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Apple has WhatsApp & Threads removed from China’s App Store

Apple has removed WhatsApp and Threads removed from their App Store in China.

The company has noted that they’re committed to operate while adhering to the laws of the countries they’re based in. With this development, communication avenues with individuals outside the country are further reduced as part of China’s imposing restrictions.

This is a response to an order from the Chinese government, with concerns to national security. The messaging apps’ removal has left users wondering, since platforms from Meta like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are still accessible.

However, the removal of other messaging platforms like Signal and Telegram shows the strained relationship between the U.S. and China.

Apple has taken steps to find supply chain alternatives in response to these tensions, expanding manufacturing efforts in India and Vietnam.

Before, Chinese iPhone users were able to access Western social media apps through VPNs to work around their country’s restrictions.

And with these developments, it’s concerning to think about the widespread implications for limiting communication tools and international relations.

But what do our readers think of Apple removing WhatsApp and Threads from China’s App Store? Let us know in the comment section below.

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