Binay files Electronic Violence Against Women Bill

Binay files Electronic Violence Against Women Bill

Senator Nancy Binay has just filed a bill called Electronic Violence Against Women (E-VAW) Law of 2013, a law that aims to protect individuals from online violence including cyber-bullying.

The E-VAW aims to regulate “the exploitative and irresponsible use of social media that has become a mode of disseminating scandals involving both television personalities and private individuals.” In addition, victims of online violence by perpetrators like a relative, former spouse or partner, or an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, can seek protection under the proposed law.


Being bullied or harassed by a known perpetrator, or someone close to you, has a serious emotional and psychological impact than being hassled by a stranger. Mas masakit sa mga biktima kung kakilala nila ang gumagawa ng mga panliligalig sa kanila.” Binay said.

The bill defines “electronic violence” as “any act involving the exploitation of data that can cause or is likely to cause mental, emotional and psychological distress or suffering to the victim.” These involve the following:


  • unauthorized recording, reproduction or distribution of videos showing the victim’s private areas
  • uploading or sharing any form of media with sensitive and indecent content without the victim’s consent
  • harassment through text messaging, electronic or any other multimedia means
  • cyberstalking, including the hacking of personal accounts on social networking sites and the use of location trackers on cellular devices
  • the unauthorized use of the victim’s identity (pictures, video, voice, name) for distribution that can harm the victim’s reputation

Under the proposed law, any act causing electronic violence against a woman and her child is punishable by 6 months to 6 years imprisonment, while “threats causing electronic violence” is punishable by 1 month to 6 months.

Violators can be fined up to Php300,000 to Php500,000 depending on the gravity of distress caused to the victim.

Cyber-bullying has become one of the most common “online violence” that’s been reported to authorities in the past couple of years. A previous report from NBI-CIDG claims that 7 out of every 10 cases filed with them are related to cyber-bullying or libel.

There have been numerous cases reported that victims end up committing suicide because of cyber-bullying.

{via: Rappler, PhilStar}

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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41 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    Heto na naman ang mga VAGUE cyber Philippine laws courtesy from our papampam na lawmakers…haaaaayyyyssssss

    too vague, punishment is too stiff for such a petty crime

  2. Haykal Lorena says:

    Women lang? Dapat any gender. If not add provisions to protection of women and children.

    • magdalena says:

      I agree, this kind of law should protect both men and women. Binay is a sexist and I think she only see men as monsters. Not all men are bad. Just think of those men who fought for our country, men that do sacrifice their lives for the sake of mankind. Why, oh why? Why treat men like not human beings? Not to mention there are also a men out there who receive violence. This bill is obviously one-sided and unconstitutional because it does not promote equal human rights. Treating men like nothing but a piece of trash. Binay is obviously one-sided when she’s thinking this bill through.

  3. Jayvee says:

    Too self serving. Seriosly, people? This is your senator?

  4. anon666 says:

    wala eh, parang sotto lang, pansariling kapakanan iniisip at bakit babae lang? fuuuu!

  5. aira says:

    What do we expect from her. Pffft.As usual.She could‘ve made better bill like what Mrs. Robredo or such. Got nothing more to say.

  6. someone says:

    Yes it should be for everyone, not just women and children. Remember the guy who drove his car in the flood and blamed the media for not being informed? Yes i laughed when I saw it on the news but it got out of hand when pictures of him went viral on the internet.

    Posting pictures / videos and adding captions that can be deemed as an insult shouldn’t be allowed to be posted online or anywhere.

    Petty or not, a crime is still a crime. If you’re disciplined enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about the fines no matter how ridiculous it may be.

    I didn’t vote for her because I find other candidates more deserving. But she is our senator and I do hope she proves herself worthy of being elected.

  7. appleseed says:

    para sa kanya ata yan e, kasi remember after ng elections, ang daming jokes about her. haha #peace po

    • robby says:

      According to the bill, I think before a “violence” is considered there should be an existing relationship or a relationship has existed between the victim and the perpetrator. For example, between spouses or ex-spouses or boyfriends or ex-girlfriends or even colleagues or ex-coworkers. A relationship should be established first. But, I also agree that this should cover all genders, not only women.

  8. Gizman says:

    Ok here we go. Nice one voters of the republic. Serves us right for electing such official. When do we learn. No matter if you vote for her or not, ignorant voters trolls us all.

  9. jm says:

    wow.. bumabawi na cya sa nangyari sa kanya whahhaa, madami na ngang bumatikos sa cyber crime law, uulit nanamn tong hindi na nadala? whahhaa., nice one, tingnan ntn kung pumasa kay miriam yan whahhaha

  10. countrymouse says:

    ayan na, umaariba na si nancy binay. may hinanakit kasi sa mga perpetrators nya noong eleksyon at napaka redundant nman.

  11. countrymouse says:

    ayan na, umaariba na si nancy binay. may hinanakit kasi sa mga perpetrators nya noong eleksyon at napaka redundant nman ng bill na yan. sottocopy.

  12. thecorrescode says:

    We already have law against libel… Potek, bobo namang senador yan…

  13. abuzalzal says:

    Kahirapan at kawalan ng hanapbuhay ang pinaka problema ng bansa…tapos puro Cyber-ek ek ang ina-atupag ng mga inutil na Senador na ‘to huh?????

  14. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I had no idea only women and their children could be cyber-bullied. Wow, males are soooo awesomely immune, it seems! /s

  15. Kevin says:

    dapat ang batas laging patas sa anumang kasarian. babae lang ba inaapi o nasasaktan?

  16. joszef says:

    haay naku. okay na sana kasi ibig sabihin nag tra-trabaho bilang senador – kaso, first order of business, masyadong halatang SELF-SERVING. tsaka gender bias pa… tsk tsk tsk

  17. daniel says:

    why are we making bills that protects only one gender? Do you think, Mrs. Binay, that only women undergo the embarrassment of being bullied?

  18. blah says:

    napakagaling ng senator na to!!! eto talaga ang national issue na dapat gawan ng batas ayon sa kanyang pananaw… tsk tsk tsk…

  19. darryl says:

    Good job to Senator Nancy. to Senator, as an IT Student, susuportahan ko ang inyong ginawang bill para sa mga taong na cyber bullying. nabiktima ako ng bully, cyber bullying and not cyber bullying. kaya sa mga na cyber bullying diyan, suportahan natin ang bill ni senator.

  20. dafuq says:

    it should be “Electronic Violence Against Nancy Binay”

  21. maky says:

    Mabuti nga may ginagawa siya. Sino ba itong 12 years na lawmaker (9 years congressman and 3 as senator) na walang naipasa kahit isa pero nahalal pa na presidente?

  22. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Something I just realized…”violence against women and their children”…

    Who have been bullied so much that they commit suicide pretty often?

    Young gay boys.

    Hay naku. Tunnel-vision porke babae siya.

  23. Melvin says:

    kaya women lang yan. gusto ni nancy binay na protektahan sarili nya para sa cyber-bullying. yun lang yun bow.

  24. Jes says:

    Dapat sa lahat ng gender.

  25. GalanT says:

    Dapat ikaw ang nasa pwesto ni Representative Atty. Leni Robredo eh at sya ang Senator. Her first bill is against corruption. Napakasarap mabuhay sa lugar pag ang namumuno eh hindi corrupt! Mas aasenso ang bayan pag walang corrupt! What youre doing is for your own good! Ayaw mo lang mabatikos! Tsk!

  26. SpockEntrprze says:

    as the brother of a sister who commited suicide after her ex posted nude pics of her… I whole heartedly support this bill… I cried after reading this… FUCK YOU TROLLS. FUCK YOU anti women fuckers! FUCK ALL OF YOU!

    • FADLuvr says:

      Links? ^_^

    • pics says:

      pics or it didn’t happen!

    • Me says:

      We are very sorry for your loss…

      But why the hell are you swearing here?
      If you don’t agree on what is being posted here then stop reading and close the page.

    • lolwut says:

      your slutty sister shouldn’t have agreed to be taken her nude pics in the first place. stay away from this site if you’re just gonna rant and curse anyone who doesn’t agree with you..

    • epol says:

      buti nga sa sister mong pokpok!

  27. epol says:

    langya! sino ba adviser ng bobo na senadora nato? hindi ba nya alam may cyber crime law na naka pending sa SC ngaun? ano yan? kopyahan?

  28. chrysalis says:

    Why for women only? Are men not humans?
    It seems that Binay do not see men as humans and I smell a sexism and lack of equality with this bill. All humans be it a man or a woman deserve equal rights and equal laws that could protect them.

    It’s obvious that she’s filing this bill because she was butthurt about those bullying she received during the elections.

    • Dan says:

      In case you don’t know, the law is only applicable if you know the offender personally.

  29. jayron says:

    That’s right. Give more power to the feminist movement and let our society follow the decay of American morals. RIP Pinoy values.

  30. xtian says:

    Because of women are considered to be more weak than men. And that such laws are more applicable to them such as less to men who are considered a monger of society

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