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Cable cars being studied to ease Metro Manila traffic woes

In an interview with Karen Davila on ANC Headstart, incoming transport secretary Arthur Tugade stated that President-elect Duterte is seriously considering the solution of using cable cars.


Mi Teleférico, Bolivia. Image from Wikipedia

According to Tugade, they are already in talks with the company that provided the similar solution in Bolivia called ‘Mi Teleférico’. If this gets a go signal, Manila residents can expect the project to be operational in just 18 months. You can watch the clip below:


The cable car system may be implemented first in business districts of Pasig and Makati.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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22 Responses

  1. Just Sayin' says:

    another band aid fix. they should address the real solution which is there are a lot of people moving into metro manila simply because there are no good opportunities elsewhere. people commute 3 sometimes 4 hours one way just to get to work which adds to the traffic. the govt should incentivise companies to create more jobs in nuvali/subic to divert people away from metro manila but still get decent pay.

    • TAKTAK says:

      Wow! Puro ka reklamo! Do you realize na hindi naman porket mag open ng jobs and opportunities sa ibang lugar ay lilipat agad itong mga nasa metro? Nakaka intindi ka din ba ng long term at short term solution? May mga bagay na long term and I think this is for the short term sa mga nandito na at hirap na hirap sa traffic. So yeah. Keep your mouth shut at wag kang mag magaling.

    • pons says:

      Can you achieve that “real solution” in 1 and a half year time?

    • SALT says:


    • Jez says:

      It is his opinion TAKTAK. Next tym watch ur word. Parang wla kang pinag aralan.

    • TAKTAK says:

      But that is also my opinion. So yeah. Wala ka din pakielam, is that what you are implying? Puro kayo reklamo!

  2. Miss Call says:

    Band aid solution. And here I thought people supported the incoming administration because of “foresight”.

    • pons says:

      Ibigsabihin ba ng kapag may band-aid solution walang long term solution na ginagawa in parallel? problema kasi sayo pre, nagbasa ka lang ng isang article sa internet, and you based your reaction on that.

  3. Ace says:

    You people keep calling it as a band aid fix, well why not make a protest and actually shed light into these insights of yours. Some awful complainants you are.

  4. loadex says:

    Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t.

    Kay PNOY, dami daw drug addict.
    May gagawin si Du30, nagreact naman lahat.

    Ngayun for Traffic, gagawa ng cable car.. Band Aid solution naman daw.
    PNOY.. wala naman daw ginawa sa traffic..

    Hahahaha… ay ano gagawin po?

  5. lala says:

    Fellow citizens are doing a good job silencing critics. I love democracy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Huwag lang mag-overload. Dangerous!

    I suppose they didn’t mean to interconnect Makati area with Ortigas (Pasig) area.

    Would cable be easier/safer to use than monorail?

    • Ronald says:

      As long as susundin yung overweight limit at hindi pdeng magsiksikan gaya ng ginagawa sa LRT and MRT na hanggat kayang sumiksik ay sisiksik pa rin kahit overload na.

  7. Robert says:

    If the government didn’t over-regulate the transport sector, foreign train and transport companies would have been operating in the country, providing far better services for Filipinos than what government could ever imagine, years ago!

  8. tmcr7 says:

    Patawa talaga tong incoming admin. Joke na naman ni Duterte. Ang bagal niyan. At 1 incident na maputol yung cable, imagine the survival rate of those riding those cable cars.

  9. Ronald says:

    A band aid solution is better than doing nothing at all. Mas madaling magpagawa ng infrastructure kasi nandyan na ang pera kesa maghanap ng business people na gustong magtayo ng negosyo dito sa pinas o kaya local business man na gustong magtayo ng negosyo outside metro manila.

  10. Imagi says:

    I don’t get it… why add more infrastructure (cable car system) when it has been proven time and time again that the simplest (and cheapest) and most effective way to regulate the traffic problem is to actually regulate it. hindi na kailangan ng emergency powers, just do basic and consistent enforcement of the traffic rules and regulations.

    ayan, start with that. then follow it up with competent license testing and renewal.

    start with the easiest and then move on from there. I would even dare say magsimula muna sa cleanliness para damay pati pedestrians.

    start with the easiest and simplest, hindi yung magtatapon uli ng pera on another project without paying attention to road discipline and implementation of regulations.

    • Carlo Ople says:

      Less private vehicles, more public ones like buses, trains and jeeps (E-Jeeps maybe?) should do wonders.

    • TAKTAK says:

      Yes you really don’t quite get it. You know that the one you’re suggesting is also on the racks. The cable car system that the government is studying is more like to answer the existing problem. Kahit sabihin mong mag regulate ka, madami ng nabigyan ng sasakyan, madami ng nabigyan ng lisensya. At kahit bawasan mo, at mag enforce ka ng maayos na traffic rules, sa dami ng sasakyan traffic at traffic pa din. This study is to address these issues. Kung i-regulate mo ang mga private vehicles din, naisip mo ba saan naman sasakay yung mga taong mag commute? I hope naka enlighten. Just open your mind people.

  11. Carlo Ople says:

    A better solution would be to expand the Pasig Ferry system. The river stinks but at least it’s safer.

  12. se4evr says:

    “Less private vehicles, more public ones like buses, trains and jeeps (E-Jeeps maybe?) should do wonders.”

    Ayaw ni Toyota Motors nor any car companies niyan. hehehe. May nasakyan akong taxi at kwento ng taxi driver na dati may pasahero siyang nagtrarabaho sa isang Toyota dealer. Dati daw nung wala pa yang mga Uber at Grab Car craze last year, ang swerte na daw sila maka 300 cars sold in a month. Nung pinayagan yang Uber at Grab Car, pinakamababa na ang 1,000 cars sold monthly. What more pa yung mga pamatay na promo deals ng mga car dealers now. 16k to 40k downpayment eh may kotse ka na.

    • Ronald says:

      I think dyan nagsimula yang sobrang traffic na yan. Ung murang down payment and ung car services na hindi na kelangan ng franchise.

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