Amazon unveils Glow Interactive Projector and Video Calling device

Amazon unveils Glow Interactive Projector and Video Calling device

Amazon has introduced a new interactive projector for video calls called the Amazon Glow.

During video calls on Glow, kids will be able to see remote loved ones on its 8-inched display while doing activities on its 19-inch touch-sensitive projected space. At the same time, remote family members will be able to participate in the same activities using the Glow app. Other activities that can be done with the Glow device include:

Read: Kids can read the available library of books on the 19-inched projected virtual space.
Play: Classic games such as Chess, Checkers, Go Fish and etc. will be available.
Draw: Kids can create art using digital pencils, crayons, and paintbrushes available in a variety of themed art packs.
Discover: Kids can explore and find hidden magic with animations and sound that both delights and challenges the young mind.


Additionally, Glow will be bringing Disney characters from Frozen, Toy Story, Spongebob, Dora and Sesame Workshop in order to make activities more memorable. Other features of the Amazon Glow include:

Object scanning: This feature will allow children to turn a favorite toy into a custom jigsaw puzzle or scan an art project that a remote loved one can help with.

Glow Bits: Glow Bits is a learning kit where kids can and remote loved ones can solve challenges.

Furthermore, Amazon Glow is built with parental controls, and kids can only call pre-approved contacts that parents select. The Amazon Parent Dashboard will display who their kids are in contact with. For its cameras and microphones, parents can instantly have them disabled with the privacy shutter.

The Amazon Glow has an early price of USD 249.99 with its MSRP being priced at USD 299.99. The device is available to order on the official Amazon website.

Source: Amazon

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