The Oona: A Smartphone Stand

The Oona: A Smartphone Stand

Over at KickStarter, a site that allows inventors to harness the power of the crowd to fund its project, this nifty little device is getting some serious attention. They call it The Oona.

Got an email from one of their founders and I think I like the Oona enough to shell out some dough to fund it.


As they described it, the Oona is a versatile smartphone stand that has so many uses:

– A GPS on the windshield of your car
– A reference device on a white board
– The ability to mount your smart phone to a tripod to take photos or video
– The gift to keep your hands free while watching a movie on your smart phone
– A simple stand to keep your phone in view on your desk at work
– Many more applications, we can’t possibly write all of them down

When you fund it via KickStarter, you also get one of the Oona once it comes out. Know more about the project here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. e30ernest says:

    Interesting mount. I’d love to contribute and get one but I do not have the budget for it right now. :S

  2. bill says:

    The girl is hot

  3. Benchmark says:

    Nako! Kung makita yan ng China, I am sure, they will copy the design of it and sell a fortune on it. I hope it is already patented.

    By the way, I am tempted to support, but then again, I should first have a better phone. :-)

    Will it fit to Nokia 5110? (just kidding!) hehehehe

    • aldoy says:

      wow….mukhang ngayon lng kayo nkakita nang ganito ahh, ang dami na kayang product na gnito, this is not new to the market…mukhang now a days, lahat nang maisip mong gadgets ay ginawa na nang china…wahahah!

      “God made the world, the rest is made in China” whew!

  4. roiji says:

    i’ll buy 2~3 if it’s on YugaDeals :)

  5. Wonderful product. I will save money to get one :)

  6. Joel says:

    Yes,why not go for YugaDeal??

  7. nice specs on this oona phone. i will definitely look up on this once it gets out! thanks for sharing!

  8. ang cute naman ng chick

  9. Soph R says:

    I got my hands on the Oona recently. There aren’t many places that sell it in the UK that sell it besides these guys. It’s pretty good. I was a little nervous that the suction wouldn’t hold my phone well, but once you use it, you realize that it isn’t really an issue. It actually has a surprisingly strong grip, perhaps even better than some of the other smartphone stands about at the moment.

    My phone now spends it life stuck on the cupboard in my kitchen, displaying recipes for me to read whilst cooking :]

  10. Jack says:

    Is this available in Manila?

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