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Boomerang for Instagram Adds Echo, Duo, and SloMo Effects

In an effort to keep its userbase over the growing TikTok, Instagram has added three new effects on Boomerang: Echo, Duo, and SloMo. Additionally, users can now cut their Boomerangs shorter with the new trimming tool.

These new tools can be accessed by swiping right on the home page, then selecting Boomerang on the bottom of the screen. After capturing your Boomerang, there should be an infinity symbol on top, along with the other options.

The Echo effect leaves a “ghost” trail of the subject’s motion. The Duo effect gives the video a VHS rewind effect and replays the video. Lastly, the slow-motion effect slows the Boomerang by half. The new trimming functionality allows users to edit the start and end of their Boomerang.

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