Cignal Connect satellite broadband service now available in the Philippines

Cignal Connect satellite broadband service now available in the Philippines

Cignal TV has recently introduced Cignal Connect, a satellite broadband service.

Satellite broadband is identified as a technology that enables internet connectivity to areas currently not covered by fiber and mobile broadband. Hence, as per Cignal, Cignal Connect aims to provide internet access and connectivity to areas with limited or no broadband connection.

Cignal Connect is available in four plan options: 2 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 8 Mbps, and 10 Mbps. Check out the details below.

• 2 Mbps – Unlimited data (2 Mbps max download, 0.5 Mbps max upload) – PHP 6,500 per month
• 5 Mbps – Unlimited data (5 Mbps max download, 1 Mbps max upload) – PHP 14,500 per month
• 8 Mbps – Unlimited data (8 Mbps max download, 1 Mbps max upload) – PHP 19,500 per month
• 10 Mbps – Untimited data (10 Mbps max download, 1 Mbps max upload) – PHP 23,500 per month


Do note that all plans come in a 12-month lock-in period. Moreover, Cignal Connect’s satellite broadband services are delivered subject to an equitable share of network resources among its customers. Thus, the indicated are the peak speeds.

The installation fee starts at PHP 6,000, while the kit costs PHP 36,000. The kit includes the 1.2m Antenna and 3W BUC, as well as the HT 2300 Modem.

According to Cignal, the combination of the 1.2 antenna and 3W BUC (Block Upconverter) gives a stable connection and optimal quality of service, while the HT 2300 Modem is a satellite terminal designed for residential and SME use.

Cignal Connect is currently available in Luzon. However, it will also be available in Visayas and Mindanao soon, as indicated on its website.

You may visit the official Cignal TV website for more information.

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16 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    So now it’s competing against PLDT/Smart and Globe. Wonder how the price compares.

  2. mon says:

    10Mbps max this indicated that this is 1. old technology I had used something similar before when I was still living in saudi, provided by Orbit cignal’s middle east equivalent not owned by pangalinan of course. it isn’t new it’s overpriced. 2.this is a true sateline unlike their cable service which is like a beam forming ‘antenna’ that points a beacon to a microwave tower. this is a real satelite in the sky and in the farthest atmosphere or even space unlike starlink which orbits in the lower ring of orbit closer to earth in high numbers to provide high speeds they launched 1 satelite in the more far orbit to cater to more users and save cash at the same time since you would need less satelite in orbit to serve this part of the globe -1 probably for this face of the earth- at that distance from the earth.

  3. mike says:

    10 Mbps FOR PHP 23,500 per month??? is this for real????

    • ?? says:

      Yes, and the target market is definitely not you. Do you also realize the purpose of this kind of internet access?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The pricing was insane. It was better to order Starlink Satellite that was Engineered by SpaceX instead and pay $499 for the hardware cost and $99 monthly for the subscription with no speed limits.

  5. Kim says:

    That’s crazy over price , maybe 10years ago where social media is not demand. I rather choose DITO the 3rd telcos recently available in philippine ,a very high speed internet with low prices.

    • MrOrange says:

      Well all our other Telcos are well and good, they did not it is where mobile data and fixed broadband are not available. So say you live in the most remote areas of the Mountain Province or the northern most tip of the philippines where there are no cell sites on sight. and you have the moolah then of course this would be 1 or your only other choices, I think Smart hasa Satellite phone with internet but the data isn’t fast either.

  6. Ega says:

    Is this a joke? Ridiculous pricing 23K for 10 mbps. I have to read it twice.

    • Tata Lino says:

      Pang bukid kase to o kung may sarili kang isla na di na kaya ng signal walang choice tsaka siguro mahal imaintain ang service nito kase thru satellite kukuha ng internet.

  7. Dave says:

    yes really old tec had experience in UK in the 80,s of this kind of system only did was 50mb for 15pounds a month that’s about 1000pezos

  8. Joviner Lactam says:

    Mas cheaper is bambu net and Vsat

  9. Joviner Lactam says:

    There are other satellite internet in the philliphines which is much cheaper.

  10. Alf says:

    Definitely the customer target is not us. Thats only for big fishes.

  11. king says:

    mas mahal pa to sa starlink ng spaceX ah

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