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Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs. Asus Zenfone 5

The price category of Php5,000 to Php7,000 are slowly being ruled by really good smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi 1S and the Asus Zenfone 5. We take a look at the two and compare them with each other.

Both global brands as well recognized and have good reputation so more often than not, the choice between the two boils down to the hardware specifications and price.


So we plotted them down in this table.

SpecsXiaomi Redmi 1SAsus Zenfone 5
Display4.7-inch HD IPS
1280×720 pixels
5.0-inch HD IPS
1280×720 pixels
ProcessorSnapdragon 400
1.6GHz quad-core
Intel Atom Z2560
1.6GHz dual-core
Bluetooth4.0 LE4.0
Front Camera1.6MP2MP
Rear Camera8MP8MP
OSAndroid 4.3Android 4.3

The Zenfone 5 has a lot of points over the Redmi 1S, including double the RAM, expandable storage, display size and slightly higher battery capacity.

As for the performance, our Antutu Benchmakr scores put the Intel Atom of the Zenfone 5 slightly better at 22k compared to the 21k on the Snapdragon 400 of the Redmi 1S.

The Redmi 1S is cheaper by about Php1,000 so that’s one of the consideration here as well.

You can read more about our initial review of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S here and the Zenfone 5 here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. Isel says:

    Diba 1.6ghz lang yung local release ng zenfone 5? Correct me if I’m wrong but the 2.0ghz was the initial release and they found it too buggy so they underclocked it to 1.6.

    • rmrhsit says:

      Actually, it’s not underclocked. It’s a different processor, belonging to the same family. Hahahaha, oh well. Anyway, they released the 1.6 GHz here because the 2.0 GHz is too hot to handle, is a power hog, and because it makes the device a little more expensive. Anyway, the device is still strong enough. In fact, some reported 25k+ scores at AnTuTu. :)

    • Isel says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. While I generally agree that Zenfone 5 is better, overall choice, I think the 1s is a better choice as a backup phone. Size is smaller, higher ppi, better batt life, and clearer calls because of the dedicated noise isolating mic.

    • Defiler says:

      may dual microphone dn c zenfone for noise cancellation. and mas malakas ang reception ng zonefone dahil sa antenna design so better experience talaga.

  2. lolwut says:

    Overall, Zenfone 5 beats the Redmi specially in performance expectations. Also, another note to buy the Zenfone is the good after sales support which Asus is known for.

    • Isel says:

      I’m an admin on both Zenfone 5 and Xiaomi mi3 FB groups and I can say that based on the feedback of users, the after sales support are both good.

      For Xiaomi users, most of them get an outright replacement when brought directly to the service center. For those who had them replaced through Lazada, the most it took was 2 weeks.

      I haven’t heard of anyone who had to bring their zenfone to a service center. It’s still a fairly new release so the people who had units with defects just get them replaced from where they bought it. The most common reason being the pink/purplish tint they get when taking photos under low light. Some users reported it gets fixed just by adjusting the ISO, but that workaround didn’t work with others so they got them replaced.

      As for updates, miui releases updates weekly while Asus releases updates generally every 2 weeks.

    • pat says:

      You da real mvp!

  3. lenny says:

    The processor is Z2560 for ASUS Zenfone 5 here in PH. And the 16G variant Zenfone 5 is PHP 6,995.:)

  4. Catnippy says:

    Kung 2GB RAM ang ilalagay nyo dapat yung 16GB storage din ang sa Storage. 8GB/1GB RAM and 16GB/2GB ang variants ng Zenfone 5 diba? ;)

  5. archie says:

    Redmi 1s is a mid-range phone, not a flagship. I think Zenfone 5 should be pitted with Xioami Mi3 or 4.

    • evollove says:

      Nicely researched, dumbass.
      Since when naging flagship ng Asus ang Zenfone 5? Kung gusto mo ng flagship ng Asus, yun ang Padfone X/S/Infinity series.

    • bliss says:

      ang talino mo teng…grabe saludo ko sa comment mo…kailan pa naging flagship ang zenphone? alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng flagship…?

    • Mayor Binay says:


      Karma is now biting your ass ha ha. Masyadong kang nag mamarunong eto ang napala mo koopal. Anong flagship yan nabiling mong zenphone 5 dream on asshole.

  6. Name:mm says:

    Pls change the info local release is 1.6ghz. I do use an asus zenfone5, the problem is intel is warmer than snapdragon procie. I want redmi’s procie because its cooler and runs more efficient, but i want zenfone5’s screen size. I’m still undecided up to now..

    • Hentai Kamen says:

      and also, dont forget the 2gb RAM on z5 it also plays a big factor on keeping your phone snappy and smooth.

    • Most phones naman umiinit ng bahagya pag matagal mong nilalaro. IMO, hindi kasi talaga ginawa ng mga current cp for gaming, added feature at possibility na lang yun. For gaming, PCs and portables talaga dapat.

      Panalo naman both phones. Nasa budget mo na yan kung alin ang kaya.

      But for your question, you should ask yourself: Saan mo ba mostly ginagamit ang cp mo? That could give you an idea.

  7. anon says:

    according to an interview with Hugo Barra by Alex @TheTechnoclast.com, the Redmi 1S is expandable to 64GB SD cards.

  8. Asus says:

    Here is the Video Presentation for Asus Zenphone watch and be amazed!


    • nokinoks says:

      tol meron bang PC Link ang zf 4? Yung makaka calls and text ka sa pc tapos ung display din nung phone lalabas sa pc? Ayaw ko kasi ng malaking phone eh at so far sa 5 and 6 ko lang sila na confirm, nalilito ako kung meron din ang 4.

  9. R2D2 says:

    They have something in common. No stock

  10. akdwin says:

    Haha oonga, parehong out of stock lagi. Zzzz

  11. Noel Rey says:

    the zenfone 5 has the advantage in ram, display, cellular… and it’s worth it to add 1000php for zenfone 5..

  12. Noel Rey says:

    the zenfone 5 has the advantage in ram, display, cellular… and it’s worth it to add 1000php for zenfone 5..

    Noel Rey E. Rucero
    Contributor from OurHappySchool.com

  13. Noob question says:

    Sorry. Noob question here. Bat mas mabilis pa rin yung zen sa 1s despite the 1s having a quad core processor compared to the z5’s dual core? Thanks

    • captain says:

      Hi, yung intel processor ng z5 ay may hyperthreading technology. Single cores become like dual cores and dual cores become lile quad cores, performance-wise. :)

    • Z says:

      Again pag titingin ka ng speeds its not always in the number of cores not in all cases ang 4 cores ay > than 2 cores, nakakaapekto din yung other optimizations on the software and the hardware construction ng processor.:))

  14. cj poh says:

    Im a gamers. ask ko lang, kasi ang redmi is a quadcore at zenfone 5 dualcore lang pereo intel atom. mas maganda ba sa gaming ang zenfone 5 kahit dualcore lang?

    • nokinoks says:

      mas maalam ako sa laptop kaya paki sure nalang din kung tama. Sa nakita ko lang parang mas maganda ang xiaomi kasi mas mabilis uminit ang zf 5 at hyper threaded lang ung cores instead ng true cores. pero kung madami kang apps na nakabukas sa likod o gusto mong pag balik mo sa homescreen o check ka ng texts and such eh responsive kagad yung phone then tingin ko better ang zf. Not an expert ho ah.

    • Z says:

      Gaming wise most of the games sa z5 (user here) ay smooth – little lag depending on the settings and the game, some games though are not yet optimized for intel chips pero most HD games ay malalaro mo ng maayos, and yes may heat prob ang intel chips pag naglalaro ka pero sa z5 hindi naman siya yung nakakapaso, and iinit lang siya pag sobrang prolonged gaming word of caution wag kang maglaro habang nagchacharge dun dodoble yung init.:)), and again not in all cases na ang more cores > lesser cores.:)

    • nokinoks says:

      Yep I agree with Z, mas maganda ding tignan mo yung clockspeed nung processors. Publema lang sa heating eh iikli buhay nung phone (pag madalas at matagalan), pero di ko sigurado gano kalaki ang lifespan decrease kasi di ko talaga kabisado phones, haha.

  15. arsenal says:

    The dual-core Intel Atom CPU makes the quad-core Snapdragon chip look like a fucking joke.

    Intel is definitely a force to be reckoned with in terms of making processor chips.

  16. Kernel says:

    Im still going for the redmi because of its user interface(MIUI)

    • Defiler says:

      I thought ZenUI is the best at this price range. Great app integration/optimization by ASUS.
      Sorry but I just dont like Chinese characters on my UI.

    • Kernel says:

      There is no Chinese characters in miui(global rom) unless you download and change it into developer’s rom or stable rom from china

  17. jdGONEMAD says:

    Master Yuga, the problem is… walang locally available cover/casing for both phone here in the Philippines.

  18. Michael says:

    Actual battery of Xiaomi Redmi 1s is 2050mah and Antutu benchmark4 is reaching 23k at highest while Zf5 only reaches 21k on antutu 4..in terms of compatibility of app Xiaomi Redmi1s is the winner good lighting shots Xiaomi Redmi1s winner low light Zf5 winner ram of course Zf5 w/2gb winner…problems on Zf5 abnormal heating issue,battery life,some apps are not compatible with intel,front cam sometime red,purple,pink tint..problems on Redmi1s apps can’t be move to external sd unstable signal while using data connection on sim1.

  19. Vinjay says:

    I bought Asus Zenfone 5 and its battery drains really fast. It struggles to lat 24 hours for an average use. The reason for Asus Zenfone 5 that the battery is drainng fast is the Intel processor which according to some write ups, Intel processor consumes battery than other processor. Asus Zenfone 5 has impressive specs and features but I can’t enjoy them so much because battery life is poor. 2,100MAH is just in paper not in performance.

  20. Manny says:

    Don’t buy Redmi 1s. Its front and back cameras produce quite dark images including if you use it for video chat. Also, its 3 softkey buttons below are not as responsive. Based on other reviews, a dual-core Intel processor has better performance than a quad-core Snapdragon. With this, Zenfone 5 is the better “value-for-money” than Redmi 1s.

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