updated paulit-ulit lang po?
    What should I do ?

    • Joe says:

      di ka po ba nagpalit ng sim? kasi yung sa akin po ilang beses na po ako nag update. nag pinalitan ko ng sim ghindi sya gumagana sa ibang sim. pero kapag binalik ko po yung old sim ok naman po, nagagamit naman.. yung sayo kung hindi nagagamit gamit ang old sim mo, palitan mo nalang po yung gpp chips, nsa 150-300 pesos lang naman po ang gpp. may ibang gpp asi after update na dodown po. pero not big issue kasi mura lang po ang gpp

  54. Carlkevin says:

    my iphone 5 from japan was openlined on may 19 on the mall where we go, after it the phone was opened and it has GPP, and Im Curious if what is the use of GPP, I dont know what happen if I insert another sim, The I phone has the word(no sim) and I insert back the old sim, the I phone has a text(no sim), and after 1 month, I decided to reset the I phone, after that, I have to activate my phone again, I just wanted to know what kind of gpp that was inserted to the technician into my phone??? It is real or fake??

    • Joe says:

      try to buy another GPPLTE chips.. replace the old one. gpplte price is about 200-350 pesos only.

    • roland says:

      sir joe, kapag nakabili ako ng bagong gpplte.. just insert with sim nlng ba? or may mga code pang iinput? tia

  55. I v been using my iphone 5s with a gpp chip then lost ma simcard 3g so swapped with the same number to 4g,wen i put the card it says the carrier is not supported,when i remove the simcard, it opens fine and can access the phone, what would be the problem?

  56. Yung i phone 6plus ko po di kuna mabuksan . Pero naka lagay lang activation lock need apple id to open. Phone is lost and ereased nabili ko lang po sya sa recto pero orig po sya.. May pag asa pabang mabuksan o magamit ko yung phone kasi diko na mahanap yung binilhan ko.. Ano ba dapat kong gawin para magamit ulit yung iphone 6plus ko.. Diko kasi mahanap yung binilhan ko. Naka lagay sa phone ko find the owner to sign thier apple id to open .. Need ko help nyo guys. Salamat..

  57. Hi po tanong ko lang kasi yung iPhone 6plus na binili ko is dina maopen naka lagay ‘this phone was lost and ereased. Enter apple id and pw. That were used to set up this phone. .. Kaso di kuna mahanap yung binilhan ko ng phone .. Kainis.. Pinatingin kona rin yung phone ko sa mang aayos sabi dina pwedi magamit. Ano po ba dapat kong gawin.. Need ko po help nyo. Thanks

    • joe says:

      malamang po kasi galing sa nakaw po ang iphone na nabili nyo po. kasi ang iphone po kapag hawak pa po nang may ari ang receipt ng pagkabili niya ng phone pwede nya po ipa block ang cp at di na po magagamit kahit kelan… or else pwede niya ma trace ang location po ng gumagamit ng cp niya.. ganyan po ang iphone.. kaya kapag bibili po kayo ng iphone cguraduhin nyo po na walang ibang apple ID na nakalagay. kasi pwede po yan ipa block ng unang may alam ng apple ID

  58. princess says:

    ask ko lang po, new po ako sa pag gamit ng ggp chip dto q kopo bnili s japan japanese dn po kase nakasulat sa card ng chip, wala po bang kaso yun gagana ba to s network sa pinas pls sana po may mkasagott pls po

  59. Francis says:

    Is it safe to use a postpaid sim, SMART or GLOBE, on semi-factory unlocked iphones?

    • Hazel says:

      I think safe naman po, I’m using my SMART postpaid sim to my gpp lte unlocked iphone6plus right now. From US po ung phone ko, binigay ng sister ko. Working naman po lahat, from data, calls to text messages.

  60. Hazel says:

    I think safe naman po, I’m using my SMART postpaid sim to my gpp lte unlocked iphone6plus right now. From US po ung phone ko, binigay ng sister ko. Working naman po lahat, from data, calls to text messages.

  61. Hazel says:

    Ang sabi skin ng pinagbilhan ko ng gpp lte, 1 gpp lte per sim only, pag ibang sim na ang gagamitin, another gpp lte uli. Kumbaga 1:1 lang po..

  62. rode says:

    What if I didn’t use na my gpp bc it was broke in a year. Is it okay pa din na iupdate? May effects ba na mangyayari or wala? Ty

  63. Julie rose says:

    Updated my 5s accidentally to 11.4 ios so far it runs smoothly… i didnt change gpp lte chip, i still use my globe sim. Thanks.

  64. Princess says:

    Hello, I’m using iphone 5s naka gpp din po ako bale mag one year pa lang po. Pero sabi nila masisira daw po yung gpp pag nag update to ios12? Totoo po ba?

  65. Hazel says:

    Hi good day po! I updated my iphone 6 plus just this sept 12. Before I tried to check for an update, I tried to insert my globe sim, and to my surprise, gumana ung globe sim with gpp chip.. Then just now I tried to insert my smart sim together with the gpp I bought back to the iphone6plus, it showed no sim. Mukhang nasira ko ata ung gpp ko worth 500php ?. Then naisip ko ilagay ung smart without the gpp chip, to my surprise, gumana ung smart sim ko! Ang saya ko po, promise! I dont know kung dhil sa update na iOS12 un or what. Now I’m wondering kung dahil ba sa security pin ko noon na naka ON kung bakit ayaw gumana ng smart ko before, at ngaun ay dahil naka OFF ung security pin at fingerprint lock nung nilagay ko ung smart sim ko ay saka gumana. Or maybe wala tlga kinalaman sa security pin at fingerprint lock? Pls enlighten me. Pero kasi dati wala tlga syang tinatanggap na khit anong sim eh, kaya nga nkipagpalit skin ng phone ang dad ko dhil di nya malagyan ng sim ung ip6plus.

    • Joebert Pangga says:

      hello ma’am hazel,
      gpp po ba talaga phone na gamit nyo po? kasi very surprising naman po kung gumana yung sim mo na walang na insert na GPP chip.

      as far as I know po. 1 GPP is to 1 sim only. pero parang di na tatanggap ng ibang sim ang gpp kapag nag update ng ios na-as my experienced po kasi, nung bago pa po yung phone ko 2 beses ako nagpalit nang si. una TM gamit ko, pero pinalitan ko po ng tnt. pero nong na update ko na po ios ko ng maraming beses sinubukan ko ulit magpalit ng sim na sun. pero ayaw na po tumanggap ng sun sim, or tn sim. yung tnt ko lang ang gumagana sa gpp ko after na ma update ko na ng maraming beses.

    • Hazel says:

      Hello po sir Joebert Pangga, actually po sir galing sa ate ko ung phone na gamit ko na nasa USA. Old phone nya po for plan. AT&T po ata ung network nya dun. Nung una po kasi ayaw gumana khot anong sim nung bagong bigay skin ung phone, globe ayaw, smart ayaw din. Kaya naisipan ko bumili ng gpp chip then smart ang nilagay ko kasama ng gpp chip then gumana naman po. Yes po sir alam ko po na 1:1 lang po, 1gpp chip : 1simcard. Then nung bumiki ako ng globe, out of nowhere naisipan ko ilagay ung globe sim without the gpp chip, then to my surprise gumana ung globe. Then weeks later naisipan ko naman ilagay ung smart sim ko uli without the gpp chip, then ayun nagulat din ako kc gumana din. Hindi ko po ginamit sa glove ung gpp chip. Sa smart ko lang po ginamit un before nung ayaw gumana. Kaya po kung mababasa nyo po sa comment ko sa taas, nabanggit ko doon na hindi ko sure kung dhil ba sa update or kung dahil ba sa nka off ung security lock code ko nung nilagay ko ung smart ko. Before kc bago ako bumili ng gpp, ayaw tlga gumana ng smart ko, naka sim lock daw or network lock, etc. Then hanggat hindi ko tinatanggal ung smart sim sa phone, hindi mo maoopen or mauunlock ung phone dba, that time I think naka ON ung security lock code at fingerprint lock ko..

    • Hazel says:

      @Joebert Pangga sir sakin po khit after ko mag update to iOS12, gumana prin po gpp chip ko with my smart sim. Kaso nitong isang araw lang nagtaka ako kung bkit biglang ayaw na gumana ng gpp chip ko nung nilagay ko smart ko, no sim nkalagay, then dun ko naisip ilagay ung smart without the gpp chip. Then ayun po, gumana ung smart without gpp chip. I think it has something to do with the security lock code & fingerprint lock? Na kapag nka on un at naglagay ka ng sim ay sim locked ung phone, then japag naka off nman ay working naman ung sim..? Not sure sir, kaya po nagshare din ako ng experience ko dito kc baka meron nkakaalam…

  66. Hazel says:

    Sorry, my mistake po, without gpp po nung nilagay ko ung globe ko.. sorry for the confusion. ?

  67. Fred says:

    Anyone updated their GPP unlock iPhone 6 from ios 11.4.1 to ios 12.1?

  68. Rolando says:

    magrerestrat po ba ang phone kapag nag update ng mga app?
    Thanks po

  69. Rolando says:

    Kung hindi pa po updated yong gpp chips po tapos need iupdated yong mga apps magshutdown po ba kapag nagupdated? or magrestart?
    Thanks po

  70. Aileen Roman says:

    Ask ko lang po sana may makasagot sa tanong ko. Until now po kasi Gpp 3g parin po gpp ko then kung ano kasama ng gpp na sim ayun lang pwede. Iphone 6 po phone ko, pag po naka open data ko di po ako makasend ng text thru message. Ganun po ba talaga?

  71. Rolando says:

    Kapag po Gpp 3g pa rin gamit na ggp kapag nag update po ba ng mga apps ok lang? may lumalabas kasing condition bago maupdate yong mga apps sa phone ko

  72. Rolando says:

    Hello po kapag po ba gpp 3g pa rin yong gamit na gpp kapag po nag update ng mga apps ok lang? may mga lumalabas kasing condition muna bago iupdate hindi po ba mag shutdown or restart yong phone? iphone 5s po yong gamit na phone

  73. Rolando says:

    helloooo po pakisagot po yong tanong ko salamat po

    • joe says:

      Yes po, sa apps always ako nag update nang apps tuwing may update sa mga apps na installed po sa 5s ko. no problem po sa pag update.. pati po sa IOS nasa 12.1.2 na po ang IOS ng 5s ko

    • Rolando says:

      Sabi po kasi bawal daw po mag-updated nang IOS yong last na updated ko po 11.0 po, Kahit mag agree ako sa mga conditions okay lang po yon? Salamaaat po

    • joe says:

      lahat po ng apps ko sa phone like fb, messenger, games, youtube, lahat po kapag may update., upadte ko po agad, updated po lahat ng apps ko sa 5s ko brad..
      send ko sayo video ng phone ko.. lahat po updated.. yung pagkabili ko po ng phone ko yung IOS nya 10.0.3 or basta 10. something yung IOS version nya, pero ngayon nasa 12.1.2 na po IOS ko

  74. Brajun Sprakanak says:

    Ah gpp pala yun. Sus, napaka hassle naman pala nyan, hindi pede reset, hindi pede updates, tapos lagay ka bago code etc. Yung iPhone ko no need gumamit ng ganyan. Sa susunod kasi bago kayo bumili ng iPhone make sure hindi yan naka lock sa carrier, make sure yung nagbenta sa inyo nyan totally finormat at nirestore sa factory reset without any iCloud account active at ipinakita na gumagana sa harap nyo at syempre make sure hindi yan pulot or nakaw. Yung iba kasi nating kababayan, masabi lang na naka iPhone kahit sumakit ulo sa ganitong klaseng hassle magtitiis… ay sos mga hinayupak kayo.

  75. one says:

    bigla nalang po ako d maka data pero nakaka text at call pa po ako. gpp unlock po itong iphone 5s ko. pls help po saan epapa ayus. manila po address ko.

  76. kiven Go says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po ang semi factory unlock na iphone 6 ?, pwd po ba magamit sa other country? Like sa thailand? Thank.u po

  77. Phat chipzzz says:

    Plss help me I really need help badly may iphone 6 ako gpp LTE unlocked ios 11.4.1 and i want it to change battery co’z my battery health is 51% nalang and nag su-sudden shutdown na sya. Possible po ba na mapalitan ang battery nya then saan po pwedeng ipapalit ang battery nya and how much it cost? One mote thing i want to update it to ios 12 is it possible? May napapanood kasi ako na nag update sila sa ios 12 from 11 using their gpp unlocked iphones pero smooth at walang issue.

  78. Matthew Landas says:

    Nakapulot ako ng iphone 6s sa saudi at ng inuwi q sa pinas di q pa mabuksan dhil nakalagay sa screen ng iphone q e iphone need to connect itunes so pano ko ito mapapaopen or sa papanong paraan para maopen q siya at magamit.

  79. Mrs J says:

    Hi kakabili ko lang po ng iphone 7 18K po bili ko sulit naba? GPP Unlocked sya pero di ko alam kung pano gamitin?

  80. Shantal says:

    May know how to use the iphone if the id and password were forgotten. I was resetted the phone because the owner was deceased (which is my sibling) i didnt expect that i cannot use iphone without those id and password.

    • Shantal says:

      How can i use to function the apps without id. And or activation. I need your idea about this. Thank you?

      Isnt it possible that the previous apple id will be block, how?
      And can we use to create another id to activate iPhone? Everyone please

  81. Elisse Diz says:

    pwede ko ba iupdate ang software ko to ios 14 kahit gpp is for ios 13 lang siya?? please help

  82. Elisse Diz says:

    Minsan kasi nag f-freeze ang screen ko kaya baka dahil doon ang problema

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