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Apple set for big upgrade cycles post-iPhone 16 launch

As per this article , investment firm Wedbush notes that Apple’s expecting growth in sales after the iPhone 16 line launches.

Analysts are predicting a huge shift in demand in their favor, along with big upgrade cycles driven by Apple Intelligence. The firm based their predictions on supply chain checks in Asia.

They suggest that China has seen its last negative growth quarter for iPhones. The turnaround should be slated to come around by September when the new iPhone line launches.

The firm also revealed that Apple could become the consumer gatekeeper on a global scale. However, this is only possible if the company is able to implement their AI features to all 2.2 billion of their active users.

The company is slated to push AI developers to follow suit, using their same integration model with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Other companies who hop into the trend would help develop a “multi-pronged AI revenue stream” for Apple. This would add 10 billion USD in annual growth for the company.

Alternative monetization opportunities are also available for Apple in due time. If everything manages to go according to plan, Apple’s services and hardware sales are bound to increase the company’s share price.

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