Smart outs postpaid plans for iPhone X

Smart outs postpaid plans for iPhone X

Smart has also released their postpaid plans for Apple’s newest device, the iPhone X. If you’ve been a long time patron of smart then check out their offerings below.

Smart’s iPhone X plans start at Plan 999 up to Plan 2999. The plans include Data, All-net texts, and All-net calls. All plans are under a 24-month lock-in period. Smart is also offering their All-in Plans to the device starting from Plan 599 to Plan 2500. These are more flexible plans where users are able to customize their plans promos. Check out the details including cash outs below:


For additional details and if you wish to avail Smart’s postpaid plans for the iPhone X head on over to their website here.

You can check out our review of the iPhone X here.

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  1. bern says:

    Wow, everything is getting expensive, and to say nothing of its huge mark up price, seems I have to wait more time to figure out what things that have more value that I will get if I would rather fritter away my money.

    Getting this kind of phone this time doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, my 2 year-old phone can do a lot more than what this phone can do, this phoneX doesn’t have so much special, its new look is nothing more than improving its fancy look, but deep down its interface is the same, nothing so special but just for show off.

    Having said that, just the same, if you have a whole lot of money, nothing can hold you back to fork over for it.

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