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Nokia N9 Video Teaser Ad

This latest teaser video of the supposed Nokia N9 (or Nokia N950) gives us a better look at the upcoming Meego device Nokia is preparing to launch. Looking very similar to the Nokia E7, the N9 could very well be the successor to the Meego-powered Nokia N900 (and thus a possible N950 label).


Details are sketchy as to what the specifications of the handset will be but I am hoping I will be able to get a good look t it next month during the Nokia Connection 2011 event in Singapore (we had the Nokia N8 launch there last year so I’m confident we’ll get to see the N9 there again this year).

It would be interesting to see how Meego has evolved since the time of the N900. We still have a month to go before the June 21 event so I am sure more leaks and details will surface between now and then.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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44 Responses

  1. boy_fanboy says:

    good that they are not going to ship this with symbian os. meego os is a promising os since it’s loosely based from maemo os which is a linux-based os. as far as i remember intel and nokia built meego os together.

    let’s just hope that meego os is better than maemo and symbian os. actually, maemo os is very good but it somewhat lacks official support. since meego os is officially supported by intel and nokia, we better expect some sort of unique mobile computing experience since it’s built from linux.

  2. nameless says:

    Yeah! This time, it’ll be linux! Microsoft dominated the PC’s, Apple for the Tablets/Music Players, But Linux c/o Android/Maemo/Meego for PDAs!

  3. blah blah says:

    blah blah.

  4. Siyel says:

    the video doesn’t play anymore. :(

  5. Nokia N9 says:

    The video was taken down by Nokia. Good for you all because i jizzed in my pants watching it. So watch it in private with loads of tissue nearby.

  6. Nokia N9 says:


    You have been warned. Jizz privately.

  7. Nokia N9 says:

    Preng Abe, thanks for putting this up. Fandroids and iTards suck it up. Your phones are cheap. Gorilla glass that breaks; rubber and plastic; this…this screams high-end.

    • Nokia N8 says:

      you are aware that the Nokia N8 also has that “Gorilla Glass that breaks” right?

    • Nokia N9 says:

      Oo naman. I will rent a plane, fly it a kilometer up from the granites of Mt. Mayon and let my N8 fall to make its Gorilla Glass break.

      So much effort. Why not take your iToy and let Kim Chiu sit on it?

  8. seanie says:

    Another beautifully crafted phone let down by its os. The windows phone 7 deal should put Nokia back on the map.

    This phone is pure sex.

    • Vertu says:

      It is Meego seanie. How can you be let down by something you have not personally experienced?


    • seanie says:

      Cause that’s been the trend with Nokia lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like the phone. I just don’t think its going to sell as much cause of its OS. Meego not being on any other popular phone means that its not going to get as much 3rd party support.

      Im let down not because it has Meego but because it doesn’t have Android or WP7. I’d love to see a Nokia phone running Android.

    • John says:

      Meego? = Browser

      WP7? = Browser, Apps and Games!

    • Miklos says:

      No Meego = full linux

      So Meego has more apps than iOS, Andorid, Blackberry and WP7 COMBINED.

      Think about that for a second.

    • seanie says:

      Are you saying that desktop linux apps will run on meego?

  9. ay! the vid has been removed! ngrsh!

  10. 1001 says:

    here’s the specs of nokia n9 if you want to view it: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n9-3398.php if they removed it in youtube or you can view the advertisement here; http://thenokiablog.com/2011/05/17/nokia-n9-teaser/

  11. scandid says:

    Another Apple Wanna Be!

    • Vertu says:

      Grabe naman. Lahat na lang ng may icons at touch screen ginaya sa iPhone. E pano ung 8800 na was released before the iPhone? Ginaya din ba un sa iPhone? Rumor na this uses a lot of gestures for the interface. Actually some people are speculating that Nokia will launch 2 meego phones. One of those is with no physical keyboard. See nokia conversations for a lot of hints.

    • Vertu says:

      n810 instead of 8800

  12. Nokia Doom says:

    the Samsung Galaxy S 2, HTC Sensation, LG Optimus 2x, Xperia ARC and the (soon to be) Iphone 4S will most likely eat this phone for breakfast.. as expected..

    • Vertu says:

      First of all plastics and rubber do not eat aluminum. Secondly, your processors are speedier because it is required by android. Have you seen atrix and n8 comparison. Do yourself a favor and research on how a dual-core processor surrenders to a 680 mhz processor.

      Lastly, when all you have to do is make gestures in the air, that is exactly not what your iToy can do.

      Android is for the bandwagoner. iToy is for pre-schoolers. N9 is for the big boys.

    • Zo says:

      specs wise you have a point. I think what Nokia Doom is referring to is the sales performance.

      No doubt Apple already has an established consumer audience here in the country (and no doubt all over the world), Android on the other hand is gaining huge market share in the mobile industry. Alot of stats even say it’s overtaken iPhone sales for this year.

      Sure the N9 will no doubt deliver on the performance-end. But right now, especially worldwide, Nokia ain’t cutting it like they used to.

    • Vertu says:

      Hala. Apple overtaking Nokia? Lampasan muna ng Apple ang Samsung bago problemahin ang Nokia. Apple is STILL 3rd. Far third. Though on the smartphone market iToys are dumb-ifying the world.

      Well we talk about Nokia here so technically Android vs Nokia makes dumb comparisons. O para sa mga Fandroids: yes, Android overtaken Symbian^3 and S40 combined in the early part of 2011. Who cares. Android is the razr of OSes.

      Android is for the bandwagoners. iToy is for the pre-schooler. Nokia N9 is for the big boys.

    • Zo says:

      What’s with all the hate brotha? LOL

      Chill. I didn’t even mention apple overtaking nokia in my post. Do you? What i said was that Apple and Droid are gaining present market share.

      It’s obvious nokia’s had a big head start in the mobile industry, nobody’s doubting that. And whatever beef you have with iPhones and Droids is yours to iron out. lol.

      All i’m saying is they’re hot tickets right now and everyone has a choice which device to buy. Again, each manufacturer has a target audience, and in terms of present sales & market trends, Apple and Droid are doing the right things.

      Again, i’m on no one’s side on this mobile arms race. I love technology, and how each manufacturer is trying to outdo the competition; just gives us better and badder devices to play around with.

    • seanie says:

      Stop feeding the troll. haha You should see his other posts.

    • Zo says:

      i have. lol they’re actually why i keep replying. hahaha

    • John says:

      android is a junk, its a laggy, buggy OS.

      iOS has a chance though.. lets see on 2013, LOL!

      Meego and wp7 FTW!

    • Zo says:

      Didn’t say Droid was a perfect OS. And Apple surely has an up in the market.

      But figures of unit sales says Droid and Apple devices are the majority of consumers’ choices right now.

      What I’m saying is, is Nokia has to up their game if they want to keep staying competitve.

      As a tech-fan it’d be delight to see nokia, who’s a pioneer in this industry to whip these young guns arses and show em a thing or two ;)

  13. ohyeah says:

    quit acting up like you know what’s happening next.

    you are just an ordinary person so shut the heck up…you do not have the right to predict because you are not an analyst.

    wait, did Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Apple paid you to do this? you are such a loser because you can’t afford to earn money by your own. and quit being a dumb.

    this post is not for dumb people like you. if you feel uncomfortable with this article, go discard yourself for everyone’s sake!

    we do not want you to post here, got it?

  14. Mont says:

    The video was taken down by Nokia. Good for you all because i jizzed in my pants watching it. So watch it in private with loads of tissue nearby.

  15. John says:

    Nice Job Nokia! release some wp7 and meego LOVE!

    N-Series (Meego na sana lahat)
    W-Series (Windows Phone 7)


  16. 1001 says:

    if they will release wp7 phones with nokia what do they call it? microsoft n8 or microsoft e7??

  17. Pinoy CHefs says:

    sana mag offer narin ng users negligence warranty ang nokia

  18. Fartdroid says:

    I want to return my SGS2. Dual-core na sobrang laggy. Sabi ko na. My intuition was right. My N900 was WAAAAAAY better. To think the CPU was nowhere near 1ghz.

    • seanie says:

      Oh yeah? I’ll gladly buy if from you since you’re saying its so laggy. I’m serious. Text me your price here: 09173261216.

      …If you really do have the phone that is..

    • Zo says:

      damn. seanie called dibs on it first. LOL but hey, if you aint selling it him you can sell it to me instead. :p

      and quoting seanine: “If you really do have the phone that is”

    • Fartdroid says:

      Gave it to my girlfriend. Can you guys not buy it there?

    • seanie says:

      Oh! Then I’ll buy the girlfriend too.
      You take imaginary money?

  19. technobaboy says:

    here’s a working video

  20. quzaqi says:

    why are there so many dumb people judging a phone they haven’t got their hands on and just base their opinions on the maker’s market sales performance for previous phone models?

    oh! i see… these are fanboys here. and when fanboys talk…. they sound like their “idol” brands are gods and that if those brands could shit… these fanboys would probably eat shit wholeheartedly …

    way to go fanboys… way to go….

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