Smart MAGIC DATA, up to 24GB non-expiring data

Smart has introduced a new promo that offers up to 24GB of non-expiring data, the MAGIC DATA PROMO.

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Smart’s latest MAGIC DATA promo allows users to subscribe for either 2GB, 6GB, or 24GB of non-expiring data for all sites. The MAGIC DATA 99 gives 2GB for PHP 99, the MAGIC DATA 199 gives 5GB for PHP 199, and the MAGIC DATA 399 gives 24GB of data for PHP 399. Note that the promo offers non-expiration data for all sites, without the inclusions of calls or texts.

You may check out the GigaLife app to avail of the newest promo. The GigaLife app is available for download on Android 12 and iOS.

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125 Responses

  1. Avatar for oh bumsoo oh bumsoo says:

    I’d like to ask about Magic Data+.
    Magic Data+ is used until data is exhausted
    I heard it’s available, but can I use sim card if I don’t use it for more than a year?

  2. Avatar for maze maze says:

    when to renew the magic data?

  3. Avatar for Tina Tina says:

    If I subscribe to the magic data but my sim load is zero for more than 120 days…will my sim be deactivated?

  4. Avatar for Ruth Gonzales Ruth Gonzales says:

    Can i use the remaining data on magic data even without load?

  5. Avatar for No name No name says:

    if i avail for magic data then all data, what will happen to the data for the all data if there’s still data but the expiration date has ended? will it became part of the magic data or not?

  6. Avatar for Angelroseobaldo Angelroseobaldo says:

    Ano ba Yung magic data99 na 2gb
    Nag reremain ba Yun araw araw
    Halimbawa maubos.? Kasi naubos
    Na sya mag 2gb ba ulit sya

  7. Avatar for Nnname Nnname says:

    Bakit po ung magic data na 6gb may expiration pong lumabas

    • Avatar for Noel M.Santiago Noel M.Santiago says:

      Ganyan din sa niload ko sa mrs ko..199pesos pa naman..nauubos load wala naman signal at di magamit..me expiry pa..kahapon lang naiload yung 199..

  8. Avatar for basuraid basuraid says:

    hello, wondering po, If I register to New SurfSaya199 that comes w/ 2GB sharable data for 30 days, then add MagicData 199 6GB. Which Data will be consumed first?

    • Avatar for Blaizee Blaizee says:

      The data from the SurfSaya199 will be consumed first.

      Haven’t proved that yet but this answer was based from a SMART Communications Customer Service agent.

  9. Avatar for nick nick says:

    HI THERE! Yung ALL DATA pang all sites lang po ba siya? or pwede din po siya sa ibang application like games? TIA =)

  10. Avatar for Leo Leo says:

    Magic data vs TU (which has promo 100 MB daily data). If subscribed to both, which data shall be consumed first?

  11. Avatar for Delch Delch says:

    If I haven’t used up my data, e.g., 24 gb, yet and I add a new magic data promo same as the previous, will the previous remaining data carry over to the new data?

  12. Avatar for Andrew Padilla Andrew Padilla says:

    I loaded using my gCash this Magic Data 199 which stated 6GB but after loading i inquired my balance unfortunately i only received 6,143.19 MB why is it so? can anyone explain why such a huge deficit of data?

  13. Avatar for john michael castro john michael castro says:

    my error po yung magic kasi kanina pa kme ng hintay walang pumasok na load

  14. Avatar for Nicole Nicole says:

    Ano ba yung magic data 99 na 2gb nag reremain ba yun araw araw halimbawa maubos . ? Kasi naubos na sya ngayon mag 2gb ba ulit sya bukas?

    • Avatar for Wei Wei says:

      No, 2gb allowance lang. Walang expiration, means kahit next year pa maubos 2gb mo, pwede padin siya gamitin.

  15. Avatar for Annalyn Coching Galay Annalyn Coching Galay says:

    What do u mean no xpiry data?when load the magic data let say the 199 pesos on the first day?it will xpired òn 7 days??

    • Avatar for Pola Pola says:

      no expiry nga po eh. meaning, pag nagload ka for example 24GB hanggang maubos mo yung 24GB. hindi sya sa araw nag be-base kundi sa hanggang kelan mo maubos yung 24GB. gets?

  16. Avatar for Noname Noname says:

    Its not working on tiktok! Help how to make it work.. I registered to magic data 199

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