TNS says Nokia still No. 1 in the Philippines

TNS says Nokia still No. 1 in the Philippines

A recent study by TNS Philippines showed that Nokia still ranks as the top choice of mobile phone users in the Philippines with 7 out of 10 users owning a Nokia phone. The same study showed Sony-Ericsson and Samsung also posted huge gains over the last 12 months (thanks to Android?).

The TNS study was limited to Metro Manila users with a sample size of only 500.


TNS, the world’s largest custom research company, recently launched results of its study dubbed “Mobile Life 2011,” the largest ever global research study into today’s mobile consumer. Now on its sixth year, Mobile Life 2011 is the result of more than 25,000 hours of interviews with over 34,000 respondents in 43 countries, including the Philippines. It provides a complete understanding of consumer experiences with mobility today and insights into how this will change tomorrow.

Here’s a copy of their presentation during the media briefing yesterday. Look out for more interesting bits of information.

If you looked closely on the 2010 results and the 2011 results, Nokia’s share also dropped from 80% to 70%.

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65 Responses

  1. Winziph says:

    Siguro nasa transition period pa lang tayo kaya no. 1 pa rin si Nokia this year.

    • Ooga says:

      Not to mention that the survey is from TNS, meaning di ganun kareliable yan. Must be Nokia’s way to condition the minds of Pinoys as what ABS CBN is doing.

    • Jim Lim says:

      What the hell?! Do you have proofs to back your claims? At least TNS has theirs. TNS is not owned by ABS CBN and in fact bigger than the latter. Do you think TNS will jeopardize their reputation just because of ABS CBN?! Get a job!

    • Integrity says:

      Duda din ako sa TNS survey na to. Timing kasi na dami kalat na ads ng Nokia and they are really promoting their new models tapos halata na they want to portray an image na sila pa rin ang no.1 very suspicious! And sino kaya ang sponsor ng survey na yan, Nokia din?

  2. phiLLip says:

    I think it’s because most people still can’t afford to buy smartphones, i.e., buying low end nokia phones.

  3. chinitoguy says:

    Nokia will remain No. 1 in the Philippines. Why? Nokia has the cheapest and user friendly phones in the market. Most Filipinos only want “basic” phones for their use. Basic means with camera, bluetooth, music and picture storage. Nokia still has a user friendly UI. Not all can appreciate sophisticated smartphones like us techies do. I do hope with Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft their glory days will return.

    • NeoJohan says:

      I agree!!! I still have my 5800.

    • leeto says:

      I agree, I still love Nokia, it’s still the user-friendly phone for me. Good customer service and after-sales service. I don’t like android phone because I don’t need or use their apps, im just for the basic essentials, that’s why I like Nokia.

    • pabs says:

      I agree that nokia is really no 1 in the philippines and in the world as of now. People are just being practical, why buy high end smartphones, when for only a few months,these so called flagship phones will be replaced by another but not really better models. its just a waste of money. Nokia knows it and I do still use my old 3310 and another getting old 5800, because phones basically are for calling and texting. For surfing the net and typing jobs, emailing, of course its the job of my pc or laptop.

    • leeto says:

      correct, let us be practical especially this time of crisis. i still have my Nokia 6680 which I bought on year 2006 and still working, no mechanical defects pa so far.

    • boy_fanboy says:

      same here, i’ve been a consistent nokia user because of the build quality, top notch signal reception and call quality. if you’re buying a nokia, you’re not paying for the software…you’re paying for the good build quality and craftsmanship. that’s why i’m still using a nokia phone. buying a nokia phone is all about being practical.

      i do not need a smartphone just to get myself communicated.

    • boy_fanboy says:

      same here, i’ve been a consistent nokia user because of the build quality, top notch signal reception and call quality.

      if you’re buying a nokia, you’re not paying for the software…

      you’re paying for the good build quality and craftsmanship.

      that’s why i’m still using a nokia phone.

      buying a nokia phone is all about being practical.

      i do not need a smartphone just to get myself communicated.

    • bennix says:

      I Agree.I still love Nokia’s bar phones because it works even I am in the wilderness…:)

    • jojo says:

      i agree, most probably these nokia phones fulfill their basic needs for texting and calling. and i am hoping that nokia will produce a dual sim phone with dual standby, even a symbian one (that is, if they won’t altogether ditch the symbian OS) in the mold of an E51, my ever reliable nokia phone.

  4. Dan MD says:

    ^Winziph, ^phiLLip
    I think the reason why Nokia is the leading phone manufacturer in the Philippines and in most parts of the world is because of the diversity of devices they offer ranging from low-, mid-, and high-end bracket prices composed of different OSes (basic s30, s40, Symbian) and multitude of form factors: candybar, qwerty bar, sliding qwerty, touchscreen, touchscreen w/ qwerty). They may not hit your sweet spot in terms of market penetration and consumer base, they have “it.” The challenge for Nokia is recapturing the high-end segment where it’s tight with Samsung, LG, Blackberry, etc.

    For all major manufacturers, the low- and mid-end segment are threatened by the emergence of cheap “China-phones” and dual-SIMs. These were unfortunately unaccounted for in the study.

    Fast forward to 2012, I am curious how the Finnish manufacturer with the Windows Phone and Meego OS in its sleeve.

  5. jdsalinger says:

    TNS may have committed an error in slide 17 of 29. Easily downloading music/games/apps? In the Philippines? I think the respondents misinterpreted this option. TNS should have rephrased this and made it clear that they meant Ovi, Ovi Music Store, Android Market, BB App World, iTunes, etc.

  6. jdsalinger says:

    Also, slide 28 of 29 jumps to conclusion that social networking is pushing the use of mobile internet. No data in previous slides to support this. But of course, we all know this is true. Just saying that the report fails in some aspects.

  7. Dx says:

    Not for long :p

  8. boy_fanboy says:

    the reason behind this is because nokia sells phones in different ranges…from low end devices to high end devices. this means that nokia isn’t blind because it knows that people have different preferences when it comes into phones; but unfortunately, they still lag behind when it comes into smartphone competition. if you are to count the most used cellphone brand in the world, you’ll still get nokia. not everyone wants a smartphone and an expensive phone, right?

  9. Teknisyan says:

    This is not a surprise, considering majority of cellphone users in the country can only afford the old (low end) nokia models, which are really cheap by the way.

    So it’s safe to say Symbian still rules in the Philippines but not so long.. I guess!!! :(

  10. gary says:

    ang eco class kasi na ginamit ay ABCDE. dapat yan naka cluster din. nasan ba sa mga eco class na yan nag dominate ang Nokia at san naman sila mababa. This study of TNS wont help Nokia… baka akala ng Nokia, they’re #1 all across eco class, yun pala sa D & E lang… na for sure eh napakadami talaga. yun pala mga nakaw o 2nd hand Nokia handsets lang pala ang gamit.

  11. Nokia N9 says:

    Oh my effin iPhone. If Filipinos were to become ultra-rich. Like literally with gazillions of euros in extra idle money, cheap lang ang bibili ng iPhone. The iPhone would have become for classes D and E. A, B and some of the trying-hard C class would be lining up for the Vertu. Vertu is Nokia.

    Research people. Research.

  12. Nokia N9 says:

    Hey pareng Abe, please post the saliva-inducing leaked Nokia N9 advert here. Fandroids and iTards need to be reminded how cheap they mobiles are.

  13. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Fact remains, Nokia just makes some of the most user-friendly, cheapass-yet-good-enough phones for the non-smartphone market. And I’m willing to bet that most of the 100 millions pinoys don’t really use anything more than SMS and calls, both of which cheapass Nokias do superbly.

    And the 2nd (3rd/4th/5th/greenhillsth) market is flush with Nokias more than any other brand at least from what I’ve seen.

  14. Vertu says:

    Nokia makes the most expensive too. I am betting that you have no idea of that. Your idea of luxury phone is iPhone.


  15. this has something to do with the ability of filipinos to buy cellphone. marami pa rin di kaya magpalit every year. and mas maraming murang nokia phones. or maybe sanay na sila sa symbian.

  16. it’s user-friendly… for me, phones are just for calling and texting – and for waking me up in the mornings. and i’m used to the Nokia interface so I would prefer Nokia than learning others’ interface… after all, i have more patience ‘kalikuting’ computers than phones.

  17. Neozoby says:

    I really don’t know why Metro Manila is always represented as the whole Philippines?

    • jill says:

      The idea is from the same people who declared that the “Tagalog” dialect is the “Filipino” language.

    • ferdinand marte says:

      oh man, you’re so dead-on.

      The Philippines has 1,107 islands, of which majority is populated with Filipino’s who text, call, browse & socialize on their cellphones.

  18. scandid says:

    It only shows that Filipinos are poor!

    • leeto says:

      Pinoys are not poor per se. They just have wrong priorities that’s why they are living poor. That are enticed to buy smartphones to have something to flaunt and live with it with an empty stomach.

  19. Brando says:

    Number 1 pa din sila kasi marami pang masa na gumagamit ng mga basic phones. Meron pa nga akong nakikitang meron ng antiquated Nokia 3310. Pero new buyers with a little more disposable income opt for other brands. Nice try Nokia.

  20. hideous says:

    so does this mean that those people who are not in the listare those dumb people who use a smartphone?

    yeah, you heard it right, dumb people using a smartphone. unfortunately, there are so many of them.

  21. jill says:

    No need to be smug just because you have a smartphone. If you happen to come off by waving your iPhone, then go ahead by any means. Nokia is a good brand, and it so happened that more Pinoys use it. And that doesn’t always mean that it’s because we are poor. Grow up for a change!

  22. jugs says:

    the survey is very believable. sa ofis namin, nokia rules. no one bought an iphone although many can afford. two or three use blackberry, four to six, use samsung. no china phones. the rest are nokias. in my circle of friends, almost the same story except for the fact that one has an iphone (he admits he like the “image” of owning an iphone –funny di ba?) and a very few has LG and sony ericsson.

    the reason i think is that sa pinas, we cannot fully utilize all the features and capabilities of smartphones especially those that are service provider dependents. Hell, di nga maganda ang internet connection ko with globe (im planning na to have a lower-value plan when i end my Flexi-plan 1800 this june kasi di ko na masyadong mapakinabangan dahil sa poor internet connection) another reason is that a lot of phones mostly offer “fun” features instead of productivity features that are more attractive to professionals (one reason why im never enticed to buy iphone or android phones – i have a windows mobile phone right now). kaya yong iba, stick na lng to basic phones despite their financial capabilities. Immediate superior ko nga Nokia 5130 ang choice. yong boss sa ibang division is an old model nokia – a 6630.

    still another reason for nokia’s popularity is that feature-rich phones often have problems and some do not last long enough to be of valuable investment. wise buyers look for reliability of features and not really the abundance of features. after all, its just a phone and you are not suppose to make it replace all your other tools and devices.

    lahat nang namention ko is considered by nokia and so they keep on making phones that will cater to the most classes of buyers who have different needs… and even wants. i disagree with those who say na the reason nokia is popular is because of the low-end phone sales nila. that’s just – i believe – maybe one of the reasons and not even the most significant one. even though i currently do not have a nokia phone, i admire the company’s marketing strategy. their phones are also durable. mind you, my cousin is still using a model released way back in 2003 – i forgot the model pero lamang lng ng 2 buttons sa 3310. that, my friends, is a proof of reliability. di tulad ng *(brand)* phone ko noon na di man lng umabot ng 18 months (18 months, according to an old survey, is the average period of phone replacement)… to think na mahal sya. na-phobia tuloy ako sa brand na yon (it’s actually among the top brands). balik tayo sa financial capability of filipinos. assuming that it is the main reason why nokia is popular, wont you even acknowledge that samsung, sony ericsson, LG, motorola, myphone, and hell, even chinaphones, also offer cheap models? pero tinalo yata sila ng nokia sa low-end sales? di ko lng sure ha pero im just demonstrating the line of thinking ng ibang nagpost. anyways, it’s so sad (in a way) that so many people are too concerned of the phone they use as if people would judge them by it. agree ako sa post ni hideous na marami may smartphone na di naman kailangang naka smartphone. if ever there is something i can say to our less fortunate fellowmen in their phone buying behavior, it would be that perhaps, they are the wisest of buyers among us. after all, they only buy what they can afford to meet their needs. i think i’ve just written too much of my thoughts.


    • leeto says:

      Ang haba ng comment mo pero I agree with you 101%. Madami kasi sa atin gumagamit ng smartphones just to flaunt but they dont need its apps or doesn”t even know how to use it, payabang lang sila. Pero madami pa rin mga Pinoy ang matatalino, they buy phones based on their needs and not to flaunt.

    • leeto says:

      At ang bilis lumuluma ang smartphones, months lang ang bibilangin mo. I still have my Nokia 6680 and its still working until now di pa nasira since 2006.

  23. Zo says:

    Here’s my take:

    Nokia’s leading because of so many factors i don’t where to start. haha!

    I’m not a hater of Nokia, nor am I a fan. I’m a device-loving person.

    Reasons why I think Nokia’s on top:
    1. Consumers go for Nokia phones because of practicality, ease of use, and price range.

    2. Those who buy smartphones are those who really know it’s potential and uses (and can afford them, since smartphones are a bit pricey)

    3. iPhone is popular all over the world, but here in the country, it’s really expensive that people (including me, at some point in my life) opt for having a good fair-priced phone and an itouch to have that Apple experience still.

    4. We’re a sentimental race. Some of us keep old phones coz they were given by a special someone, have a special memory attached to it, and that sort of thing. Not saying it’s bad, It’s just the way we are :)

    5. Majority of phone users dont really see the need for all the features BB, Android, and iPhone offer. As long as the phone can call, text, store some music, and maybe a movie or 2, we’re all set. Simplicity is the name of the game, practicality is our belief.

    6. Related to number 5: really, only a handful of people (class a & b) can fully utilize the features and benefits of smartphones. (See: Lifestyle)

    7. Now why does Nokia up-end non-smartphone companies, or trump the non-smartphone lines of say, Samsung, LG, SE, Motorola, etc? We are a race of tradition. We like ‘tried and tested’. We like ‘kung ano ang nakasanayan na’. Nokia started the cellphone industry boom. It’s what we can call the Mother of the Cell Industry here in the country.

    Boy, this is a long post. But hey, I aint taking sides. I’m calling it as how i see it. :)

    • leeto says:

      you are right. why should i try others when i have the tried and tested brand?

    • jill says:

      You hit it right. “Lifestyle” is the word, but it seemed only a few could relate to that here. They rant on instead. Cretins!

    • Zo says:

      which is why, i think, we’re a struggling country. LOL

  24. Vertu says:

    iToy is user-friendly because it requires the mindset of a pre-schooler to operate. That is how a dumb iTard defines user-friendly experience. Friends are useless if they can not even spell tether.

    • Zo says:

      so much hate. lol. it’s a device who has a target audience. much like nokia. and BB, and Android. Chill :)

    • Slim Jim says:

      what’s with all the hate? if you want the complexity of something that requires the brain of a physicist then i think you should create your own user interface. remember, what phone companies are doing now is make their products user experience as easy as browsing the television. this is actually the first time i’ve seen someone complaining about a device being too user friendly call people who love it preschooler. dude, you need help or I guess you need money

    • Finnish says:

      Pwede ba? Do not make singit your cheap ass plastic phones and put it beside an E7. That is a crime against sophistication!

      We need not to talk about the iPun that is supposed to be a phone but can not make a call unless you put it in a condom.

      The iPun is a proof of how gullible humans can become. For a phone that costs no more than 10,000 pesos to build, Filipinos buy it with 30,000 mark up. If gullible is not enough, dumb would probably fit in. Do not push the UX or apps that you have. How many of those apps are useful anyway? iFart.

    • Slim Jim says:

      eh di wag kang bumili. juice ko, problema ba yun? LOL! eh talagang may mga madaling maloko eh, pero mas magandang lapitan mo silang lahat at magpamudmod ka ng leaflets parang end of the world preachers hahaha move on cellphone lang yan

    • Zo says:

      Im going with you on this one.

      Never saw someone up until now who complains about a device which is user-friendly.

      Isn’t that what Nokia is about too?

      Im getting confused…

  25. techguy says:

    I can still recall the days when owning a mobile phone.. I mean a GSM phone in the country is a luxury. Getting a ‘descent’ phone before was so expensive. Nowadays, mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity and almost everyone has it. Kaya lang hindi lahat may load nyahaha!!
    Nokia is still king when it comes to the low-mid end mobile phone market. Of all the phones I’ve tried, it will still be the most user friendly phone.
    So even if Nokia is behind the race, they will still be choice of those who only wants the basic.. call and text.

  26. jp says:

    dahil na rin sa security reasons :D bakit ka naman bibili ng mga smartphones kung sa dami ng magnanakaw at mandurukot sa Pinas, pagdidiskitahan pa yan at pede ka pang mapahamak.

    • Zo says:

      dude, kahit 3530 ninanakaw. If maingat ka, tipong hindi mo basta basta nilalabas ang phone mo lalo na sa mga lugar na ALAM MO namang high ang chance na madukutan ka, kahit tablet pa yang tinatago mo, keri mo yan :)

  27. panong hindi magiging number one e mga katulong namin tig dalawa o tatlo ang celphone

    • Finnish says:

      Of course. Nokia N8 for the servants. Vertu Signature Cobra for the masters. Parehong Nokia.

  28. Finnish says:

    I can already tell that the same people saying Nokia is turning irrelevant will the first in line to buy a phone that only needs gestures to operate.

    Where the minimalism, both in hardware and software, of Apple is now hailed, how will Jobs cope up with pure intelligence and sheer art that is about to surprise him in the coming weeks. Jessie’s girl is hot. Men salivate. Women turn lesbian.

  29. nexusboy says:

    i don’t question NOKIA is number one. but only in terms of NUMBER OF HANDSETS. you can get a Nokia as low as P1,000 buy 1 take another 1 free pa! LOL

  30. Rex Santos says:

    I this is because madami parin yung binebentang 2nd hand Nokia phones sa mga bangketa. Specially yung mga muslim na tindahan.

  31. ferdinand marte says:

    i’m not sure about the validity of this finding.
    for the price of a low-end or basic phone, you can buy a much more featured phone with advanced functions (ie. dual-sim, 3g, qwerty, etc.) just check out offerings from cherry mobile.

    nokia’s high-end phones cost a lot, but their features are not comparable to similarly priced high-end phones from competing brands.

    i owned 3 nokia phones (the only brand i have), but i will be moving to Samsung for my 4th phone. Nokia was king before & innovative, but not anymore.

  32. 21 says:

    Hanggat di yumayaman ang bansang Pilipinas, Nokia parin ang phone ng mga tao dito..

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