AnTuTu benchmark apps removed from Google Play Store

AnTuTu benchmark apps removed from Google Play Store

Popular benchmark app AnTuTu has disappeared from the Google Play Store. Aside from the main AnTuTu app, the AnTuTu 3DBench and AItutu Benchmark apps have also vanished.

According to a report by AndroidPolice, the disappearance of the AnTuTu apps might have something to do with Google’s crackdown on apps made by developer Cheetah Mobile. Just last month, Google banned about 600 apps, including 45 apps by Cheetah Mobile, citing repeated policy violations that have been going on for years. While the AnTuTu apps did not directly state that they are under Cheetah Mobile, it was found that in AnTuTu’s last app listing, the app’s privacy policy linked to Cheetah Mobile’s website.


The report also mentioned that while AnTuTu’s website has no traces of being owned by Cheetah Mobile, it listed Fu Sheng as the chairman/manager of Beijing Antutu Technology Co. AndroidPolice then traced that in the Tianyancha business database list, Fu Sheng is also listed as the CEO of Cheetah Mobile.

As AnTuTu has disappeared from the Play Store, the app’s website has removed its Play Store links and has replaced it with APK links instead.

Source: AndroidPolice

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