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Are Internet Cafes still a Good Business?

Been receiving a couple of emails lately (mostly from OFWs but there’s one from a Chinese/Taiwanese company) asking if there’s still some good business to be made with internet cafes in the Philippines. From accounts of friends and people who’ve been into the net cafe business as well as what we’re seeing in every mall and street alley, there’s some mixed reaction.

Five years ago, the prospects were better; way better. I myself was thinking of opening up one back then. My excitement was immediately doused after doing the math.

Net Cafe

Just like any other brick and mortar businesses, there are so many extraneous factors that’ll affect your likelihood of success in the internet cafe industry:

  • Location. Pick a good spot and you’ll hit a gold mine. Pick the wrong one and kiss your money goodbye.
  • Competition. Most business-minded people think of competition as a race to charge the lowest prices in order to win customers. While it’s good for the customers, exceeding the lower boundaries can drive you and your competitors to bankruptcy. One cannot expect to recover a Php500,000 investment if hourly rentals go down to as low as Php10. It goes without saying that in this industry, there are no customer loyalty; just cheaper rentals.
  • Quality/Consistency of Broadband Connectivity. For places that don’t have many options for bandwidth providers, this could spell trouble if your only source of connectivity conks out more frequently than you get brown-outs in your area. A backup DSL might be a good solution but many consider the extra cost to be not worth it.
  • Software Licensing. Many people who go into the net cafe business don’t factor in the cost of software licensing in their capital. Either they think they can get away with a few pirated copies or go open-source full-time. Still, there’s the class of ever-popular network games like Starcraft, WoW and CS which cost an arm and a leg to get a per-PC license. Maybe that’s why MMPORG pay-to-play model is more popular in this side of the globe.
  • Expected ROI. While previous half-decade old records saw a return-of-investment in just over a year, lower rentals due to fierce competition and over-saturation of net cafes have driven the ROI further back to as long as 3 years (that’s if you’re lucky enough). To sustain a business that long and derive your income from that sole business could easily drain you of energy and personal savings.

There’s also the question of how many PC units should a net cafe operate in order to realize profit. A friend, who runs a net cafe for about 3 years now, says you need at least 15 units to survive and get decent income. Does that mean others operating below that number are doomed to fail in the long run?

However, the growth and expansion of Netopia’s franchise around the country says there’s still good money to be made from the internet cafe business. Does that mean people wanting to venture into that industry should look into franchising? What do you think — given the opportunity and capital, do you feel a net cafe business in the Philippines is still a lucrative one?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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355 Responses

  1. EntrepreNars says:

    I think cafes will go down on their ‘internet’ side of business because internet and computers here in the Philippines are getting cheaper and cheaper, unless you are located near a school, sobrang patok for research, typing and printing, lalo na yung mahileg sa cramming.

    I guess there are still growth in the gaming side because I think gamers prefer group playing than playing solo.

  2. gen says:

    IMO, Internet / Small scale BPO – that’s a good combination.

    Internet Cafe in the morning then Call center at night. :)

  3. calvin says:

    patok yung 168 and its sister company ihook. i think it’s because of gaming and not internet. abe nagdodota pa rin kami, pero ngayon sa labas na para pwedeng mag-ingay kahit 40 pesos per hour.

  4. yuga says:

    @gen, I think meron ng gumagawa ng ganun dito sa Market Market.

    @calvin, uy! sama nyo naman ako!

  5. marhgil says:

    mas magaling pang magblog na lang tungkol sa internet cafe kesa magtayo ng internet cafe, mas malakas ang kita, di ba? hehehe.

    on a serious note, plano ko rin yan dati sa barangay namin sa batangas. malapit sa school. kaso, may nauna sa akin, and i don’t want to compete with his price. malulugi lang ako.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I and my barkada used to have an internet cafe back in 1998. It was good in the first few months.

    To make it short, i don’t want to have this type of business again. Maybe i will, but just a side income, making money online is much more profitable.

  7. yuga says:

    @wauks, when was this?

  8. Kuya Kevin says:

    Location, location, location.

    I live in the Ubelt area of the Philippines, and I see a internet cafes all over the place. They are definitely making money in this section of town.

  9. sylv3rblade says:

    i agree with Kuya Kevin
    It’s about location but as of the moment, the busiest places are also the most hard-fought (too many competitors).

    Second criterion for success would be the quality of experience (Gaming Cafes).

    Third would be “other services.” I have a friend who only has 8 units but he has 10 printers and offers the sought after “Piso Print” service. His printing earnings far exceeds the PC rentals.

  10. Wauks says:

    That was in 2006. We sold it na though because of all the internal conflict. Never be business partners with your friends, hehe.

  11. Ordnacin says:

    I used to have an internet cafe but gave it up three years ago. Now I hear rentals are at P15/hour ? Don’t see how one can make money at that rate, you have to find ways to supplement it. Rentals alone won’t cut it…

  12. Pacute says:

    Maganda magtayo ng internet shop sa mga campus kaso pag bakasyon walang kita.

  13. vance says:

    I would say yes! But not in Metro Manila, It will be a great business if you locate it the province where only few can afford DSL connection at home.

  14. Jeffrey says:

    Kuya Kevin, Ubelt area: Bill’s Gate used to be swarmed with customers 7 years ago, it’s now almost empty. Or are they still there?

  15. orgl says:

    I’m a former net cafe owner and so so so proud quitting the business. It’s so so so so so so horrible experience for me caused by lagggggggggy dsl business plan, stiffffff competition, unfairrrrrrrr competition (for using counterfeit softwares). Blogging is farrrrrrrrrrrrr away better than having a computer shop. :)

  16. orgl says:

    Now I am earning more than before with just 1 pc. :)

  17. yuga says:

    @marghil and orgl – why not combine both? put up a net cafe and hire bloggers?

  18. joel says:

    kuya abe, turuan mo na lang kami mag blog, mas maganda pa siguro income kesa mag invest sa internet cafe…hehe

  19. orgl says:

    Hmmm good idea there yuga! and along with it is a coffee and snack bar. :)

  20. Andre says:

    Does station 168 even make money? I mean looking at all its equipment and fast internet, looks like massive investment even beyond Netopia (who is filled with advertisers and banners). OR maybe they are fine as long as a competitor doesnt open up, or noone can probably afford to compete.

  21. ram says:

    Sa area namin d2 sa bulacan, parang mushroom na nagsusulputan ang internet cafe business, gaya-gaya para ding mineral water business bawat kanto may kalaban. Kaya ang rate P15 per hour na lang, at ang iba ay P10 cguro iba gamit ng jumber na lang para makatipid sa electricity which is risky pag nahuli ka ng Meralco! Ang kuryente parang na ring ginto eh sa mahal!

    Tapos consider mo pa ang municipal ordinance na bawal magpapasok ng estudyante between 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, goodness ano pa kikitain
    jan! Bawat bata hingi ng bonus time eh ano pa sa Meralco na lang lahat punta ng kita!

    In short, cut-throat competition talaga! Kailangan mahaba pisi mo to compete with others!

  22. GM Tristan says:

    I think it’s still a viable business. With the right content, there will be a demand. I remember writing something in January about how to start your own cafe

    Check it out.

    GM T

  23. karla says:

    saturated business in the metro
    maybe if you put up one in the province, i think that would be doable. :D

  24. Paul says:

    wauks, are you waukeen from pRO?

    Sorry for the O.T.

  25. Jazzy says:

    I would like to add a factor to consider in putting up this business, that is employee to manage the repairs and customers.

    If you’ll be doing it all by yourself, it’s really more a self-employment than a business.

    If you can find a decent job, might as well be employed.

  26. Dave Starr says:

    This is one of the best posts and by far the best set of comments I’ve seen here in a long time … thanks to those who shared.

    This is a perpetual question for me from other expats and from OFW’s who want to help other family members.

    I think the idea of combining small-scale BPO and blogging-style work with a cafe is a viable way to give the business a foundation to carry it through lean times.

    Another technology which can be done very cheaply these days due to open source is thin client. The idea that each customer station needs an entire PC is very wasteful of both hardware and power.

    Sir Abe, we should have more on this subject here!

  27. Eduardo says:

    How much do cafes spend for electricity when they have 10PCs? what about 20 or 30?

  28. Art Norman Gabon says:

    Hi pwede niyo ba akong bigyan ng magandang business proposal for an internet cafe.. help me please help.. paki send po sa email ko para po mapag-aralan ko yong business.. Thank you

  29. arman says:

    Hi guys meron kasi akong gustong place dito sa amin, meron 3 schools na malapit and meron din 2 cafe’s na competensya pero as a gamers nakikita kong sobrang naasar yong mga players niya kasi sobrang LAG at yong Dota na nga lang na didisconnect pa.. so gusto ko sanang magtayo ng cafe dito yong medyo malakas na computer para lumipat yong mga student.. pero di ako makagawa ng business proposal kasi di ko alam kong paano gawin at saan magsisimula.. kong meron makakatulong sa akin please send me an email [email protected]

    Thank you

  30. philblog says:

    well, as for me it is still a good business. Gaya ng experience ko ngayon on which i’m only having a four computer set but i’m earning a gross sales not less than 1k – 2k daily. At habang nagbabantay ng internet shop eto blogging and keeping my new website alive. visit nyo na rin po pala bago kong website.. http://www.filipinoonline.org .

    About sa internet cafe.. i think if you had a “BEST” location. Why not.. it’s still worth a good business. Nasa pakikisama din yan… most of my earning comes from PUPians dito sa Cavite and dahil sa magandang pakikitungo they sticking with our cafe. Actually where already planning for an expansion this month and putting up a ink refiling station…

  31. philblog says:

    By the way i’m not more on gamers but rather internet users. Sa internet kc pag nag research may kasamang printing and more. Kaunti lang din games ko kasi nagiging magulo and most of my dedicated customers eh gusto sounds lang.. ayaw ng maingay. Tsaka madaling masira ang keyboard and mouse sa mga gamers hihihihihi(but not all).

  32. kcirtap says:

    hello, I just opened my net cafe 3 weeks ago. Im afraid that it would not click. any advices pls. thanks. email me at [email protected]

  33. norie says:

    Depende siguro sa lugar na pagtatayuan mo, kung saturated na sa area nyo o marami ng internet cafes sa lugar nyo, di humanap ka ng iba lugar na wala pang gaanong competitors!

    Well, kung sayo ang place at hindi ka na uupa ng monthly rental pwede yon kahit maraming competitors, daanin mo na lang sa promo! Nasa strategy mo na lang yon on how to beat your competitors!

  34. gelo says:

    internet cafe is not a good business anymore. you see, computers are getting cheaper and people today can afford to buy one. if most of us has a computer, why bother going to an internetshop? even students today has their own notebooks. so who’s going to internetshop nowadays? your “yaya”?? :D

  35. Eduardo says:

    Whether it’s good or not depends on your location and your presentation. Besides that, I doubt that even a quarter (perhaps a lot less) of the Filipino population can afford the fees for internet services – let alone a computer (sorry, don’t have the proper percentages, and I don’t have the resources to do a countrywide poll.. but a good guess would be 10%… hehehe).

    The cheapest BRAND NEW PC I can get which is compatible with most current popular MMOGs would cost around 8 – 9 thousand pesos – that’s a system with an AMD Sempron and a 780G or 690G motherboard. That’s a lot of money.

    The CHEAPEST I can get is probably an old PII or PII for about 2 thousand, and a monitor might be around 1 to 2 thousand – if you know where to look – the problem with this is the warranty; and these systems just won’t cut it – even for Warcraft III with all the eye candy set to the lowest.

    Besides that, most used computers have problems and no warranty – you’ll end up spending more on repairs or buying more old ones susceptible to damage, eventually spending more than you would had you bought a brand new one. And there’s the electric bill…

    Anyway… electricity… could anyone here please post electricity bills for your net cafes? Number of PCs, monthly electricity charges, hours per month. I’d like to get an idea of approximately how much I’d be spending on that as I’m planning on putting up one in my little town.

  36. X.A. says:

    Hello, got 10 computers now all PIII for pure internet surfing only, surviving for 1.5 year now, monthly profit of no more than P30K not less than P23K. I’ve got a supplier that offers 1 year warranty to all second hand PCs so dont have any problem with that, i bought this 10 units for P60K. So, i immediately got my ROI for just 3 months! Friendster alone can pay for your rent and earn much more!

  37. Dave Starr says:

    X.A., Thanks for an informative comment, with numbers. Interesting and I wish you well.

    I just came back from a 4 day road trip up north with my son who is visiting from the states. We used cafe’s at leaast once a day. Major thing I observed as a business man is, most cafes make it too hard on themselves. Way too much labor for a simple task. Sign this, fill up that, etc. Labor costs the owner even if it is his own, and slows down the amount of time a customer is online and thus making the operator money.

    There is good cafe management software out there, currently way too much paper and time being used.

    I must say though, from personal observation, this is still for sure a viable business if you run it as a business.

    Big opportunity I see being missed is monetizing things like advertising and membership deals to the users. Many owners/shop attendants barely acknowledge the presence of customers instead of talking to them, finding out their needs and making them feel welcome … and signing them up to a free monthly newsletter … you are promoting your shop with a monthly newsletter, aren’t you?

    Last tip … have change! It is a business’s responsibility to make change for the customer, period. You offera service for a fee, part of the cost of doing business is to be able to make change … fact of life. Making the customer feel guilty for not having change is bad business. It’s like paying your Meralco bill … not always a happy occasion but a necessity for ongoing sales.

  38. pinoydeal says:

    im planning to start a net cafe biz but for an roi in 3 years makes me wonder and have to double check on an alternative. would a reloading biz and photocopy biz help together with the net cafe biz?

  39. Dave Starr says:

    @ Yuga and in particular your great response to marghil and orgl.

    The biggest thing I see standing in anybody’s idea so many people seem to have that a ‘computer shop’ only does this thing or that thing. Time (money) slips away while people don’t come in the shop to do what the owner thinks they should be doing … instead, the owner could be finding things they want to do.

    How many ‘stories’ fit for a blog post happen everyday, right as people are using the cafe? It doesn’t cost a centavo more to write about them … especially if business is slow anyway.

  40. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for the info X.A… makes me all the more hopeful for my plans to do at least OK. Thanks to Dave too, for the recommendations.

  41. on my opinion, internet cafe business is a dying business nowadays :(

  42. Eric says:

    I used to own and operate an internet cafe here in the province, but having licensed OS per PC really cut down our profits and set back the ROI. During the early 2000s, rates here were at 20-25 pesos and the monthly gross varied from 20k-50k. Electricity was cheap back then. I had 10 units.

    Sadly, due to plunging rates and unfair competition (shops with pirated OS being allowed to operate) I had to close it after 2yrs of operation. I wasn’t able to recover 100% of my investment, only around 75% of it.

    Here in the provinces viability is determined by location as well as employees willing to work below minimum wage.

    With DSL access being more and more affordable for homes, and free wifi access spots ever increasing, internet usage is shifting away from cafes.

  43. gerald says:

    for WoW, i think you can use just one copy and distribute it on the computers. it’s the player’s responsibility anyway to have an account.

  44. Linda says:

    i need to startup this business,what are my considerations?

  45. myra says:

    I’m a shop owner for almost 8 years, i started with just 2 pc, and now it’s 31 units, so I may say magandang negosyo, cguro noon, pero ngayon na sunod-sunod ang nagtayo sa lugar namin, (by the way, malayo ako sa school, purely residential area) ngayon ang hirap na, half of my PC eh hindi na nauupuan sa maghapon, and with new shops near my area and lower rates like P10/hr, now i don’t know kung paano na!

  46. Rihana F says:

    Internet Cafe is NON-EXISTENCE in USA. 99% of American families have at least 2 or more personal computers in their homes. Price of computers here is so cheap, family homes are saturated with computers.
    PLUS — for those who does not have computers at home, they can always go to any public library.There are plenty of computers in the library for the local resident to use for FREE.

    This Internet Cafe business in the Philippines will soon die slowly once the price of computers becomes affordable for local pilipinos to buy .

  47. My take on this is to make sure you use highly efficient rigs that are highly scalable. I would suggest going with the following set up:

    AMD Athlon 4850e (45W versus 65W most dual core processors consume)
    AMD 780G Chipset motherboard (Power efficient chipset with powerful IGP capable of running locally populaar games)
    1x2GB 800mhz DDR2 RAM
    80GB 7200 RPM HDD
    CD-ROM ODD (leave the DVD-RW in your service unit so you can charge customers to burn CD’s/DVD’s)
    15 – 17″ LCD with no more than 1280×800 resolution (Consumes significantly less power than CRT monitors and attracts more customers)
    Windows Vista Basic

    You’re probably asking why use Vista when it’s a resource hog. Well, Vista allows you to scale your rig up by simply adding an ATI 3450/3470 Graphics card to take advantage of AMD’s Hybrid Crossfire technology when locally popular games start requiring extra power, also Vista Basic isn’t as much a resource hog as Vista Premium and the 2GB 800mhz RAM should be more than enough to sustain it, and you can always add another 1 or 2GB to further improve performance (note: 32 Bit Vista may not be able to completely utilize 4 GB worth of RAM).

    Now, the best part about this set up is that it consumes significantly less energy than most computers you’ll see currently being used by alot of internet cafes (less ongoing overhead expense) and at the same time provides better gaming and surfing experience, attracting more customers (more revenue).

    What do you think guys?

  48. snowman says:

    i’m planning to start a internet business next month but after reading this im having a doubt now..kakaasar hirap naman ang mahal mag start ng business pero hirap kumita now a day..estimate cost ko to start a business is 150k pesos..which is a mabigat na sa bulsa ko para sa isang katulad ko..tama nga kayo nagigin mura na ang pc ngyn,,at nagkakaron na ng magndang deals sa internet connection,, pwede pa cguro ako magstart pero cguro pabagsak palang ang internet business..pwede pa rin ngyn im sure pwede pa rin magstart and kikita ka prin pero papunta ka kc ang pilipinas sa pagiging more technology needs.. tignan mo ang cellphone..dati panay telephono ang malakas na kita ng mga big company pero dahil sa cellphone at naging sobrang mura na cellphone halos wala ng nagamit ngyn ng telephono db? kaaasar nmn..almost too late na yata para magtayo…hay pano kya ako yayaman nito,,guys/girls ano opinion nio sa LOTtO franchise? magkano kaya kita nun,,konti lng kc ang budget ko eh i cant afford a resturant..

  49. snowman says:

    ako din i’m planning to start a internet business next month but after reading this im having a doubt now..kakaasar hirap naman ang mahal mag start ng business pero hirap kumita now a day..estimate cost ko to start a business is 150k pesos..which is a mabigat na sa bulsa ko para sa isang katulad ko..tama nga kayo nagigin mura na ang pc ngyn,,at nagkakaron na ng magndang deals sa internet connection,, pwede pa cguro ako magstart pero cguro pabagsak palang ang internet business..pwede pa rin ngyn im sure pwede pa rin magstart and kikita ka prin pero papunta ka kc ang pilipinas sa pagiging more technology needs.. tignan mo ang cellphone..dati panay telephono ang malakas na kita ng mga big company pero dahil sa cellphone at naging sobrang mura na cellphone halos wala ng nagamit ngyn ng telephono db? kaaasar nmn..almost too late na yata para magtayo…hay pano kya ako yayaman nito,,guys/girls ano opinion nio sa LOTtO franchise? magkano kaya kita nun,,konti lng kc ang budget ko eh i cant afford a resturant..

  50. bianca rae says:

    can anyone help me with regards to my electric bill?

    i have a total of 12 computers(operation time is 9am-12mn),
    4 wall fans,
    1 2horse power aircon(opened at 12noon to 8pm)
    1 heavy duty copier (around 1000 watts)
    etc…(scanner,fax,6-flourescent lights)

    i already use 2 energy savers but my electricity dsnt decrease.

    My monthly bill has an average of 20k

    is that ok? or can i still do something about it in regards to lessening it

    Thank You!

  51. ediljaze internet cafe says:

    hi, sa mga gustong magkaroon ng cafe shop.hinde basta basta ang internet cafe…kailan may dicarte ka at marunung ka mag troubleshoot lalo na sa networking..may cafe shop ako dito sa zamboanga city para ako nakaukay ng kinto simula 10am to 3am no vacant palagi pc ko..meroon ako assistant 10am to 8pm and duty niya.ako nag babantay ng 8pm to 3am ..minsan sakit sa ulo hinde maiwasan mga errors at mga ibang troubles.nagaral ako sa sti basic troubleshooting para de na ako maghire ng technician,minsan sakit sa ulo amg mga technician.mahirap lng sa amin dito holdapan.discarte lng mga bro.

  52. ediljaze internet cafe says:

    oo, totoo yan..

    internet cafe is not a good business anymore. you see, computers are getting cheaper and people today can afford to buy one. if most of us has a computer, why bother going to an internetshop? even students today has their own notebooks. so who’s going to internetshop nowadays?
    except lng sa mga addict sa mga online games sila na lng ang pagasa namin.salamat sa dios peron pa sa akin dito nagrereserve…no vacant parin…

  53. calvin says:

    to no.56 Bianca rae.
    reg on power comsumption.
    i suggest masyado mataas ang expense mo sa power sa 4 wallfan Plus 2h.p aircon. &sa 1 heavy duty copier (around 1000 watts)i have 13units. 2 wall fan. dpa me aabot ng 9K a mo. sa 1000 watts equivalent nyan more than 20units lcd only. meaning mataasang gastos mo dyan sa copier. if d nmanganun ka klangan & PROFIT ibigay mo nlang sa iba yan,,, PM mo nlang me sa email ko if my question ka,, Help kita, God Ble$$! kaya mo yan,

  54. George G.Jr says:

    Internet Cafe Business in my location(Bontoc Mountain Province) is not a good business anymore. RATES ON Xerox, Printing, Gaming & most of all the HOURLY rental is a competetion from 10-20 pesos only of more than 20 operators to this date.

    For this competition, an operator of an internet cafe should have atleast the Basic technical requirements as follows:
    1. Software Installation
    2. Hardware Installation
    3. LAN Setup & Troubleshooting
    4. Basic Troubleshooting on Hardware/Software

  55. Jojo says:

    Hi guyz, ask ko lng f ok nb pang icafe gamings itong specs ko: 2.4ghz athlon 64bit 1620, ecs motherboard with 256mb chipset, 80G sata hdd 7200 rpm, 1G memory. Tsaka ano b ung 256 mb chipset? Built in nb ang vcard nito? Guyz f not enough ang specs ko ask ko nrn f ano mas mbilis. Tanx

  56. PTC Watch says:

    Sad to say, internet cafe business in the country is not profitable as it was before. Filipino should learn to compete based on quality of service and not to engage in a domino effect of a price war.

  57. douglas donoghue says:

    I have had an IC for 10 months, the rate is 15/hour with incentive 5 hour block time at night of 10 pesos. This is the going local rate and it is not a good business at that rate. I saw in Cebu that competition had driven the rate down to 7 pesos in a few cafés. Cafés fold regularly.
    Some of the advice offered here is quite good.
    Location, location, location are the three primary criteria for a profitable cafe.
    Finding a good, competent, and honest technician is almost impossible so you better be your own techie.
    Attendants tend to be thieves so keep tight control.
    There is much trouble with the ISPs not providing reliable service or providing the speeds you are paying for.
    Damage from gamers and theft are also problems.
    Air conditioning is expensive.
    Landlords will ask for a 10% increase annually which will put you right out of business so never sign such a lease contract. Costs go up while rates remain stable or decline
    I had a previous café that folded because of the rent increases. It is now restarting in a new location. The manager is an excellent business woman
    It is a tough business……………….

  58. Marc says:

    I’ll have to rethink putting up a pc gaming or internet shop. Actually, I was already told that one by one inet or pc gaming cafes are no longer a thing, they mean it is only if one strategically thinks about tbe dimensions [location, location, location or maybe some others]. I was told though beforehand I have this huge probability a flourishing u know…so now that majority has spoken and reading from the commenters experience therefore, no thank you to being a computer businessman.

  59. amomandmore says:

    Good location, competent and honest internet cafe staff and ample back-ups for hardware and DSL connection are “must haves” to ensure the viability of internet cafe businesses. I operated a pizza parlor-game/internet cafe from 1999 and closed shop sometime in 2006 — due to very stiff price cuts from nearby start-up cafes and the mushrooming of cafes competing for a limited target market.

    Now, I am thinking about re-opening but in a different location but without the gaming component since it would not jibe anymore with the tutorial/study center my family wants to develop in the same site.

    Any experience to share about the financial viability of operating purely for internet research, online education and encoding?

  60. Jeff/cowboy42 says:

    I am thinking about doing a netcafe/coffee/food/teaching english. I still live in the usa but want to move there for my girl friend in Iloilo city. Any idea’s on how toget some one to help with $$$$$??? any idea’s at all as to if this would be a good idea or not?

  61. Ned says:

    in my opinion and experience. having a net cafe with 20 units is still profitable lalo na pag nalagay mo sa exact spot like mine is. 15 / hr but if want to be a member u can avail a 12/hr and per minute basis when u log in. kc bugyan ko sila ng username and pass to log in anytime they want to play. minimum purchase of 120 php though (10hrs)and especially if the units ur have rocks . i mean literally rocks. mga competition ko d2 are amd athlon lang at pentium 4… guess what mine is.. 6 quad core, 10 amd 64×2 5200+ and 4 core 2 duo all with 8500gr ddr2 vc @ 2Gb 800mhz. 160Gb nga lang memo and 15-17′ lcd monitors. so all my clients can play dota, friendster, bot ragna/sro/cabal, autoclick ran and conquer and my gay clients can edit modify pics burn/rewrite cds while listening to mp3s/mp4s all at the same time and they love it kc di nag hahang pc. and they come every day because of this. and i troubleshoot my own pcs. oo nga pala, di nag lang aircondition shop ko kaya I bought some cpu fans like cyth for the quads kc madali lang mag overheat cpu with the stock fans kc di aircon shop ko. 20 pcs still manage to get around 1.3k the least to 3k a day 9am-12mn.
    ( licsended po yung OS ko ah 32bit Wxp. di pa ako nag upgrade vista, loko2x kc vista, dami pro conflict or error)

  62. dave says:

    putah, ang tumal ng internet cafe business ngayon, magpapasko pa naman! Malapit na naman ang business renewal permit sa January 2009, nilalangaw pa rin ah!

    hay naku, nakaka depress talaga ang present economic crisis!

  63. dave says:

    mr. ned, talaga lahat licensed ang OS ng 20 PCs? baka ireport kita sa Microsoft Philippines!hehe!

    kilala kita alam ko ang location ng shop mo! hehe!
    dare me!

  64. Ned says:

    yeah. actually 21 lahat pc ko kasama server. and yes, licensed po lahat os ko. kc need ko yung update ng microsoft eh. dami kc bugs pag di ko ma update yung OS and u cant update it pag pirated os mo, lalo na yung gameguard na epal at yung bot ng cabal (cabalrider) nag error pag peke os kc di na update. ^^ nasa tyaga lang yan at pagbibigyan mo naman customers mo paminsan minsan. halimbawa naglaro sila ng DOTA 5×5 tapos nag time yung isa and ala pang extend. pagbigyan mo na lang hanggan matapos yung laro kung walang papalit sa kanya diba. ^^

  65. edriel says:

    d2 samin kahit hindi tabing school astig ang kitaan 150 pc 3rd flor puno araw araw 40pesos 3 hrs
    dinadayo kahit malalayong lugar pa at hindi ka pa
    maiinis sa unit na gagamitin mo… bago lang to
    pero pumatok pa din kahit may katabing com shop
    nag lipatan lahat ng suki nila dahil sa napaka
    mahal na singil…

  66. Ned says:

    150pcs . omg. ang lufet naman nyan. wow. 20 units lang sa akin >_<

  67. carl says:

    omg i want to start this biz [ net cafe ], nut now i am tottaly confuzed. anyway thanks for all of you guyz. your comment helps a lot

  68. jake says:

    balak ko mag tyo ng netcafe ano bang paraan or anong manga kailangan,pra makapag open? isa po akong OFW at may sampong unit na ako biniliko ko sa abroad,sana manga bro.mabigyan nyo ako ng advice

  69. MoxSapphire says:

    Hi guys, I’m a manager of an internet cafe and bago lang ito… ngaung 2009 ko lang sya open ,, my dad and I are partners for this business and I hope mag click sya d2 sa meycauayan, bulacan.. although alam ko na mdami competitors I still believe na magiging successful ang business namin…

    I have 12 pc’s and 1 server so mkakapag 5v5 ang mga gamers and may mkakapg surf pa ng net like the ladies na mahilig mag friendster, etc etc…

    dota, cabal, counter-strike ang madalas na nilalaro sa area namin and some other online games… Ready for Crysis warhead / assassin’s creed / starcraft 2/ red alert 3 and GTA 4 …

    wala din me rentals kasi sa hauz namin itinayo ung business. Actually ung old hauz namin kasi lumipat na kami, mga 2 houses away lang. para tipid na din sa rental..
    ang balak kong rent fee ko is 15/hr sa una then mag raise ako ng 20 /hr kapag may mga regular customers na ko…
    and syempre may membership din ung cafe ko at magppapromo ako sa mga members…

    mejo high-end na din kasi mga kinuha ko na pc’s and server ko para makapag multi-task…

    eto nga pala specs ng computers built for gaming ang MS applications..


    Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 ghz
    Gigabyte p35 Motherboard
    2GB DDR2 RAM pc800
    1GB Geforce 9500GT 128bit, DDR2
    500w Hec raptor PSU
    160GB HDD SATA
    19″ LCD wide Viewsonic monitor
    w/ a4tech KB
    logitech optical mouse
    a4tech headset
    all w/ webcams

    sa Server:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 ghz w/ G-Power 2 Cooler
    Gigabyte p35 Motherboard
    2GB DDR2 RAM pc800
    1GB Geforce 9500GT 128bit, DDR2
    500w Hec Raptor PSU
    500 GB HDD SATA
    22″ Viewsonic monitor
    5.1 altec lansing speaker
    a4tech KB
    logitech optical mouse
    internal DVD Super multi drive (lightscribe)
    internal memory card reader 15 in 1

    …my capital is around 400thou sa units and 10thousand sa renovations ng place..ksama na tables and chairs..

    I plan to have an aircon , mga 1.5 HP lang siguro or 1HP ..para mkatipid sa power .. actually ang habol ko lang naman is maging conducive ang place.. di naman need ng sobrang lamig dba?

    ROI: maximum of 2yrs…

    hingi ako mga opinion / idea and pieces of information sa inyo guys.. any reactions? comments? thanx in advance…

    sana maging successful lahat ng business ntin … i’ll pray for it …

  70. MoxSapphire says:

    @ jake…

    jake you need to consider ung place syempre…
    better kung wala ka na babayaran na rent, kasi advantage mo na agad yun sa mga competitors mo kung meron man.. kasi kahit mag 15/hr ka ng rent ayos lang un…

    you need also business permit..
    unahin nio sa barangay nio (barangay clearance)
    then sa municipal (or city hall)
    then kung kaya pa ng budget sa NBI (optional)

    magtanong tanong ka n lang jan sa area nio kung anu mga requirements sa mga papers…

    GOOD may mga units kana kaso did you consider yung mga specs ng pc m? saan mo ba gagamitin, sa games or pure web browsing?

    kapag sa games kasi you’ll need a high processor , the lowest processor I recommend is the dual core processors available in the market… around 2.4 ghz.. then also the video card.. I also recommend 512 mb memory of video cards PCI-E..

    kung pure internet naman pde na ang Pentium 4… taasan mo n lang ako RAM.. upto 1gb…

    mag windows XP kana lang as your OS kasi kung vista mejo di pa stable and it needs high specs..

    you should also take the risk kasi ang internet cafe naman ay hndi rin stable (pana-panahon lang din)
    may mga araw na down or may mga araw na malakas ang negosyo…

    if your investment is around 200 thou, expected ROI is 1 yr…
    dpending syempre sa net income mo monthly…
    nasa strategy mo n yan on how you can invite customers and gain their loyalty…mplan different marketing strategies like promo’s freebies, discounts so that customers will more likely to go to your cafe…

    You can also plan to have a sideline business like foods… especially if your customers will be more like to be GAMERS !! kasi hndi na tatayo yan sa PC hahaha!! xD

    pde ka magtinda ng mga snacks / burgers / cup noodles / soda / etc. etc…

    If you do not have technician to do the networkings on your cafe well, you should have .. hire one !! better if kakilala mo ung tech …. para may trust.. kasi di mu alam pde nila palitan specs mu eh pag di mu kilala… saka mataas maningil hahaha…

    let’s just pray na maging successful ang business natin and work hard… double or triple our efforts.. kasi alam naman ntin na mejo mahirap ang business na to… marami kalaban !!

    GUDLUCK to all of us and Godbless !!


  71. MoxSapphire says:

    @ jake .. short cut ko na ung need mo para makapag open ka…

    a. barangay clearance
    b. mayor’s permit
    c. NBI

    4. BUDGET
    5. TAGABANTAY (di mo kakayanin yan 24/7 haha!)
    6. PRAYERS !!



  72. angelrose says:

    dis advantage and advantage of this business?

  73. yogitechboy says:

    i will try this business because it is east to start with. a place, computers, and there you go you have urself a business.

  74. yogitechboy says:

    advantage. easy to start with. easy to maintain. you are the master of your own domain. because you own.

    disadvantage. it gest borig specially if your shop is dead. just apply for a job. atleast u have a monthly income. stable

  75. Juliet says:


    I just opened a computer shop with a partner last August. So far, it is a good business. It will really be the location, the service, and your business strategy on how to beat the competition.

    In the area where we opened our shop, it is near a school and most of the residents are University students. We started with 6 pcs (+1 server) last August and now we have 10 pcs (+1 server). The money we used to buy the new pcs came from the earnings of the internet shop.

    I would agree with the previous comments that there are challenges in this business so you must have a good business strategy and you must be willing to experiment with your market. And ofcourse, like what I always say to our staff, it is our service and the way we deal with these people that will create the big difference.

    I believe we have managed to make our “suki” feel that they are already part of a family. That they have Ate’s and Kuya’s who even remind them to finish their assignments first before playing. That the parents feel that we are their partners. Sometimes, we even ask them until what time we can admit their kids.

    On the other hand, our shop is for additional income only. My partner and I still work and we closely manage the shop. Ofcourse, our staff there is someone we could really trust with money.

    We are planning on setting-up another internet shop in the province. The hourly rates are much higher and there are still much fewer shops.

    Last, I have a question re the membership thing? How do you do it? Do you give like a card or something? I’m planning of trying this out. Please give me your suggestions.

    Thanks much!

  76. yogitechboy says:

    That is good Juliet. I’m planning to have the same thing too. I will start with 5 computers (+1 server). The only thing is my place is really residential not near to school but it is near to major road. How much do you pay your staff?

  77. treyarch says:

    LOCATION+EXCELLENT SERVICE+BUSINESS STRATEGY is the most important s lahat, pro dpat affordable ung rental rate(P30=2hrs)..dpat mganda ung performance ng unit for competition..
    im also an cafe owner at the same time technician d2 s subd nmin s palawan, kaso specialize ko ay more on gaming, so i started a 6units+1server last november and i make sure n ung units ko ay built for gaming coz un ang target kong cus2mers.
    during 1st weeks mdyo knti lng ang cus2mers pro s klaunan many are keep coming back dahil sbi nla mas way better ung overall performance ng units ko kc competitors q..be aware of laggy connection kc un ang pnkahate ng mga cus2mers, if balak u mg-open ng 20units gawin u 12units=gaming at 8units=multitasking and get a dual ISP para 1 for gaming & 1 for the other set pra maminimize u ang connection traffic…


  78. treyarch says:


    u should invest more on video card, u must hav a discrete GPU not build-in…

    suggeste specs:

    CPU: minimum: athlon/p4 2.2ghz up
    recommended: any dualcores amd/intel

    GPU: recomended: gforce8600gt up, gforce9500gt up (latest ATi/nVidia GPU pricerange at P2,500~3,500) can be a decent performer..

    RAM: DDR2 1GB up

    HDD: 80GB up

    Display: 16″ LCD for less power consumption/less eye-stress can CRT..

  79. treyarch says:


    u should invest more on video card, u must hav a discrete GPU not build-in…

    suggested specs:

    CPU: minimum: athlon/p4 2.2ghz up
    recommended: any dualcores amd/intel

    GPU: recommended: gforce8600gt up, gforce9500gt up (latest ATi/nVidia GPU price range at P2,500~3,500) can be a decent performer..

    RAM: DDR2 1GB up

    HDD: 80GB up

    Display: 16″ LCD for less power consumption/less eye-stress than CRT..

  80. ace says:

    ask ko lng sana kng maganda ba ung gamitin ung core 2 duo ba pro at gigabite na mother board for internet cafe. as well mura kasi sa amin ung nabanggit……….. pls pwd ko sana malaman!!!!!!!!! !! riply pls

  81. RB San Luis says:

    there are many internet cafe all over the philippines. but if you plan to have one, do it! its risky, i can tell you. thats what happened to me. after 2 to 3 months from operation, my shop started to have more clients. some also reserve now a days. so i have to add more units of computers to meet up with my clients.. it would cost you 15 pesos per hour to use the internet in my place. but the trick is; being honest and friendly to everybody. a fast broadband network. and of course, giving them delicious MENU. thats why people come often here at my place.. some say everybody goes here often would be helthier.. gud business guy!

  82. sil says:

    Internet cafe/Computer shop is a very good business “IF”
    1-sariling pwesto at para di ka rerenta savings mo na yun
    2-me alam ka sa pag-gawa ng computer, alam mo magtroubleshoot, magreformat etc.
    3-ikaw ang tumao sa shop mo, kung gusto mo ng assistant make sure mapagkakatiwalaan, para pag me extra service ka like repair eh maiiwan mo sya..
    4-babaan ang per hour nyo BUT make sure you have 15 or more units
    5-taasan nyo ang internet speed nyo, dadayuhin kyo dahil mura na mabilis pa

    that’s my secret, proud that I’m in my 9th year and still going very fine

  83. sil says:

    at sa sipag at tyaga meron na rin akong mga napundar…GOD IS GOOD!!

  84. jojit says:

    internet cafe! magandang búsiness hanggang ngayon!..nag start ako 2000 5 pc with 1 employee…ngayon meron na ako 20 pc with 5 employees…sabi nga ang daming nagsulputan na int. cafe tapos pababaan ng presyo…pero ako di ako nakikipag pababaan ng price sila 10-15 per hour ako 20 pa rin..ang dami shop d2 sa amin nasa 40 na kami ata mahigit isang town lng kami…yun nga lang ang sa akin kase one stop shop kelangan isip ka ng lahat ng pede sa shop muh like ako
    1. internet
    2. pc rental
    3. typing job
    4. printing
    5. pvc id
    6. id lamination
    7. research
    8. cd dvd burn
    9. music editing
    10. mp3 video download
    11. rush id (meron ako ginawa maliit na studio)
    12. photo printing
    13. xerox (kaya lng ngaun wala kc sira)
    14. invitations
    15. layouting
    16. fax
    17. long distance
    18. meron din games kaya lng di kami masyado concentrates sa gaming! kung meron maglaro fine!..hehe..kasi nga una magulo…e kung internet sigurado magprint sila..
    19. scanning
    20. pc repair
    21. at marami pa! (baka meron pa po kau mashare na pede idagdag…

    sa ngayon siguro 1st week ng march magoopen naman ako ng branch sa tabi ng school…so yun lng po gudluck sa ating lahat! so sana ma-inspire yung iba….hehe…

  85. sil says:

    taga san ka jojit? I also started year 2000, and now I have 27 units, I’m more in rentals, printing, repair, sales etc. anyways I’m just curious mukang kasing matao dyan sa inyo dahil marami na kayo dyang comp shop 40 wow..

  86. anet says:

    ako rin plan to start same business in a new subdivision.5 pc’s + 1 server… any advice plsss. tnx in advance. God bless.

  87. sweety may says:

    kuya NED i like your openion…pano mo un gnawa?pd magpaturo pls?

    bago lang ako sa biz na ito…kunti lang PC ko kasi gusto ko munang obserbahan kung ok.

    Good luck to us all…
    God bless!

  88. Ned says:

    weety may replied on Mar 14th, 2009 at 11:03 am (91)

    kuya NED i like your openion…pano mo un gnawa?pd magpaturo pls?

    bago lang ako sa biz na ito…kunti lang PC ko kasi gusto ko munang obserbahan kung ok.

    Good luck to us all…
    God bless!

    what do u mean po kung paano koginawa? ung may UN: at PASS sila? software lang po yun. Ask your tech mechanic about it.

  89. DTA says:

    I’m gonna put it this way: no matter how good and numerous your equipment is, even if it’s the very best, you cannot succeed in this business without some experience and expertise with computers, and a total understanding on how such a business venture like this works.

  90. jessr says:

    hi..plano ko this april magtayo din ng cafe dito sa me subd lang namin…sa ngayo kasi mga students e nagpupunta pa sa downtown para mga net o mag gaming..kaya naisip k na kung meron dito sa amin banda di na sila pupunta pa sa malayo? i hope i’m correct with this. plan ko is mga 10 units lang muna with 1 server. is this enough to start with? anu ano kayamg mga softwares ang kailangan ko at san makakakuha neto? location ko po is davao city..really appreciate reading feedbacks from u guys and ang dami kong natutunan..thanks..hope makahingi pa ng tips from u guys..

  91. karyl says:

    hi guyz need q po help kc po maxado na mahina internet cafe ko, i have only 6 pc at kumikita aq ng 15k monthly ang gamit ko lang kcng connection is smart bro dhil wlang line ng dsl sa lugar namin.advice naman po kung anu pang pwedeng gawin para mpbilis connection ko??maraming salamat po..

  92. Anna says:

    Hay.. Mahirap talaga kahit anong business.. may ups and downs.. Ganun talaga e… Patatagan lang yan.. Kung susuko ka agad wala talaga mangyayari.. Kaya dapat hanggat kumikita ka ng maayos magtabi ka para pagdating ng time na mahina may reserba ka. like pag summer vacation humihina ang internet cafe.. Specially now, pakiramdam ko affected talaga tayo ng global financial crisis.. Im running a internet cafe for 2 and a half years now, well di ako masyado makaipon dahil nga sa mahal ng bills and maintenance, but still dito pa rin nanggagaling ang panggastos namin everyday.. and for me ok na yun.. wag lang malulugi..
    Good luck sating lahat… Sana maging successful tayo someday..

  93. Nunik says:

    IMO, this is still a very profitable business. I recently opened my own 30 unit internet cafe and it has certainly been a gold mine for me.

    It really is all about location, location, location.

    Within the first 5 mths i have already earned almost half of my investment. I think the secret to having a great profit is to first establish a customer base. How would you do that? Talk to them, listen to what they want but never ever sacrifice your income just to make them happy.

    If any of you have plans to opening up a cafe, go! It is not a failing industry if you just know how to do it right.

  94. karyl says:

    hi itz me again,,dumating na nga po pala ung dsl namin maganda na po ung connection mabilis hindi na nabubufer at hinde narin naglalag ung mga online games but then konti na lang ung mga renters ko halos ung dati pa ring loyal na nagrerent sakin ung iba wala na talaga, pwede po ba humingi ng tips o advice kung panu ko mapapabalik ung dati kong costumer at kung anu pa po ung pwede kung gawin para pasukin na ko ulit ng maraming renters??
    mlaking tulong po sakin ang inyong mga maipapayo,…maraming salamt po!!
    godbless po sa ating lahat…

  95. coleen says:

    to jojit or ned or to everyone else.
    at this moment..my copy center ako sa tabi ng tatlong schools…sobrang okay naman yung kita..sa katunayan after 6 months..im ready to establish an internet cafe..
    sa ngayon may nakita na akong space at under negotiation na ako wether to rent or to buy…5000 to rent monthly or to buy about 200,000 need renovation suitable for internet cafe..kasi d cya dati cafe..pero ok lng naman.ung lot is for rent for about 1000 a month..
    ang gusto ko kasi eh malapit sa school ung cafe..pero wala akong makitang magandang space maliliit lng kasi ang mga stores dito malapit sa school…mostly ung mga internet nasa town center..dun ko nakita ung space na 5000 ung rent..
    ano advice nyo..ok kaya itong space na ito sa town center where the cafes mostly are??

  96. farrukh says:

    i want to start my own net cafe business. besides above comments which are realy helpful. i want to know more. pls. give more comprehensive comments.


  97. anet says:

    i dont know hw to troubleshoot pc..why i sometimnes encounter ‘DISK BOOT FAILURE,INSERT THE DISK AND PRESS ENTER” .. Sabi ng techncian unplug and plug lng daw ung cable sa hard disk..im afraid bka masira although warranty pa ang cpu.. pls help me… i want to learn how to troubleshoot kya lng pano? . tnx in advance sa mga mbabait…

  98. Tom says:

    I am planning to open an internet cafe in front of our house. Our house is walking distance from schools but not that near. Can anybody give advise which is better. To concentrate on games or internet and other services (like copy, scan, and printing). Parang mas gusto ko kasi ung internet and other services lang, hindi na yung games.

    Is it advisable to buy the PC rather than through franchise?

  99. anet says:

    JOJIT,o kung cnong may alam, ano ang LAYOUTING? paano? sa mga services offered mo kc may nakalagay layouting…tnx kung cno man ang makasagot..

  100. joe says:

    I too, am going to put a biz like this. This wud be my specs:
    AMD Athlon 64LE1640 2.7GHZ
    ECS 6100PM-M2
    2 Gig RAM
    Galaxy Geforce 9500gt 512MB DDR2, 128bit
    80 Gig HD
    450 Watts Cooler Master PSU
    I’ll intend gaming to be at 1024×768 only, so i prefer 17″ CRT. CRT gives clear and vivid picture at any resolution, so preferred ko sya over LCD and at 1024×768, 9500gt may handle all games available at playable settings.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated.
    This wud be a 10 client 1 server setup, with 2mbps dynamic IP ISP from Globe or maybe a static IP of 768kbps from PLDT.

  101. elmerpotes says:

    kung balak nyo magtayo dapat 1st consideration is the place…near the school… good for gamers and research..meron akong 10 units at 1 server at 1 extra para s printing documents and pictures..medyo mahina nga lang kapag vacation..promo lang kailangan..meron din competitors..pero dapat lagi ikaw 1 step ahead sa kalaban..lahat ng binili ko ay flat screen..maganda na..matipid pa sa power…mas okey ang kita sa printing…. P15 lang per hour ako..ung mga kalaban ko dati P20..nag-promo ako ng P15.naglipatan sa akin ang mga customers nila… ung isa nagsara na kasi nalugi yata..tapos kunng kya mo namang magbantay..ikaw na magbantay..hirap magtiwala kasi… proven ko na ..hirap humanap ng mapagkakatiwalaan sa ngaun… mas maganda babae ang kukuhain mong bantay..kung lalaki kasi..sasabayan nyan ng laro ..tapos di mo alam me pinalalaro na cya frend nya na me 3 pa la cyang character sa games..maliiit lang ung place ko..balak ko mag-expand..kung meron ka 6 units..good start..kaya lang by group kasi ang games kaya much better kung 10 units…this year balak ko ihiwalay ang gamers sa chatters… maingay kasi ang games kasi d maiwasan ma-excite ng mga gamers minsan naghihiyawan tapos nagtutuksuhan..okey pa naman ang kita..ang kinakatakutan ko lang ang eh ang mga ordinance kasi kahit me pasok wala din customers kasi bawal magpalaro during class hours..kya mas maganda kung lagi me vacant o freetime ung kids…lagi me absent at late na teachers ..maganda yan…he..he… balak ko rin maglagay ng xerox..kya lang pinag-aaralan ko pa kung powder o ung liquid..kasi ung katapat ko liquid ang gnagamit malakas naman ang kita kya lang laging sira..ang mga tao kc d2 sa amin s quezon..gusto mura talaga…kahit saan naman cguro… dapat komportable din ang place…aircon dapat..o kya well-ventilated man lang..malakas s kuryente ang aircon… nagbabayad me ng at least P10k a month… me isa pa akong wallfan…kung komnti nagamit …exhaust fan at wallfan lang gamit me… dapat lagi malinis at mabango ang shop… pinagabbawalan ko ang food inside lalo na ung me mga me amoy… kahit ung mga kids na hindi pa naliligo..di ko muna pinapapasok…shower muna…he…he.. ung server ko ay wireless kc laptop ang gamit ko…kya me libre akong wi-fi d2… okey naman ang kita…hope this helps..God bless…. email lang sa akin if u need help…[email protected]

  102. elmerpotes says:

    ito ang email ko.. [email protected]

  103. Sonny says:

    Lahat ng negosyo ang pag asensyo naka depende yan sa may ari 1 year na rin ako sa internet business maganda pa rin kita. U think some innovtion and additional services like me i open a restaurant inside my cafe i devided in to 2 rooms 1computer room and 2the resto. My place is ideal more meetings, teleconferencing, surfing and research. Di ako masyado sa games ang ingay kasi.I offer also rush ID, photocopy, encoding and printing.

  104. joan says:

    hi,meron na din ako internet cafe for three weeks and ok naman ang kita,ang business nga nasa pagpapatakbo lang tulad ng sasakyan,kung marunong ka mgdrive mag control makakarating ka ng safe di ba? i have 6 units at isang server and planning to add 4 more para ma accomodate lahat dito,i also offer cd burning and maganda pakitungo sa mga surfers,i want to know more about sa blog.

  105. Tom says:

    Hi to All,
    Will be opening internet cafe soon. I already have my place renovated. Next thing is, I need to have the computer tables fabricated. I will have it done by a carpenter. Anong klaseng plywood ba kailangan? Anybody who can give the standard specifications for the table, like the height of the keyboard and monitor plus the counter top for the CPU and the depth of the box for monitor. I want the CPU above, so it will not accumulate heat kung nasa ilalim. I also intend to use LCD monitors so I think hindi masyado malalim kailangan. Thanks in advance for help.

  106. robert says:

    wow dami ko natutunan d2..please tulungan nyo po ako magdecide, im planning to put up this kind of business this month of june pero di pa ko marunong gumawa ng business plan,,sana po matulungan nyo ko,ngTS PO

  107. gil says:

    I shall take the example of X.A. kahit walang games kikita pa rin. Imagine PIII lang ang gamit niya and yet kumikita siya ng maganda. Me too will going to set up an internet cafe na walang games.

  108. index says:

    dami ko natutunan dito about setting up an internet cafe business.
    To those na interested pa rin to put up, just don’t forget to factor obsolescence of the computers you are using especially kung for gaming. Mga games na lumalabas ngayon mataas na din requirements na hardware, so if may 2 years ka ROI, better go back to your drawing board and push that pencil again, baka after 6 months lang umiyak ka na.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Yung kita sa blogging, interested ako, pls email me how to go about it. ([email protected])

  109. Ching says:

    Hello everyone!

    To the cafe owners:

    What is the best antivirus software to install in the internet cafe? I have my own cafe now with 35 pc’s.


  110. jen says:

    hello! im in a small subdivision w 5 pc’s and server..3 mos. plng as of now.. and im thinking of other ways on how to earn enough coz pc rental, cd burning, printing, encoding here is not that lucrative..can anybody pls help me how.. light is 1500 (electric fan lng gamit),water is 200,rental 2300,broadband 999. eh kita lng average is 400, huhuhu.. pls help…pano ba kumita sa BLOGGING?

  111. Andrew says:

    Click ang computer shop! KUNG?

    Unang una sa lahat…
    Important: Maganda ang pwesto
    >>Like near school… GAMING/PRINTING/INTERNET click k!

    Marunong kang mag gawa ng PC both software/hardware
    > tipid k sa technician

    Mabilis ang internet mo!

    Updated games mo!
    >> lalo n online games… PATCHED NG PATCHED

    Maganda specs ng computer mo!
    >para lahat ng graphics ng game pede.

    May discount promo ka!
    >student discount/etc.

    Friendly ka!
    > babalik sau khit minsan may prob computer mo!
    PERO open cila sa problem…

  112. Andrew says:

    Click ang computer shop! KUNG?

    Unang una sa lahat…
    Important: Maganda ang pwesto
    >>Like near school… GAMING/PRINTING/INTERNET click k!

    Marunong kang mag gawa ng PC both software/hardware
    > tipid k sa technician

    Mabilis ang internet mo!

    Updated games mo!
    >> lalo n online games… PATCHED NG PATCHED

    Maganda specs ng computer mo!
    >para lahat ng graphics ng game pede.

    May discount promo ka!
    >student discount/etc. PARA SOLID ANG CUSTOMER

    Friendly ka!
    > babalik sau khit minsan may prob computer mo!
    PERO open cila sa problem…
    sample : kuya pa assist!
    alam mo dapat gagawin!
    palawakin mo utak mo sa computer…

    >>> Maaliwalas ang lugar mo hindi parang daga
    siksikan! tapos ang init…
    maliit na room tpos daming computer
    “sauna” b yun? AALISAN KA!!!

    >>> malinis ang lugar mo…
    mag map ka at maglinis ka.. wag ka tatamad
    tamad hehehe.. kung may tao ka, sabihan mo…

    >>> SOUND TRIP MO TAMA LNG depende sa tao!
    pag may nag chachat hinaan mo nmn!
    pag gamerz… pede clubing disco… ahhah
    parang nasa bar lng, sarap tumambay…

    >>> MAY TINDA KA.. khit pamatid gutom at uhaw
    para customer mo d n lalabas…

    bahala cia malugi!!!
    kung mabait ang boss mo! MAG TRABAHO K NG



    Magrcord ka ng accounts…
    to monitor your INCOME…
    EXPENSES,salary,income etc,
    “SOLUTIONS THAT FIT” Globe yata un..hehhe
    ung kita wag mo gagastusin.. MONTHLY MO na




    TSIK TSIK TSIK>>>!!!!

    KITA PER MONTH 50-100
    EXPENSES: 15-20PHP only
    15pc units only
    near school
    2 employee (course: ACT)
    fully air conditioned
    free food employee (lunch meryenda dinner) ang bait

    OK ANG SHOP N2!!!



    //by andrew a.s.l

  113. Mark Lavalle says:

    May Internet cafe ako ngayon. ok lang nman ang kta. 10 units lang ako pero goods talaga. may sarili akong building. techie dn ako kaya hnd na ako kumukuha ng technician. dagdag gastos lang yan. kuryente tska Bill sa connection na lang ang pinagiipunan ko. 75 thou monthly ko, 15 thou ang makakaltas pagdating ng katapusan ng buwan!hahaha..

    nakabili na nga ako ng motor. so sa lahat ng nagsasabi na patay na ang Internet business, mali kayo. baka meron dn kayo dati mismanaged lang. baka panay palibre sa mga tropa. yan ang wag na wag nu gawin. lalaki ulo ng mga nyan!

  114. Toper Navarro says:

    Iv been operating my internet cafe here in paete laguna for almost 3 years, and the dark side is not always the place or customers, but the electric consumptions.

  115. AshRah Net Cafe says:

    Meron akong Internet cafe now, 2 months na sya,. 6 unit + 1 Server pro kulang mraming pmupunta dto shop ko sa games grupo grupo sila lalo na ung DOTA 5 vs 5 daw ang labanan. mrame ngang ngsasabi skin na extend ko na shop ko gwin 10 unit daw pro un lang wla pa ako pondo. mganda mg tayo ka ng internet cafe pag lam mo need ng costumer mo? request sla ng Games na gsto nla dpat mron ka nun.. ok lang nman Income dis past months nkakaipon nman khit papaano un lang mrame ka kakompitensya sa business na to prang mushroom na ngsusulputan.

    ako newbies pa dto na business pro diskarte ang kailangan pra maka survive sa negosyo na hilig mo..

  116. kokhis says:

    -masakit sa computer shop.. kung ikaw gumagamit ng lincense software tapos ung kalaban mo pirata..

  117. Kelly says:


    I’m Kelly. I just started a internet cafe business in Hong Kong. I have 21 computers there. And also members who recently joined my internet club. But I am just too affraid that I might have to put my own pocket money for to pay the rent because the rent cost is very high like HK$6000 and it’s been only few days like 10 days already and we are been earning like around 90 dollars in a week day but during the weekend is around 3 to 4 hundred but still very scared so could someone please suggest me to promote it more to earn more money. Thanks


  118. armani says:

    hmmm … ok pa naman mga cafe.. pero isa lang wag nyong gagawin ung partnership sa mga kabarkada nyo.. tiyak di kayo uunlad magkakagalit pa kayo… promise…..

  119. jenaek says:

    Watch out for the opening of new Mineski Grounds
    165 Units, all core2duo with 2gig memory,9800GT 256bit 512mb ddr3 vcard, 2gig memory.

    Ung una nila 110+ units all Q6600 quadcore processors

  120. lucas says:

    ashrah… ask ko lang po kong mag kano ung electric consumption mo sa isang buwan kc same po tayo ng unit i have 6 pc and 1 server thanks po, sana lumaki ung nga business natin godbless……

  121. AshRah Net Cafe says:

    to Lukas, ahm sa first month ko nka 2000+ ako sa bill ng kuryente ko, ngaung new bill ko 1900+ matipid kz wla pa ako aircon ehehe! presko sa place nmin ksi mapino.. gamit ko lang orbit fan and exhaust fan kya super tipid. 15 per hr ko sa PC rent ko.., basta maluwang space comp shop mo di maxado mainit di na need ng aircon. makakatipid kpa pag LCD na monitor mo. Godbless sa Business

  122. lucas says:

    ashrah…salamat sa reply mo…my tanung pa pla ako, anung oras pla ang open time mo at closing time mo? kc ako 8am to 12mn pareho tyo wla din ako aircon kc nag sisimula plang kc ako,thanks….saan pla location mo? ako cavite.

  123. AshRah Net Cafe says:

    ganun din ako 7 or 8 ako open den mtatapos ng 12mn bale dlawa kme ng kapatid ko bantay sa shop shifting hati kme oras. location ko dto sa isabela..,

  124. lucas says:

    thanks ashrah…ask ko lng my wallhack kb sa sf? pahingi nmn ako kailangan ko kc ung wlang virus lng ha? tx ito pla e mail ko [email protected] tnx

  125. Clart says:

    To Andrew,
    dude! thanks for all the information! Im planning to put-up net cafe and this is very helpful, most especially yung mga figures na binigay mo. Though meron akong few questions to ask, hopefully you take time to answer (thanks in advance).. how much is your average electricity consumption and yung salary ng 2 employees mo? Ilang horse power yung aircon mo at gano kalaki yung place mo? again.. thanks in advance.

    To ALL.. Thanks sa lahat ng input!
    God Bless!!

  126. xavierlee says:

    Internet cafe is the same from other businesses, in order to succeed you must stand out from the crowd. The very important thing to consider if you are venturing in this kind business is the place. Your site must be visible and accessible, the ideal is near the college schools. Then being the owner you must have at least advance knowledge about computer or technology as a whole or you are interested and eager to learn. You must keep your self up to date of tech news, new software so that you will be the first one to offer new services. Your shop must offer complete services from printing, scanning, desktop publishing, burning, music download, bluetooth, infrared and other unique services such as photoshop & autocad these will make your shop a one stop Internet Cafe. Update your software and hardware when needed.If you do all of these if you will not stand out, you will at least remain competitive.


    Many have fail because they don’t love their I-cafe business they just want to earn from it. They are afraid to invest on upgrades which is a must to remain in the business. Some are just happy on their computer rental sales without offering other services. I am not saying it’s bad but it’s no good either. Rental sales is just one part of the I-cafe, with today’s very tight competition you won’t really profit from that alone.

  127. MENIE says:


    i have plan this kind of business internet cafe,,my plan profit is 150,000.00 tama lng ba???
    cguro mga 6 units lng muna,,,,,dito sa amin wla pa internet cafe dito,,,please advice me if how much mababyaran ang electric bill then 1 employee lng muna!!! tnx,, i need ur attention to give me ADVICE!!! GOD bless

  128. Jun0865 says:

    May IC ako dito sa Bulacan. Masasabi kong kumikita din naman kahit kaunti. ang mahirap lang, eh yung nangungupahan. upa ko per month is 4.4k. Ngayon, ita try kong dagdagan ang units ko kasi malakas naman dito eh. sayang pa nga kasi di ko na maacomodate yung iba kasi walang bakante lalo na pag hapon. pag nag click, medo makakabawi ako sa upa.

    BTW, dito nako natutulog sa shop ko. Sa mga tga Marilao dyan, pahingi naman ng feedback kung madami bang IC anywhere dyan? balak ko kasi mag expand at target ko talaga eh sa mga probinsiya pero yung malalapit lang.


  129. xavierlee says:


    Hello Menie, I am a bit confuse of what you mean about 150,000.00. Is that your capital or your target profit? If you mean that’s your target profit, I would say you cannot gain it with 6 units only. If that is your capital; it is probably good for 10 to 15 units depending on your specifications. The average electric bill of ten units is more or less 7,000 including 1 air-con. The salary of employee depends on what region you belong but as a start up you can have one of your relatives, to at least lower your salary cost.

    for more info you can email me at [email protected]

  130. JackRIP says:

    I’ve already posted on another similar topic as this on yugatech and awaiting responses from viewers there, but I’ll post again here.

    For all the shops out there now that are either, especially the successful ones, are you using pirated software?

    Having to pay for those licenses for an OS really sets you back (if you make a profit at all) on getting your investment money back. Not to mention if you are constantly trying to keep up with the new games coming out. You all do know that when you buy a game that game is for one PC only, right?

    So, is everyone here legit with their software? How strict is the government with enforcement of this antipiracy thing? I know they enforce it but I don’t know to what degree. Do they go after small shops (like what most of the people here are hoping to start or are already in), or do they really only focus on big companies?

    Here are a couple links to consider:



    Sure you can run a free OS like Ubuntu, but guess what, many of the popular games don’t run on Linux based OS (Ubuntu is Linux for those who don’t know). And as many of you may have noticed, it is the gamers that are the most loyal customers that keep coming back. They are your “cash cow”. I’d be interested to hear of any web-browsing only i-cafes running successfully today.

    Any feedback on this would be helpful. I want to try out this business, but there are so many costs, can I compete against others that use pirated software?

  131. shiruken says:

    Depende yan sa me ari.. kung marunong ang me ari, definitely kiCLICK yan.

    Una sa lahat e ung location mo. i prefer sa ubelt area. Ubelt is one of the most perfect locations to establish net cafes. though marami kang ka competensya, di problema ang market sa sobrang dami ng tao d2 lalo na mga estudyante na mahilig tumambay at maglaro ng kompyuter. haha. If not naman in ubelt areas, let say sa mga residential areas, medyo limited ang market mo d2. so mas stiff ang competion d2. kelangan mo d2 magisip ng mga matitinding stratehiya like promos to students and everything. hehehe. bsta kung limited ang market mo, magisip ka ng paraan pra sau mapunta ang mga tao. this is why i prefer locations on ubelt areas or other areas near schools. Try spotting din ung mga areas na may mga existing shops na and see kung maraming market sa place na yun. Kung ok, pde mo tapatan ung existing shops dun.

    If you already have the perfect location, next is to choose what units/PCs you’ll need. Basically, tignan mo kung ano ba hilig or madalas gawin ng magiging market or customers mo. i bet, mostly games yan.. either on-line or lan games though there are some parin naman who go to cafes to surf the net, chat, research, typing (ms office) etc.. So i suggest u invest on units with specs na pang games. and mostly din, units with these specs are also good for surfing, chatting typing etc. if u know someone na mahilig maglaro ng computer, try asking for an advice from him or her kung ano ba units ang preferred nya kasi most likely, ang mga customers mo e katulad din nya. if you like playing games, this will be easier for you kc alam mo tumingin ng magagandang specs or units for gaming.

    next is your broadband or dsl connection. i see some cafes kung san tinitipid nila ung dsl/broadband connection. i mean they choose cheap dsl/broadband plans. i see some cafes with 512kbps connection.. remember that the nature of your business is providing net services to your customers which is gaming or net surfing. so you have to satisfy your customers needs and how would you satisfy gamers and surfers kung mabagal connection mo..try investing on higher plans.. usually, a 5 mpbs plan is good for 15-20 units. if u’re planning to establish with more than 15-20 units, try investing on higher plans. don’t worry about investing too much cost on this as this will be one of ur main sangkap on making your net cafe a boom one. trust me. investing on the quality of your product or service is a key to making your business a boom. me ganun! hahaha!

    next is designing your place. remember that a place with a good ambience may practically attract market or customers. again this depends on who your customers will be.. gamers ba or surfers. but as i have said, most likely gamers yan. sometimes kc mgkaiba ang preference ng mga gamers and surfers when it comes to ambience. some net surfers may prefer a place na ndi msyado maingay. some gamers naman prefer place na masaya. so ok lng for them na maingay basta masaya. for sound trip, most surfers prefer soft music.. most gamers naman prefer loud music like hiphop, rnb, rock etc.. ika nga ni andrew, prang disco daw. hehehe. when it comes to lightnings naman, most surfers would prefer bright places.. bsta ung maliwanag pra makita nla kung ano ginagwa nila. hehe. most gamers naman prefer, dim light.. ung iba kc d2 na naninirahan. hehe. so they need some place that would let themselves relax kahit puyat puyat sila sa kalalaro. hehehe. basta try to balance between these two type of customers. but i would suggest prioritize more on gamers. i would say 80-90% for gamers and 10-20% for surfers when prioritizing. Try to invest as well on air-conditioners as people now a days prefer cold climate places sa sobrang init ng panahon ngayon. This may be the reason why you see cafes na wlang masyadong tao/customer, kulang sa aircon.. Bsta try to maintain a lively place and try to know what preferences do your customers have. Try also visiting some successful cafes u know just to get a tip on how you’ll arrange and design your place.

    next are the people who will operate your business. first of all, get someone whom you can trust kc for those who have busy lives, you may not be able to monitor your cafe all the time. so try to get someone whom you can really trust. i suggest a relative or a close friend of yours. but please try to find time to visit your shop to at least check the status of your cafe and see what needs to be done. in choosing your manpower, try to get someone who has the basic knowledge on how to operate a PC. not necessarily someone who knows the technical side on operating a PC. i suggest someone whose interest is on computers especially games, kc as i’ve said most probably your customers will be gamers. and please try to find time to teach your employees, not only on how to operate a computer but also on how to deal with your customers. turuan mo clang pangalagaan mga customers nyo. encourage them to be as friendly as they are to your customers. and since most of your customers will be teenagers or young ones, try to get someone who’s also a young one.hehe. pra madali syang makibagay or more so, makibarkada sa mga customers nyo. as they’ve said, the location, units, high-speed connections are not enough to make your cafe click. samahan mo din ng pakikisama sa mga customers mo. one more thing is how to take care of your own employees. alagaan mo wag lng mga customers mo kundi pati mga emplyado mo rin. give them what they really deserve such as sweldos and benefits nila. this is a big motivation on letting your employees give quality service and satisfaction to your customers. if they are treated right, magtratrabaho cla ng maayos and try to remember that our goal here is to satisfy our customers so try to motivate your employees to give your customers satisfaction.

    So these are basically what you’ll need to consider before establishing your own cafe. The location, the units, the dsl/broadband connection, employees and of course your dedication to really put up this kind of negosyo.

    For details naman regarding the estimated amount of investment and the usual costs/expenses of a cafe…

    Upon establishing (for a 15-unit cafe):
    units = P300,000 (15 units or P20k/unit)
    renovation and other expenses = P200,000
    Monthly expenses:
    monthly rent (place) = P15,000
    dsl/broadband = P10,000
    electricity bill = P20,000
    monthly people salary = P10,000 (2 pax or P7.5k/pax but please provide their meals free)
    other/ misc. expenses = P10,000
    Monthly cash-in (P15.00 per hour rate; 15 units; 15hours/day consumption):
    P15.00*15units = P225.00/unit/hour
    P225.00*15hours = P3,375/day
    P3,375*30days = P101,250/month
    Monthly NET INCOME = P101,250-P65,000 = P36,250
    ROI = P500,000 / P36,250 monthly net income = 13 months

    Amounts you’ll get may vary depending on how you are going to handle your cafe. But if you’ll be able to consider what i’ve noted a while ago, then most likely you’ll get these amounts or even higher if you’re really a good one.

    Please note that amounts noted above are just estimates and unit prices above are the prices about a couple of months ago.. and prices do really changes so i don’t know kung pareho padin sa ngaun.

    remember to enjoy all the time. kahit pa mlaki kinikita mo, di ka naman masaya.. ala rin.. useless ang buhay. hahehe. good luck. I hope nakatulong ako to those aspiring cafe owners there..

  132. shiruken says:

    ERRATUM: P5k per person pla ung sa salary not P7.5k/pax…

  133. Dvoy says:

    internet cafe is a good business ryt now.pero dapat aware ka sa mga competetors mo. dapat may strategy ka pano mang huli ng attention ng mga customer. I have my own cafe here in cagayan de oro. but yun nga d maiwasan ung mga maymasisira na mga units specialy kung aabot na ng 2 years yung mga pc. Mas makaka tipid if u know about computers / troubleshoots. di ka maiisahan ng mga technician. dami na kc manloloko ngayun. mahal pa ng singil.

  134. rick says:

    maganda lang ung bisnes na to if:
    1. sarili mo ung place(hindi ka nagre-rent)
    2. kaw din nagbabantay
    3. marunong kasa computer

    the tricks kc is how could you sustain the pricewar, dahil eventually darating un kahit sabhin na konti pa lang kayo ay dadami din yan at darating ung point na magkakaroon ng price war at kung sino ang mababa ang operational cost ay sya mananalo at ung 3 points na sinabi ko sa taas at meron ka nun im sure ur da winner.

    marami nalugi sa bisnes na to, kc dati ok pa ala masyado competition at mahal ang rates 30-40 pesos per hr kaya kahit magbayad ka ng rent at magpasweldo ng tao at technician ay ok lang malaki parin kita, pro ngaun ala na, marami na kalaban at mababa na rates 15/hr meron pa dyan 10-12/hr kaya hindi ka mabubuhay nun kng puro k gastos, i mean bayad sa rent, attendant at technician. marami ko kilala nag invest half million at hindi nabawi as in lugi, kasi nga nung una maganda pa malaki rates at ala masyado kalaban kaya malaki kita at nasilaw sa laki ng kita kaya ayun nagbagsak kagad ng malaki amount para lalo lumaki kita, ng magtagal dumami kalaban at nagkaroon ng pricewar hindi nakayanan at nagsara kasi sa laki ng gastos at lumiit bigla kita, so my advice is kung magveventure kasa bisnes na to dapat ay sideline lng(additional income) at wag mo asahan hanapbuhay dahil short term lang to at wala security, at kung meron kang 3points na sinasabi ko pwede maging long term. i hope nakatulong ung enlightenment ko as one of the cafe owner

  135. rj says:

    could somebody tell me how to earn from blogging? i have plenty of time simply because i am jobless. help please…

  136. rj says:

    to all earning thru blogging please tell me how to do it. i also want to learn decently.. this is my email: [email protected]

  137. rj says:

    correction: *i also want to learn and earn decently.

  138. rick says:

    to rj:

    punta ka odesk


  139. cristina says:

    Me and my husband need extra income. We currently have internet cafe but it is not making money please help us how to do blogging. Thanks

  140. cristina says:

    please we need extra income teach us how to do blogging.thanks

  141. aarondgreat says:

    Im planning to open an Int Cafe sa province namin? 150k to 200k ang budget ko….maganda ung area kasi harap ng Iglesia ni Kristo….kami may ari nung place, and naka jumper kuryente, and may alam din ako sa computers, Im just afraid to take the risk kc first business ko to if ever….. Im earning 29k per month d2 sa manila as a call center Team Manager, well kaka promote ko lng last march.(former Q.A) nabuburaot na kasi ako sa job ko, dami pasaway na ahente…lolz, Do yo think worth it kung give up ko work ko for putting up an internet cafe? need your inputs guys

  142. koulle says:

    if ever you need units. email me at [email protected] complete to set up your computer shop.

  143. Tina says:

    U might happen to know Usher/ Allan in Pasig na nag set up to our shop coz we are encountering so much problem
    Such as:
    *Not identical mga pc iba ibang specs ang dami na technician dumaan to us same problem they are encountering
    *CPU he got from PC love every week we have to go there for repair
    *Monitor 1 month use p lang not working na.
    I am still interested in adding more units pero if I will get same ni Allan my God huwag na lang after sales service is very poor. If you will call to his house if not his daughter who will answer the phone his wife who doesnt know how to communicate w the clients.And hindi rin ma locate kung asan siya. This will serves as a lesson to us. Just want to share what we have encountered.

  144. marc says:

    I’ve been into i-café business for six years now. If you need help in setting up i-café, email me at [email protected].

  145. jagger says:

    kung ganun, ano ang magandang business sa pilipinas ngayon?

  146. leirad010 says:

    guys andami kong nakiatang comment na mas malaki ang kita sa pagbblog lang… as in? you earn money bec. of blogging? gusto ko matuto… pls pls pls…
    tnx guys,, ill wait for your reply

  147. Grace says:

    Aside from the suggestions mentioned above, mas may chance na magsurvive ang internet cafe business nyo, if you remain employed while running it, para continues parin ang flow of income if ever di ganu magki-click yung business nyo. Maswerte ka if the business is located in your property or house, kasi wala ka ng binabayad na rent na kumakain ng malaki sa kita mo buwan-buwan. Pwde nyo rin dagdagan ng e-loading, xerox copier, fax service at iba pang pandagdag sa kita. Isang factor pa ay dapat trustworthy ang kukunin nyong magbabantay sa negosyo at gumawa kayo ng way to be able to check the actual number of customers for the day. Mas mainam kung marunong din kayo sa maintenance and repair ng computer para makatipid sa technician fees.

  148. Janice says:

    HI! I’m interested in blogging….pls.help me how to do it. tnx!

  149. Franklin says:

    This is a very good forum for those who wants to open up an internet cafe, just like me, yun nga lang, ang number 1 na problema is yung pwesto, no problem with regards to the installation of OS, games, troubleshooting, etc as i studied this in ACLC. Marami ako natutunan dito na addtional source of income like CD burning, E-load, printing, Fax, etc. buti na lang nakita ko ang site na ito, i could say na nasa location talaga ang buhay ng internet cafe business, kailangan accessible sa mga targeted customers mo, dapat comfortable ang lugar para balik-balikan ka, dapat friendly ka din, then dun sa mga batang maglalaro dapat talaga may discretion ng mga parents, Thanks a lot guys for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and past experience with regards this topic.

  150. jen says:

    nag tayo po akong ng internet cafe pero feeling ko di sya kumikita ang laki kasi ng mga expenses dito. gaya ng monthly bill para sa internet, napakalaking bill ng kuryente. then ang liit pa ng kita per pc. its about to 15pesos per hour minsan wala pang nag lalaro.. mahigit 3yrs din akong nag business pero wala parin nang yayari di kasi ako makaipon ng pera kasi lagi nasisira ung pc. yung kita ko in one month sa pambili lang ng pyesa na pupunta.then everytime na may bagong games kailangan mo ring bumili ng software ng games. kaya laging may gastos.. kaya ngyon luge na ko . wala na rin ung mga computer ko binenta ko na at ang iba nasira na. para sakin ang internet cafe ngayon ang isa sa di magandang business. hindi tayo yayaman sa business na ito.. malaki ang gastos maliit ang savings.

  151. benjun says:

    tama kayo diyan mga mate maganda lang yan sa umpisa pag nag luma na ang cmpters mo then may nag bukas na bagong net hulog ka… sakit sa ulo yan. ang mabuti siguro na negusyo na madaki lang kumita pag kain katulad ng bigas , sibuyas, bawang , yang d ka agag mabulok. ako sa ngayn celphone at bigasan patok nakabili agad ako ng sasakyan sa luob lang ng isang taon.sa net 8 year ako nag net cafe wala ako ipon..hayyyyyyyyyyyy..dahil sa net ang dami mong kalaban,magulang,paaralan,monisipyo…

  152. Marvin Torres Gzone iCafe says:

    my internet cafe has 45 units including 1 Timer PC and 1 Server PC. 2 2-tonner A/C units. and 1 1.5hp aircon. 2 electric fans.

    my average electric bill is 29-33thousand a month.
    and my location is in cagayan de oro city.

  153. helena perez says:

    hello..madami po akong na BASA sa mga internet cafe owner, and it really help the tips..maganda at very helpful sa mga tulad ko na nag start pa lang ng ganitong bizness…well i started 3 mos ago..sarili kopo ang place at ako din po ang tumututok as iN…kace ciempre po dko pwede pabayaan na lang ang ininvest ko dito.. i have 5 client pc and 1 server..di po ako grad. ng comp course or any related course.. ang tech. ko ay niece ko mismo fresh grad.NG IT.. at dito cia una naka pag ojt kcee..MABAIT PO UNG NAG SET UP NA TECH….nitong negaosyo ko lahat ng problem na na encounter ko dito via phone lang po nia tinuturo sa pamangkin ko..well tnx 4 him because he is willing to share his knowledge di katulad ng iba jan (not all)na after the money..masasabi ko na di siya after sa pera..gat maari gusto nia ay ang pamangkin ko ang matuto..god bless him at sana madami pang tech jan na tulad nia…my location is here in bats..sarili ko pwesto (sa garahe ko lang)so far ala ako kalaban (sa bukid pa location ng shop ko)..ang income naka experience ako ng oki at di oki..1st mo grabe ang demand ng mga bata mostly ay mga gamers…aun sobra ingay nakakahiya minsan sa iba na nag reresearch lang..2nd mo..abay auz auz…he.hhe..batang ga? pa 3rd mo..bumigay ang mother board ko…and after a while ang processor naman..hay sakit sa ulo..under warranty pa naman pero nid kopa mag w8 ng 2-3 wiks para mapalitan ng warranty na pyesa…kce sa mla. pa mangagaling ung pyesa kahit dito sa bats lang ang warranty ko..the best way na ginawa ko is bumili ng bago pyesa para magamit ko…nga pala brand new lahat ng 5 pc ko ang server ung dati ko pc.pina upgrade ko lang..ang per hour ko po ay P20.00 plan ko mag add ng unit kcee madami lagi waiting per pc..kaso sakit sa bulsa…ng kapital..based on my exp…minsan may nagwawasang( sorry for the word) na parent sa may pintuan ng shop ko at nagagalit sa mga anak nila..pero feeling ko ay sa akin galit.. deadma na lang ang response at tinataboy ko na ang anak nila..later on njan na ulit at hala laro na ulit..complete po ako ng requierments brgy..municipal at dti..yan ang inuna ko bago ang lahat…para safe pag may nagprotesta…mahirap din sa bukid kacee minsan ang iba ay may halong inggit etc..etc…bukid nga eh…ika nga isang pisa…some are crab mentality…grrrrr….ayaw nila umasenso ang ibang tao…bkit may ganun ano…dapat masaya cila kace nagsisiskap naman na kumita ng marangal…di ko naman nilalahat ung iba lang. na nakaka hurt ng feeling….pacenxiya na po if novela na ito..gusto ko lang mag share ng exp…ko kce kagabi kp lang na open site na ito….god bless po sa lahat hoping magtagal tayo sa ganito klase business…i may add kailangan po nating mag save for maintenance and also wag lahat ng expenses ultimo sa haws and other ay sa shop nio kukunin..nid din nating maging self discipline para magtagal tayo…nga po pala ask ko lang anu pina ka safe na anti-virus…nid ko po ba mag scan ng virus everyday…na ka depreez din po ito…

  154. helena perez says:

    dun nga po pala kay rick nag post ng 3 qualities para tumagal ang ganitong business..medyo pasok ako sa 3 qualities na yan and it really inspire me..kcee naman ala ako idea sa ganitong negosyo..basta na lang naicipan ko magtayo ng ganitong negosyo kcee.. ala me work may sideline one time lang per mo. sec ng board per diem lang ang sakin dun.. kaya tinopak ako nag com.shop at para matulungan ko din ang husband ko sa expenses..kakahiya kcee almost a year nako ala work..plan ko mag work sa abroad kaso ang laki ng gastos at takot ding iwanan ang two lovely kidzzz.. ko..within two wiks naka set nato..isa pa nag guarantee ang pamangkin ko na siya na ang mag ha handle as tech at very willing naman cia mag pay back ng hirap ko sa kanya kacee ako ang nag baby sit sa kanya nung baby pa cia…well nag ha harvest lang ako ciguro ng mga good deed ko at mabait si god sa kin.. kcee good samaritan ang identity ko..jack of all trades at flexible sa kahit sang problems na na eencounter esp. if family..binigyan din po ako ni god ng mabait na tech.( un nag set nito mga pc ko…lahat umayon..mabait na bata kcee ( not all times..maldita din minsan..kahit hindi ko hiningi kay god..basta na lang dumating ang blessing…and i reaally thank god…pag may problem ako dito sa shop..una ang panalangin…
    bye na po sana ma ka inspire din ako sa ibang gusto mag start ng ganito busines….god bless po sa ating lahat…

  155. jam says:

    is there any one in this forum how we can enter into call center or BPO during night time to maximize the space?

  156. John says:

    My GF family runs a cafe. It is a nice side business but they are thinking of giving it up – mainly do to outdated equipments & software.

    I see that they can succeed by upgrading & better planning. I do plan on helping them.

    I am here in the USA and getting software and equipments are no problem for me. I can all the software need as well as a few gaming computers, all-in-one printers & 2 or 3 servers.

    But before I send any equipment to her, I will visit next year to see exactly what their needs are.

    I agree that it is a business that can succeed but you have to plan & change / upgrade when needed.

  157. Exowner says:

    i agree with those who say this is a dying business. lets consider the location BUT having it but not your own means higher rent and higher operational cost. and i agree with the one who mentioned (sorry i can’t backread)about the obsolescence of the units. computer business is not about being “subok at matatag” because it is something like the newer the better. for those who had given nakakalulang figure, do you even have accountants and are your depreciation costs being considered in your calculation? this is just the best business for the new ones but for how long will that last. you may have your ROI after 1-2 years but after that, what’s next? you again have to start over acquiring new units due to the emergence of NEW COMPETITORS with BETTER UNITS to offer.(your old competitors might just have closed and you’ll be considered the oldest very soon). Those views about regular customers (RGs) are taken but how long will they be there for you? Those who are infront of colleges and universities, I hope you won’t wish your RGs not to graduate, hehe.

    I am someone who failed in this kind of business. and i’m bothered by my conscience that aside from using unlicensed hardware and software, i’m causing some students to skip from their classes *sigh*. It is only now that i realize even if ever i earn a lot from it, i’m still not gonna be happy.

    thank GOD i found this site anyway.

  158. evan co says:

    you can succeed if
    1) libre kuryente mo > singil sa internet pababaan ang kuryente tumataas yung iba nag jujumper
    2) di ka gumagamit ng original na license> from win98 to winxp to vista now window7 nakailan palit kana per pc dapat license
    3) squatter ka> di ka nagbabayad ng license di ka nag pay ng rent, di mo sariling pwesto kasi kung sariling pwesto pa rent mo nalang sa iba
    4)location location and kamaganak mo si ampatuan> kung may tatabi sayo dapat papatayin mo
    5) kamag anak mo si alvin flores> tuwing may tatayo ng bagong internet cafe pa boltcutter mo yung shop tapos kunin mo yung pc parating bago and upgraded
    sorry ! Just kidding pero may sense naman ako na mahirap talaga ang ganitong business, so you need to think not only twice but thrice hehe
    good day and god bless

  159. evan co says:

    hehe may dagdag ako
    6) kasing guwapo mo si piolo or kasing sexy mo si maegan fox> no explanation needed
    7) nagpapafranchise ka> tulad ka ni netopia kumikita sa franchising subukan nyo mag inquire million million ang few units hehe

  160. Exowner says:

    LOL AT EVAN CO. but its true, magsu succeed ka, YUN NGA LANG DAPAT MAGING KRIMINAL KA MUNA. gusto ko na nga maging ampatuan, kaya lang dagdag na naman sa konsensya ko yun. parang fall in line lang, ikaw pinakabago ngayon pero pagdating ng panahon ikaw na pinakaluma maliban na lang kung angkinin mo yung isang buong lugar para kahit magkalumaan na, no choice and ibang tao kundi pumunta na lang sa iyo. disappointing talaga ang business na yan, well for experience’s sake na nga lang.

  161. evan co says:

    sir di po ako agree sa sinabi nyo
    kung yun mga bantay mo kasing sexy ng mga dancer sa wowowee or ng eb babes talagang dadami yung mga customer mo na lalake, tapos yung manager mo kahawig ni piolo or dingdong or jericho pwede na. nasa marketing lang yan kanya kanyang diskarte, pero kung kamaganak mo si ampatuan mas ok yun ! sigurado walang mintis, kaso dapat malaki yung vacant lot mo para magkasya lahat ng competitors mo hehe .
    Peace just kidding

  162. ninonez deo olor says:

    pwede magtanung about comp. business? ung malaki na kita ah.. anu poh history ng business niu,, at kumusta na business niu ngayon?
    tnx poh hehehe pls. coment my quest.. heheh

  163. rick says:

    to:ninonez deo olor

    well oks lang kahit papano, for 8units im making a net profit of 16taw a month. ung expenses na kasama lang dun is meralco na 4taw at 500 n maintenance per unit per month. sa akin kc ung place at ako rin nag rerepair at nagbabantay kya khit papano buhay parin. so ung charge ko sa place at pagod ko hindi pa kasama dun, kung isasama ko ala lugi. 2years nako but alive and kicking parin kc my permanent job ako at ung misis ko at kasambahay lang nagbabantay at ako nag rerepair. nung nag start ako 25/hr pa rates ngaun 10/hr na lang dahil sa price war. pag my nagbukas na bago nagbababa price kaya sunuran kmi hanggang umabot 10 pesos na lang. pero ok lang ksi mababa lang naman operational cost ko at 3pesos/hr lang naman break even ko kaya kahit kahit umabot pa 5pesos/hr kaya ko sila tapatan kc my permanent job naman ako at additonal income ko lang to. pero para sa akin ok na rin ung ganun rates(10/hr) para ala na magdagdag kc masyado na marami kaya nasira ng husto and industry na to… dats the sad reality of the internet bisnes kaya sa iba dyan na nagbabalak esep esep esep, but if but you own the place, kaw din ang nag aatend and you know how to troubleshoot a computer pwede!!! para khit mag World War III pa kaya mo lumaban ng patayan dahil mababa operational cost mo, a friendly advise from your nieghborhood spiderman!

  164. ragazza_siete says:

    pasali nmn ako sa business nyo este sa usapang business(^_^)
    ask ko lng kong ano mga requirements pagnagstart ng dormitory o paupahan?may nabili kasi akong b-hauz sa ct at paparenovate ko then paparentahan sa mga students o workers din..thanks!

  165. Zbrez says:

    to: Rick

    pwede mag tanong..mg tayo akko ng internet cafe.. sa baryo namin namin… wala pa kc internet don.. mag start ako ng dalwang pc?…
    ilan ang babayaran ko sa bills?….. tapos ilang ang kitaan.. .. kikita ba pag wala muna internet connection?… gaming muna…. ung mga tao don.. tutruan ko..pa.. tapos elementary lang ang myrun sa skul namin… tnx.. plz.. help me..

  166. kukakk says:

    Zero knowledge ako way back 2006 nang kumagat ako sa promo ng smart bro, hulugan na pc bundled with internet connection.. isa lang ang Pc ko noon pero may tindahan ako.. naging agresibo ko sa pagpapatakbo at optimististic sa pagpaparami ng station at hindi tumigil sa pag-iisip ng mga bagong strategies hanggang ngayon para mapabagsak ang mga nanggaya lang dito sa area naming subdivision. We were 4 internet shops here dati pero yun isa napagsara ko na and the other two are new to the business at nagsisisi na sila ngayon kung bakit nila napasok ang business na ito?… Maliit lang dati ang site ko na yun na rin ang bahay ko at tindahan… ngayon napagpatayo na ko ng bahay at mas malaki na rin ang area and my internet business is fully operational- I mean mamili ka kung ano ang kaya ng pera mo at meron swak na promo para sa iyo o sa buong barkada kahit sampu pa sila may paglalagyan sila para sa 5 on 5 DOTA at take note LCD lahat yan, at samahan mo din ng mga chatters sa hiwalay na room sigurado hindi sila mabibitin at kahit anong oras meron station para sa kanila.
    Yung technician ko noon malaki din ang naitulong sa akin although hindi naman nya itunuro sa akin ang maga nalalaman nya pero along the way nalaman ko na rin ang mga basics at hindi narin kami nagkikita ngayon. Importante yan dahil kailangan ikaw na ang technician sa sarili mong shop bawas din sa gastos yun at mas maganda kung sa iyo na ang area para maisabay mo na rin ang PC repairs… as of now I have 30 PC at parang gusto ko pang dagdagan kahit hanggang 50 para d2 na lang ako sa Pilipinas, masarap kasi ang walang amo kahit hindi ganoon kalaki ang kinikita mo, atleast walang nag-uutos a iyo.

  167. rick says:


    yap try mo, start k muna 2PC at pkiramdaman mo kng ok tska ka magdagdag unti unti. bili ka rin printer kc kung ala ka intenet, income mo dyan aside from gaming is ung typing at printing.ung printer na bilhin mo is 3 in 1(print-copy-scan). khit Pentium 4 na muna bilhin mo na 2nd hand para mura. mas maganda kung malapit ksa skul.

    average power consumption per day per PC(formula) estimate lang to:

    electric cost per day per PC= 0.13 x no. of hours use x rates

    *0.13-pag browsing lang, pag gaming kc is about
    0.18 sa pentium 4. pag dual core kc mas
    *no. of hours use-kung ilan hours ginamit PC
    *rates-here in manila is P9.5/kw-hr(as of this date nagtaas na kc bago lang), to compute in ur area, just tsek ur electric bill and divide total amount for the month(pesos) to the total Kw-hr consumed

    ung income mo of course:
    income=rates/hour x no. of hours use x no. of PC

    hopes this helps……

  168. alvin says:

    i see that the continuing trend well here in my grandmas building here in paranaque.. maraming nag rerent na pc shop sa kanya.. mostly they come and go pero meron nmn ibang nag tatagal..

    ang gimik nila is have fast pcs for games kasi likuran lng namin ay national highschool.. so thats their number 1 source of income.. mga bata.. kahit sabihin mong mura ang mga pc balang araw.. ndi sa lahat ng oras nakakalaro sila sa bahay nila kasi xmpre… and public school sila (no pun intended) pero the shops here charge a minimum of 17 pesos ung iba 20 pero ung mga nag chacharge ng 20 they are the first ones to leave after a few months..

    im thinking of a way na kung pano ako makakapag tau ng successful na shop.. kasi sa taas may datamex college and accross nmn ung olivarez college tapos sa tabi premiere college nmn so angdami tlgang mga students..

    well im only 22 kaya wla nmn masama kung mangarap ako db..

    and tanong lang.. ilan minimum of years na ma outdate ang pcs.. kunwari bumili ako ngaun ng average rig..

    mga around 9-10k tingin nio ba abot un ng 2years.. at 15hrs a day usage?

  169. karl says:

    well i own an internet cafe beside my house so no rent i only pay for the dsl and electricity, i have 10 units (+1 for the server) i dont have printing only games and net but im planning for the printing its additional earnings, but most of my players/customers only play and use social networking only a few ask for printing, basta pag kumita ka beyond your daily profit eh magpainum ka haha pra ung players maging loyal sau, btw ako rin lahat sa shop ko i mean ako nag aayos ako nagpupurchase ng parts ako bantay ako cashier ako rin technician haha

  170. ninonez deo olor says:

    to kuya rick:
    sori ngayon reply kc umuwiaq sa leyte eh,, tnx poh sa info kuya, malaking tolong yun samin, hehe nag survey aq sa comp, shop sa lugar nmn tlgang mai nag magdagan sa ka2laro ng comp. sai think ok plano q na mag 10 kc ung 15 nga dami naglalaro panu pa kaya pag 10? tama ba kuya rick? hehe ingatz,, ahm pd poh bah hingi contact number mo? tnx poh,, geh2 hipi new year….

  171. Gudday pwede niyo ba akong bigyan ng magandang business proposal for an internet cafe.. paki send po sa email ko ang balak ko po 5pc.. Thank you

  172. reality says:

    the fact is internet cafe will last until students and pc gamers exist…the question is will the i-cafe last .the profitable rate at this point is 25 per hour , i own 3 cafes, below 25 RATE will be very risky , to mention software and hardware upgrades THE BANTAY SALARY , lets face it ,not all cafe owners have the the know how ability with computers,and not all cafe owners have accountants that records every bit of expenses to the last centavo..A 2K A DAY GROSS SEEMS VERY GOOD , BUT DO THEY REALLY KNOW THE NET INCOME? PROMO, A TREND ON CAFE THAT PULLS THE BUSINESS DOWN…15 PER HOUR ,IF THE STANDARD IS 20 PER HOUR…MATHEMATICS MY FRIENDS , YOU ARE THROWING 25% OF YOUR POFIT…250 PER DAY IF YOU SELL 1k A DAY, THATS 7500 A MONTH. 15K IF YOU SELL 2K A DAY….AT WHAT 10-15 PC A DAY WITH 15-20K ELECTRICITY BILL.. PLAIN STUPID. USE THAT PROMO LOSS ON INTERNET UPGRADE AND PC HARDWARE UPGRADE , PEOPLE WILL WAIT ON YOU , KAHIT PUNO KAYO…BEEN THERE AND STILL IS …AT 15 PER HOUR YOU’LL ONLY LAST TILL YOUR HARDWARE GETS BUSTED…WHY ASK FOR 15 PER HOUR IF YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH 25 PER HOUR…THINK MY FRIEND…YOUR LOSS NOT MINE….

  173. mameha says:

    My question is, whether or not the prepaid globe tattoo and smart bro usb internet will eventually mean the decline of the internet cafe as a viable and thriving business?

  174. rick says:

    nop, at 10/hr internet cafe is still viable(customer side) compared to smart and sun even at their 50/day unlimited promo, and beside majority of the citizen still dont have PC and even if they have could not run the latest games(pang net browsing lang kaya PC nila, he he he)

  175. rada irinco says:

    gud day to all!!just wanna knowwhere i cud buy the most affordable units na required on gamings and internet browsing…help me please..

  176. rada irinco says:

    gud day to all!!just wanna know where i cud buy the most affordable units na required on gamings and internet browsing…help me please..

  177. patrick says:

    Globe Tatoo, Smart Bro prepaid and Sun Broadband will not compete with the Internet Cafes.

    First, they are all slow. Second, you require a PC in order to operate it. Third, you must have a good HSDPA signal. Forth, you must have a load. Fifth, your computer must be updated (browser, anti-virus etc.).

    You don’t need to consider all of those if you go to an Internet Cafe.

    Therefore, we cannot consider that it directly competes with the Internet Cafe

  178. anet says:

    Hello again! Pls. advise me what kind of PHOTO PRINTER is best for internet cafe? I plan to buy SONY PHOTO PRINTER costs P 6,500(50% OFF fr. original price of P13K) Refill of Ink and Paper is 1,500, 100 papers only,means p15/4r, so masyadong mahal.. Pls. reply…Thank you!

  179. NOEL G says:

    I’m glad i ran into this blog… galing… i learned a lot kasi i am thinking about starting a internet cafe with a snack bar. A lot of really really good inputs !!!

    AMD dual core x2 processor would that do it for todays’ game? If it is.. i saw a website that sells 5 units of those for 79K and installation included. Please advice

  180. Ton says:

    Hi NOEL ive seen the website that sells 5 units for 75k. My pcs have same specs with them but better brands with high durability. If you like email me your email so i can send you the my specs and maybe we can do a little business :D this is my email [email protected] . I started my computer shop business last january this year… and its is good maybe im just lucky on my location.

  181. Doom says:

    Internet Cafe alone will not survive, kaya kailangang bawiin mo sa mga services gaya ng photo printing, personalized stuff gaya ng mga button pins and keychains, bag tags and pvc id, pero kailangang marunong ka sa graphic editing. 8 years na tong internet cafe namin nagsulputan na rin sa tabi namin nag ibang nagsipag-gaya sa business namin pero ang angat ko lang sa kanila lahat ginagawa ko, from technical to graphics, kaya ko. Di ko na inaasahan ang rental ng internet, sa services ako kumikita, tutal kilala na tong place ko kaya ok talaga. Dagdagan mo nal ang ng pakisama sa lahat ng pumapasok.

  182. NOEL G says:

    TON… i emailed you bro
    DOOM good point . i have a friend who wants to attach his shop if i ever go internet cafe… he is in the Printing business… like t shirts, invitations and mugs.

  183. anet says:

    musta na kyo? bat di kyo reply sa query ko.. lam nyo parati kong chinecheck f ano na mga updates re computer business.. thank u sa lahat na nagshare at continuing sharing… God bless us all!

  184. anet says:

    continue sharing…

  185. julius says:

    do you think na makakatulong ang power saver device para bumaba ang electric bill sa net cafe? anyone of u na nakagamit na nito? thanks

  186. rick says:

    power saver is a hoax, never ever believe what they claim. para maka save ka maintain mo nlang linis pc mo at least once every 2months. vacuum lang w/ paint brush at pressure air para matanggal mga dust. pc draws more power at high temperature or when overheat due to dirt, u dont need to air conditioned pc kung maganda ventilation ng place(air circulation or maaliwalas at maintained)

    to anet: im using canon printer 3 in 1 model MP145 and its great! 2500 lang bili 2 yers ago. mura lng ink refill nya. ok narin sa photo printing

  187. marc says:

    Rick, bakit mo nasabing hoax yung power saver, have you tried it? sinubukan kc ng partner ko sa bahay niya at sabi nya effective, kaya bibili na kami para sa shop.

  188. rick says:

    nop, but my friends did and nothing change on his bill. we use lots of power saving equipment/device in our industrial plant excluding them(that power saver youve said)coz its not true, its against the law of electrons/electricity… they selling it backyard dahil pas sa big company di nila kaya lokohin, matagal na yan kung tlaga reliable e di sana big time na company nila pero ganun parin guerilla bisnes pa rin. did you hear khaos fuel saver for vehicle? that one is also a hoax kaya until now d prin nag k-klik dahil ala naman tlga, you wonder why those what they claim ground breaking technologies ay hndi prin ganun kasikat gang ngayun, one perfect example is ung water powered car nung 70’s ni daniel dinggel sikat pinoy non pero gang dun lang. so beware… by the way im a mechanical engr

  189. Jesse says:

    Hi Bro and sis,

    Help namn po,balak ko rin mag tayo ng internet cafe sa lugar nmin eh anu ba mga requirments para mkapa tau nito? Sa mismong bahay ko ito itatayo. siguro mga 3 to 4 unit lng muna . kailangan pa kaya ng busines permit nito?

  190. Caffeene says:

    The cafe business is still viable world wide if the area is right and the owner doesn’t blow the budget with wasted spending.

    For smaller cafes the owner can use lower grade computers and use good free software.

    I recommend:

    Open Office – openoffice.org to allow customers to word process etc.

    CyberCafePro 6 – http://www.cybercafepro.com to allow the owner to manage the Cafe for as little as $0.

  191. renzseries says:

    i have a plan to put up a net cafe,,, just few units and just for daily income to minimize some expense for a family needs…does it will worked? or nalulugi din ba ang net cafe? ehh nanjan lang naman ang unit mo…

  192. renzseries says:

    jesse, bro ako din sa bahay lang,mga lima lang din,,, alam ko wag ka muna kukuha ng permit, kuha ka na lang kung mag click, regards…renz..

  193. Jesse says:

    Help namn po,balak ko rin mag tayo ng internet cafe sa lugar nmin eh anu ba mga requirments para mkapa tau nito? Sa mismong bahay ko ito itatayo. siguro mga 3 to 4 unit lng muna . kailangan pa kaya ng busines permit nito?

  194. Jesse says:

    Ah tnx bro, pwede pala yun. Naka set-up ka na ba ng unit mo? anu ba gawin mo internet and gaming ba?

  195. Jesse says:

    Pag ba nag tau ng internet cafe kahit small bznes lang kailangan pa ba ng fully set up, lyk yung mga software na pang link sa mga pc user? San ba nakukiuha yun?

  196. Jesse says:

    Tanong lng po kung ok lng bang mag tau ng internet cafe khit smart bro ang gamit? Ano ba advantage and disadvantage nito?

  197. marc says:

    sa mga gustong magtayo ng icafe with less than 10 PC, ang suggest ko sa inyo wag nyo nang ituloy kasi malulugi lang kayo. hindi kayang i-cover ng income nyo ang inyong mga expeses.

  198. marc says:

    Rick, hindi rin ako naniniwala na effective kaya lang sabi ng partner ko na nagtry effective daw kaya sige try namin sa shop. anyway, yung mura lang naman ang bibilhin namin.

  199. mottaka says:


    can you breakdown the expenses for 7 units cafe + 1 server using CRT monitors.

    At pwede na ba ang 999 ns smart bro para sa 7 units gaming, youtubing, FB?

  200. mottaka says:


    magkano ba budget mo for the start up?

    kasya na kaya ang 60,ooo to start with 6 pc’s?

  201. Jun0865 says:

    60,000??? nope. nagbabago ang trend every year. i suggest na mag budget ka ng 13k per pc. pwd na syang pang gaming, hindi laggy kahit gamitin mo sa high specs na games like “left for dead 2”. mag search ka around metro makakakita ka ng ganung price. saka dapat, ikaw din mismo marunong mag troubleshoot, mapa hardware or software para dika na mag ha hire ng tech.

  202. marc says:


    Here’s my estimate for initial investment. yung repair and rent depende sa pwestong makuha mo.

    PC 19,000×8 = 152,000
    Aircon (2hp pwede rin 1.5) 23,000
    Router 2,500
    Hub 3,000
    Telephone 1,500
    Internet (no to plan 999) 4,500
    Tables & Chairs 1,200 x8=9,600
    Repairs 10,000
    Business Permit 7,000
    Advance Rent & Deposit 10,000×3= 30,000
    Total 243,000

    Ito yung projected income & expenses.

    No. of PC 7
    Daily Usage (hrs) 7
    Daily Sales (hrs) 49
    Rate per Hour 20
    Daily Gross Income 980

    Monthly Gross Income 29,400
    Less: Expenses
    Electricity 5,940
    Water 500
    Rental 10,000
    Telephone 1,500
    Internet 4,500
    Salaries 12,000
    Supplies 1,500
    Amortization – Bus Permit 583.33
    Depreciation – Hardware 6,488.89

    Total Expenses 43,012.22
    Net Income (Loss) (13,612.22)

    Add: Depreciation 6,488.89
    Amortization 583.33
    Net Cash Inflow(Outflow) (6,540.00)

    Sana makatulong ito sa you.

  203. mottaka says:

    @jun & marc

    Salamat sa info na binigay niyo nakatulong ito sa pag papalano ko na magtayo ng Icafe.

    Hope makatulong di to sa iba na plan pumasok sa ganitong biz.

  204. Jun0865 says:

    sobrang napaka mahal na ng price ng isang pc mo pati na ang mga peripherals. 19k??? makakakuha ka ng pc na aabot lamang ng 13k kasama na lcd monitor, at kayang magpatakbo ng highspecs na mga game ng dika gagastos ng ganun kalaki, kahit sa mga router at switches. isama mo narin ang mga utp cables, crimping tool, rj45 connector, mouse, KB, at headset o speaker. sugesstion ko: bumili ka by piece. yung bubuuin mo nalang. kung may kakilala kang makakatulong sayo, mas mabuti. punta ka ng gilmore, sa may sanjuan, dyan sa aurora. tpos pasok ka sa gilmore IT center, yung store na FOXCOM, mura ang mga prices ng pc nila dun. pati narin sa PC Gilmore. MAghanap kalang ng mga type-G na router, mura lang yun. dimo kelangan ng type-N kagad, dahil mostly, pag tpye-N ang gadget na kokonek sa router, may backward compatibility ito. Nasa 1.6k lang, pati narin yung switch. yun table mo, ipa pakyaw mo sa karpintero, para madaliin nila yung gawa. yung sakin napagwa ko ng 3k lang bayad. Pero pang 12 units. Kung may alam ka ng konti sa physics, dmo na kelangan mag aircon para di masira mga PC mo sa overheating. maku2ha mo yun sa design ng mesang ipapagawa mo. pati narin sa design ng lugar na pagtatayuan mo ng shop mo. ceiling ska exhaust fan lang, ok na. Kung alam mo rin gumawa ng common ground para mapatakbo mo ng 110 lang lahat ng monitors mo, pati printer, mas maganda. less ang expenses mo sa kuryente. mas maliit ang wattage, mas maganda. sa loob naman ng shop mo, gumamit kalang ng mga ELI na ilaw, yung mga tipong 12 or 9watts. maliwanag na, matipid pa. may ibat ibang kulay narin yun. yung sakin nga, 4watts lang eh. paghandaaan mo lang yung Bus permit, kasi dun ka mapapagod kakalakad ng mga kekelanganin.

  205. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    kung surfing lang ang service at office suites, feasable ang Intel Atom based + ITX mobo + 65watt ITX powersupply/brick.

    Advantage nito:
    -longer upgrade (since web surfing & office suites ang usage, di madali ma outdate yung parts mo)
    -lower power consumption (65watts +- vs 350+- watts ng average pc)

    Only disadvantage lang IMO di ito compatible for gaming.

    Net PC
    3,200 Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF with Integrated Intel Atom Processor
    1,100 1Gig DDR2 533
    P4,300 excluding monitor, keyboard & casing

    Kung tungkol sa casing magpa sadya ka nalng built-in sa cabinet yung mounts para tipid sa casing & iwas nakaw(kung mabigat yung cabinet at secured yung lock)

  206. Jun0865 says:

    ska para dik bumili ng licensed OS, mag ubuntu kana lang. hehehe

  207. mottaka1925 says:


    ano ba ang mga compatible na OL games sa ubuntu? di ba hindi pwed some games ng windows sa ubuntu?
    parang maganda yung mag patakbo lang ng 110 lahat ah, panu kaya yun?hmmm…

    salamat grabe dami useful na info binigay mo, kung pwed lang kita bayaran, babayaran kita sa mga advice mo lol ;-)


    parang napakababa naman ng price mo ng intel atom? san bang store meron ganyang price ang intel atom? kasi nagtingin ako around 8k yung atom eh..

  208. rick says:

    110 and 220 volts power supply have the same power consumption(power=volts x ampere), kahit ibaba mo ung volts ganun prin consumption coz ung ampere nyan ay tataas(so power still the same), and the disadvantage of using 110V is you need to use bigger wires so additional cost un(ung size ng wire is nakadepend kc sa ampere, the higher the ampere the bigger the wires), in summary hindi ka makakatipid sa 110V mas gagastos kpa coz you need to use bigger wire….just for clarification…

  209. Jun0865 says:

    “power”=volts x ampere??? ang alam ko ganito ang formula eh: watts= voltage x ampere. kya hindi ko alam kung saan mo nakuha yung formula mo at anong ibig mong sabihin sa “power”. try mo to. 110~240v-1.8A. i check mo ang pagkakaiba ng wattage.

    sa ubuntu, i download mo yung program na wine. deb file yun. subukan mo kung gagana alinmang OL game na pang windows. ang wine sa linux, eh parang DLL file ng windows na nakakapag run ng windows program. Tandaan: wag mong i du dualboot ang linux sa windows. mostly, may conflict pagdating sa GRUB. pag inerase mo ang linux OS mo, masisira ang booting sector ng windows dahil nagboboot yun sa GRUB. pag linux, linux lang. pag windows, yun lang. open office, messenger, browser, meron lahat ang ubuntu so no need to worry pag pang browsing lang. sa games, diko pa alam pero may mga games sa windows na compatible sa linux. try mo muna i install ang wine, tpos mag install ka ng alinmang windows game na gusto mo i try sa linux kung gagana. ita try ko naman kung pwd ang OL nextweek since super busy ako ngayon.

  210. rick says:

    same lang un, magkaiba lang term na ginamit natin pero same prin un. power is also watts. watts kasi is a unit of energy but the exact term nyan sa engineering is power tlaga(energy ika nga). to prove my point, gumamit ka ng ammeter(device use to measure ampere). at 110V kunan mo ng ampere ung lets say PC mo at imultiply msa sa 110V para makuha ung power. and then at 220V kunan mrin ng ampere ung PC at imultiply msa sa 220V and you will get tha same power or watts(ung power na makukuha msa 110V and 220V is the same), try it its a very good experiment….

  211. rick says:

    “try mo to. 110~240v-1.8A. i check mo ang pagkakaiba ng wattage.”

    u can not directly multiply 1.8A to both 110V and 220V, dahil magkaiba ampere ng bawat isa. usually ung ampere ng 110V is mas higher compared to 220V kaya ung wattage nila ay iba din,

    so another way to confirm na iba ung wattage ng 110v sa 220v is to put it in actual test kung ung metro mo is digital, mron dun na nkaindicate sa ibaba ng digital panel na KW(kilowatt)un ung actual consumption ng device in kilowatt nga lang(equivalent to 1000watts). at 220V tnganan mo ung value ng KW, then at 110V tnganan m ung value ng KW which is the same lang ung dalawa, of course to enable to use 110V u need to use transformer(220v>110V step-down), never ever use grounding coz its risky(ur life and ur device)

  212. Doug says:

    This advise not to use grounded circuits is totally incorrect. It is dangerous and bad advice. Always use ground electrical installations. It protects you from the risk of shock and protects your hardware. I am sorry to say the writer is misinformed. I suggest he get a copy of the Filipino electrical code and study it thoroughly.
    The secondary reason for always using grounded or polarized plugs and receptacles is that it keeps you from crossing the neutral/common leg with the power/hot leg which crossing is what produces the shocks and shortens the life of the equipment. There are polarized plugs and receptacles when one wants to use 2 pin electrical circuits for lights and other permitted uses; otherwise use 3 pin grounded.
    To install a grounded electrical service you can buy a special grounding rod at your builders supply and pound it in the ground close to your distribution panel (service entrance panel) Wire this grounding rod to a ground buss in your electrical panel Then run a third ground(green) wire to all your receptacles boxes and install 3 pin receptacles.. Black is hot (Power, Load) White is common or neutral and green is ground or earth.
    Religiously using standard color coded wiring avoids mistakes and frees you from having to use a meter at each receptacle to verify the polarity.
    This is a short and overly simple explanation but it should give you some insight.

  213. Dave Starr says:

    Glad to see a few voices of reason here. I generally try to keep out of the way of discussion as much as possible, because I all to often sound like the “know it all” foreigner … and I live here in the Philippines and learn every day that I really don’t “know it all”.

    But really, guys and gals, to give people advice on life-critical items like currenyte, when you obviously don’t know the subject goes beyond ‘free speech’. As has already been pointed out here, please read and understand the rules of your own country, let alone international standards.

    One of the reasons my wife and I are planning to build our own home is the abysmal state of wiring here,even from allegedly “good” builders. Ohm’s law and other facts of electrical behavior do not follow national boarders, and you can’t invent the “Filipino way” of doing things and still expect your electrical equipment to live.

    In my four years here I am amazed at how short the life of many electrical devices is, mainly because of “pwede na” style wiring, lack of grounding, undersized wiring, ATBP.

    The Philippines is actually paying a heavy, but hidden, tax in that poor wiring is not only unsafe, but causes early failure of many appliances, such as computers.

    Again, sorry to butt in with my big foreigner mouth, but advice such as not using grounded circuits is too scary not to speak out about … if you are going to make a big investment, such as in an Internet cafe, for your own sake, learn the rules of your own country and do it right … you will be paid back many times over.

  214. rick says:

    “Kung alam mo rin gumawa ng common ground para mapatakbo mo ng 110 lang lahat ng monitors mo, pati printer, mas maganda. less ang expenses mo sa kuryente. mas maliit ang wattage, mas maganda”

    hey, we have some misunderstanding here…what i am refering about grounding is the above statement of jun0865 on how to get 110V out of 220V(one line from 220V and the other line from ground)which is very dangerous.

    of course electrical circuit needs to grounded for safety, but not using grounding on 220V to get 110V

    hopes this clears,

  215. Doug says:

    Using 220v and ground does not give you 110v. Please stop writing about this subject you are going to get someone electrocuted and/or their electrical equipment destroyed.
    Thank you.
    I think Dave will have a heart attack when he reads your latest comment.

    “Kung alam mo rin gumawa ng common ground para mapatakbo mo ng 110 lang lahat ng monitors mo, pati printer, mas maganda. less ang expenses mo sa kuryente. mas maliit ang wattage, mas maganda”

    hey, we have some misunderstanding here…what i am refering about grounding is the above statement of jun0865 on how to get 110V out of 220V(one line from 220V and the other line from ground)which is very dangerous.

    of course electrical circuit needs to grounded for safety, but not using grounding on 220V to get 110V

  216. rick says:

    of course you can get 110V out of 220V using ground but as i’ve said its very dangerous coz its not stable(the volts varies)and as youve said may get you electrocuted thats why i write to warn them.

    im doing this several times on the job but only in emergency cases when there is no 110V source and only in a short period of time due to the risk involve. i think you wont believe if we can get 220V out of 440V using ground, we did this also several times during our emergency repair when there is no nearby 220V for our welding machine, but one of my guys stays on the circuit breaker if something happens

    and lastly,what do you think the writer meant with the below statemement, coz you can only get 110V using transformer and nothing else as philippines is a 220V country. pls take note of his term “common ground”

    “Kung alam mo rin gumawa ng “”common ground”” para mapatakbo mo ng 110 lang lahat ng monitors mo, pati printer, mas maganda. less ang expenses mo sa kuryente. mas maliit ang wattage, mas maganda”

  217. Deamon says:

    Current Issues ng mga Internet Cafe sa amin or sa inyong lugar: NOON at NGAYON

    * Noong 20/hr kami tapos pagdating ng summer ay nag PROMO silang lahat at ginawang 15/hr. Pagbalik ng pasukan ay hindi na nila maibalik sa 20/hr. Ang dahilan ay baka wala ng pumuntang customer sa kanila.

    * Ngayon: Meron na akong nakikitang 12/hr, 10/hr sa mga ibang IC para makaakit ng ibang customer thinking na pupuntahan at pipilahan sila. Wala ng loyal-loyalty ngayon. Kung saan ang mura at mabilis ang net ay doon pupunta ang customers.

    * Noon: Php5.00 to 4.00 ang printing namin dahil wala pang continuous ink sa mga printer. Bumibili lang kami ng generic ink at kami na ang nagre-refill. Kahit papaano ay kumikita kaming lahat.

    *Ngayon: Piso na ang printing mapa long or short coupon bond at sa color printing naman ay Php6.00 na dahil sa continuous ink na binebenta ng mga refilling ink shop. Meron pa akong nakita .80 centavos per page. Hindi na naisip ng mga may-ari na palugi na sila.

    * Noon: 10-5 pesos per document or picture. Kumikita pa rin kami noon.

    *Ngayon: 10-5 pesos per pasada. Meaning, kahit ilang pictures ang pwedeng ilagay sa scanner ay same pa rin ang charge dahil isang pass lang yun.

    CD Burning:
    * Noon: We charge 50-30 pesos per CD burn.
    * Ngayon: Libre na ang burning kung nagrent sa iyo. 15 pesos kung walk-in.

    * Create an association that all members shall agree that their floor price will be a minimum of Php20.
    * No more promo when you charge per hour or per minute.
    * Lets all buy licensed OS and other office software. Makakamura tayo pag marami ang bibili.

    All this solutions failed. Why? Eto ang mga sagot nila:

    1. Nasa 2nd or 3rd or nth floor kami or nasa sulok ang IC namin. kung same lang ang price namin sa first floor or bungad ay di na kami pupuntahan ng mga customers.

    2. Business is business, ako ang may ari at ako ang magdidikta ng price ko at wala na kayong pakialam.

    3. 2-6 lang ang units ko kaya hindi na ako bibili ng mga OS na lisence mahal kasi.


    Tama ang mga comments na nabasa ko.
    1. Location is very important
    2. Quality of service
    3. Speed of your DSL
    4. You’re not paying any rent
    5. Additional services
    6. You do the troubleshooting/PC repair
    7. Hands on
    8. You have more computers than the other shops (intimidating ang dating)and all units are fast.
    9. Your rate is P20- P25 per hour
    10. You and your employees are not rude to your customers

    If you all have this. Mabubuhay ang IC mo.

  218. Doug says:

    The lack of electricity in some parts of Mindanao due to insufficient water to run the turbines has already caused the closure of many I-cafes.
    If you want to start a cafe include a diesel generator in cost if you are doing it in a geographic area with frequent power outages.
    Gasoline generators are too expensive to run and still make a profit.

  219. Jun0865 says:

    Tama yung sinabi ni Dave Starr. madaming mga appliances ang madaling nasisira kasi walang proper grounding. pero tama din naman si Rick. Yung word ko kasi na ginamit ko eh “common ground” so medyo general.
    Gaya ng sinabo ni Rick, posible yun. nagawa nya, nagawa ko narin, so may malinaw na ebidensya na pwede kang makakuha ng 110v out of 220v and ground. ginagamit ko yun pag brown-out at kapag may isang terminal na gumagana, nakakagamit parin ako ng mga appliances ko. Pero, tama kapa din sa sinabi mo about proper grounding, gaya din ng sinabi ni dave.

    Mabuti nalang at may mga tao pang kagaya nina Dave, Doug at Rick na nagmamalasakit sa ganitong klaseng forum. Kung wala sila, malamang, madami satin ang medyo nangangapa parin sa mga info.

    Anyway, meron na ba sa inyo ang nakapag try gumamit ng Linux sa IC? pag naiicip ko kasi, medyo komplikado, although, posible. may mga way para maka pag run ng mga software ng windows to Linux, at may mga software ang Linux na kagaya ng sa windows. Sa tingin nyo ba eh ideal yun, kung mami meet ko naman yung demands ng mga customer?

  220. venn says:

    sino my alam dito paano mag pa rush id? nag pa print din kami sana may makasagot kahit sino kung paano mag pa rush id dagdag kita kasi yan sa shop namin. tnx!

  221. Hi, I just started an IC 2 months ago. I started with 2 units and after 2 weeks, I added another one.

    Putting up an IC here at our place was a good choice because I live in a barrio, and internet isn’t available here (due to lack of landline) and those who want access to the web are still going to town (about 5-6 kilometers away, and you’ll still need to ride a boat to get there).

    At first, I introduced it to kids, of course the games, like counter strike and Warcraft (DOTA), and I might think it had “clicked” somehow. I’m a registered nurse but I’m a geek as well and possess knowledge on hardware-software management and troubleshooting. Actually, I’m the first one to put up a business like this here at our place, and I can see that students come for encoding, research, and printing, while in the afternoon till evening, they play games. Sometimes I extend up to midnight or past midnight until they go home.

    Now after two months, the business is still going strong, and I’m planning to add more units, for the 3 units might not suffice. The rate is 20php an hour and I think it’s reasonable and affordable here at our place. There’s another shop in the next barangay but they don’t have any internet connection and only offer gaming. I don’t know if that’ll survive for long, and I see to it that my units can run most of the latest titles as of today, well not almost all titles like crysis, but for basic gaming that will suit their needs.

    As I have read previous comments, it’s true that when you run an IC, you should have at least basic or advanced knowledge on software-hardware management and troubleshooting, or else, all of your profit would go to the maintenance (you can do it yourself naman diba?)

    I think when you all meet those prerequisites, then your business will bloom. Based from experience, only 3 months in the business, and I’ve regained all of my investments.

    Hope this will continue.

    Dan Emmanuel R. Ventura, R.N.

  222. blouie says:

    Glad i found this site.. its really helpful.

    here’s my thing.. i have 20 client units plus 1 server, ok naman ung specs ng pc ko good for gaming, 19.5″ samsung lcd. Everything is set-up and ready na magoperate, problem is DSL CONNECTION.

    I applied sa PLDT DSL ung tag 4.5mbps nila which is about 8,000 a month. past 1 month na since my application ang bagal pa din ng net hindi umaabot ng 3mbps aside dun nawawala ung connection. I called 171 almost everyday para ma fix ung problem, sobra bagal ng service nila at ang final answer nila sa amin ngayon ay may problem daw sa cable ng PLDT all their subscriber daw ay experiencing the downgrade of DSL.

    Im planning to switch DSL provider. Can you help me on what DSL to choose from, ung makakapagbigay talaga ng fast connection and hindi na Ddisconnect.

    Thank you so much! Need your help ASAP 1 month na din delay opening ng shop ko. Btw, my shop is located in Hilltop Lagro Q.C.

  223. Jun0865 says:

    BayanDSL. Maraming comments akong nababasa about them. Most probably, natuto na ang taga Bayan dati kaya maganda na ang service nila, unlike before. May 15-day moneyback guarantee. Isang tawag mo lang sa kanila, dyan na kagad yung technician, at iiinform ka nila kung talagang may sira sa area nyo, unlike PLDT. Isissikreto lang nila hanggat maaari. Ang maganda pa sa Bayan eh yung speed-on-demand pag peak hours. nakakahugot ka ng extra bandwith aside pa dunsa plan mo.

    You should have done some research first, o kaya nagbasa basa kamuna sa ibang forum bago ka nagpakabit ng net para matantya mo kung ano ang pinaka best sa lahat ng provider. Pero ako, ill go with BayanDSL sa dami ng good feedbacks sa kanila kahit pa may aberya paminsan minsan. PLDT SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!! Kaya tama lang ang acronym nila: Puro Lang Dowm Time…

  224. Marc says:

    I agree with Jun. sa PLDT kahit d ka nagmumura. magmumura ka. he he he…

  225. rjdg33k says:

    Meron din ako maliit na Computer Shop, samin yung pwesto, nasa parteng residential area kami pero nasa Batangas City mismo, ok naman ang kita basta manage ng maayos ang mga hardware, saka magandang plano lang ng shop kahit maliit basta relax ang customers, 6 unit lang sakin pero laging puno ang shop ko, mag 3yrs na kami at nawawala lang customer ko kapag hindi ako nakapag-install ng bagong games pero oras na may bago na ulit silang malalaro pila na mga bata, ok din printing sakin kasi madami ding gumagawa ng projects. Bout sa ordinance nakakalusot kami kasi hindi naman ganun kahigpit yung mga consehal dito about sa ordinance, basta iwasan lang may magreklamong magulang kaya pinapauwi ko na mga bata ng maaga, saka hindi talaga kami nagpapasok ng naka-uniform at bawal ang porno…:-)…

  226. jonex says:


    Lagal ba mag-offer ng wi-fi internet connection to the community with a fee? Kasi yung ibang restaurant & hotel may paid wi-fi connection… tnx…

  227. jonex says:

    Please Help!

    LEGAL ba mag-offer ng wi-fi internet connection to the community with a fee? Kasi yung ibang restaurant & hotel may paid wi-fi connection… tnx…

  228. Degree says:

    Dun po sa mga may internet cafe na may nakatiwangwang na pc o kahit anong mahalagang gamit sa loob ng shop, magingat po sa mga nagtatanong ng computer tutorial para sa kanilang anak. may naexperience ako na may pumuntang 3 babae na nagtatanong kung magkano ang computer tutorial para sa kaniyang anak. kahit wala nmng ganung offer ang internet cafe nyo un ang itatanong nya then pasimple ng kinukuha ng isang babae ung system unit samin then ung isang babae nakabantay sa labas at ung isa naman nakikipagintertain. Ingat at magbantay po sa mga gamit nyo. para hindi magsisi sa bandang huli.

  229. Cherry says:

    How about adding skype in your internet cafe for international calling? Skype worlwide plan cost $12.95 per month and your customers can call overseas to mostly landline #s to more than 40 countries I think. Just a thought.

  230. Jun0865 says:

    It depends. Pwede ang naisip mong magdagdag ng skype. Mura na, wala pang hassle lalo na’t katabi mo ay residential, mas madali kang makaka attract ng mga Cs. Ang drawback nito eh yung mga nag o online games e.g. (Dota(GARENA), SpecialForce Online, Dekaron) masyado nang ma lag ang laro, lalo na’t dumidipende ang mga ito sa bilis ng internet connection mo. Skype offers VoIP and video streaming at the same time. Just imagine nalang na may naglalaro ng Rohan, tpos may biglang nag skype, tapos nagreklamo ang Cs dahil dina humahampas yung character niya, malaki ang magiging epekto nito sayo dahil ang iisipin ng gamer eh, lagi nalang maglalag ang laro nila pag may nag skype.

    $12.00-napakagandang suhestyon at kung tutuusin, napakamura nga naman. Pero madaming factors na dapat i consider at hindi yun ganun kadali. Meron akong mga suggestions pero it needs time, knowledge and money para maintindihan ng mga gustong sumubok.

  231. Cherry says:

    you have a point there but mayron akong 2 bros that are doing internet cafe biz and I suggested to add skype in their sevices. sabi nla the the sound quality is as good as PLDT in calling overseas, tapos npakamura lang ang singil nla per min. compared to telecom – but still currently observing how it goes. They’re also concerned telecom would squawk about it.

  232. Jun0865 says:

    Just like i said, posible to kung alam mo ang gagawin, like configurations, routing, etc… madaming factors, pero kung alam mo kung pano gawin, madali lang ang lahat ng to.

    I dont think na makikialam pa ang Telecommunications Company dito, at siguro naman walang naka indicate sa agreement o contract ng kahit anong internet provider na bawal gumamit ng VoiP ang sinumang subscriber. Check your contract para sigurado.

  233. Doing business in the Philippines specifically on internet cafes is still a good idea. But above all, LOCATION is the number one factor to be considered in engaging in this business aside from the capital. Nowadays, this business profits more on locations near schools and residential areas where not many people can afford internet connection on their homes.

  234. Distance Education is one such fast developing concept. With this the less successful ones would become more successful and the successful ones can reach to the top. It is a matter of great pride that the excellent quality of course material, faculty, delivery methodology and student support services have been recognized and that has been ranked the No.1 institute for Distance Learning by the prestigious B-school Ranking Survey. The wiser ones in the society would grasp its importance instantly and grab the opportunity earlier than the others. Others, of course, would follow suit. It is always like that in life, the successful ones seize the opportunity earlier than others.
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  235. Lanre says:

    internet cafe is still a good business in philippines. poblema mostly ng filipinos hindi marunong ng tamang competition at services. of course we have to think of the roi pero masmaganda sana na isipin natin iyong services, needs of the customers then in that needs you can monetize it. malaki pa mapupuntahan ng internet cafe kung magiging maayos ang system. its true that computers are getting cheaper and cheaper but few filipinos can buy the new ones, iyong bago talagang labas like computers with spec na intel i7 na micro processor, nvidia na 1gb at iyong 1tb na hdd. kaya for me ang internet cafe business malayo pa mapupuntahan. its the system na kailangan ayusin. hope this helped for some! God bless!

  236. actually if you would be engaging in an internet cafe you should be able first to know what location is good for your internet business and aside from that you should be able to have your own starting money.. this is because if you do have you starting money you could easily buy things that is needed to build your computer shop

  237. m-m says:

    nowadays net cafe’s survive bcoz of online gamers,
    and i still want to put up my own net cafe, i already rented a place infront of school hopefully will open soon… but bcoz of black out i’m hesitant to operate….

  238. Rasshius says:

    maganda ang internet cafe kung 15 pc pataas ang pc mo. kahit na 15 per hr pa yan. kikita ka ng 2 to 3k pataas kung puno (restals only). di pa kasama ang printing and psp, cellphone games services at loading station. kailangan din na tama ang pwesto. malapit sa public school highschools, dame projects! at gamers!. universities not cheap private schools. load up all games and services you can offer then expand your cafe while earning. ingat lang sa mga magnanakaw at inggeterong pinoy na sisiraan ang business mo. yan ang ikakabagsak mo.

  239. Maximo Z. Beltran Jr. says:

    Malaking tulong ang website na ito sa nagplaplanong magtayo ng internet business at ganon din sa mga mayrong internet shop MABUHAY KAYO!!!

  240. Mac Dacil says:

    hai.. :-D patulong naman.. I have 11 units plus server.. malakas dito ang online gaming lalo na ang cross fire.. kaso pag may nag internet, nagla-lag ung laru nila.. anu po ba ang cause nun at anu ang solution? thank you… :-D

  241. Jun0865 says:

    gamit ka ng bandwith limiter. madaming freeware nyan. i search mo lang sa google. Mostly kasi pag may nag pi-Facebook, o kaya naglalaro ng FLash games, malaking bandwith ang nahuhugot nito kahit di naman kelangan. i limit mo ang bandwith ng bawat units mo para hindi naapektuhan yung mga nag oonline games.

  242. bats says:

    talaga, malakas ung internet cafes.. lalo ma sa mga mlapit sa campus.. choosing the location is a a crucial thing in putting up a business.. pro no. 1 na naattract tlaga ang customers is the services you offer.. kaya lng, ung presyo ang unang nkikita nla.. haha.. daming dpat i-consider eh.. goodluck sa mga net cafe owners.. sana mkaput-up dn ako, few years from now, at sana, mas “in” na ang net cafes that time.. para mlakas tlaga income! haha!

  243. stubbs says:

    I am really enjoying the dialog. Living in a large urban area in the US hoping to venture into this business. We are coupling the cafe concept with pc repair sales and service. So it seems we definately need gaming units, and updating equiptment often

  244. ynah says:

    guys pano ba kikita sa pagiging blogger? pls teach me namn, gusto q kze kumita kahit dito lang sa bahay.

  245. jim says:

    dami ko natutunan sa site forum n ito.may bumsagsak o umusenso may maguumpisa pa plng pero kahit na anu status ng internet natin sa ngayon sana lahat maka survive pa rin.tama nga good location good spec pkikisama hands-on good ambiance upgrade if kailangan…panu if wala na pag asa anu dapat gawen , ilipat, gimmik, upgade…???

  246. razorous says:

    I could see that StarCraft II is getting into the gaming geeks rapidly now. If I’m just planning to setup a cafe, what specs do I need for each unit work with SCII, including the other games?

  247. kirby says:

    sarap my internetcafe…tagal n ksi yan plan ko dti pa yong nag school p ako…natopad ko rin yan kahit kuni ang sale maganda pare ang takbo nag cafe ko…visit lng kaayo sa net cafe ko digos city mindanao po yan………………………thanks dis mgs to teach me about busines man…..im kirby devillerez.my net cafe kirjoy internetcafe…kir is kirby joy is joy my wife..thanks

  248. jo says:

    ganito ginawa ko para patok ang internet shop ko, first wala akong aircon, so i charge little lower than my competitors, yung server ko sa labas, mas malakas ang printing ko ksi may mga napapadaan tapos magpapa print, o kya scan, meron din akong photo printing, tapos ang bayad ko sa sa internet plan 999 smart bro, ok lang ksi wala naman akong online games, pure internet lang talaga, puro babae costumer ko, gusto nila dito sa akin ksi tahimik walang gamers

  249. Jun0865 says:

    Ang tagal ko din hindi naka visit sa site nato. Sobrang busy sa Computer shop ko. Well, from my previous posts, I’m trying to use Linux as my OS for my PC’s. Unfortunately, i didn’t succeed on that part. I have tried several distros pero sa bandang huli, mauuwi lang din sa iisang sagot: HINDI PWEDE. Madaming kelangang i consider. 80% of my cx are Online gamers(60% are students, 20% are tambays), 10% are asawa na OFW, may kapatid na OFW, o may friend na OFW. 5% eh yung mga palipat lipat ng shop, 2% yung mga naninira ng programs dahil loyal sila sa kabilang shop at nag ta try mag spread ng virus sa buong network(pero di magawa) at 1% yung mga nakikipag chat sa mga foreigner habang nagpapakita ng cleavage at masasagwang photos. all of these things ay naobserbahan ko sa loob ng halos 2 taon. lumipat narin ako ng pwesto dahil nagkaroon ako ng problem sa previous place ko na inuupahan. SO, im not trying to be a “person-who-knows-all-things” pero if someone who wants any suggestions, o tulong, im willing to help. as much as i want this industry to survive, i also want to help those people na nagpupursige para ikauunlad nila at mapatunayan na ” Internet Cafe is still a good Business”.

    • blenda engco says:

      hi jun, i read your message in yugatech. nandito ako sa abroad now and after one month uuwi na ako sa pilipinas. iam planing to an internet cafe in davao city, philippines but my big problem i dnt know how to start.at this moment i am still thinking what would be my first thing to do on this kind of business we can chat together, here is my ym [email protected]

  250. razorous says:


    Wow! Thanks for those numbers! Gives us good idea on area to focus on then… Natawa naman ako dun sa 1%. Hahaha!

  251. Jun0865 says:

    Hahaha! nakakahiya man, totoo un lahat. Suggestion ko mag focus tayo sa mga online gamers at mga studs. mostly, online gamers yung malakas kumunsumo ng prepaid cards for Online games at mga LAN games lalo na pag na bobore sa paulit ulit na pag papalevel ng charac nila.

    Suggestion ko razorous, taasan mo na specs ng pc mo. as much as possible, 2gb for RAM(667 would do) and 94/9500gs nvidia graphic card.grabe, the last time na nag try akong mag dry run ng high-end na LAN game, nag over buffer yung VC ko. ayun, nasunog. bwisit!

    Tambakan mo ng sandamukal na services ang shop mo. Photo printing, regular printing, lamination, typing job, pre-paid cards, eload ( globe, smart, SUN) ewan ko lang kung mamulubi kapa. pati SD burning at downloads pasukin mo na. tyak na papatok ka kahit saan.

  252. Jun0865 says:

    From my last post for Razorous: “taasan mo na specs ng pc mo. as much as possible, 2gb for RAM(667 would do) and 94/9500gs nvidia graphic card.” I think mas ok narin yung 1GB kung medyo nag titipid ka.Just make sure na compatible yung RAM sa Motherboard. Yung VC, 94/9500 NVIDIA with 512mb memory. Mura na yun. Last time that i checked, nasa mahigit 1k nalang ang isa nun.

    Any questions sa pag put up in computer shop, ask lang kayo dito. Willing akong tumulong at mag extend ng support personally kung kinakailangan.

    • ferdinand malate says:

      hi jun!as of now nandito ako sa abroad but planning to go on exit and put up my own business internet shop.pwde mo ba akong bigyang ng idea kung anong mgndang unit ag kukunin ko pr sa plano kong internet shop?i mean,anong processor,ilang gb ang RAM,ilang GB ang Memory,at kung ano pa ang dpt kong alamin sa pagbili ko ng desktop unit.anyway,mas pinili kong d2 sa abroad bumili ng computer dhil mas mura d2 at madaling magbitaw ng pera.pki advise na rin ako kung paano pti pagkuha ng permit at ano ag mga requirements pra mkapagsimula ng business na internet shop.salamat kung pauunlakan mo ako sa mg katanungan kong ito.GODBLESS AND GOODLUCK!

  253. helena says:

    paki tulungan naman po ako.anu po maganda timer ng ic…hirap po kace gamitin ng handy cafe…gusto ko na po palitan please po paki reccommend nio po sinuman may shop na gumagamit ng timer..ano po site..it will bew a great help…god bless po sa ating lahat ng may ic

  254. Maki says:

    hello po…
    isa po akong OFW,pauwi nrin po ako by nxt yr ng MAY,gus2 ko po tlagang mag put up ng i-cafe,kaso wla po akong masyadong alam sa computer,and then my my budget is up to 150k lng tlaga,,pro i have my own place,konting renovation nlng papo cguro un,then yong place is residential tlaga,as in mraming bhay,kc dati syang prang squatter,my internet shop nmn dun,kaso mrami nagre2klamo kc lgi daw naglalag,kya pu2nta pa tlga cla sa malau.then i dont know po kung san mka2bili ng di nmn masyadong mahal na units,magkano po ba tlga budget sa 1 pc?kc im from DAVAO CITY,,,sana po ay mtulungan nyo ako,den give me some advices,,,

    • Edgar Lopez says:


      I can help you if you want to put i-Cafe business. We need to meet. Call or Text me at 09291756830. San pala location mo? Madami na ako naturuan at natulungan na OFW na nag lagay ng internet cafe business.


      Edgar Lopez

  255. razorous says:


    Thank you so much for the help! Really appreciate it!

    Guys, I haven’t seen a computer-shop that has atom-based systems yet. Aside from them having very low power consumption, are these CPU’s good for gaming too? I’ve see very affordable ones around, and very compact which is a plus. I’m just not sure if these are recommended for heavy daily use.

  256. Jun0865 says:

    sorry sa late reply.

    @ helena:
    about dun sa ginagamit mo, im sure, nangangapa kapa dun sa software. pero sa oras na nakabisado mo na ang handycafe, madali nalang cyang I navigate. Ive been using it for 2 years, at wala pakong naging major problems. aside from few bugs, un lang. If you want to know more specific instruction o yung mga bagay na dimo maintindihan, pwede kitang tulungan via email, or i can assist you personally if around Metro Manila kalang.

    @ Maki:
    hmmmm.. tamang tama. plan kong mag vacation sa davao next year. I can extend my support personally kung kinakailangan mo. dont worry, hindi ako maninigil ng talent fee… hehehe gusto ko lang makatulong lalo na dun sa mga nagpupursiging umunlad. 150k i think is enough. Tutulungan kita, post mo lang email mo dito akong kokontak sayo anytime.

    Your welcome!
    Dko pa na try yung atom based. Although it was made to compete with AMD’s Geode system on chip. Ska ang pag kakaalam ko pang netbook lang ang Atom( not sure). Pero mostly kasi, pag gaming pc, mas recommended ko yung AMD. pang hatawan ang processor at subok na.

  257. Maki says:


    tnxs sa reply ha…
    sna nga m2lungan mo ako,e2 nga pla email add ko,,,,
    [email protected]

  258. razorous says:

    @Jun0865 Thanks! Yup just got 10units last Saturday with AMDs. ;)

    Roughly 18k per unit. W/o add-on vc yet, once maset up na to with integrated graphics, i’ll see what vc im gona need.

    Guys, what routers do you use? Is there any model that you may recommend for i-cafes? Since i’m providing gaming in my services, is it important that i could control bandwidth para sa mga gamers and office/internet users? On hindi na kelangan? Meron na kasi akong router, i just bought a new switch, but im not sure if this router is good enough or kung pang home use lang. Dlink na wireless cya. I’m not sure if there is any advantages in having just dedicated wired router vs the one with a wireless.

  259. bugokski says:

    wag ka na magtayo!!!

    hanap ka na lang ng ibang business

    laki puhunan liit kita

    sobrang mahal ng kuryente

    ipaghahanapbuhay mo lang ang meralco

    kita mo sa electric bill lang mapupunta, wala rin kita

  260. kaloy says:

    good day. ako po ay dating OFW and im planning to open an internet shop kse tingin ko po ay in demand malapit po kmi sa school at maraming gamers d2 sa amin, kya lng po wala akong masyadong alam sa computers. meron na po akong place sa gilid ng bahay namin aayusin n lng. may pinagtanungan n po akong technician at binigyan nya ako ng quotation pra sa computer package kya lng feeling ko masyadong mahal 18,000/unit tapos 600/unit ang installation at pgset-up…hindi po b masyadong mahal ito pra mgstart…nagpunta din po ako sa pcgilmore sa MOA kya lng hindi kse ako msyado na entertain kse madami tao pero binigyan ako ng quotation…hindi ko po alam kung maganda bng klase nb yun binigay nyang proposal sa akin…kung may mabuting puso na maaring makatulong sa akin (like sir JUN0865 nabasa ko po ang mga comments mo) ang Diyos n po ang bahala sa inyo…salamat po

  261. anet says:

    hello po sa lahat! ask ko lng ang isang pc ko kc pag magboot BIOS settings lng mag appear, exit ko yun pa rin… plssss help po kc pag mag ask pa ako technician eh mhal ..6 lng kc pc’s ko sa bahay lng konti lng kita… Salamat sa makatulong sa kin. Godbless po ta tlga.

    • ma'am says:

      paki-open ng cpu mo.. pakitanggal ng memeory chip tapos ibalik mo sa slot ng memory tapos on mo uli

  262. marc says:

    Check mo po yung hard disk, sata or IDE. kung ok naman po, baka corrupted yung os, kailangan pong i-reformat.

    Ano po spec ng pc?

  263. kaloy says:

    sir marc salamat po sa attention nyo…ano po b email add nyo pra masend ko sa inyo un specs na galing dun sa friend ko…or if in case may suggestion po b kyo sa akin for what specs ang maganda for internet/gaming shop…pkisend po s email ko: [email protected]…tnx.God bless

  264. Jun0865 says:

    ok, dont worry anytime na balak mo bumalik dito tutulungan kita. mag i email ako sayo

    Dlink router, ok yan. bandwith limiter? check mo yung handycafe website. may bandwith limiter sila na free. kaw na bahala mag set kung gano kalaki ang bandwith na isi set mo. user friendly naman ung mga GUI ska understandable.


    Sorry guys kung madalang ako mag reply. Dun sa info mo, yes masyadong mahal yung sinisingil sayo. mag si send ako mamya ng rough estimate kung magkano ang magagastos mo per pc. madaming nag ti take advantage ngaung araw. So, lalo na sa mgabago palang magtatayo. expect nyo email ko mamya guys. THanks!

  265. kaloy says:

    kuya jun ano email add mo para po masend ko sau un specs na worth 18T..email add ko [email protected]…salamat po

  266. marc says:

    Mas maganda po kung i-post nyo dito yung spec para makita din po ng iba.

    Sir, unfair naman po dun sa kaibigan niyang technician kung sasabihin natin agad na mahal yung 18K kahit d pa natin alam yung spec ng pc. Sa akin nga mura yung 18K kasi ang cost ng mga pc ko ay between 20K-21K. Nung nagsulputan ang mga i-cafe noong 2007 nag-try ako ng mga low spec na pc para sana may advantage ako sa cost kaso sakit po sa ulo.

  267. Jun0865 says:

    @ marc:
    Im not being unfair. Im just being honest. I do have ang internet shop, so i know when the prices are going higher or lower. I tell you what, all my pc are not a high end computers but can run at least crysis and call of duty modern warfare. and all of them only cost about less than 15k. There’s a big difference when buying a whole unit than buying by piece. If you know how to check any computer peripheral and knows how to check and compare prices(Serial, series, model,) wherever you go, then you have the advantage. And that, is what im doing right now. im doing it for free, I AM NOT TAKING ANY CREDIT FORM THIS. this is purely to help those who ask for it. So Im not being unfair. Again my friend, im just being honest.

  268. kaloy says:

    AMD athlon64 x2 240 2.8 Ghz am3
    kingston 2GB PC6400 DDR2
    Samsung 320 GB 7200rpm SATA 3 Gbs
    inno3d GF9500 1gb DDR2
    asus M2N68AM SE2 NV 7050 A/V/L
    ATX casing
    Genius KB
    Genius Mouse
    Genius headset
    19″ LG 1943TE


    un server po

    pareho lng sa taas tapos HD: samsung 160GB SATA
    OD: \Samsung SH 223C SATA DVDRW

    P 15,170

    ano po sa tingin nyo ok nb? kse out of budget ako baka nman po may pwede palitan or icutdown na parts pakisuyo n lng po…salamat…God bless

  269. Marc says:

    Honest naman po pala yung technician nyo. he he he…So mga gamers po ang target niyo. Tama lang po yan pero magcanvass pa din po kayo sa ibang supplier baka may makita pa po kayong mas mura.

    Ito po ang modification na gagawin ko pero base lang po sa preference ko at hindi dahil ayaw ko yung spec na ibinigay sa inyo. Discuss nyo din po sa technician nyo kc sa tingin ko ok naman siya.

    Processor – tataasan ko ng konti, base sa budget.

    Memory – downgrade to 1g. d na po mapapasin and difference except sa loading. tapos upgrade to 2g kapag may budget na.

    VCard – Downgrade to 512mb. hindi po yan mapansin ang difference.

    Mothierboard – meron akong m2n pero d ko gusto ang performance d ko lang sure kung dahil sa memory, d ko pa kc natry i-upgrade. discuss nyo po sa technician nyo baka meron po siyang alternative. pero baka po i-suggest sa inyo ang asrock. wag po kc natry ko na po yan.

    AVR – Hindi na po ako gumagamit nito mula noong 2008. bawas init po sa shop kc mainit po ito.

    Monitor – change brand to aoc. downgrade to 17″. hindi na po masyadong pinapansin yan ng gamers kung 19″ o 17″.

    Sana po makatulong ito sa inyo.

    P.S. saan nga po pala ang location nyo? baka naman sa tabi ng shop ko kayo magtatayo. sabihin ko na sa inyo ngayon, mali po lahat ang mga sinabi ko pati yung technician nyo manloloko yan. he he he……….

  270. Marc says:

    Sir, hindi naman po dahil tumakbo yung game pwede na, kahit naman po sa pentium 4 with 512mb na memory tatakbo ang call of duty. Marami na po kasi akong nakitang gumawa nito. oo nagtagal din sila kaso dindi dahil kumikita sila kundi dahil nandun na sila. Parang internet connection din po yan may mabilis at may mabagal pero parehas pong nakakapag-browse. pero, disregarding other factors, sa tingin nyo po saan pupunta ang mga customers.

  271. Jun0865 says:

    -i cut mo yung VC mo. di naman kelangan kagad ng 1GB na VC lalo nat nka 9500 ka. Suggestion: kuha ka khit 512 lang muna. wag kang gagamit ng Inno3d. Nvidia card ang bilhin mo. mas preferred sila ng nakararami kung performance ang pag uusapan.

    -LCD monitor- Kuha ka khit yung 16′ or 17 ‘ lang. ung Focus na LCD monitor 4k lang un.

    Ang perception mo kasi, eh yung specs na sinasabi ko eh, yung mga pc na “pwede na”. Nagkakamali ka. Pwede kang magkaron ng pc na average specs pero dika mag sa suffer sa budget. Tandaan mo: hindi lahat ng customer eh nag la-LAN games. karamihan sa kanila kundi online gamer, oh gusto lang mag browse sa net. And besides, ang isang bangong lan game ngaun eh umaabot ng 3k. sa tingin mo ba, praktikal ang bumili ng isang game lalo nat 1:1 ang ratio ng license nito? isama mo pa ang starter na operating system. Ang poin ko wag kang mag po focus sa isang bagay. Balansehin mo din kung saan ka makakatipid ng hindi nag sa suffer ang service at rate of income. Hindi, puro gaming experience ang pinag uusapan dito. kundi pano ka makakapaghandle ng negosyo effectively.

  272. John says:

    Mga sir..can I have advice kase i’m planning to open up a computer shop here in rizal…mejo ok naman ang target market kase meron dito 2 school, tabi lang dn po na daanan and currently meron ako sari sari store naka bukas, sayang kase ung space sa likod why not put up a Net cafe..What do you think guys.?In terms of computer I know how to set up the internet cafe so means less expense pa to…

    kung small BPO or blogger kaya mga sir..?what do we need..?thank you..

  273. dantes says:

    saan ba pwde na maganda na bumili ng mga computer parts sa manila? balak ko kasi ng 10 units na workstation and 1 server, advice po ng specs para sa mga in ngayon na online games..

  274. Jun0865 says:

    sa mga humihingi ng advice, try to send me an email kung kelangan nyo ng tulong. tutulong ako sa abot ng makakaya ko. [email protected]

  275. aisha says:

    hi everyone..im planning to put up a ic too.here in our place(bahay) about 4 to 5 pc..how much will be the budget..and i have seen ah brand new computer package. i don’t know if the specs are good for internet and games..heres the specs:AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GhzB, MSI K9N6PGM2-V2, 1GB memory, 320 GB Hardisk, 256 Integrated Video, Dvd combo, Integrated sound & Lan, ATX Casing, 15″ LCD/TV monitor, keyboard, mouse and AVR…please help me..tnx..

  276. rashie says:

    plan ko rin mg-open ng comp shop mga 5 pc lng kaya ko…pde b to??? and second teach me how to blog….

  277. razorous says:

    Quick question lang po.. I’m about to purchase 10 avrs.. I’m not sure what specs for it should be considered… Ilang watts po ba dapat to for a regular flat panel monitor and cpu? Will it matter kung more than 500w?

  278. John says:

    Yes please teach us how to blog..Thank you..

  279. Jun0865 says:

    email me so i can answer all your questions [email protected]

  280. Jonathan says:

    hi there.. i owned an internet cafe just beside our house.. I only have 4 Computer.. My business is running for 4 months now. I think it will be better to start with a small units just to try it out.. @aisha. I have that kind of specs. That specs will be fine for gaming and internet. My internet connection is Smart Bro. plan 999. Smart bro in our area is good, but ive seen a lot of bad coments about the speed or connection of smartbro plan 999. I do have stable conection and 1.72mbps speed.. I also offer printing, typing job and photo printing.

  281. Ryan says:

    yan e. napadaan lang.. well, setting up an internet shop is no walk in the park. Im 25 yrs old nung ng put up ako ng internet cafe sa barangay namin.. sinabayan ko habang may work ako sa isang call center.. ang masasabi ko lang sa business na to is kelangan masaya ka sa ginagwa mo.. kung hilig mo kasi hndi mo mararamdaman ang pagod mo.. my shop has been running for more than a year now. initial gastos ko is 80K, sa ngaun bawi ko naman na ung puhunan ko.. hndi rin biro ang pinagdaanan ng shop ko.. since may work ako, pag merong nasira, it will have to wait until my dayoff. pero pag dayoff ko naman full time ako sa probs ng pc ko.. mga usually na issues ko is: hardware (memory)…tinamaan ng kidlat(patay lahat ng ups ko, buti nalang hndi ung cpu)… virus(tagal mag reformat)…games (ang daming error na lumalabas, kelangan mag research kung pano ayusin)…. sa provider naman, tingin ko swertehan din e.. may mga lugar kasi na di maganda talaga bato ng bandwidth, may mga lugar super stable naman kahit malayo.. pero again, bottom line… if you want to be in this kind of business, you must learn how to love it.. wag isip sa kita.. tingin ko susunod nalang yan..

    • Paul says:

      I was inspired by your post. But I don’t know if can still go on with my plan to open a net cafe which i have partners. Do you think that partnership is okay a business. We plan to start not less than 100,000.00. Can give me an advice in your free time? Thanks a Lot.

  282. John says:

    Have this specs for gaming and browsing.
    Using Windows 7:
    Dual core processor, Intel or AMD(don’t use celeron)
    2 Gbyte of memory ( RAM )
    Geforce 9500GT video card for Nvidia or Radeon 3650 or higher for ATI. any amount of memory( memory is not the basis for Video card speed so don’t be fooled with 1 gig or 512 or 256, with the same chipset, they perform just equallly)
    Not less than 160 Gbyte of Harddisk

    Using Windows XP:

    Dual core processor ( or any new single core processor, avoid celeron or sempron)
    1 Gbyte or higher of System RAM
    Nvidia geforce 9500GT or higher video card or Radeon 3650 or higher for ATI ( use any brand, Inno3d,Palit,Asus,Galaxy,MSI etc.)
    Not less than 160Gbyte of Harddisk (SATA or PATA)

    Using the cheapest available motherboard may be a smart idea, avoid PCChips brand. ECS,Asrock,Asus,Emaxx or Gigabyte is a better choice.

    Select the fastest available internet connection in your place, believe me this has benefits.
    You may not use voltage regulator if you used branded Power supply like Coolermaster, Enermaxx, gigabyte,HEC etc.
    Genius brand of Keyboard is a good one with a cheap price as well as the mouse.
    Use any PC Case but better select those with bundled fan, and the power supply bundled with the case may be use or replace with a branded one for more reliability.
    To reduce power consumption, LCD monitor is a better choice, as well as space saving. 19-inch is ideal.

    • Joven says:

      Hi John,
      do you know of shop that i can buy this items at low price? I plan to put up 15 units in Manila. Thanks

  283. Illya says:

    My friend spends money in Internet cafe every day. Once I asked him “Save some money, then buy PC and connect it to Internet”. He answers “I don’t want PC at home – PC is big problem for me, if I’ll buy it, you will see me outside 1hour a month”

  284. Yes thery are good for poor students

  285. Alfred says:

    san ako makakuha ng murang units? im planning to buy 10 PCs

  286. libraboy says:

    ako eto after umalis sa trbaho kasi ngbawas ng tao ang company ko dati.sad to say nakasama ako sa mga natanggal.ang problema ko nsa i’m 39 going 40 hirap nku maghanap ng work sa edad ko na eto.dahil sa hilig ko sa computer and gusto ko tlaga matutunan,nagaral ako ng basic computer application like ms office at hardware and software troubleshooting kaya pagkatapos ay nagput up ako ng internet cafe na ang capital ko ay ang perang nakuha ko sa company ko dati.dahil sa kagustuhan ko talga magtayo dahil ala na kasi akong work at eto nalang ang inaashan ko hanapbuhay.more than 1yr.naku at ang dami ko ng problemang naransan at ngayon for sale na nag internet cafe ko.lagi kasi abuno..luge na..

  287. jhef says:

    PANu poh magreformat ng computer pentium 2?

  288. mat3ix says:

    internet cafe business

    ok yan, kung!

    kung sarili mo ung pwesto.
    kung marunong ka mag repair ng PC and Format
    kung matao sa lugar mo
    kung walang gagaya sa iyo at mag tatayo sa tabi mo at kung san san pa.
    kung di EPAL ang mga magulang at irereklamo ka sa baranggay dahil bumagsak daw ang anak nya dahil sa net cafe mo,
    kung kumpleto ang permit mo ,, at di kana haharassin ng walanghiya at makakapal ang pagmumukha ng empleyado ng city hall, SSS, BIR , at kung ano ano pa. isama mo na microsoft phils.

    ngayong kung sa mga nasabi na dahilan ay gusto mo pa mag business ng internet cafe. “bahala ka sa buhay mo”

    ung mga nagsasabi na malakas daw sila at malapit daw kasi sila sa school at narami player na “BATA” .. antayin nyo isang araw may bibisita sa inyo na taga cityhall at mememohan kayo ,, at kung malas malasin pa kayo ipasasarado shop nyo,,

    internet cafe business sa ngayon ay wala na pabagsak na for so many reasons, isama m na yung pag mura ng PC at pababaan ng singil ng internet connection,

    may net cafe ako 7 yrs na ,, and im planning to shut it down dahil sa mga nabanggit ko na kadahilanan,,

    dati oo ,, mga 5 to 7 yrs earlier ok pa ang business na ito pero ngayon ? think twice ,

    GODBLESS US , “,)

    pahabol :

    isama nyo nga pala ang walang hiyang MERALCO sa walsng tigil na pag taas ng kuryente nila,, sa pag bagsak ng mga net cafe ngayon. ang taas ng kuryente tapos kabilaan ang promo ng net cafe “HATAKAN” pababa ang presyo. which is mali

    kita nyo ung mga net cafe owner na naka “JUMPER” todo ngiti ang mga yan , kasi kumikita sila ng malaki dahil sa pag nanakaw nila ng Kuryente.. MASUNOG SANA BAHAY NYO ! mga buseett ! mga anay ng lipunan ung mga legal ang nag susuffer sa pag nanakaw nyo,


    sa mga mag tatayo ng net cafe business u can email me for more info bout sa net cafe business, [email protected]

    • michael13 says:

      tama ka! ako nga sinumbong sa brgy ng kapitbahay na bobo, bumagsak sa skwela yung anak nya at ako sinisi, eh hindi naman madalas anak nya sa cafe ko, cafe ko lng mas malapit sa bahay nya, hindi nya inisip bobo din anak nya katulad sa nya. Kahit walang batas sa city namin na bawal ang bata sa cafe, pinagbabawalan pa ako ng kapitan. tuloy humina kita ko. tapos pag may mawawalang gamit sa customer mo kaw sisisihin ng mga taga barangay, mga bobo talaga at mapaaway kapa sa mga bobong magulang na reklamo ng reklamo. Nagiging bad influence pa tayong mga operator sa mata nila.

      I been operating for 4 years na, may buwan na maganda ang kita meron din lugi, & im planning to find another kind of business kasi puro na rin upgrade problema ko, bilis magtaas ng system requirements yung mga games at mauubos lang pundo mo sa kakaupgrade, tapos dumadami pa kakumpitisya mo. kelangan talaga kaibiganin mo mga customer mo para babalik pa sayo. Kung gusto nyo magtayo dapat wala pang nauna sa nyo at click yung lugar nyo o kaya matao at walang masyadong may computer. maganda din if residential area, matago ang lugar at hindi sa gilid ng daan para hindi masingil ng business rate kuryente mo, at hindi na kelangan kumuha ng BIR/DTI – brgy at mayor’s permit lang pwede na.

  289. ela says:

    paano ba mag laro

  290. Marvin says:

    The problem is getting a reliable and consitent internet service in Manila. Most connections I’ve seen don’t exceed 2MB. Infact 2MB is almost non-existant. Online games these days are FPS based games (frames per sec). In layman’s term, who ever can click first wins. So for people who are aspiring to build gaming stations, come on, 1GB? 2GB? It is a thing of the past. Average PC’s now adays come with 4GB of RAM with 64bit OS on to take advantage of the whole 4GB.

  291. azkalz says:

    sir: do u cater services outside luzon? like a place for example in surigao norte? I like your packages better than here….

  292. Max says:

    Hey guys,
    Advice lang po sa specs ko:
    CPU: Intel i3 540
    Mobo:Asus P7h55-m-le(LGA 1156)
    Ram: 4G(2x 2G kingston DDR3 1333MHZ)
    Vga: Msi R4670-MD1G
    Psu: Coolmaster 460W
    LCD:Asus 19″
    CPU: Intel i3 2100
    Mobo:Asus P8h61-m-le(LGA 1155)
    Ram: 4G(2x 2G kingston DDR3 1333MHZ)
    Vga: Msi R4670-MD1G
    Psu: Coolmaster 460W
    LCD:Asus 19″
    Salamat sa mag-advice!

    • albert102884 says:

      hi guys…sa mga may problema about setup of time manager sa cafe..network installation,all internet cafe services. matotolongan ko kayo…with in mindanao area lang..

      albert pesisano

  293. Michael says:

    Lots of great info here. Thanks for sharing

  294. michael13xz says:

    mga tsuy, may alam po ba kayo abot anti piracy team na nagre-raid sa mga cafe at sa anti-piracy law? ano po ba ginagawa nila sa cafe na pirata ang OS at mga games? kinukuha po ba nila ang mga cpu at may multa ba sa cafe? matanong ko lang kasi pirata OS ko sa cafe eh..takot ako sa magiging mangyari.

    • Chazper says:

      Hi Michael,

      Back when I was still operating an internet cafe (2005) this news of BSA and Anti-piracy of the Philippines came out and made a lot of noise in the internet cafe industry. Though, there are news that NBI and local authorities don’t raid internet cafes, there were still rumors that some unscrupulous group are doing so. You can check http://www.bsa.org for more info.

      But one of my goal right now is to upgrade the internet cafe industry in terms of uniting the icafes in order to better negotiate lower prices or better terms of such licenses (group deal. We all know how costly the licenses are, and if you haven’t really planned out this expense in your over-all business plan… chances are you will not be able to impose higher or profitable rental fee to your customers because of factors like competitions and the suicidal mentality (price war) of icafes prevalent here in our country. But if you have considered this, I assume that your rental fee is not 15 pesos in a very competitive location… you’ll be more like Netopia. You can visit my http://www.icafeproject.com for mor info (shameless advertising :) Thanks Abe)

      – Chazper

  295. RapsPinas says:

    PayMyCafe Internet Management Software for FREE. Packed with valuable features. Plus, you get paid by using the software through ad revenue sharing. For more info, visit and download at http://www.paymycafe.com . Available only for Philippine Internet Cafes. :)

  296. Hi to all internet cafe owners, 10-08-2011

    im planning to have my own internet cafe “40 units PC and 15 units PS3” i already have my own place Location Cavite City i just need some advice from Experienced Owners..

    correct me if im wrong

    my idea is like this i have 55 units all together with ps3 and PC on AC Internet Cafe

    Lets say 40 units are used for 1 DAY =

    15 Pesos per/UNIT x 40 UNIT = “600 Pesos”
    “600 Pesos” x 8 HOURS only = “4,800”
    BUT im Planning to Operate my Internet Cafe 24/7
    so 4,800 x 23 days = “110,400”
    BUT im Planning to Operate my Internet Cafe 30 days a month…

    “110,400” is that Right or wrong?… REPLY asap PLS thank You…

    • michael says:

      Hi, in my own experience that computation is not going to happened, only 50% average is my income based in overall operation.

    • Mel says:

      Honestly, your computation is way off. You have 40 units, how many of those units will be use in an expand of 24 hours?

      Do you think there is a market between 9PM and 8AM in your area? Will someone be really using your internet cafe between 9PM to 8AM? Not to mention all 40 of them.

    • alanbrito says:

      haha, gud luck with ur venture, if I where u, i’d start with 8 to 15 units 1st, maybe 3 ps3 units, then after a year and so add a few more units, & so on, that if u still feel the need to add…but bcuz of whats happening in the icafe bizz,(price war, oversaturated icafes in a single location) u may be lucky to just get even at your investment in a yr or so, also, if ur already decisive then go …just remember to keep ur expense to the minimum by buying low specs units sempron or e350’s good quality psu, like fsp or hec rapter, use led or lcd 15-16 inches, dont place aircons, avoid renting place best if at home base icafe, etc) so when in times of very low income, u wont get hurt.. also stay away of other icafes to avoid price wars …again gud luck!

  297. gracie says:

    I am already planning to start a computer/internet shop in my own house as a starter. My only problem is the connection, we are in the province. However, I see many laptop owners in our town who have connections. Would it be difference for those in the cafe? The reason I want to start in our house is because I do not have enough to rent on the urban. But since I am just starting, do you think this is possible? Thanks!!

  298. Kasmot says:

    Sir thanks for your help sa ating mga kababayan wu r planning to put up that business .. 1st time ko magbasa ng comment sa site nato and i found out na ung mga comments mo ang very informative.. im planning also to put up one but still studying all the options tsaka do’s and dont’s.. keep up the good work. i may also seek your help in the near future.. mabuheyyy…

  299. lexie says:

    year 2004, at that time i put my internet cafe and did not take time to close.

    Now 2011, I am still convince that it is not a good business if you will only do the same strategy & thinking..isn’t it that we have the highest electricity rate in Asia & computer prices, including internet connection is getting cheaper n cheaper.
    But there is still hope…ummm..that I can not share here,if you like email me at [email protected], I can tell you the secret. You will be surprised you did not taught of that..always think out of the box..bye bye..

  300. seth says:

    would be better to just franchise an internet cafe?

  301. LYFE says:

    in our time now internet cafe business is not advisable for the reason that many internet cafes existing to our area and anytime you can log in using phone or home/residential. the internet ay sobrang abot kaya na ngayon. i am a owner also of a internet cafe. base to my experience 1months to 6 months or up to 1 year your cafe have many customers coz its new and the material is very new. but afterward ang mga tao ay mg magnenet sa mga cafe na bago. at isa pa kung makikita ka ng kapitbahay mo na malakas ang cafe mo they also put up a cafe na mas marami pang pc kaysa saiyo. and the price is very low. dito sa davao ng P10/hr kami pero ang new open cafe is P5/hr or P10=3hrs. kung dadalawin mo ang davao mostly ang rate ng internet dito is P5/hour.

    • superjrsan says:

      that is called suicidal rate,i tell you it will not last 6 months and say goodbye,if they will not pay for obligations like dsl connection,electricity and mostly taxes,maybe they can survive,i started ng icafe way back 2002 here in bicol,25/hr then now stick to 15/hr.yun mga katabi namin ay mga 6 months sarado,lugi sa bayaran at utang sa renta at wala maibayad katulad sa amusement tax,ganon talaga ang mga pinoy gaya gaya lang,thats life lyfe

  302. dan says:

    ganian din po ang situation dito sa amin d2 sa la union..since 2005 na ang negosyo na ito na namana ko sa kapatid ko and in those years marami ang nagtangkang magpatayo din malapit sa aking negosyo.ang pagkakaiba lang namin sila nagrerenta at ako ay hindi..tama yung sabi ng isa kanina na kung saan bago dun sila pupwesto.ang advice ko lang, alagaan nio ang mga loyal customers nio.hangang 2 mos lng mahigit yung mga nagpapatayo d2 malapit skin at nagsasara na din sila.ngayon may bago ulit comp shop at mas marami pa atang units kesa sa akin na 12 units lng.ang masama pa dito sa sitwasyon ko ngayon ay kamag anak ko pa ung huling nagpapatayo ng comp shop..putek ang yayaman na nga aagawan pa kami ng ikinabubuhay..ang edge ko lang, marunong akong mag ayos ng computer samantalang sila ay nagpapaayos lng.patience lang..sa una mawawala mga customers mo, wait mo lng tumatagal ng konti..

  303. hi po sa lahat says:

    hello po, mag tatayo din po kasi ko ng com shop malapit sa school and madami ding mga tao may mga ibng com shop din dito pero ang na pansin ko lahat sila walang aircon and maliit lng yung space nila yung sakin 40 sqm and ang unit ko is 12pc . di ko pa alam kung kikita ba ito kasi 1st business ko po ito , pede nyo po ba ko pakitaan ng worse senaryo about sa kita about sa kita ? lahat ng pc ko ay bago and mabilis salamat po

  304. SirMox says:

    hi guys , magbibigay lang po ako ng opinion.. 3 years na po ako nag ooperate ng shop and ROI ko is 1yr and 6mos (1 1/2 yr).. 12 units ko plus 1 server..

    mganda mag negosyo ng internet cafe or gaming shop lalo na kapag ito tlga ang hilig mo.. dpat marunong ka mag maintain ng computer pati na rin ang environment. iisipin mo din ang LOCATION kung san mo itatayo ang shop mo .. iwasan mo magtayo sa very saturated places, kasi mahirap mkipag compete lalo na kapag mas maganda yung specs ng pc ng ibang shop kesa sayo.

    pana-panahon lang tlga ang business,, minsan malakas minsan mahina. kaya kapag dumating ung time na mahina ang negosyo mo dapat hndi ka mawalan ng pag-asa agad agad… darating yung time na lalakas yung negosyo mo . mag isip ka lang ng paraan kung pano ka ulit mkakahikayat ng customers. maglagay ka ng promo rate or any sideline business bukod sa rent ng pc..

    kung gaming shop ang gagawin mo mag invest ka sa specs ng pc mo at accessories, yan kasi ung babalik balikan ng players e.. kapag maganda pc pati monitor tiyak yan babalikan yan ng tao.. consider mo din ung internet connection.. i prefer DSL para stable.. wag ka kukuha ng broadband (signal-based) kasi madali yan mag fluctuate at hndi yan pang gaming..

    kung may pwesto ka na sarili mas mganda yun kasi wala ka na iisipin na RENT.. bawas na yun sa operational expenses mo.. so kahit mahina ung shop mo wala kang iisipin na monthly rent kundi kuryente na lang at internet..

    about sa piracy naman, hmmm depende cguro yan sa location.. kapag nasa commercial area ka, example nasa mall or nasa city tlga may risk tlga na ma-raid ka pero sa panahon ngaun bihira naman yun.. kung nasa private place ka naman like subdivision ok naman mag-install ng pirated OS at games for starters,, then kapag naka bawi bawi ka na ng investment mo palitan mo na lang ng original OS at games ung naka install sa pc mo..

    dapat lagi kang updated sa games or applications para alam mo kung ano ang mga iinstall mo na games at apps na patok sa panahon..

    sikap at tyaga .. wag mawalan ng pag-asa .. yun lang po …

    • Happylink Net Cafe says:

      I agree..base din sa experience ko, 2005 ng mag start aq sa business existing pa din until now, kaya lang iba nun una..sa ngaun more on services lahat aq..dun kc ang mas malaki ang kitaan basta marami kang dapat idea at willing matutunan ang lahat ng bagay na pwd mo pagkakitaan. Dapat hands on and dapat marunong alagaan ang mga customers. Mdami competition kaya lang palakasan lang ng loob…huwag panghihinaan ng loob,,kailangan lang matuto sa mga troubleshooting at wag iasa lang sa mga tauhan. Bright idea dapat…dagdag na services para hnd bumagsak ang business..

  305. chani says:

    Hi…I would like to know how you make money online? Do you write articles and stuffs?do you blog? Thanks

  306. Lav says:

    I just opened an internet cafe here in Makati. I did not put an aircon. It is doing good so far. Though rates in the area are ranging from 12-15, I stick to the 15 pesos per hour rate. The only edge that I have why I am getting customers are my computers because they are really good for gaming and I got a 5mbps internet. My shop is even a spot now for gaming. Players from other places like Taguig and Pasay are coming to the shop to play with the regular players in my shop.

    Since I have a laundry shop located few blocks from my computer shop, I also receive laundries here. And I also have a pizza store in front of my shop.

    In other words, you must have other “add-ons” business if you will put up a computer shop so that you can also earn froim the other add on businesses.

  307. aj says:

    just want to know how u make money online. been searching for quite sometime now but i am unfortunate to locate one. tenks

    • hello, I am also an owner of an internet cafe since 2010 and still ongoing, the difference in my end is that, I am the technician and the programmer , and I owned the area where i put up my business and aside from that I also work at home as a virtual assistant from a US client…. at the same time, so wala talagang lugi sa akin

  308. Jose Rizal says:

    Goodbye Internet Cafe… 20/hr, 15/hr & 10/hr my business is piso net piso/3-5 min, anywhere basta matao patok sa masa lalo na sa metro manila ngayon ng lagay na rin me sa imus cavite and the income is best the costumer is consistent and the key of that is sa piso makakapag FB ka na makakagames ka na makakapag search kana and infact ang bata pag may piso ihuhulog nya na lang sa piso net to games, d gaya sa internet kailangan may 10 pesos ka pa or 15 or 20 pesos para makapag internet… :)

  309. Tacktiks says:

    Based on experience.

    Computer shop depends on Location, Connection and the skills you have doin’ this kind of business. You must be happy on what you are doin with and everything follows. If this business was not your specialty then maybe after 6 months alam mo na! :)

    Nasa diskarte lang yan, wag na wag kang mag tatayo ng comp shop sa alam mo namang walang makukuhang customer. Make sure na maganda ang connection mo, wag mong tipidin. Kasi yan ang babalikan ng customers. Maganda din na marunong ka sa mga side line or add on for example dapat marunong ka sa mga typing jobs, printing inlcuding discounts on your regular customers. Once na maganda ang serbisyo mo hindi ka iiwan ng mga customers. Lakasan lang ng loob ang pag tatayo ng computer shop, nasa sayo yan kung paano mo didiskartehan.

  310. Mel says:

    im selling my computer shop in makati near PRC for 150K only. it has 13 units with assorted spec, with lcd or led monitor, 2HP AC panasonic, complete setup and operational for 5 years. rented premises has 2 floors with 2 bedrooms and a living room on the 2nd floor. if interested call me at 09156458651 for appoinment. rush sale po ito habang hindi pa naka-enroll ang mga kids.

  311. LIwee says:

    how bout yung Coin operated internet machines or PISOnet, balak sana namin ng kuya kong mag umpisa ng ganitong negosyo, since hindi na kailangan ng shop for this units, just like videoke, huhulugan lang piso and then star kana for chatting. balita ko malakas daw ang kitaan nito sa market specially pag marami kang PC, convenient and much apordable ito compare sa typical internet cafe shop, any suggestion po thanks much.

  312. merlvennb says:

    ask ko lang if anong on_line games ang patok ngayon sa mga gamers aside from DOTA, cross fire and Shaiya…

  313. Review Cigarettes says:

    The text is promising, will place the site to my favorites..!

  314. jazz says:

    the computations above on how much will you gain a day or a month is just the maximum if and only if your pcs are rented every hour 24/7 for 30 days. you need to take into consideration about those unfortuitous events like natural calamities, blackouts, peak seasons, lean months… need to consider these computation instead: number of pc’s, estimated number of hours each pc is used a day based on the above scenarios. then get the maximum, average, minimum as well as the breakeven computations. and from there you can plan ahead what would be your strategy. this is only one of the things you need to look into. there are more hurdles in the business that you will encounter. don’t just focus on the profit that you will be gaining focus for your longterm goals and how you can overcome the obstacles along the way. and before you put up any business, study it first.

  315. Joey says:

    Andaming matu2nan d2 based sa mga may mga may experience na sa internet cafe kaya lang nalilito parin ako nasa abroad ako now malapit na umuwi plano ko mag tayo ng internet cafe pag uwi ko ga2mitin ko yung ipon ko, may mabi2lan na ako ng pC 10 units 169k mataas naman ang specks package na intallation ng mga games pati set-up w/ ang kulang nalang place tables ang chairs, pero nag iisip parin till now kung itu2loy ko pa, medyo malaki din kasi ang puhunan matagal ko na kasi pplano magtayo nyan nakatapos kasi ako ng computer course magkano kaya ang maga2stos ko sa pagkuha ng mga permits at iba pang lisence? sa ngayun P15 nalang ang rate ng rental samin yung iba may promo pa P25/ 2hrs…

  316. michael says:

    Wag ka mag-alala sa competitors na mababa ang rate. Ang dapat mong gawin bili ka ng mataas na PC specs kahit konti lang unit mo pero madali ka lang makapag-ipon for additional PC kasi mas maraming kang magiging customer, yung iba mahina specs nila at hindi na sila makapag install ng mga bagong laro kasi mataas ang system requirements pero if maganda system mo kahit bagong laro agad-agad ma-iinstall mo in return pupunta sayo ang mga customers.

    Tapos tip # 2, maintenance lagi, check mo bawat pc f anong problema kasi yung iba hindi na gagamit ulit sa pc mo f naghahang, nagkavirus or nag eerror yung games. Tapos isip ka ng mga promos like free 30mins every 4hrs.

    Sa aking kalagayan ganun nagyayari, humihina minsan pero pag may bagong laro na hinihintay nila tapos ikaw ang unang nakapag install babalik ang mga customers mo, then ask mo sila kung anong online games ang gusto nilang laruin, then hanapan mo ng ganong games pero from a private server kasi madali lang ang leveling ng character nila. gawa ka rin minsan ng overnight promos like P60 pagkage from 12mn-6am for a group of 10persons. Tapos yung environment mo may mga themes like dark lights or maraming games poster sa wall, or an aquarium na maganda yung lighting effect, mga laser light sa gabi. Tapos a facebook group for interaction.

    Ilang tips lang yan and Good luck. I ran mg cafe for 5 years na at minsan lang humihina kahit dumadami na ang mga pesonet sa tabi-tabi, be innovative.

    • Joey says:

      Mabuti kung ganun mataas naman ang spec ng ku2nin kung unit para di kailangan mag upgrade agad pag may mga bagong labas na mga games lalo now kadalasan nga mga bagong games mas mataas ang system requirements, sa maintainance may alam din ako sa computer kaya, salamat sa mga tips kung papaano makakahatak ng mga costumer, matanong ko lang kailangan ba talagang kumuha ng BIR at DTI lisence kahit mga 10 units ang laman ng net cafe mo? di ko kasi alam kung ano ang uunahing ku2nin at kung ano ang mga requirements first business ko kasi to….

    • michael says:

      Hindi ako sigurado, pero dito sa amin nung kumuha ako ng business permit at tinanong ko sila pwede lang daw business permit pag maliit lang negosyo mo pero f gusto mo nang tradename sa business mo kailangan talaga ng DTI/BIR tsaka sabi f nasa loblob naman cafe mo at hindi sa may kalsada, hindi na tsini-check ng BIR.

  317. joey says:


    • Apollo Tiu says:

      hi Joey try mo ccboot
      – Lower the Cost sa Application Software License, Operating System License, and Games License.
      – Maintenance mas easier na
      Visit mo sa Google iyon site nila.
      or check mo sa youtube.

  318. Name: says:

    Unknown message

  319. Right now it appears like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform out there right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  320. menma says:

    i think computer shop is still a good business in the Philippines..

    i have a business plan on this kind of business and you can email me for those who are seeking how to put up a good gaming computer shop..

  321. Eury says:

    Im selling all my units for 8k each.Complete set (monitor, mouse, KB)Contact me if interested- 09339473156

  322. jess says:

    Hi menma. Can you please send me a business plan of this kind of business? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks and God bless.

  323. James Mills says:

    Can you email me some information on starting a internet cafe in the Philippines. Perferably Bacolod. Thank you

  324. Tom Watanabe says:

    Please introduce me phone number of Watanabe Internet Cofee shop in Panaque near the manila?

  325. Anthony says:

    Hi menma. Can you please send me also a business plan of this kind of business, hoping for your reply soon thanks in advance more blessing po god bless..

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