This LG G4 costs only Php3,500, and here's why

This LG G4 costs only Php3,500, and here’s why

A flagship phone for cheap? This LG G4 we’ve spotted in Quezon City has been on sale for Php3,500, and it certainly piqued our interest. Here’s why.


At a flea market I usually pass by on the way home at night come several shops that offer an assortment of gadgets, which I always assume were stolen because they were offered at rock-bottom prices. I stopped by to check them out, and this LG G4 caught our attention. It’s offered for a price a lot less than what it sells in the market, and you would realize that it may be the real deal at first look — that is, until you’ve looked at it closely.


Upon closer inspection, the G4 we’ve seen is rather a well-crafted clone. The device presents itself with 90% of the same look and feel as the original goods, and even copies all the nits and bits inside the software. The only few ways would really notice the differences are once you operate it — the rear buttons have that cheap clicking mechanism feel, and the glass isn’t that smooth enough to navigate well.

This, and other smartphone clones we’ve seen from other brands like Samsung, Sony, and even OPPO, are sold on flea markets like these, and maybe on other parts of the metro for a price that’s significantly lower than the original. Contrary to flagship phones, these devices often bear 1GB of RAM and 8GB of space as mentioned in the settings panel — to believe those indicated numbers are up to those who bought these. Prying open the rear shell also gives you more reasons not to purchase this, as there’s that generic-looking battery.


Gone were the days that we used to see Nokla and Samsong devices in the streets, as artisans have now mastered the art of (almost) perfectly copying devices and making people believe it’s the real deal. At the very least, caution is hereby advised to those who want a piece of this.

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21 Responses

  1. :P says:


  2. Clique says:

    Clickbait!! I thought these are for real. @[email protected]

  3. gr3 says:

    2K lang yan sa Quiapo. Dual core and 512 MB RAM ang standard. Most of the items have the same specs but different UI to reflect the originals, meron ding S5, Xperia Z3, you name it, they have it.

  4. Ced says:

    For me, I think the specs of that phone could be Mediatek processor…

  5. nue says:

    haha mas nakakataklot ata bumili sa ONLINE SHOP baka mapasok nila bentahan dun :-D easy trade

  6. archie says:

    Si dodong at enday lang ang maloloko ng mga yan. Sadly, marami tayong kababayan na hindi educated sa gadgets at mapapabili ng clones.

  7. gab says:

    what’s better, these flea markets also offer models that haven’t yet been released here in the philippines, or on earth for that matter, like the near-bezeless (when off) Sony Xperia P3. LOL

  8. Ampire says:

    kala ko eh original
    amp.. pinaasa niyo nanaman ako HAAHAHAH
    el geh ge for!

  9. aldrine says:

    Basta kuha yung cam, speed tska battery life ok na yan.

  10. Kobe says:

    Walang kwentang post. Matagal na to nangyayari. Ngayon ka lang ba nakakita nang clones eh ang tagal na nyan.

  11. abuzalzal says:

    Still infinitely better than the most expensive NOKIA from 2004 LOL

  12. docsup0 says:

    Sa litex ba yan? Hahaha dami nagbebenta dun sa bangketa. May nagbebenta dun ng geniune kaya lang mas mahal pa yung price kaysa sa mga secondhand online. Kung marunong talagang pumili merong mga legit dun na nakahalo sa mga clone.

  13. wew says:

    We’ve bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 clone, and yes, they really looked the same. UI, animations, experience basically is the same. I have to fire up the camera and play some graphic-intensive games just to prove that it’s not original.

  14. denise says:

    mas maganda bumili dito sa amin, kasi original talaga at bagsak presyo talaga kasi the faster na mabenta nila yung gadget the better.. ikaw pa lalapitan pag kilala ka na nila.. saan ka pa makakita ng original iPhone for just 2k-3k lang.. lol… #lamnyonayan.

  15. Dodong says:

    si dodong ako, sukatin natin yung alam mo sa gadgets tara :)

  16. Jules says:

    Nag bootloop and overheat rin ba ung clone? The clone has to be an exact replica to be considered a AAA clone. Bahaha. I am disposing my overheating G4 at the cell tiangge soon. Any takers? 8,500php only. Pristine condition. The only flaw is that it overheats when you use mobile data or wi-fi. Lol.

  17. tae says:

    Bootleg kings and queens

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