Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program expands globally, including Philippines

Apple has announced the expansion of its Independent Repair Provider program in over 200 countries, including the Philippines. The program will be available almost in every country where Apple products are sold.

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The program was launched originally in 2019 and expanded to Europe and Canada last year; it enables repair providers of all sizes to access authentic Apple parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics for Apple products. Currently, there are over 1,500 Independent Repair Provider locations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

“Being a part of the Independent Repair Provider program has been a huge benefit to my business, employees, and customers,” said Scott Baker, owner of Mister Mac in Wimberley, Texas. “Since joining, we’ve received great support from Apple, and we’re able to deliver that same level of service to our customers. It has even brought genuine excitement to our town.”

“The Independent Repair Provider program has been a very positive experience for us and for our customers,” said Nils Weber, project manager for Pro Repair GmbH in Germany.

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All participating repair providers in the program have access to free training from Apple and the same genuine parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics as Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and Apple Store locations. Apple has a global network of over 5,000 AASPs to help millions of people with both in- and out-of-warranty service for all Apple products. To check if a company participates in the program, visit this link.

The process for certification is free of charge. The company mentioned that there is no cost to join Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program. To qualify, repair providers need to commit to having an Apple-certified technician for performing the repairs. Qualifying repair providers can buy genuine Apple parts and tools at the same price as AASPs, as well as obtain free access to training, repair manuals, and diagnostics.

Starting later this week, interested repair providers in the following countries and regions can learn more and apply to become an Independent Repair Provider at Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

Source: Apple

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