Why Nokia chose WP7 over Android?

Why Nokia chose WP7 over Android?

While some people are excited about the adoption of Windows Phone 7 into the Nokia family, others are also disappointed why Android wasn’t picked by the Finnish company.

Android is obviously the more mature mobile platform compared to Windows Phone and the number of apps available in the Android Market are also miles away compared to the Microsoft Zune Store.

So the questions remains, why WP7 and not Android? Here are some of my thoughts.

Elop’s career background played a huge role with the decision to go WP7 as he used to be a top Microsoft executive and may still have a lot of allies and friends inside the Redmond complex (including Steve Ballmer himself). His bias towards Windows Phone 7 is expected and being the new gung-ho CEO of Nokia hasn’t diminished that.


Second, the shift in direction isn’t solely leveraged on WP7 alone. Nokia will still make Symbian phones in their entry-level to mid-range handsets while Windows Phone will be installed on flagship and high-end phones (partly due to the hardware requirements).

With Microsoft, Nokia has very little to no significant conflicts of interest and products unlike Google. Had Nokia chosen Android, Ovi Maps will be replaced by Google Maps and the Ovi Store will be totally scrapped in favor of the Android Market. These are huge investments that Nokia made recently and won’t still be willing to let go just to embrace Android.

The Nokia and Microsoft partnership looks like an equitable (dare I say win-win) arrangement — neither one of the two parties is too dominant over the other. Microsoft has a little bit of edge in terms of how far its WP7 platform will move forward while Nokia will benefit a lot from all the marketing budget that Microsoft will infuse into the pool as well as support for enterprise clients (MS Exchange, Outlook and Bing).

Let’s not also discount the fact that Android has a lot of patent problems plaguing it (primarily from Apple) and that might be something Nokia does not want to inherit. With WP, Nokia can be a dominant player in that platform without much competition.

Nokia will not be getting any premium or special treatment from Google unlike what it’s getting from Microsoft. Nokia already got the nod of Microsoft to customize the UI of WP7, a feature Microsoft did not extend to other previous handset manufacturers. Speaks “volumes” of favoritism.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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99 Responses

  1. breakdown says:

    Pathetic, they should have choose android!!

  2. wakocoke says:

    Elop is teh Trojan Horse

  3. Paul says:

    So many android fans here. Wow.

    More mobile operating systems is a GOOD thing, that’s competition and it drives innovation on smartphones further. Pulls prices down, too :D

  4. domob says:

    To all WP 7 haters, suck it. You whiners are only a marginal representation of consumers. People like Windows, deal with it.

  5. forgetmenot says:

    I like WP7 a lot and i can’t wait my hands on new Nokia WP7 phones.

    Hated Nokia for my 5800 experience but that should all change come – whenever it will be released

  6. forgetmenot says:

    *i can’t wait until i get my hands on

  7. forgetmenot says:

    *i can’t wait to get my hands on – oh whatever! i just want the phone now!

    i’m currently looking at samsung focus but might wait a bit for a nokia phone given that it has a front facing camera and skype has released a WP7 app, that’s all i need.

  8. Fleeb says:

    So much for people saying the “Nokia is Finnished…”

  9. camhiliciouz says:

    i agree with Paul..

    let’s hope with this, prices of smartphones will go down…

    but let’s expect our phones to be out”dated” by new innovations…

    hahaha. bilis maglabas ng mga bago noh?

  10. Carlo says:

    Nice observations sir Yuga. Really makes sense for both companies to tie-up.

  11. Drag0nh3art76 says:

    Well just see what happens, WP7 will mature; in time.

  12. Mamayang Pilipino says:

    This really happens for a reason

  13. Gumz says:

    huge step from nokia… i agree that this is a win-win situation for them… nokia need not to sacrifice a lot of their investment… If this tie-up works-out in attracting more developers, sure threatens android and ios…

    healthy competition…

  14. A very good point Yuga. Very enlightening indeed.

  15. Kyle says:

    @yuga what patent problems does google have over apple? I was thinking it’s oracle since google use tweaked jvm to run it’s own dalvik vm over their products…

  16. domob says:


    In Yuga’s previous post about WP7 and Nokia’s tie-up, you mentioned:

    “Two collaboration of losers in smartphone industry equals one winner? hmmmmmmm!!! doubtful…”

    I can assume that you’re either a mental case or seeking attention. Either way, you’re a failure.

  17. Rey says:

    This arrangement is a big win for M$ and kind of a big loss for Nokia.

    Nokia just relegated all its developers as 2nd class citizens by making WP7 as the OS for their flagship phones. Imagine all those Qt developers out of a job. If they didn’t lose their jobs, they’re going to have to be retrained in the ways of M$. This will take 18 months or so according to the sched of Nokia.

    In that time a lot of things can happen. So it’s going to be a really slow start for Nokia.

    Although I do love the design of the upcoming Nokia WP7 phone. Very sleek. I generally don’t like the designs of Nokia but this one seems like a winner.

    Nokia should have gone with Android and WP7.

  18. I wouldn’t mind going back to Nokia after a few years if they will have a mid-range Nokia WP7 available!

    This is EXCITING!!! WOOHOO

  19. enrico says:

    haters makes them famous.. :D

  20. Kyle says:

    I have to disagree with Yuga on these. It seems that Microsoft is the only winner with this one. Nokia is abandoning it’s primary platform and shifting towards windows phone 7 is not practical. I bet the symbian and internal meego department are preparing their resumes now for other companies since it will only take time for the platform to be deprecated. It will take too much cost for nokia in adopting new technologies.Plus microsoft is a tough company to deal with

  21. Bakit ang daming bitter dito na Android fans?

    Binasa nyo ba ang article? Ang solid ng points, and all you’re saying is “They should have choson Android”?

    The competition is good for the consumers, people. Maganday yan, Apple, Microsoft, and Google trying to do things to win the hearts of the customers, pasiklaban ang laban.

  22. @Kyle: You should read the article again, and set aside your Anti-MS bias:

    1. Forte ng Nokia is hardware.

    2. Weakness ng Nokia ang software. Symbian didn’t catchup with Apple iOS, and Meego is the betrayal of Symbian. The only logical move is WP7 or Android.

    3. Google is tough company to deal with, laglag ang mga naki-license sa kanila ng Android. If a company licenses Android, the company is liable on patent lawsuits, and Google will just lay back.

    4. Nokia is the very first company na puwedeng mag-customize ng WP7. Hindi HTC, Hindi Samsung. If MS is tough, di sana di rin nila pinayagan mag-customize ang Nokia.

    5. Nobody said that Nokia won’t also support Android later. Kaya cool ka lang. Or, vote with your wallet, and stop buying Nokia phones kung talagang pinepersonal mo ang Microsoft at Nokia, ganun kasimple. :P

  23. vance says:

    well, do you expect Nokia to partner with google after google mock Nokia before this was announced!!! Yes google mock them after Nokia CEO’s memo was leaked!

  24. Jologs says:

    I think the partnership makes sense. Android is already saturated with so many phones. WP7 is fairly new, seems like a good OS, but I can see that it will mature in time.

    I am an iOS fan myself but I think that once WP7 reaches its maturity, it might have the power to make me rethink my choice of OS, something that Android had failed to do so far, in spite of the fact that I once ownED an HTC Desire.

    Nokia + WP7 = FTW!!!

  25. Jologs says:

    Another thing, kudos to ELOP for having the balls to make this change happen!

  26. Fleeb says:

    This is Nokia’s decision. Let’s wait for the year end before getting angry at Nokia. If Nokia fails, then it fails. I think that’s just how open market works.

  27. @Fleeb: hahaha, may mga tao palang ganun, namemersonal sa companies. :D

    When you read between the lines, you know that you give a damn about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. You give a damn because you know they will be competitive against Apple and Google.

    You don’t give a damn on Blackberry. But you gave a good damn of Nokia and Microsoft, like you know they will succeed.

    Because if you know they won’t succeed, you won’t give a big damn about it.

  28. @All:

    When you read between the lines, you know that you give a damn about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. You give a damn because you know they will be competitive against Apple and Google.

    You don’t give a damn on Blackberry. But you gave a good damn of Nokia and Microsoft, like you know they will succeed.

    Because if you know they won’t succeed, you won’t give a big damn about it.

  29. tortalong says:

    that pimp elop is the 7th biggest microsoft shareholder. think about it.

  30. Jhay says:

    Like what I said, a MS coup inside Nokia. Let’s just wait for what will come out of this new partnership.

  31. Jologs says:

    @the nonhacker – exactly! MS gave the dying Nokia a fighting chance and I can hardly wait for the WP7 phones that they dish out!

  32. oktnxbai says:

    RIP Symbian^3 and MeeGo(Sort of).

  33. Business is Business.

    Remember what happened to Yahoo when they refused the offer from Microsoft. Yahoo ended up begged for MS to reconsider buying.

    Yeah, the Symbian and MeeGo developers will definitely be screwed and not gonna like the phase out *REGARDLESS OF NOKIA SWITCHING TO ANDROID OR WP7*

    Nokia switching away from Symbian/Meego — Yes that will generate a coup. If I’m a Symbian/Meego developer in Nokia, I know I have to distribute my resume to Apple, Google, and RIM.

  34. Nokia is trying to be different from the other companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC. If Nokia tries to plunge for Android, how is it going to differ from them.

    I think MS is a good leverage in the sense that they are the largest competitor of iOS (Apple) and I don’t think Google as an OS could deliver as well as MS.

  35. kenneth says:

    ako ang gusto ko lang bumilis ang nokia in terms of hardware and software usage. magkaron ng magandang ui at microsoft office. pangit kasi ang quick office. tapos ok na ok kung maging windows phone 7 and nokia c7 ko. kya nga ako nag nokia kasi ngarag na ngarag na ako sa mga taong bukang bibig e android. san ba kayo nagsimula? sino ba nagsimula? diba nokia? sana lang magkaron ng mabilis na development ang symbian 3 at maayos na ang bug fixes ng matahimik un mga nokia user na android ang bukang bibig.

  36. Jhay says:

    Come to think of it, Nokia does suck and all of their products. The intervention of Microsoft was a good thing. Who cares if the Americans supplant these Finnish bastards. All they’re worth for is hardware, nothing else. Symbian, Meego — meh!

  37. ranger says:


    you stupid twit

  38. KImkae77 says:

    Guys, just be ready with your pocket… nabasa nyo naman that these units coming from nokia + WP7 are high-ends…..(WP7 will be installed on flagship and high-end phones (partly due to the high hardware requirements).

    naalala nyo pa ba nung lumabas yung nokia 3210?….
    ang mahal di ba?

  39. Pukeman says:

    In one fell swoop, Microsoft has gained a new division; what a coup. To be fair, Nokia was the one to initiate the move in its desperation to get off the burning platform. Hmmm, but as the situation develops, with the replacement of the President of Nokia America, this appears more and more like a well-thought out coup than a desperate and hasty decision.
    A more apt analogy would be that between MS and Nokia, they can now compete in a 3-legged race.

  40. ranger says:


    “A well-thought out coup”

    Precisely. Not every coup is bad. Some often lead companies to greater heights.

  41. Jeric says:

    For me it will be good for the consumers, more phones, more choices, and if the prices are good for Nokia with WP7, then probably it would be my next phone, naka feature phone lang pala ako na SE.

    Plus ang dami na ng android devices, agree ako that they will be lost at sea with all the android phones. halos pare-pareho lang.

    I’m sure threatened lang yung Android and iOS dahil dito. Ang laki ata ng market ng nokia internationally. Sa america lang sila almost non-existent. America is not the whole world.

  42. Epstein says:

    If Nokia chooses Android, what do you think will happen to Meego?

  43. ranger says:

    Yeah, dami lang sigurong mga putanginang haters kasi puro US blog ang binabasa nila. Twits.

  44. domob says:


    Excuse me, so “putanginang hater” ako?

  45. ranger says:


    Yup, and gay as well.

  46. JALAL says:

    Nokia is of right choice. Why not Android? It’s gonna be tough for them to sell Android because of the presently available high-end and mid-range Android devices from various manufacturers. Incase you do not like modified WP7 powered Nokia, Android phones are ready for grab from Asus to ZTE. What modifications Nokia will do on WP7?
    >integrate their imaging prowess into the OS.
    >modify UI to be different from already available WP7 phones.
    >add Nokia maps into the OS.
    >modify the OS so that it could run in mid-range devices.

    BTW, WP7 has the best Office suites.

  47. Nygel says:

    Android is very Dominant OS today. Almost every manufacturer has android. As what is mentioned above there are lots of cons for nokia in Android. PLUS Stephen Elop is an EX Microsoft he may use this as an advantage for NOKIA like whats happening to SAMSUNG-GOOGLE tie up making NOKIA favorable and have exclusive contents with MOS.

  48. turds says:

    wp8 ang makukuha nila, hindi w7.

    Microsoft is vindicated (bill gates vs symbian many years ago)

  49. Something. says:

    Microsoft should concentrate on computers.

  50. winnieb says:

    this is a logical move by nokia and it may be the smartest considering the circumstances. they’ve fallen way, way behind by sticking to symbian. WP7 has a future although it is not yet as developed as android is. The beauty in this move is the partnership that they’ve created, which is supposed to create synergy.

    WP7 is thought of as an OS with strict hardware specs. this is where nokia comes in. nokia knows how to optimize hardware. they can design WP7 phones with highend and midrange prices. nokia, for its part, needs a working new OS fast or it will never even get to execute their middle term plans lest they be relegated to compete with the likes of alcatel.

    as it looks to me, these companies both need each other. the good thing is that they still both have the resources (cash) although nokia has started to feel the effects of its failure. these two companies will also have to acknowledge their weaknesses and work on them. i think these two are really slow in development and rolling out new products – both hardware and ecosystem that they’re talking about. maybe bureaucracy has crept in. now, they have to be fast or else android will just become too big to handle. they can churn out new products fast if they collaborate and work on a single goal. they have to keep focused on surviving and beating the wave that has come upon them.

    regarding android, i think it would not be too smart for nokia to go that route even if android were really that good. for one, they’d probably be beat by their korean counterparts in the hardware department, which i think has deeper access to r&d, e.g. superamoled, etc. etc. etc.

    so nokia-microsoft – i think is the best decision. of course, execution is another thing. we’ll just have to wait and see if they can come out with any meaningful product by the second sem.

  51. Kyle says:


    1. Forte ng Nokia is hardware.
    – I agree

    2. Weakness ng Nokia ang software. Symbian didn’t catchup with Apple iOS, and Meego is the betrayal of Symbian. The only logical move is WP7 or Android.
    -Not true, symbian(software) is not weak, the only reason why symbian fails is because of it’s design which is hard to improve. That’s the reason they started Meego because of symbian’s vulnerabilities. Symbian still conquers most of mobile OS today which is now on the second spot because of android. Being on second place is still a big deal since it can milk money out of the consumers.Truth is smartphone industry is just beginning and there’s too much potential on their meego platform. Abandoning it because it’s half baked is not a good enough to change platform.

    – You know the real weakness of Nokia?…It’s not carrier friendly. And that’s where other OS’es shines because their primary company had great relationsip to most cariers and that’s where they started their success. To prove my point here’s a couple of points that would help you understand much better.

    Point A – Microsoft’s own phones, its first ever, the Kin phones. They were to release on US carriers, suddenly the carriers didn’t give the subsidies that the Kin phones needed, it did so fast that Kin was killed in 6 weeks – the fastest death in mobile phone history. It was not the desirable OS – not even Microsoft branded OS – it was carrier relationship.

    Point B – Palm. The last Palm-branded phone, using WebOS, was greeted as the best phone on the market by many analysts, as good as, some said better, than the iPhone. It didn’t get carrier deals on the four networks – Palm died. Again, not the OS that decided, it was carrier relationship.

    3. Google is tough company to deal with, laglag ang mga naki-license sa kanila ng Android. If a company licenses Android, the company is liable on patent lawsuits, and Google will just lay back.

    – Google is not a tough company to deal with. Patent lawsuits are caused by Oracle not by Google and Google didn’t lay back. If that would be the case then why the heck is google continuing it’s android fragmentations 2.3 2.4 … 3.0 Honey comb?

    In fact Microsoft is a tough company to deal with and you know what they’re good at? Filing lawsuits again… Hope you Googled “Sendo-Microsoft lawsuit”, “HTC favors Android over Microsoft lawsuit”, or “Motorola-Microsoft lawsuit”.

    4. Nokia is the very first company na puwedeng mag-customize ng WP7. Hindi HTC, Hindi Samsung. If MS is tough, di sana di rin nila pinayagan mag-customize ang Nokia.

    -Pinayagan nila mag customize ng UI and services that will use microsoft technologies but not the internals of WP7. Anyway read again the keywords I highlighted above point 4 and hope you understand how often Microsoft Files lawsuits on other companies. Kaya nga MOTOROLA, SAMSUNG, HTC, SONY ERICSSON favors Android more than Microsoft because of it

    5. Nobody said that Nokia won’t also support Android later. Kaya cool ka lang. Or, vote with your wallet, and stop buying Nokia phones kung talagang pinepersonal mo ang Microsoft at Nokia, ganun kasimple. :P

    -You think supporting 3 OSes (Microsoft, Symbian, Meego) is an easy thing to do? Hope their management is clever enough that it would cost too much in producing phones in different platforms. And you think supporting another one (Android) would be that easy huh?

    And yeah just to help you again… RIM has Blackberry, HP has WebOS, Google has Android, Samsung has BADA, Apple has iOS, Microsoft has WP7 and LG considering on making their own OS and Nokia on Sym….uhhh… WP7. See that????. Technology integration on your hardware is much easier if you have full control of your own Software(OS). And on that case Nokia just leveled down in bringing up PREMIUM phones. If they continued on cooking up Meego and they didn’t get intimated easily then they do have a chance in reclaiming their lost numbers.

    and yeah… hope you read my blog I have my points there

  52. jgab says:

    dapat android pinili ng nokia then later on naglabas din sila ng windows phone

  53. There must be some points that must be considered and take into consideration, its their choice. http://iloveyou-mydear.blogspot.com/

  54. adam says:

    If Nokia choose android it be difficult for them to compete with other mobiles running in android since they are far behind the competition. One thing I want to know is di ba pag windows OS marami virus threat.

  55. Jam. says:

    Android is already crowded. WP7 is promising. Why choose Android if there are already a lot devices that are using that OS. Too bad, MeeGo is a promising OS too but they choose WP7 over that. For those WP7 haters, try nyo muna bago pulaan :). Seriously, WP7 is pure awesomeness. It has Xbox Live, we might see Playstation suite on WP7 soon, Windows Marketplace that is still growing and a lotta more.

    There are some features in Symbian that I really like, Hope they port those features to WP7.

  56. x115 says:

    Microkia or Nokrosoft? NOKROSOFT na lang, parang Russian spy ang dating..LOL

  57. Karl Mac says:

    Nokia + WP7 = $$$ handset.

  58. Messie says:

    Make good phones with solid UI.

    As of now, we can’t pre-judge, wala pang finish product e. All we have are assumptions, hunches, guesses. Though some maybe intelligent, none are 100% accurate.

    Let’s wait and see, that’s what I’m sayin.

  59. Regarding Microsoft and lawsuits: Don’t single them out, and let’s do some more critical thinking!

    Let me help you with this infographic of who’s suing who in the mobile phone industry:


  60. And this chart shows that Nokia and Apple sued the most:


    The most sued companies on the other hand, are: Motorola and Apple.

    #2: You only sue if you fight for your right. Suing per se is Not bad. Take a look at the case first if it’s valid.

    Oracle suing Google: Sorry Google fans, Oracle is right here.

    Stop the “Victim Empathy” OK?

  61. #3: Google mocked Nokia. Do you think Nokia will give Android a chance after that? Google’s mocking is so uncalled for and childish.

    Google gotta learn how to suck it.

    Actually, Google should continue being that, their arrogance is their downfall.

  62. john says:

    nakakatawa naman yung mga wp7 haters..

    wp7 is better than android.

    try it, before hating it.

  63. cxian says:

    good points sir yuga

  64. rotero says:

    nice points!!!

    Me as a user also had a hard time in deciding which OS and what brand.

    I also bias to nokia brand, but now i had my 2nd look to android OS which is hopeless to get in nokia phones.

    As an IT PRO, i also looking forward to WP7 to be used in mobile phones but as an enthusiast im interested in goodle android apps.

    so i guess its good news!!!!

  65. Drag0nh3art76 says:

    Nokia Handset will still be affordable with ANDROID in it.

  66. Dan says:

    Yep. To all WP7 haters, try the phone first before commenting. It’s way way batter than the slow, stuttering Android phones. It’s the main reason why I never got Android. I have both the iPhone and WP7 and I like them both. I tried Android, but it was meh.

    Anyways, this move IMHO will be both good for Nokia & WP7. iPhone is still the best, but WP7 is getting there. Android is okay, but I prefer a phone with a nice UX and UI, not some iOS Clone.


  67. eatonop says:

    Basta ako willing bumalik sa Nokia pag meron na silang magandang phone na WP7 platform or Android. Currently naka Samsung Galaxy S ako. Bagal maglabas ng Samsung ng updates nila. Mas focused sila maglabas ng maglabas ng bagong models iniiwan ang mga clients nila. Nokia has a better track record for client support.

  68. Kyle says:

    @nonhacker is that all you have to say when I presented my points on why nokia just lose on the microsoft partnership? and all you can say is about lawsuits? I’m not siding on google, if you read my counter arguments most of it concludes to continue on using symbian and meego… You’re relying too much on numbers of lawsuits filed. I’m relating lawsuits here on how microsoft is such a tough partner too deal with

  69. Haay kulit. How can you Not be siding Google in your arguments?

  70. And you even misread

    “Weakness ng Nokia ang software.”

    replying with

    “Not true, symbian(software) is not weak”

    Those two things are different. Kakatamad nang mag-argue. *super yawn*

    Plus, how is Symbian Not weak, they got deluged with Apple. *sigh*

  71. madapaka says:

    Nokia’s glorious days are gone, they were hoping that Meego would pave the way for their resurgence, unfortunately the project have no clear roadmap (at least IMO). As of this writing Meego is nowhere near production, if they stay the course they can only come up with one phone model for 2011, imagine that!

    Using Android as OS is no-no for nokia that is why they’ve teamed up with MS which is desperate move if you ask me, I guess Elop (a former MS employee) has something to do with it. If they think this move allow them to catch up with Android and Apple, they’re dead wrong.

  72. ranger says:

    LOL, did you see the UI performance of Meego lately at Engadget. It’s fuckin retarded. Good move Nokia – hanging onto that bloated piece of crap called Meego will doom you for good.

  73. Last Post:

    1. Wala nang magagawa ang Google. Nokia will still use Symbian on lower-end devices slowly phasing in WP7.

    2. Nokia concept phones are looking good.

    3. Nokia is given mode freedom to customize WP7.

    4. I don’t care if Google will lose, if we, the consumers win because of this mobile phone wars. And I’m glad Apple started this war. Finally, the end of phones that suck, and more good phones to choose from!

  74. john says:


    nokia + wp7 = ftw

  75. Jan Christopher says:

    Hope that the price of the NOKIA WP7 should be much cheaper than other SMARTPHONES so that people can this SMARTPHONE. Other SMARTPHONE like ACER, HTC, & SAMSUNG GALAXY SMARTPHONE cost double or triple.

  76. boo says:


    respeto lang pre.. this is a decent blog. resorting to name calling makes you deserve the title of “putanginang hater” more than anyone in this blog..

    and to further clarify.. may android users/fans na hinde wp7 hater.. some of us appreciate competition which hopefully brings better phones at more affordable prices..

  77. 2toyzki says:

    they should have continued meego..

    Considering that meego can run both meego and symbian apps..that’s pretty cool! And i guess pati java apps pwede.

  78. Kyle says:

    you really have a thick skull… nuff said hahahaha

  79. Phoenix says:

    Never tried a WP7 phone so I can’t comment on the performance, but the OS looks promising.

    To all Android fans, please refresh my memory. Why do you love Android uli? Having tried an Android handset, I honestly don’t get what the fuss is all about.

  80. ako says:

    to many adroid fanatics without even a single android phone…hahaha nakikisabay lang..3230 rules!!!

  81. zigbien says:

    kahit mamahalin pa cellphone nnyo basta pinoy mag mamay-ari dukha pa ring tingnan…

  82. Reynante says:

    Let’s just see the result. I think ugh… Hands down. I hated Nokia for its laggy and somewhat outdated Symbian Os. But when I saw this article I’m thinking again to look back to my ex-lover Nokia. Nagsawa ako sa Symbian and I left Nokia. Then I fell in love with SE. Now, WP7+Nokia= Big change. :P

  83. Jologs says:

    @ako replied on Feb 15th, 2011 at 9:45 pm (83)

    to many adroid fanatics without even a single android phone…hahaha nakikisabay lang..3230 rules!!!

    —-Exactly my thoughts! Natawa ako dito sobra! Hahahaha!

  84. lolipown says:

    >some of us appreciate competition which hopefully brings better phones at more affordable prices

    This is what -tards and morons simply don’t get. Competition breeds innovation. With a healthy, competitive market, no one loses.

  85. rotero says:

    hahaha true
    at saka kahit high end pa phone nila kung PREPAID naman DUKHA ka pa rin!!!

  86. rotero says:

    maybe!!!!—>>>Microsoft should concentrate on computers.

    but its a FACT that mobile users are nore than PC users! dito na lang sa atin no wag ka nang tumingin sa iba!

  87. rotero says:

    i already had experience in using the ff

    symbian (old and new)
    win 5 – 6.5
    sony erickson OS

    ANDROID na lang !!!!!!

  88. mr. bogus says:





  89. Xcu says:

    What if nokia tied up with google whats u gonna call the ovi store?
    Ovi market?

  90. NOrbel says:

    sa lahat ng ginagawa nila tyong mga buyer ang makikinabang…more competition more price cut ang makukuha natin sa mga smartphone :))

  91. Pier says:

    Ang pangit lang kasi sa Windows Phone 7 OS would be the “closed yet loose” build.

    Sa Android, I can easily pinpoint the actual jar and apk files that does what, kaya easy ang customization. Sa Windows phone, mapapasabi ka ng “where the hell did this .dll come from?!” sa sobrang kalat.

  92. rooks says:

    I have htc sense (android), iphone 3g and htc hd7 (wp7).

    It’s a pure fact that MS WP7 is really a nice OS. most of the post here doesn’t make any sense.

    Stereotyping yourself just to make WP7 looks bad is pure fail.

  93. Anup says:

    Check out following if you are considering buying a smart-phone:

    I am sure Nokia must have given a thought to these points before choosing WP7.


  94. Devs says:

    WP7 Up, kailan kaya ma-rerelease dito sa pinas?

  95. Ronaldo Gonzales says:

    Short on saying MS just obliterated Nokia from the market…

  96. popo martin says:

    im from the future and nokia will use android in the future

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